SEMrush For Roofers: How To Audit A Roofing Site For SEO & PPC Instantly!

You’d certainly agree with me when I tell you that increase your website traffic so it is very hard for any industry you are.

Are you thinking that how to do an SEO audit of your website within a few seconds?

Before doing an SEO audit with SEMrush for beginners, I’d suggest you read review,  know why it’s the best popular SEM tool and is it really suits your business or not!

To boost your organic search ranking you need to take a look at your website or blog performance through SEO site audit.

I hope you are struggling with organic traffic with some issues that you are suffering from.

In this post, I am going to talk about the detail with the SEMrush website audit and how you can use it easily to improve your blog performance to boost search engine organic traffic.

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If you are ready let’s get started with more detail.

Do You Want To Make SEO Audit Report?

Why SEO Audit is important to your site and why do an SEO audit first?

An SEO audit will help you to find the list of issues that have to your website currently and you will be able to fix them step by step to improve search engine ranking to boost organic traffic.

Remember, if you like to build links for your website so you need to audit your backing profile fast and find out to see what stuff should be clean up.

Or if you want to switch your site to HTTPS or move the domain. so you need to check the 301 structure and broken backlink.

Are you planning to add fresh content to your site so you should check your website spammy content fast and for that you would need to clean up outdated information fast?

Or if you are going to target to improve SEO for your business so you need to better check your past strategy and present. is it meet with Google recommendation? or not.

The simple solution is good SEO audit is most important before doing any campaigning for SEO.

I am sure many of you are doing SEO by yourself.

you may be here about SEMrush the most popular tool for SEO professionals.

In general, SEMrush is constantly improving its tool by adding more upcoming features.

for every newbie blogger with a tight budget, they are trying out for the first SEO audit of their website and this tool one of the great options to find out the technical issue that you are facing for.

What Is SEMRUSH SEO Site Audit? How Much Does SEO Audit Cost to You?

If you like to get plenty of ideas about how to boost your search traffic, then you should run an SEO audit for your website with a popular SEO tool like SEMRUSH.

by doing an SEO site audit basically, you are going to find duplicate content, missing all tags, broken links, spammy backlinks, etc. If you like to fix your SEO for your website.

And for that, you will be able to fix them to boost your search engine organic traffic.

SEMrush SEO tool is very easy to use when you are going to do a site audit.

Well, SEMrush audit tool can crawl any of website to find SEO technical issues and it will provide you the accurate data for analysis.

In a perfect world, the SEMrush SEO report will help you to find and fix the on-site issue to boost search engine optimization for your website quickly.

You will be able to get in the analysis and details report data from it.

  • Crawlability Report
  • HTTPs Implementation
  • Hreflang Usage
  • Collect statistics
  • Track your progress

Again, it’s an Unbelievable SEO secret tool that shows you the hidden way to boost your site.

If you are thinking to order an SEO audit for your site or blog so I’d suggest you go with SEMRUSH to do it yourself just by one single click to get a fully detailed SEO audit for any of your websites.

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Are You Looking For SEO Audit Checklist?

How SEO Audit Can Help A Newbie Blogger? And What Is SEO Audit Meaning?

If you are struggling to increase search engine traffic but you are creating the epic content for your blog then you should go for an SEO audit to fix your site all the issues to improve better search ranking.

SEMrush SEO tool will help you to play to identify all the issues to fix them.

What is the issue it will help you to find?

For example:

SEMrush SEO audit tool will help you to know the list of the issues which everyone usually ignores.

You can set up a weekly audit report for your website or you can manually run an SEO audit for any website if you need it.

It will give you every weekly report to improve your onsite issues.

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Look At The Example of A Site Audit Here:

How to Use The SEMrush Site Audit Tool for your Roofing Website:

How long does a SEMrush Site Audit take?

SEMrush website audit tool is very easy to identify simple technical and basic on-page issues of your website you have in a very quick and painless way.

all the reports and data you will get ready within a minute and it will make sense to you very easily. it will also easy to understand the inexperienced new user as well.

How to Use The SEMrush Site Audit Tool for your blog
SEMrush Site Audit Dashboard

Please take a look at the knowable features of SEMrush Site Audit to include:

SEMRUSH-features of SEO audit

The best way to improving these issues is great to track and compare your site improvement every time.

Here is the first step to configuring your site audit with the SEMrush site audit tool.

SEMRUSH audit tool very easy to set up you just need to create a project from the SEMRUSH dashboard.

Look for example:

Project start on SEMRUSH
Project start on SEMRUSH

Next step you just need to enter your targeted URL and assign a project name to continue the site audit setup.

Audit Start With SEMRUSH

Audit Start With SEMRUSH

When you are ready simply go to click the start site audit button and just need to wait for the notification after complete the crawl.

Site Audit Config With SEMRUSH
Site Audit Config With SEMRUSH


Is SEMrush The Best SEO Tool For Beginner Bloggers?

The SEMrush SiteA Dashboard Explained:

SEMrush will generate their own site health score and it gives you the instant overall idea of your site technical setup currently.

Please have a look at the list of the example below.

SEMrush Site Audit Overview Report:

Overview-Top-Issues with SEMRush

Find SEMrush Audit Issue Report of your blog:

SEMRush Site Audit Issue Report
SEMRush Site Audit Issue Report

Hiding pages with issues with SEMRUSH

SEMrush report issues unhide

SEMrush Site Audit Crawled Pages:

SEMRush Site Audit Crawled Pages

Check for individual page reports:

Check for individual page reports of semrush

SEMrush Site Audit for Statistics:

SEMRush Site Audit for Statistics

SEMrush Site Audit for Tracking and Reporting Results:

SEMrush Site Audit for Tracking and Reporting Results
SEMrush Site Audit for Tracking and Reporting Results

Alternatively, you might be wondering that the SEMrush site audit tool is a great tool to check quickly analyze the technical setup of your website and this result is easy to export for more depth analysis.

It will help you to find out the actual main problem to clean up from your website.

Create a project with SEMrush site audit:

To create a project with SEMRUSH SEO audit you need to login to a SEMRUSH dashboard to create a new project from the project section and next click to the add new project to create a project.

Please have a look at the image below:

Make a new project with SEMRush

Project start on SEMRUSH

It’s also a good idea that you just simply enter your desired domain or your own domain and give your project name and next click to save it to continue.

How To Check Your New Blog Score With SEMrush Audit:

How long does it take The SEMrush site audit score?

In my experience, once you have created the new project and click to continue then a SEMRUSH will take few minutes (Within 5 minutes) to crawl your website and once it’s complete it will give you the audit score along with all the issues, error and warning.

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Please have a look at it:

SEMRUSH Site audit top buttons

Improve your site score with SEMrush site audit:

In this stage, you need to clean up all the issues and warning shows by SEMRUSH site audit tool for your website to improve search engine visibility.

Additionally, some of the additional features this SEMRUSH website audit tool is also offering which is:

  • Finding broken links on your website.
  • Finding duplicate content of your website.
  • It will show you duplicate meta descriptions as well.
  • It will find the pages which have low text to HTML ratio.

The faster way you can fix this issue by using the SEMRUSH site audit tool additional features.

Here are some things that I am going to share a few steps to fix if you found any of this issue of a blog:

Broken links:

If you find your website has broken links so it will hurt your user experience. you can use a broken link checker plugin by WordPress to find out internal and external 404 error linking to remove them or fix them.

HTML markup:

you need to monitor every time for HTML mark-up if you are serious about SEO for your website.  if you are using the quality theme so it is not a big issue for you.


The title is the most important thing from the SEO aspect. it will attract the search engine and your readers fast.

You need to have a unique title for each page. if you think you might have a duplicate title tag for your website so you may check Google search console to go search appearance to find more detail. And I would highly recommend you to use the Yoast plugin for your WordPress blog. it is free and enough it does.


For each and every post you need to keep URL short along with your primary keywords. It will make SEO friendly URL structure you will have the option using permalink section in WordPress CMS it does automatically.

Meta Description:

you have to make every page and post meta description unique and really went to the content between 172 characters. by using Yoast SEO plugin it will help you to optimize your meta description.

Heading Tags:

Using hit attacks will look proper format and structure but it also helped the user to read a scan-able content of your blog. As you know the title is default H1 tag but you need to use the H2 H3 H4 tag as per the site content and outline and try to use secondary keywords in your other heading tags.

Image Alt tag:

it is now more important to use images with filename along with the keywords and images all tag and will help you to more optimize your particular pages.


I would like to suggest you focus one-page par keywords to target and use the LSI keywords for your content.

Technical Issues:

to find the initial technical error you should go to the Google search console to find out if there is any crawl error.

Duplicate content:

to find duplicate content issues you must use alternatively you can use Google search console to fix this problem.

With this, at the point, if you follow you might be aware to improve your site from the SEO aspect.

All these are the issues you will easy to detect within a few minutes if you use a SEMrush site audit tool.

How Beginner Blogger Check Keyword / Ranking Positions With SEMrush Tool:

SEMrush is one of the perfect tools for doing keyword research and keyword position tracking.

Doing perfect keyword research you need to find out primary terms or most relevant terms for your targeted market than your competitors ranking keywords list along with top position with the keyword associated with search volume.

We are so lucky to get a SEMRUSH tool that offers all these things to do just one click.

When you are going to use the SEMRUSH main search bar with your targeted site URL then check on the organic research drop-down menu.

For example, for organic search position:

SEMrush keywords dashboard

You can see the geographic option 131+ other countries as well:


You are going to find mobile search data is available there too.

SEMRUSH keywords mobile

Trend Graph / SERP Features:

Keywords dash top on SEMRUSH

Find out of all ranking keywords and URLs and associated data:

ranking keywords and URLs and associated data

It will make easy to get all the report for the monthly average search volume and the overall percentage of traffic that visiting the site.

You Startup Blogger Can Find Historic Data  in SEMRUSH:

find historic data as well in SEMRUSH

I would say that SEMRUSH is an excellent auditing tool that helps you to quick and easy to get a good idea to any site ranking position and performance just simply entering the URL.

How To Do Competitor Site SEO Audit with SEMrush Marketing Tool:

Top Marketers are Recommending SEMrush To Make High-Level SEO Audit:

There are many companies will know who is your organic and paid search competitors.

How you can find top organic competitors with SEMRUSH?

it is so simple to find with the SEMRUSH SEO tool. you just need to enter your targeted URL on a SEMRUSH search bar and next go to the competitors’ tab.

Competitor dashboard with SEMRUSH

You’ll find the list of Organic Competitor like this:

Find organic competitor table from SEMRUSH

For the first time, you should target 5 to 10 organic competitors to do analysis them by following the three most important steps.

  • Research for competitor’s content and ranking performance.
  • Find out the top-performing content gap.
  • Look for the new keyword opportunities from them.

Doing perfect competitor research is the hardest part that is providing a very simple way with the SEMRUSH SEO site audit tool.

How A Newbie Does A Site Backlink Audit With SEMrush SEO Tool:

The backlink is the most important and powerful thing for SEO that can give you great changes in organic search results and ranking.

Auditing the backlink profile of your competitor or any site will help you to understand where is your link opportunities and by following all the resources you will be able to build your site backlinks.

SEMRUSH backlink audit tool will provide the details of your target insights backlink follow and no follow, the number of referring domain, backlink anchor text, and index pages’ result.

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Example images are below:

The total number of backlinks:

Find the total number of backlink with semrush

The total number of referring domains:

Find The total number of referring domains with semrush

List of all anchor text:

Find The List of all anchor text with semrush

Find most linkable assets for a website from Indexed Pages:

It means what are the pages have most external backlinks and that is the most linkable assets for a website and get started with SEMrush backlinks audit.

If you are doing competitor research find out what are the pages they have most of the backlinks and make for your own site linkable assets to build those high-quality backlinks for your site.

Indexed Pages with semrush

Get Start Backlink Audit

How SEMrush Does Content Audit Of A Site For Beginner Bloggers:

When you are going to audit the content of any site so the first question is coming that what is the top-performing content of any site that you target or your competitor.

This solution has a SEMRUSH content audit tool. it will provide you the accurate data to do content audit perfectly.

When you are on a SEMRUSH dashboard with your competitor URL then go to the organic research.

After that, you need to find out the traffic percentage and ranking keywords currently have.

Find The Top Content with semrush

having seen this report you will have a clear indication to find what is demanded content in your niche and you need to produce those type of relevant content that answers your targeted audience problem.

I would say that you might be using SEMRUSH if you are a beginner to advanced level expert.

SEMRUSH is a great tool for all.

Learn How To A Website Performance Research Study By SEMrush Tool:

As you know that in 2019 Google’s become smarter to get a website on the organic search result.

To improving website performance, you need to research good tool good SEO tools that will show you the right way to fix your website errors.

A website page loading is most important and first thing when your reader visits a website and you will notice that if any website loading speed is too slow so the user experience to be so bad and for that bounce rate can be increased.

Now page loading becomes a more important part of user experience and it has officially become a ranking factor.

SEMrush team shares that they analyze 150,000 websites mobile and desktop version and they have collected data new performance reports of the SEMrush site audit tool.

This year that most 9 common issues that affect most of the website performance.

What are the most common issues? Let’s have a look.

They have got the surprising result that 82% website they analyze are most of the common issues and 44% analyze website has major issues according to SEMRUSH audit report.

Website Performance Research Study By SEMrush
Website Performance Research Study By SEMrush

I hope this data will help you to prioritize your work to improve your website performance.

Now have a look at how you can process to fix all these issues.

Know-How To Fix and Boost Your Website Speed:

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is great to start with for website speed check. It provides both data for mobile and desktop.


But Google uses data from Chrome user experience of the pages. this means that you will get all the speed information of your site that gets traffic from only Chrome users.

I would highly suggest you use the SEMRUSH site audit tool to get flexible site analysis.


SEMRUSH site audit performs report will tell you with the statistical graph for your website technical problem.

SEMRUSH will show you and explain to you each and every issue along with how you can fix step by step.

SEMRUSH provides you the report in three category one errors, warning, and notice. this data will help you to sort out what is the most critical mistake that you should fix fast.

This performance report will allow you to connect to your Google analytic account to get more information about the user experience of your website.

For example, look below:semrush-site-audit-performance-report

You should track your progress by monitoring the performance score from the report.

Find out your website performance now with the SEMRUSH site audit!


Need Free SEO Audit Template In PDF? Get Register Now! 14 Days FREE Trial! SEMrush FREE Trial and Pricing:

SEMrush offers Three Popular pricing packages:

  • SEMrush Pro
  • SEMrush Guru
  • SEMrush Business

SEMrush SEO Tool All plans included with:

  1. Site Audit
  2. On-Page SEO Checker
  3. Position Tracking
  4. Social Media Tracker
  5. Social Media Poster
  6. Backlink Audit
  7. Marketing Calendar
  8. Log File Analyzer
  9. Brand Monitoring
  10. Post Tracking
  11. Content Audit
  12. Organic Traffic Insights
  13. PPC Keyword Tool
  14. Organic Research
  15. Keyword Research
  16. Keyword Magic Tool
  17. Ad Builder
  18. Advertising research
  19. Display Advertising
  20. Backlinks
  21. SEO Content Template
  22. Sensor
  23. Keyword Difficulty
  24. Gap Analysis
  25. Traffic Overview
  26. Lead Generation Tool
  27. Topic Research
  28. My reports
  29. Notes


SEMrush Pro: What’ll you get with SEMrush Pro?

  • Results per the report: 10,000
  • Reports per day: 3000
  • Projects: 5
  • Keywords to track: 500
  • Pages to crawl: 100,000
  • Social media profiles: 50
  • Scheduled PDF reports: 5
  • Cost: $99.95 monthly

SEMrush Guru: What’ll you get with the SEMrush Guru account?

  • Results per the report: 30,000
  • Reports per day: 5000
  • Projects: 50
  • Keywords to track: 1500
  • Pages to crawl: 300,000
  • Social media profiles: 100
  • Scheduled PDF reports: 20
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Get access to Historical data
  • Cost: $199.95 monthly

SEMrush business: What’ll you get with the SEMrush Business account?

  • Results per the report: 50,000
  • Reports per day: 10,000
  • Projects: unlimited
  • Keywords to track: 6000
  • Pages to crawl: 1,200,000
  • Social media profiles: 300
  • Scheduled PDF reports: 50
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Historical data
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Multi-user management
  • Cost: $399.95 monthly

Check This Slideshare SEMrush Presentation of SEO Audit:

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Conclusion About SEMrush For Beginner Bloggers To Audit A Site For SEO:

To boost your website performance to increase search engine ranking and traffic you need to find and fix all the issue related issue is the most important steps fast.

I agree to suggest you go with a SEMrush SEO tool which is very handy and easy to use and make sure you must check your site audit at least once a month two better improve your site.

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SEMRUSH is not going to give you only to find profitable keywords, research your competition, finding new backlink opportunities or any website-related issues it will give you more Deep SEO audit reports and guidelines to improve any site to boost more search engine ranking and traffics.

Did I miss anything about how a newbie blogger does SEO Audit of his blog with SEMrush?

I hope you would appreciate this detailed guide on the SEMRUSH site audit.

If you have any questions, please let me know below and you might be sharing with your friends on social media Facebook Twitter LinkedIn, etc….

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