Top Search Roofing Keywordss: Top 3 Excellent Tools to Find For SEO & PPC Instantly!

Are you looking for the right profitable top search roofing keywords for SEO and PPC ?

If yes so this is the right place for you.

In this post, I am going to talk about the top 3 excellent tools that you can use to find the right profitable the best SEO and PPC keywords for roofing website.

Choosing the right keyword is most important before doing SEO or content marketing.

90% of roofers businesses fail to choose the right keyword and 10% get success because of targeting the right keyword that makes business more profitable to boost more leads.

In this post, you are going to learn the most powerful tools that experts recommended that I will be sharing with you.

You don’t need to brainstorm to find the right keyword you just need to put it is your targeted keyword and then the tool will bring you all the results with just a single click.

It’ll save you a huge time for roofers.

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Why most of the Roofer business owners are fail to choose the right keyword?

Most of the roofing business owners are while hiring an SEO agency or expert then they are always as targeting high search volume, high competition keywords to provide the hired agency for an expert to work on.

But it was a big mistake.

Now Google is so smart and a search engine is showing the result based on user intent so you need to target based on your targeted audience user intent keyword.

A quick guide for user intent keywords:

  1. Informational keyword:

  • How to become a commercial roofer
  1. Navigational keyword:

  • Brand name search
  1. Commercial intent keywords:

  • Hire a commercial roofer in New York.
  • Best flat roofers in LA

There are many more things to learn about keyword intent but I just simply have given you the idea for it.

After selecting your keywords as per your targeted user intent, you need to find the longtail keyword to select for your SEO campaign.

Why long-tail roofing keywords should you target?

If you choose to head tail keyword such as

 “Roofers Near Me”

It has more competition along with a high search volume.

It will be much more difficult to get an organic search ranking.

But if you target search keyword for your roofing website.


“Flat Repair Roofing Services  at Miami beach”

It is the long-tail keywords and less competitive with good search volume.

This type of 3-4 words keywords you should target.

But if you are thinking this is so easy now you are clear to find the long-tail keywords to getting rank on Google to boost organic search traffic to your website that cool.

But the most important matter if you need to also check that keyword difficulty for long-tail keywords.

Most of the time you will find the high competitive keywords but therefore I am going to you talking about the top three e ultimate keyword research tools to find the right profitable keywords with less competition.

Let’s get started.

How you can find the top search roofing keywords for SEO and PPC?


If you are looking to find profitable niche keywords which should be like an automated system?

So this is the perfect tool to find the right less competition search engine rankable keywords.

When you are a micro nice roofing business it will be the biggest challenge to find the right keyword which can drive actual traffic and easy to get rank for that search terms.

Tools for Finding New Ideas for Roofing Industry Keywords that’s called.

  • Longtail pro:

  • KWfinder:

  • SEMrush:

Longtail Pro: Overview to look at the best longtail keyword finder for your Roofing Industry Quickly:

longtailpro-to find best SEO keywords for photographers

Longtailpro is the most powerful tool for keyword research.

It is a premium tool but @RSmarketer readers will get 30% off from this special link click now! And also get 7 days FREE trial. Worth $48

I would highly suggest you sign up for their Trial.

The greatest thing for this tool to use for that you don’t need to be an SEO expert.

It is a very user-friendly e and simple to use.

You can have a look at the tutorial for longtailPro video here:

It has a lot of features and more than just a simple keyword research tool.

Longtailpro Features:

  • With this tool, you can create multiple projects what different websites.
  • You can generate keyword seed based on user intent.
  • You can spy on your competitor by using this tool.
  • This will allow you to export keywords in an excel sheet.
  • You will be able to import your keyword list into long-tail Pro.
  • You can find a longtail high CPC keyword.
  • There is an option to find a keyword-rich domain to choose from.
  • You can also check your keyword ranking position for Google Yahoo and Bing.
  • You can check your keyword competition
  • You’ll be able to make your best keywords as a favourite.

How to start using longtail keyword research tool for finding your Roofing SEO and PPC keywords:

At first, you need to create a campaign after login in to the dashboard.

You must remember to choose the search country before doing keyword research with longtailPro.

For example image:

longtailpro-guide one to find keywords for photographers

After that you need to add a seat keyword please have a look at the example image to start your keyword research with it.

longtailpro-guide two to find keywords for photographers

Now you can use your existing website or if you like to do for your micro-niche website to use.

I would highly suggest you pay attention to the filter section and you will find the keyword-based on CPC.

To get the list of long-tail keywords for your business you need to put the word section the number of what for each search term.

For example, I will use affiliate marketing as a seed keyword.

You need to click on to generate long-tail keywords with longtailPro.

Within few minutes long tail Pro will bring you the list of keyword Idea service like this for example:

longtailpro-guide three to find keywords for photographers

Then you will have the list of suggested keywords on the longtailPro dashboard.

Yes, you need to shortlist your suggested keyword from the list based on CPC, location, and globalization search.

But before shortlisting your selected keyword you need to pay attention to a few factors.

The main factor is low hanging fruit profitable keyword that is easy to rank on Google search engine.

Longtailpro will analyze all of this metric.

You just need to choose the keyword competitiveness from the list of keywords.

See the example image:


If the keyword competitiveness is below 60 so that is a good sign to choose your list.

After selecting all your suggested keyword you will be able to export your final keywords into an excel file.

How do you know the keyword competition for each keyword?

Please have a look at the images for keyboard selecting for your roofing website.


This will help you to select the right and easy rank table keyword that will rank your website on Google to boost search engine traffic to your website.

The long tail Pro price and 30% off with a 7-day free trial now!

long tail Pro price and 30% off with 7-day free trial

I would highly suggest you use longtailPro to find the most accurate profitable keyword research tool for your roofing website.

You can have a look at the top expert from Pat Flynn who recommended long tail Pro is the most popular keyword research tool for every business.



If you don’t have an account yet on longtail pro you might click here now to get 30% off with a 7-day free trial today!

You will get 10 days of money-back guarantee as well.

This is the end incredible powerful keywords research tool that can grow your business quickly.

KWfinder: This is another great keyword research tool that will find for your roofing industry-low competition keywords within a few seconds:

KWfinder to find right keywords for photographers

This is another great keyword research tool that will find quickly for your industry niche keywords.

This keyword research tool will help you to identify the best long-tail keywords that you should target.

This is a very simple tool and very user-friendly along with it will display all the data visually.

This is one of the good choices for keyword research tool for marketer bloggers and SEO professionals.

KWfinder to search keywords for photographers

To getting started with KW finder you need to create your free account first.

In this free version, you will get three keywords lookup and three SERP lookup per day and get 50 related keywords suggestions.

If you like to unlock for more search so you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

To finding the keyword with KW find that you just need to enter your seed keyword to the search box and it will automatically analyze and bring you the list within a few seconds.

Before hit To the search box, you need to select your keyword data that should be specific on location and language.

This tool will show you all the related keyword search terms along with search volume, CPC, and difficulty score.

You will be able to see the SERP result on the right-hand side.

Please have a look at the example image:

KWfinder for photographers keywords

You can also use the filter features to get your results.

See below:

KWfinder for filter photographers keywords

The other features of KWfinder are the SERP result which you can export to a CSV file.

KWfinder for export to a CSV file photographers keywords

Create Your Roofing Industry Keywords List on KWfinder tool:

KWfinder will allow you to create your selected list.

If you like to make a separate keyword list for different categories so you need to create a new list to add your choosable keyword and click the “add to list” button.

You will get the option to download or save for the future by clicking the Export CSV section.

KWfinder Price:

This tool is offering three pricing plan which is

  • Basic plan: $29.90/Month if Annually Billed or Monthly just $49.

  • Premium Plan: $39.90/Month if Annually Billed or $69/Month.

  • Agency Plan: $79.90/Month if Annually Billed or $129/Month.

They are offering 10 days FREE trial! – CLICK HERE NOW!


This is one of the powerful keyword research tools recommended by international top-level SEO experts and 400,000 happy users.

Please look at the images:


If you’re not registered yet on KW finder I would highly recommend you to go for it for 10 days free trial now by clicking this special link.

SEMrush: This is not only a keyword research tool. It’s all in one SEO most popular high number of experts recommend tool-

Are you a roofing site owner?

If you like to do SEO for your roofing site so this is the ultimate SEO tool to use from all aspects.

You can get free lifetime consulting from me if you use our special link to activate any SEMRush plan.

If you don’t have an account on SEMRush so you may register to get a 14-day free trial from this link clicks here now.

It is the oldest most popular number one SEO tool that is recommended by several industry experts.

It’s offering unique features.

I have written an ultimate review of the SEMRush tool you might read more about this from here.

After login into your SEMRush account, you need to type a domain on the search box to find long-tail keywords or you can enter any of your industry keywords to get more detail.

I have entered a keyword wedding photography for example.

SEMrush to find right keywords for photographers

SEMrush to find best keywords for seo wedding photography

Now you can see the phrase matched keyword section to view the full report.

You need to click on that to get the full report.

After getting the report it will be shown under the keyword magic tool list like this:

SEMrush keyword magic tool for photographers keywords

In this section, you can apply to find the list of question keyword just click the button of question.

You will have the list of related keywords and questionable keywords based on your niche targeted.

SEMrush keyword magic tool to find question photographers keywords

You can simply sort the list by clicking on the CPC tab or it will show you a high CPC keyword first.

The most CPC keyword you will see the more profitable keywords that are.

But you need to follow the factor of choosing a keyword-based on keyword difficulties.

How you can choose the keyword that lows competitive and low difficulties?

There are in general 3 categories for difficulty score that SEMRush is offering.

  • Above 80% is High Difficulty
  • 60% to 80% is Medium Difficulty
  • Below 60% is Low Difficulty

SEMRush is one of the best search engine marketing tools that I would highly suggest to you if you need all in one SEO tool.

This tool is much accurate for specific keyword research.

You can use this tool for your keyword research to find the best SEO keyword for your roofers website which has less competitive and high search volume.

That’s the secret to find the most profitable keywords to get rank on search engine visibility and boost organic traffic, leads, and sales quickly.

Register now from this exclusive link to get SEMRush 14 days FREE trial today.

SEMrush recommended by top industry leaders:

SEMRush Expert Recommended 7

SEMRush Expert Recommended 3

SEMRush Expert Recommended 10

SEMRush Expert Recommended 18

SEMRush Expert Recommended 9

SEMRush Expert Recommended 1

SEMRush Expert Recommended 19

SEMRush Expert Recommended 12

SEMRush Expert Recommended 21

Look at the SEMRush Video Guide to find Profitable Keywords for your Roofing Business:

Find the list of Residential and Commercial Roofing keywords:

Finding a huge list of keywords is not hard that any free tool can give you but showing the right profitable low competition keywords that can rank on Google for a new site is the most important part.

Therefore, I have suggested the top 3 excellent accurate keyword research tool for you to find the best SEO and PPC keyword for your roofing website too easily.

And please see the list of keywords for only Roofing Keywords Examples:

asphalt flat roof repair
asphalt roof repair
asphalt roof replacement
asphalt roofing contractors
asphalt shingle repair
asphalt shingle roof leak repair
asphalt shingle roof repair
best commercial roofing companies
best flat roof repair
best roof repair
best roofers
best roofing companies
best roofing contractor
best roofing contractors
bitumen flat roof repair
bitumen roof repair
built up roof repair
cedar roof company
cedar roofing company
cedar shake roof repair
certified roofers
certified roofing company
commercial roof contractors
commercial roof replacement
commercial roofing companies
commercial roofing contractor
contractors roof service
contractors roof
contractors roofing company
copper roofing company
emergency roof repair service
emergency roof repairs
emergency roofing company
emergency roofing repair
emergency roofing repairs
er roofing company
estimate for roof replacement
family owned roofing company
fiberglass roofing company
flat roof estimate
flat roof repair companies
flat roof replacement estimate
flat roofing companies
flat roofing company
flat roofing replacement
free estimate roofing
free estimates for roofing
free roof estimate
free roof estimates
free roof quote
free roof repair estimates
free roofing estimate
free roofing estimates
gaf certified roofers
gaf roofing company
gaf roofing contractors
general roofing company
hail damage metal roof
hail damage roof repair
home roofing companies
home roofing company
home roofing contractor
home roofing contractors
home roofing experts
home roofing service
local roof repair
local roof repairs
local roofer quotes
local roofer
local roofers
local roofing companies
local roofing company
local roofing contractor
local roofing contractors
local roofing repair
metal roof companies
metal roof contractor
metal roof contractors
metal roof estimates
metal roof hail damage
metal roof quote
metal roof repair company
metal roof repair contractors
metal roof replacement
metal roofing estimates
metal roofing experts
modified bitumen roof repair
new roof estimate
new roof estimates
new roof quote
new steel roofers
owens corning certified roofers
re roofing company
re roofing service
recommended roofing contractors
reliable roofing company
repair asphalt roof
reshingle roof estimate
residential re roofing
residential roofing companies
residential roofing company
residential roofing contractor
residential roofing contractors
roof change estimate
roof construction company
roof contractor
roof contractors
roof damage repair
roof estimate
roof hail damage repair
roof leak repairs
roof quote
roof repair and replacement
roof repair companies
roof repair company
roof repair contractor
roof repair estimates
roof repair near me
roof repair quote
roof repair service
roof repair services
roof repair specialist
roof repairs contractor
roof replacement companies
roof replacement company
roof replacement contractors
roof replacement estimates
roof replacement
roof shingle replacement
roof tile replacement
roofers near me
roofing companies near me
roofing companies with financing
roofing company
roofing construction company
roofing contractor
roofing contractors financing available
roofing contractors near me
roofing contractors that finance
roofing contractors
roofing emergency repairs
roofing estimates
roofing experts
roofing financing available
roofing free estimate
roofing installation company
roofing repair companies
roofing repair company
roofing repair contractor
roofing repair contractors
roofing repair service
roofing repair services
roofing replacement estimate
shingle roof contractor
shingle roof replacement
shingle roofing company
slate roofing company
steel roof contractors
steel roofing contractors
tar roof repair
tile roof replacement
tile roofing company
tin top roofing
top 10 roofing companies
top 100 roofing companies
top rated roofing companies
top roofing companies
water damage roof repair
wind damage roof repair

I hope you will appreciate it after receiving the huge list of keywords for your roofing business but you need to choose the keyword which is low competitive with good search volume and along with adding your targeted location + cities.

The top 3 tools I recommend you to identify the right profitable business keywords to target for your SEO or PPC campaigning.

The keyword is the first and secret thing to get search engine traffic.

Conclusion About the Top Search Roofing Keywords Tools:

I hope it helps you a lot to find the right profitable keywords for your Roofing industry.

Choosing the right keyword is most important to rank on Google fast, therefore, I’m all is talking about longtail less competitive rankable keywords that you should target.

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If you don’t have any of these powerful keyword research tool accounts so you must go for it to find your right keywords to get the actual results for your marketing campaign.

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If this post is useful for you to find the best keywords for SEO Roofing Industry so you may share it with your social network.

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