7 PPC & SEO Tools Similar To SpyFu: The Best Alternatives For Roofing Marketing In 2021!

As you know that, ranking on Google 1st page results, you should choose the right SEO tools.

SpyFu is a good competitors research tool for paid search.

But the excellent news for you, if you’re looking for best alternative to Spyfu, then you are welcome here.

Within the same budget, you can get a list of similar excellent tools like SpyFu.

In this post, I’m going to show you quick features for the best comparable tools close to SpyFu that you must try today!

So let’s get started now!

Top 7 Closest Tools Similar To SpyFu For SEO & PPC Competitors Keyword Research In 2021:

1. SEMrush:

SEMrush number one best alternative to spyfu

SEMrush is the most popular SEO tool, as well as an all-in-one digital marketing solution.

Compared to other tools, SEMrush offers you the best value for money.

SEMrush does everything, and at the same time, it does it well.

SEMrush Features:

SEMrush comes with a lot of features, and it keeps adding new features frequently.

Here are some of the best features of SEMrush:

●      Organic Research:

SEMrush has one of the most extensive keyword research tools.

SEMrush Organic Research

SEMrush helps you find the right keywords for your organic search performance.

●      Advertising Research:

SEMrush Advertising Research

SEMrush enables you to find the best keywords for your PPC ads and improve your paid ads strategies.

●      Display Advertising Tool:

SEMrush display advertising

Display Advertising Tool is the most useful tool when it comes to advertising opportunities.

●      Backlinks Analytics & Gap:

Backlink Gap looks like –

SEMrush Backlink Gap

SEMrush comes with quite a few backlink features to help you find the potential backlinks.

●      Keyword Research:

SEMrush Keyword Research

And Keyword Magic Tool looks-

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

To get you the best keywords, SEMrush offers you features like Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Difficulty, etc.

●      Product Listing Ads:

SEMrush Product Listing Ads

If you own an e-commerce site, then this feature can be beneficial for your PPC ads.

●      Traffic Analytics:

SEMrush Traffic Analytics

With SEMrush Traffic Analytics, you can analyze the visits, stay duration, and bounce rate of any website.

●      Market Explorer:

SEMrush’s Market Explorer enables you to understand your audience, competitors, market trends, and more.

SEMrush Market Explorer

Except for these, there are also many features that SEMrush offers like Audience Insights, My Reports, SEO Writing Assignment, etc.

With SEMrush on your side, you can take your online marketing to the next level.


SEMrush Price similar to spyfu

Pros and Cons:

Pros of SEMrush:

● SEMrush offers you the largest keywords database sourced from all over the world.

● SEMrush has an extensive backlink database, and it has also expanded the database recently.

● SEMrush’s positioning tool enables you to track different locations and devices around the globe.

● With the SEMrush Site Audit feature, you can easily detect your site issues and fix them.

● SEMrush guides you through the entire process of content creating and helps you create SEO friendly content.

● SEMrush’s Social Media tool comes with a tracker that allows you to track your competitors on different platforms.

● SEMrush is easy to use, fast-loading, and excellent value for money.

Cons of SEMrush:

● If you don’t have proper knowledge, then you might find SEMrush a bit difficult to use.

● Compared to similar tools, you might find SEMrush a bit costlier, but if you can use all the features and advantages, it has then it’s worth the investment.

No other competitor SEO and PPC tools offer as many features as SEMrush.

SEMrush is the best all-in-one online marketing tool that you can get.

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2. Serpstat:

SERPstat Tool Similar to SpyFu
SERPstat Tool Similar to SpyFu

If you are looking for an alternative to SpyFu with a small budget, SERPstat can be an excellent option.

Serpstat is a reliable tool that you can afford without a premium budget.

Serpstat Features:

Compared to the other tools, Serpstat is a new tool that offers you a unique set of features.

Here are some of the best features that SERPstat has:

● Keyword Research

● Content Marketing Ideation

● Advertising Analysis

● Competitor Research

● Search Analytics

● Rank Tracker

● On-page Audit

● Backlink Analysis

● Market Research

● Reports and Graphics

Serpstat also offers some other features like domain vs. domain, keyword clustering, text analytics, etc.


SERPSTAT Price Close to SpyFu

Pros and Cons:

Pros of Serpstat:

● Serpstat offers the best value for money compared to other tools.

● Serpstat comes with some unique features that you won’t get in other tools.

● Serpstat has an excellent site audit tool that audits your site automatically for SEO.

● As SERPstat is a new tool, they are more likely to add new features.

Cons of Serpstat:

● Serpstat has a limited Keyword and backlink database compared to SEMrush.

● Serpstat only offers the Whitelabel reports in the enterprise plan.

Serpstat is the best value for money.

With Serpstat, you can get more features compared to SpyFu.

● Deal & FREE Trial:

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3. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is a complete SEO related tool that helps you get the best SEO results.

Ahrefs can offer you the biggest backlink database and the best competitor research database.

Ahrefs Features:

With the features of Ahrefs, you can fulfill your SEO goals.

Here are the best features of Ahrefs:

● Keyword Explorer

● Organic and Paid Search

● Site Explorer

● Rank Tracker

● SEO Toolbar

● Content Explorer

● Link Intersect feature

There are also some other features that Ahrefs has to offer to improve your SEO results.


Ahrefs Price Tool equivanlent to SpyFu

Pros and Cons:

Pros of Ahrefs:

● Ahrefs comes with the best backlink database.

● If you are an individual blogger, then Ahrefs can be specifically useful for you.

● Ahrefs offers you the most specific and consistent UI/UX.

Cons of Ahrefs:

● Ahrefs costs you more compared to its features.

● Ahrefs doesn’t offer white-label reports in any of their plans.

● When it comes to PPC Competitor Analysis, Ahrefs lacks.

If you are only into SEO business and don’t need PPC tools, then Ahrefs is the best option.

● Deals Or Trial:

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4. Mangools:


Mangools, popularly known as KWFinder, is the best keyword research tool.

Mangools offers you the best keyword difficulty score, and it is an excellent option for individual bloggers.

Mangools Features:

Here are the best features of Mangools:

KWFinder, a complete keyword research tool.

● With SERPChecker, analyze a competitor.

SERPWatcher offers a sufficient rank of the tracker.

LinkMiner, a backlink analysis tool.

SiteProfiler, an SEO tool.


Mangools Price Tool Comparable to SpyFu

Pros and Cons:

Pros of Mangools:

● Mangools gives the best keyword difficulty score in the whole industry.

● Mangools has a good UI/UX.

● Mangools comes with a better backlink database compared to a few other tools.

● You can use the features of Mangools easily, and they are quite fast.

● Mangools comes at a very affordable price.

Cons of Mangools:

● Mangools doesn’t offer a lot of powerful features that other tools do.

● If you are looking for competitor analysis on paid ads, then Mangools is not the right option.

● Mangools doesn’t have its backlink database, and it uses the database of Majestic.

● You won’t get the Whitelabel reports in Mangools.

Though Mangools lacks many features but still, if you are an individual blogger and looking for an SEO tool, you can give it a try.

● Deal & FREE Trial:

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5. SEOPowersuite:

SEO-Powersuite matching to SpyFu

SEO Powersuite is a set of features that helps you with your SEO needs.

You can get these tools as Mac, Windows, and Linux applications.

SEOPowersuite Features:

Here are the best features that SEO Powersuite offers you:

● Rank Tracker to track the ranks of your keywords.

● Website Auditor to analyze and audit your site.

● SEO SpyGlass for competitor analysis.

● LinkAssistant for link building.



Pros and Cons:

Pros of SEO Powersuite:

● SEO Powersuite comes at a very affordable price and also offers a free version.

● With SEO Powersuite, you can access some unique and advanced features of the Website Auditor tool.

● SEO Powersuite offers Whitelabel reports with your customization.

● SEO Powersuite offers some great comprehensive features compared to others.

Cons of SEO Powersuite:

● SEO Powersuite doesn’t have a keyword research tool.

● SEO Powersuite cannot help you with your PPC or advertising research.

● The UI/UX of SEO Powersuite isn’t that good.

If you have a minimal budget and want an SEO tool that can help you with all your SEO needs, then SEO Powersuite can be an excellent option.

● Deal & FREE Trial:

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6. SE Ranking:


SEranking is a complete SEO tool that also does excellent work in PPC research.

Whether you are an individual blogger or a business owner SEranking can help you through SEO and PPC campaigns.

SE Ranking Features:

SEranking offers you around 35 different features to take your SEO and PPC results to the next level.

Some of the best features of SEranking are:

● Keyword Research

● Website Audit

● Backlink Analysis

● SEO competitor research

● PPC competitor research

● Keyword Tracking

● Traffic Insights

Except for these SEranking also comes with some other features like Keyword grouper, Marketing plan, Lead generator, etc.


SE Ranking Pricing Parallel to SpyFu

Pros and Cons:

Pros of SEranking:

● SEranking comes with an extensive competitor research database that can help you analyze your competitors’ data.

● SEranking offers you both organic and paid search data.

● SEranking’s Website Audit helps you fix the SEO problems efficiently.

● SEranking comes with a great API.

● The support team of SEranking is beneficial.

Cons of SEranking:

● With SEranking you cannot see the rankings instantly; you have to wait at least for a day to view it.

● Some of the tools seem disintegrated.

● When you want access to the data of a new site, SEranking becomes slow.

● SEranking doesn’t offer any in-depth webinar.

If you are looking for an SEO tool at an affordable price that also does the PPC research, you can consider purchasing SEranking.

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7. LongTailPro:


As you can already guess, LongTailPro is a specialized SEO research tool to discover long-tail keywords.

LongTailPro is not an excellent tool for your PPC research, but if you are looking for an SEO research tool for new opportunities, it is a good option.

LongTailPro Features:

LongTailPro offers you a lot of cloud-based tools to help you with your SEO Opportunities.

Here are the main features that LongTailPro comes with:

● Keyword Research

● Rank Tracker

● Backlink Analysis

● SERP Analysis

● SERP Availability

● Competitor Research

There are many features and modes of every tool that LongTailPro offers.

You can use them to get better SEO results.


Longtailpro Pricing Similar Like SpyFu

Pros and Cons:

Pros of LongTailPro:

● LongTailPro’s keyword competitiveness is excellent.

● With LongTailPro, you can analyze your competitors deeply to outrank them.

● LongTailPro enables you to track rankings quickly and accurately.

● LongTailPro offers you keyword suggestions in bulk.

Cons of LongTailPro:

● When it comes to manual keywords, LongTailPro has a limit that you cannot exceed.

● Sometimes the visuals and texts in competitor analysis are not clear enough to see.

● Like manual keywords, LongTailPro has a limit on seed keywords also.

If you are looking for a tool that generates useful keywords for you and analyzes your competitors, it’s a good option.

Though there are some changes and improvements that could have made, you can still give LongTailPro a try.

● Deal & FREE Trial:

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What Should I Recommend To Using SpyFu Alternatives In 2021?

I can surely tell you that SEMrush is the best option for any kind of online business among all the seven alternatives.

SEMrush offers you the most significant number of features that none of the competitors do.

SEMrush is the all-in-one digital marketing solution for everyone, including individual bloggers, agency owners, small or large business developers.

SEMrush also offers a wide variety of plans depending on your budget and needs.

Currently, SEMrush is the most popular SEO tool and used by over 5 million people.

So, depending on the pricing and features, I recommend you SEMrush.

Try SEMrush Pro Account 14 days FREE trial Go here!


Try SEMrush Pro & PRO+CI Competitive Intelligence Add-On 7 days FREE Trial!Go here!

It is the best that you can get and there is no doubt about that.

FAQs About Best Alternative To Spyfu Closest Similar Tool To Comparable In 2021!

Is this list of tools best for competitor site analysis?

Yes, of course, all the tools mentioned above are best for competitor site analysis.

But I highly recommend you SEMrush as the best competitor analysis tool.

You can also get a free trial of SEMrush for 14 days.

Can I find my competitors’ keywords for free?

Yes, most of the tools that I mentioned offer a free trial.

You can take the free trial to use the competitor keyword research feature without spending money.

Is these list of tools accurate?

Yes, all the tools mentioned in the list provide accurate data.

I can tell you plainly that SEMrush and Ahrefs provide data with 90% accuracy than others.

Can I spy on PPC and SEO competitors?

Yes, of course, all the Spyfu alternatives enable you to spy on your SEO and PPC competitors.

Some tools are specialized in only SEO competitor research, and some tools offer both SEO and PPC competitor research database.

Who should go for tools similar to Spyfu?

If you are an individual blogger, a freelance digital marketer, an SEO specialist, or an agency that works with many clients, you should go for the tools mentioned above.

These tools offer you everything that you need for your SEO, PPC campaigns, and keyword research.

Conclusion About SpyFu Alternatives In 2021:

You’d agree that the right SEO and PPC tools can improve organic and paid search traffic to boost more leads and sales without effort.

If you want what should I choose to SpyFu alternative then the simple answer is SEMrush.

It’s all in one marketing tools, and you can uncover your competitor’s strategies within a few seconds.

My recommendation is to try SEMrush 14 days of free trial now to check yourself first.

You should not blindly believe me and invest your money.

Have any questions about the SpyFu alternative tools?

Please comment below.

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What’s your favourite marketing tool that you can compare to SpyFu alternative?

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