Top 13 Most Important Google Organic Ranking Factors For Roofers SEO In 2021

The most important 13 Google ranking factors that you should not ignore in 2021.

I’m going to show you the dominant strategy that works for Google rankings in 2021.

If you’re serious about higher ranking in Google so you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started from scratch.

What is Google Ranking:

What is Google Ranking

To get your website on the first page of Google organic search result called a google ranking.

It’s also called with different types such as SEO ranking, search engine ranking, and organic search ranking.

If you want to know the basics of Google ranking, it’s meant that “WHAT IS SEO.”

Now the question is coming to your mind what’s SEO?


Yes, SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of any website optimize the right way as per search engine guidelines to get higher rankings on search results organically.

Organic search ranking means your website gets unpaid traffic that brings more sales and leads for your business.

The search engine wants to satisfy the searchers by providing the best information.

And for that search engine likes that authority website first when it’s come for organic search ranking. Besides that, there are several ranking factors.

Why Google Rank Is Essential?

Why Google Rank Is Essential

Another fundamental question that you must know first.

The search engine is the first page over the internet.

And 93% of people are searching online to get their desired results.

89% of users are making decisions to buy from an online search.

Yes, If you want to promote your business online so you must think about search engine optimization first to run long-term business.

I have read from the jeffbullas blog where a post shares information about click-through rate from search engine result pages.

Please have a look at it:


When is the Best Time to Start SEO?

Best Time to Start SEO

If you haven’t done SEO yet so you must think about from today!

But you have few questions in mind what the best time to start?

If you don’t have the website ready or you have just a new website?

Or you might have a few old websites, but you never think about SEO before.

After finishing your website design and development, SEO is coming.

SEO is the same as plant a tree.

You can take action step by step to growing a tree or SEO.

SEO is a long term plan to grow any website on the web.

But before starting SEO, you must learn the basics to implement or hire any SEO expert.

Why am I recommending it?

There are a lot of SEO experts is offering or doing black hat, grey hat SEO techniques for their client’s website that can damage by Google penalty.

So keep safe your website by doing only white hat SEO techniques.

If you want to learn more about white hat SEO techniques, so read this guide here.

As I said above that SEO is like a plant a tree, so start doing it from today!

Know the most important Google ranking algorithm updates:

most important Google ranking algorithm updates


Google is introducing changes in ranking algorithms since 2011 and become much smarter than we think.

  1. Google Panda update was done for duplicate, thin content, and keyword stuffing to webpages.
  2. Google penguin update was for bad quality and irrelevant backlinks, over-optimized backlinks anchor text.
  3. Google Hummingbird updates were done for keyword stuffing and low-quality content.
  4. Google Pigeon update was for poor quality on-page and off-page SEO.
  5. Google Mobile usability update was for the inferior mobile version of the webpage.
  6. Google Rankbrain was done for Poor UX and shallow content that has a lack of query-specific relevant information.
  7. Google Possum update was for the local search result.
  8. Google Fred update was done for ad centered and heavy affiliate content.

All these 8 major Google updates were done for specific reasons that change in the SEO game.

If you want to learn or run your SEO so you must aware of these significant updates.

Don’t ignore these updates to keep your website safe from the Google penalty.

I think after read all these updates; you might be thinking about its very hard now to get Google organic search ranking.

Or you need to follow all 200 ranking factors to get higher rankings.

Is it right?

Don’t worry.

In the below section, I’ll be sharing you the most powerful ranking factors that can help your new site ranking if you do the right way.

Let’s go to the next section!

Looking for Google images ranking factors? Implement these 7 Steps now!

Google images ranking factors 7 steps


Google image algorithm updates fewer and core algorithm updates get almost often.

The last image algorithm updates were in 2018.

Look at it:


Now, are you thinking?

How can I bring up my profile images for reputation building with the search terms or names?

Yes, it’s simple tactics that you must follow:

  1. Upload higher quality images
  2. Make that image unique
  3. Don’t forget to optimize the model for the web.
  4. Don’t miss adding file names.
  5. Upload the images on your content or product pages.
  6. Add contextual images as well as your content or product pages.
  7. Add the valid image alt text, captions, description, and title.

All these seven steps can help your images ranking on Google.

How Do Google Search Rankings Work?

Google Rankings Works


Well, If you want to know how search ranking works, so the essential thing is when a searcher wants to search for any information, so they write words related to what they want to get.

Those words are called “keywords.”

The essential thing is to mention those keywords into the content of the webpage.

But Google is not ranking based on keywords optimizing in the content.

Google only loves the quality information on that topic.

Please have a look at the Google search quality ratings:

  • The purpose of the content.
  • Google is not only watching site authority, expertise, and trustworthiness. The more attention to the individual creator of the content too.
  • The content length and quality come first.
  • Site information and details about the creator is also essential.
  • Another thing is the reputation of the site and content creator.

All of these above points go to the Google algorithm to determine SEO ranking in 2021.

What is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

SEO has two aspects for ranking factors that is on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

You might be heading that a lot of people are talking about technical SEO and on-page SEO.

All these comes to on-site SEO what refers to site code and content optimization.

Another one is off-page SEO, which depends on your website authority and trustfulness by building backlinks and social signals.

Both are important to SEO ranking factors in 2021.

What Are the SEO Ranking Factors in search results?

SEO Ranking Factors in search results


You cannot find any official list for Google ranking factors, but the marketers know that a lot of signals for Google rank a website.

You should know that Google is not looking at just a single ranking factor.

I’m going to show you the list of ranking factors within the categories, and it’ll be easier for you to learn the positive and negative effects of them.

Let’s have a look at below!

  •  Domain Ranking Factors Good and Bad effects:

Domain Ranking Factors


A Quick Checklist of Positive Domain Ranking Factors:

Ranking Factors Good effects

 #1 – Exact Match Domain

#2 – Keywords In Domain

#3 – Domain History

#4 – Domain Age

#5 – Domain Registration Date

#6 – Domain Renewal Date

#7 – Country TLD Extension

A Quick Checklist of Negative Domain Ranking Factors:

Ranking Factors Bad effects

#1 – Private Whois Data

#2 – Penalized Whois Owner

#3 – Country TLD Extension – A Spanish domain trying to rank in the Indian market.

#4 – Parked Domain

#5 – Same URL Parameters & Same Shared Hosting

#6 – Changing Hosting Provider

#7 – 503 Status Misuse

  •  Page-Level Ranking Factors Good and Bad Effects:

Page-Level Ranking Factors

A Quick Checklist of Positive Page Level Ranking Factors:


#1 – URL Contains Keyword

#2 – Title Tag Contains Keyword

#3 – Meta Description Contains Keyword

#4 – H1 Tag Contains Keyword

#5 – Other Headings Contain Keyword

#6 – Main Body Content Contains Keyword

#7 – Keyword Order

#8 – LSI Keywords

#9 – Site Speed

#10 – Unique Content

#11 – Length Of Content

#12 – Rich Snippet Markup

#13 – Multimedia

#14 – Image Optimisation

#15 – Fresh Content

#16 – Updated Content

#17 – Outbound Links

#18 – Internal Links

#19 – Syndicated Content

#20 – Supplementary Content

#21 – Reading Level

#22 – W3C Validation

#23 – Domain Authority

#24 – Keyword At The Start Of Title Tag

#25 – Keyword Frequency

#26 – Rel=Canonical

#27 – Historical Page Updates

#28 – Size Of Content Update

#29 – Outbound Link Theme

A Quick Checklist of Negative Page Level Ranking Factors:


#1 – Duplicate Meta Descriptions

#2 – Duplicate Title Tags

#3 – Underscores In Title Tags

#4 – Keyword Stuffed Meta Tags

#5 – Meta Keywords

#6 – Keyword Density

#7 – Slow Load Times

#8 – Duplicate Content

#9 – Hidden Content

#10 – Irrelevant Image Alt Tags

#11 – Outbound Links

#12 – Broken Links

#13 – Too Many Affiliate Links

#14 – HTML Errors

#15 – URL Length

#16 – Spelling & Grammar

#17 – Interstitial Ads

#18 – Real Business Information

  •  Site Level Ranking Factors Good and Bad Effects:

Site Level Ranking Factors


A Quick Checklist of Positive Site Level Ranking Factors:


#1 – Domain Trust

#2 – Contact Us

#3 – Privacy Policy & Terms

#4 – About Us Page

#5 – Site Structure

#6 – Site Freshness

#7 – Number Of Pages

#8 – XML Sitemap

#9 – HTML Sitemap

#10 – Server Location


#12 – Breadcrumb Rich Snippets

#13 – Mobile Optimisation

#14 – Hreflang

A Quick Checklist of Negative Site Level Ranking Factors:

Ranking Factors Bad effects

#1 – Site Downtime

#2 – Duplicate Meta Content

#3 – Not Optimized For Mobile

#4 – Poor User Engagement

#5 – Negative Reviews

#6 – Adverts Above The Fold

#7 – No following all outbound links

#8 – Panda Penalty

  •  Backlink Ranking Factors Good and Bad Effects:

Backlink Ranking Factors


A Quick Checklist of Positive Backlink Ranking Factors:


#1 – Number Of Links

#2 – Anchor Text

#3 – Link Title

#4 – Domain & Page Relevancy

#5 – Link Sentiment

#6 – Keyword In Title

#7 – Domain Authority

#8 – Page Authority

#9 – Age Of Backlink

#10 – C-Class IP’s

#11 – Diversity

#12 – Competing Pages

#13 – Social Authority

#14 – Guest Posting

#15 – Homepage Links

#16 – Contextual/Editorial Links

#17 – User-Generated Content Links

#18 – 301 Redirects

#19 – Wikipedia

#20 – Positive Link Velocity

#21 – Nofollow Links

#22 – Word Count Of Page

#23 – Number Of Outbound Links

#24 – Sitewide Links

A Quick Checklist of Negative Backlink Ranking Factors:

Ranking Factors Bad effects

#1 – Bad Neighbourhoods

#2 – Same C-Class

#3 – Guest Posting

#4 – Buying Links

#5 – Selling Links

#6 – Negative Link Velocity

#7 – Reciprocal Linking

#8 – Forum Profiles

#9 – Linking Relevancy

#10 – Penguin Penalty

  •  User Engagement Ranking Factors Good and Bad Effects:

User Engagement Ranking Factors


A Quick Checklist of Positive User Engagement Ranking Factors:


#1 – Page Level SERP Click-Through Rate

#2 – Domain Level SERP Click-Through Rate

#3 – Dwell Time

#4 – Low Bounce Rate

#5 – Pages Per Visit

#6 – Direct Traffic

#7 – Returning Visitors

#8 – Comments

A Quick Checklist of Negative User Engagement Ranking Factors:

Ranking Factors Bad effects

#1 – Page Level SERP Click-Through Rate

#2 – Domain Level SERP Click-Through Rate

#3 – Bad Dwell Time – After visiting from google search a user If returns to the search results within a few seconds so, it’s a negative signal.

#4 – High Bounce Rate

  •  Social Signals Ranking Factors Good and Bad Effects:

Social Signals Ranking Factors


A Quick Checklist of Positive Social Signals Ranking Factors:


#1 – Tweets

#2 – Facebook Shares

#3 – Facebook Comments

#4 – Facebook Likes

#5 – Pinterest Pins

#6 – YouTube Links

#7 – Relevancy

#8 – Positive Social Velocity

A Quick Checklist of Negative Social Signals Ranking Factors:

Ranking Factors Bad effects

#1 – Negative Social Velocity – If you bought 1,000 Tweets and a few days later, 800 was removed.

  •  Brand Signal Ranking Factors Good and Bad Effects:

Brand Signal Ranking Factors


A Quick Checklist of Positive Brand Signal Ranking Factors:


#1 – Branded Anchor Text

#2 – Branded Searches

#3 – Brand Mentions / Citations

#4 – Facebook & Twitter Presence

#6 – LinkedIn Company Pages

#7 – Social Activity

#8 – Brick & Mortar Business

A Quick Checklist of Negative Brand Signal Ranking Factors:

Ranking Factors Bad effects

#1 – Negative Reviews

#2 – Low Branded Click-Through Rate

You must follow all these points mentioned above in 2021 google ranking signals.

To learn more about each point deeply so comment below to get a more valuable answer.

Google does not follow a single ranking factor yet.

I think you must have a question that is there any top ranking factors instead of all of these signals?

Yes, All these rankings factors are matter, but if you want to know top major ranking factors so yes, I’m going share them below section.

Don’t skip until you read them now!

Top 13 Google Ranking Factors For 2021 That You Should Not Ignore:

Top 13 Google Ranking Factors


  1. HTTPS Secure a Website
  1. Web Page & Mobile Page Speed 
  1. Mobile Responsive
  1. Domain Older and Authority
  1. Content is not king, and Content Quality is king
  1. Freshness or Updating content
  1. Schema markup
  1. Optimizing the Content
  •    LSI Keywords
  •    Search Intent
  •    Content-Length
  •    Adding Video to Improve Ranking
  1. Technical SEO
  1. User Experience (RankBrain)

rankbrain-User Experience-seo-ranking-factors

  •    Click-through rate
  •    Bounce rate
  •    Dwell time
  1. Backlinks
  •    Inbound links
  •    Outbound links
  •    Internal links
  1. Social Signals Helps to Improve Ranking
  1. Business Listing
  •    NAP – name, address, phone number
  •    Business listings on Google My Business and Facebook
  •    Reviews on directories like Yelp and others
  •    The right local search terms

How To Rank Number One On Google or How Do I Rank Higher on Google?

How Do I Rank Higher on Google

Yes, this is the dream of every small business owner to get higher rankings on Google.

But it’s becoming so hard for them to reach that top spot.

The ranking is not natural to achieve a site or even most marketing skills expert struggle to get higher rankings on Google.

So how a new website can rank on Google without more struggle?

Well, That’s the secret you are going to learn from this section.

I’m going to tell you some straightforward strategies that anyone can get the top spot on Google if they are serious about it.

Let’s read below!

  1. Go with the micro-niche:

If a niche is “photographer,” so choose a micro-niche like “photographer for real estate.”





  1. Choose the right keywords based on your targeting audiences’ intent:




  •    How to become a real estate photographer (Informational keyword and your audience is “Student“)
  •    Hire a photographer (Transactional keyword but never clear the targeting market and specialization); it’s hard to rank on google.
  •    Hire a real estate photographer in London ( This is the right intent, longtail transactional keyword to get rank.)
  1. Optimize with LSI keywords for each piece of content:

You can find the LSI keywords to make your content more quality and understand the google bots easily.

Optimize with LSI keywords



Google understands the LSI terms.

Apple: fruit > juice > health etc… LSI terms

Apple: iphone> ipod > headphone etc.. LSI terms

  1. Add more and more content to your website:

Add more and more content



  1. Build high-quality, relevant site backlinks through guest posts:

guest posts backlinks


Top 3 Tools to Monitor Search Engine Rankings:

  1. Ahref (Paid) 
  2. SEMrush (Paid) Try now 14 days FREE trial today!
  3. Google search console (FREE)

If you want to know how to monitor your search engine ranking with these top 3 SEO tools so you might go here >

Ahref – Read this post.

monitor your search engine ranking with ahrefs-seo-tool

SEMrush – Read this post.

Monitor your search engine ranking with SEMrush-seo-tool

Google search console – Read this post.

Monitor your search engine ranking with Google search console

Google Ranking Factors Infographic:

Google Ranking Factors Infographic


FAQ About Google Ranking Factors In 2021:

FAQ About Google Ranking Factors

How many ranking factors does Google use?

You might have heard that there are 200 Google ranking factors, but some of the essential ranking factors that won’t be changing if Google rolls out several future algorithm updates.

Yes those primary ranking factors are

  • Quality of content
  • Higher quality backlinks
  • Responsive and user-friendly website
  • Social media interaction

But these are the necessary thing for Google ranking factors.

You might have noticed that I have mentioned above the top 13 Google Ranking factors in 2021!

Why don’t you implement those 13 steps to improve your website to get a higher rank on Google?

If you are serious about increasing organic traffic, so don’t ignore the steps.

How do I find out my website’s Google ranking?

Do you want to know what the keywords of your website on Google ranking currently are?

Yes, there are several tools to check your keywords ranking.

Yes, the first tool is Google search console.

Before you move forward, install on your website first.

How can you find the keywords ranking on Google search console?

Step1: Login your Google search console with your Gmail account.

Step 2: Click your choosable website.

Step 3: Then, look at the “search traffic.” You can get it from the left-hand side and click on “search analytics.”

Once you are at this place so you can find the impression, click, position, and CTR numbers.

There is lots of information you can grab.

If you don’t have installed Google search console yet so you must use the free tool called “Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.”

To use the Ubersuggest, you just need to put your website domain name on the search bar and get the details of your website’s current ranking keywords along with lots of other information.

Does direct traffic affect Google ranking?

If you want to know that direct traffic affects SEO ranking, so the immediate answer is NO.

It affects Google ranking indirectly.

Google always wants to show the user the right information for a particular search query.

And Google trust most official pages for that.

Direct traffic means people who remember your website and visit your site for a reason.

What should I do to get a better ranking on Google?

Everyone wants to get a better ranking on Google, but it’s hard to get on the first page of Google.

Here are the quick 5:steps that you might focus if you are beginners:

  • Go with SEO friendly CMS (Content management system) like WordPress
  • Think to go with a custom domain
  • Always focus on targeting right intent keywords
  • Create High-quality content that helps your audience
  • DIY SEO ( Learn more to implement the strategy)

Google rank SEO, Buying backlinks, is this a real risk?

If you want to buy backlinks so it’ll be a real risk.

Are you wondering to know why?

Yes, who wants to buy the backlinks?

If you have no excellent SEO experience or don’t know how to build quality backlinks so you might think about buying backlinks.

At first, you need to know about how consider a backlink is a high quality?

There are many factors to choosing quality backlinks, but the primary thing that you must remember.

  • Relevancy of website
  • Relevant to the content
  • Authority of the website
  • Link placement

If your website is new and you’re going to buy backlinks from poor quality, irrelevant website backlinks, so it’ll hurt your website rankings and might get Google penalty.

Buying backlinks is much risk if you don’t know how to judge the quality of backlinks.

I’d highly recommend you not to go for it if you are beginners.

You can go to an SEO reseller or some other agencies who will be building backlinks manually.

You need to be careful about PBN(private blog network) website backlinks that selling by most corrupt SEO agencies.

Do you want to know how to build quality backlinks by yourself?


Do you want to buy quality backlinks that safe from Google?

If yes, so you might get a free consultation from me by joining my Facebook group now!

What is the solution for my website’s rank suddenly dropped in the Google rankings?

If your website rank suddenly dropped on Google so you must check your Google search console tool if there is showing manual action for existing backlinks.

If your website has spammy backlinks that you must remove first by using the Google disavow tool.

This way, you can gain Google trust and recover your SEO ranking in the future.

Or, if you don’t see any manual action notification, so this is the signal that your competitors are improving more than you.

In this stage, you should focus on

  • Update your old content.
  • Produce more quality content
  • Building higher quality backlinks
  • Optimize with right keywords
  • Speed up your website
  • Double-check and fix your website technical SEO.

Does the bounce rate affect Google ranking?

Well, the Bounce rate affects Google ranking positively and negatively, but it depends on a few conditions.

Let’s have a look at the condition below.

If your website has a High bounce rate with higher conversion so it’ll make positive effects.

Secondly, if your website gets a higher bounce rate with low conversion or lower engagement so it’ll not produce positive effects.

Another one is if your website has a low bounce rate with low conversion. It’s like a news publishing site.

The last one is a low bounce rate with high conversion. It’s the ideal situation for Google loves. You’ll become a King at this stage.

Conclusion About Google Organic Ranking Factors For Roofers In 2021:

I hope you have enjoyed the basic concepts of Google ranking factors in 2021.

If you want to get higher on Google ranking, then focus on the factors that I have mentioned above in the post.

If you have any questions related to Google ranking factors, please comment below now!

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