SEMrush VS SpyFu 2021: Which One Is Right For Roofing Marketing?

Yes, I can feel your confusion to choose between SEMrush vs. SpyFu.

You think that which is the best and right for competitive research.

Researching your competitors is the most important thing to boost your business and sales without spending much time.

You will get a ton of ideas to make successful your marketing campaign.

But the question is coming what type of competitors research you want to start.

Is organic search ranking competitors?


Have you paid search PPC competitors analysis?

SEMrush and SpyFu, both tools are famous for SEO and PPC campaigns.

You can get great features for organic and paid search for competitive analysis.

In this post, I’m going to talk about SEMrush Vs. SpyFu, which is the best for organic and paid search competitors analysis in 2021.

So let’s get started now!


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What Are The Main Differences Between Spyfu vs. SEMrush?

  • SpyFu gives endless search results when taken big price plans. However, SEMrush yet tops each level. 
  • SEMrush has competitor data since 2012, whereas SpyFu has it for over ten years. 
  • SEMrush has numerous more potential when considered an SEO platform. Whereas SpyFu is much more restricted to competitor inquiry.
  • SEMrush has Traffic Analysis equipment; SpyFu does not have Traffic analysis equipment.
  • SEMrush has a decent across-the-board keyword research tool in comparison to SpyFu.

Everything looks pretty solid, and in pure symmetry.

But to your utter despair, you’re barely getting any deals. The traffic itself brings about a lonelier feel to your site, which is much more than the North Pole.

And you might realize like it doesn’t make any significance at all.

Because as far as you’re apprehensive, you have circulated a set of apparently decent keywords around the site. 

SEMrush Overview:


SEMrush was launched in 2008. 

A group of IT and search engine optimization experts came jointly to simplify race in the online world. 

Ten years of innovative investigations have brought about the growth of SEMrush to a great extent. 

Hence, it has been able to stance itself as a pioneering digital marketing association.

Much like SpyFu, SEMrush keeps on providing useful data that marketers influence to teach their search engine marketing techniques. 

It further goes forward to assess your performance and keep a check on your competition. 

It helps to produce data regarding their traffic trends, campaign achievement.

It also analyses the ads which they are running and the keywords used to improve the ranking.

But the whole process is not confined to just keyword.

Keyword research is only one of the portions of the entire thing.

SEMrush also proposes a backlink profile assessment.

Site audit tools, performance analysis, and position tracking are some other essential features.

All these characteristics on a platform have enabled SEMrush to persuade a significant devotee over a decade. 

It presently hosts about 2 million clients on more than 140 databases worldwide.

SpyFu Overview:

SpyFu Overview

SpyFu is the old-timer here. 

The founder of SpyFu is Mike Roberts.

He brought it up to the market in 2006.

It aimed to provide a solution to assist marketers in modifying their SEO and PPC techniques.

It has evolved to be a significant performer in the entire keyword planner and keyword research field.

It has been delivering advanced technologies to leverage the marketing of search engines.

To accomplish this, ultimately, SpyFu is not just related to search and keywords.

It broadens its contributions to assist in expended ads, organic search.

All this is possible under a user-friendly interface.

When we talk about its interface, it has easy to understand the principle which does not involve any complication.

You only need to give your domain address and search it.

You will be able to see essential backlinks, ranking history, Adwords, keywords, shared keywords, competitor analysis, and other relevant recommendations.

You also get an overview of monthly domain authority.

SEMrush VS SpyFu Features Comparison:

SpyFu Features: 

  1. It has 10 Years of Historical Data.
  2. Unlimited Domain Search Results 
  3. Unlimited Competitors Results
  4. Unlimited Keyword Search Results
  5. Unlimited Backlinks Searches

API Access on “Professional” and “Team” accounts.

  1. Unlimited Keyword Group Results
  2. Unlimited Domain Comparisons (Kombat)
  3. Unlimited Exports for all search results

Top Lists (Top PPC Spenders, etc.)

  1. Export Advanced Sales Leads Info
  2. Filter Sales Leads
  3. Add Your Keywords
  4. Track Ad Placement & SEO Rankings

Custom SEO & PPC Reports

  1. Custom Branded Reports (“Professional” and “Team”)
  2. Multiple User Accounts (only available with “Team” account

SEMrush Features:

  • Keyword Research
  • Display Advertising
  • Domain vs. Domain
  • Social Media Tool
  • Domain Analytics
  • Site Audit
  • Finding backlinks opportunities 
  • Content ideas
  • Keyword magic
  • Position tracking
  • Video advertising research
  • PDF-reports
  • Content Tool
  • Organic Research
  • Backlink Audit Tool
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Brand Monitoring
  • SEO Content Template
  • Advertising Research
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Keyword Difficulty

SEMrush VS SpyFu For Keyword Analysis:

Very apparent that both SpyFu and SEMrush are incredibly helpful in the aspect of Keyword research.

SpyFu and SEMrush are very identical too. 

It is nearly felt that the developers of SpyFu and SEMrush have copied the keyword search technique of each other. 

Look at the below,

For example on SEMrush keyword analysis –

And here is for SpyFu keyword analysis overview –


The function of both is so similar that the developers might have edited the name later for giving different names to the brand.

SpyFu and SEMrush provide SEO overview, keyword tracking, domain keyword assessment, and keyword suggestion.

Hence, their keyword Analysis speaks of a tie here.

SEMrush VS SpyFu For Competition Analysis:

SpyFu and SEMrush are very comprehensive in competition analysis. 

It can terrify you when you think that your opponents could power them against your site. 

SEMrush overview for competitors organic and paid search traffic –

You can also find traffic by countries –


SEMrush and SpyFu analyze keywords and the related SEO technique. They also comprise paid search campaigns. 

See the SpyFu –


To Find Top Competitors with SpyFu –


The successive summaries enable you to recognize ROI, vitality, and drawbacks.

It also goes an insight into apparent chances that you can take benefit from. 

SEMrush VS SpyFu For BackLink Review:

SEMrush and SpyFu primarily call themselves as keyword research solutions. Hence, their link review trait is relatively impressive. 

They produce comprehensive summaries on inbound and outbound links for a given website.

Nevertheless, a near examination states that SpyFu’s backlink reports are more accurate in comparison to SEMrush’s backlink reports.

SEMrush gives backlink reports with the URL link and anchor text.

See below,

SpyFu gives information like this –


It provides organic page clicks, organic domain clicks, and related keywords as well.

SEMrush VS SpyFu For Overall Features:


They have more than nine years of organic ranking history

  • API access
  • Custom branded reports
  • Data exports
  • Domain research
  • Backlinks profile exports
  • Unlimited backlink results
  • Backlink search assessment.
  • Introduce your keywords
  • Paid keywords analysis
  • Organic keywords analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Adwords advisor reports
  • More than nine years of Adwords history.
  • In-depth SEO reports
  • Sales lead filtering
  • Export advanced contact information.


  • Review competitor ranking
  • Review competitor ad texts
  • Review competitor organic strategy
  • In-depth insights into ad campaigns
  • Compare several websites
  • Pie chart and line graph display
  • Keyword metrics tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Organic research
  • Comparison of domains by keywords
  • Domain-specific keyword ranking.
  • SEO metrics assessment
  • Track site ranking
  • Backlink tracking
  • AdSense analysis
  • Advertising research
  • Crawl audit tool
  • Position tracking

SpyFu vs. SEMrush For Pricing Comparison:

SEMrush Pricing Plans –

SpyFu Pricing Plans –


SEMrush offers two week’s free trial, which is appreciative.

SpyFu gives a risk-free money-back guarantee. 

When both these facilities are compared, free trial by SEMrush out bets SpyFu’s money-back guarantee.

SpyFu is much better than SEMrush in terms of price. 

SpyFu is affordable because of the cheaper rate.

It is inexpensive for small businesses who do not want to spend many bucks.

Big Businesses are good to go with SEMrush’s enterprise plan.

SEMrush’s enterprise plan can easily include simple wants at a negotiated price.

SpyFu vs. SEMrush Summary:

SpyFu has the right amount of useful outlay for evaluating the links along with the all-around link framework of the .competitor.

SpyFu sums to a detailed summary of their whole SEO structure.

SEMrush is also relatively decent in all aspects.

It trudges across the websites to observe incoming links and gains data on their execution against opponents regarding overall link strength.

SEMrush and SpyFu have ascertained as the widely influential SEO tools in the digital marketing world.

Both have substantial assistance and characteristics whose aptness depend on the needs of your business.

SpyFu and SEMrush outshine equally in terms of domain keyword, assessment, keyword tracking, SEO overview, keyword suggestions.


SEMrush For Site Audit:

The SEMrush Site Audit is a practical means to reveal the vitalities and drawbacks of your website compared to competitor websites. 

It gives overall site performance and international SEO status.

SEMrush features are built to enable you to develop content that has the best apparent possibility of ranking organically. 

The content check is present on the tab just after SEO recommendations.

You cannot your content in the content check and check your score for SEMrush criteria.

SEMrush also offers in the SEO writing Assistant feature.

SEMrush For CPC Map:

It gives an idea about the cost per click of a niche in a particular country.

You can analyze the popular keywords in an area.

You will get an idea of the highest and lowest cost per click of a niche according to the region.

SEMrush For Market Explorer:

Market Explorer gives an idea about audience interests and demographics. 

Look at the examples below,


You need to enter the domain, and then you will get the analysis of market traffic.

SEMrush For Brand Monitoring:

It shows the general brand belief and tracks individual mentions.

It is fragmented into positive, negative, and neutral measurements.

What can I experience from SEMrush?

SEMrush is easy to use and affordable.

It is an excellent marketing tool for digital marketers.

You might try SEMrush 14 days FREE trial to get your own experience now!

Who is SEMrush For?

It is ideal for marketers who use to use the tool very well and gain maximum data from SEO, PPC, social media, and brand monitoring.


SpyFu For Ranking History: 

The SpyFu Ranking History gives information about ranking scenarios and organic keywords.

See it,


You can also look at the execution of a particular keyword over time.

SpyFu For Kombat:


Check it also,


See the organic keywords Kombat,


It gives a very diagram among your primary domain and two other competitors.

SpyFu is much identical to the overlap keyword feature of espionage.

The continuously targeted keyword by all three is shown.

SpyFu For Ad History:

It is another useful feature that gives a complete history of ads for keywords by your competitors.




Finally grab the most profitable Ads keywords –


It makes a detailed analysis of the performance of keyword from best to worst in terms of investment done.

SpyFu For Backlinks & Outreach:


It is a striking feature that helps discover the backlinks that others are using to rank on the top.

You can differentiate between the backlink types and vastly applicable domains through the Outreach feature.

What Can You Expect from the SpyFu Experience?

SpyFu gives the information that you can foresee for SEO and PPC competitor research.

These include keyword insights, rankings insights, and ad insights.

The presentation of SpyFu data is focused on the backlink.

Who is SpyFu For?

It is best for those who are involved in SEO and PPC competitor analysis.

SEMrush VS SpyFu For Keyword Research Comparison:

SpyFu has a reliable keyword research method.

SpyFu assesses how the keyword you search for is ranking.

It also gives data about search volume and daily clicks. 

SEMrush gives the state mentioned above and some additional benefits.

SEMrush has the most helpful keyword research tool.

SEMrush has abundant filtering options in comparison to SpyFu.

SEMrush VS SpyFu For Backlink Analysis Comparison:

SEMrush provides detailed information on the backlinks. It also explains things with the help of a chart.

SpyFu has proper backlink analysis and shows you the backlinks, which are helping others to rank good.

SEMrush VS SpyFu For Competitor Analytics Comparison:

Both SEMrush and SpyFu are Outstanding SEO tools.

SpyFu has the best Competitor Analysis. 

SEMrush is not extraordinary in this aspect.

SEMrush gives an excellent analysis of PR campaigns. 

SpyFu offers the best data about competitors.

How To Use SpyFu For SEO & PPC Competitor Analysis Step By Step:

Step 1:

Open SpyFu and enter the email and password.

You have a free trial available.

Enter the competitor’s domain name to get organic ranking history.

See it,


Step 2:

Look for the overlapping keywords data.

After scrolling down, you can see many keywords that are identical to those of your competitors.

Step 3:

You can analyze your competitors common keyword with SpyFu keyword universe.

Step 4:

Find out the organic ranking history of your competitors.

Step 5:

To find “Top Pages” of your competitor, go to the top pages section.


Step 6:

To find top organic ranked pages of your competitors, go to the “SEO keywords” section.

Step 7:

You can find most profitable ads and keywords of your competitors.


You might track your competitor ads as well.

Step 8:

You can analysis the sources of competitors’ backlink profile.


How To Use SEMrush For Competitor Analysis Step By Step:

Step 1:

Grab SEMrush 14 days of free trial now! Click here!

Open SEMrush and enter your competitors URL.

Step 2:

Find more SEO and PPC competitors and Analysing organic and paid search keywords of your competitors.

To find organic competitors-


To find paid search competitors –


Step 3:

Find all of the backlinks along with the sources of the competitor.

Step 4:

To find traffic estimation of competitor’s websites see below –

Step 5:

Assessing competitors paid search outcomes.

Check at the bottom to find paid search positions of your competitors keywords.

SEMrush VS SpyFu For Keyword Tracking Comparison:

SEMrush and SpyFu have powerful keyword tracking abilities.

Both SEMrush and SpyFu enable you to track SEO ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

See this for SEMrush rank tracking,

SEMrush rank tracking

And Look at the SpyFu rank tracking,


You can daily track keywords with SEMrush.

You can track keywords weekly with SpyFu.

SEMrush VS SpyFu For User Friendliness Comparison:

  • SpyFu can be a sophisticated tool for beginners.
  • SEMrush is quite easy to understand for beginners.
  • SEMrush and SpyFu have live chat support along with phone and email assistance.

SEMrush Pros and Cons:

SEMrush Pros:

  • The SEO checker tool hives a detailed analysis of the methods you can adopt to optimize your ranking.
  • From keywords to backlinks, it includes every aspect.
  • The site audit tool prepares for you a detailed chart of suggestions to boost the all-around SEO of your site.

SEMrush Cons:

  • The graphics need to be more customizable.
  • The pricing is high for beginners.

SpyFu Pros and Cons:

SpyFu Pros:

  • It has an overwhelming 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • It is not as expensive as the most competitive tools.

SpyFu Cons:

  • Relatively recent and newly described other devices.
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial.
  • The layout is not that easy to understand. 

SEMrush or SpyFu: Which is the Overall Winner For Bloggers, Marketers And Agencies In 2021?

SEMrush is the overall winner.

 It has excellent SEO tools.

SEMrush caters to all your PPC and SEO tools.

Both SEMrush and SpyFu have excellent performance. 

SpyFu has robust PPC and SEO analytics for the price, which is a detrimental factor for start-ups and small businesses.

FAQ About The SEMrush Vs. SpyFu Comparison In 2021:

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO toolkit that is used for comprehensive competitor research. 

By using SEMrush data, you can effortlessly assess your competitors, their performance, and use that detailed analysis to your benefit. 

They ensured to give rise to unhidden and correct performance with equal chances for all performers.

SEMrush is quite easy to understand for beginners.

SEMrush provides detailed information on the backlinks.

SEMrush has the most wonderful keyword research tool and abundant filtering options. 

What is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a vastly comprehensive SEO tool that can be used to keep an eye on your competitor.

You can know about the keyword which they are using to rank on the too.

You can use it to look for any domain and the places where they have been used on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

You can get access to essential backlinks, ranking history, Adwords, keywords, shared keywords, competitor analysis, and other relevant recommendations.

SpyFu has the best Competitor Analysis.

What’s the money-back guarantee of SpyFu? What if I’m not happy with SpyFu?

The SpyFu plan has 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

If you are not happy with SpyFu’s performance, then you can ask for a full refund.

You will not be spammed with unnecessary questions while asking for a refund.

What’s the money-back guarantee of SEMrush? What if I’m not happy with SEMrush?

SEMrush comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. 

You can go for a refund in case you are not satisfied with the performance of SEMrush. 

The refund request can be sent via mail.

Why should I use SEMrush over SpyFu?

SEMrush beats SpyFu in the majority of the aspects.

Both are an outstanding tool, but SEMrush has more to offer.

SEMrush offers keyword research, competitor analysis, site audits, position tracking, and much more. SEMrush also proposes a backlink profile assessment.

SEMrush has numerous more potential when considered an SEO platform.

Whereas SpyFu is much more restricted to competitor inquiry.

SEMrush has Traffic Analysis equipment; SpyFu does not have Traffic analysis equipment.

SEMrush has a decent across-the-board keyword research tool in comparison to SpyFu.

All these traits on a platform have facilitated SEMrush to persuade a significant devotee over a decade.

SEMrush now hosts about 2 million clients on more than 140 databases worldwide.

Why should I use SpyFu over SEMrush?

SpyFu is preferable due to pricing.

The plan for SpyFu starts at $33, whereas the price of SEMrush starts at $99.95.

What are the SEMrush pricing plans?

SEMrush has three pricing plans to offer.

It has the Pro, Guru, and Business plan.

The plan ranges from $99.95 to $399.95 monthly.

Which SEMrush pricing plan should I go for?

SEMrush pro is a starter plan high is suitable for beginners.

This plan is for $99.95 monthly.

SEMrush has a Guru plan, which is suitable for SEO experts. 

It gives a detailed report and historical data. It costs $199.95 monthly.

SEMrush also offers a Business plan.

It is for $399.95 monthly. 

You can add nine users to run this business plan.

Which is the best SpyFu plan?

SpyFu’s basic plan is decent for bloggers without any experience. 

It costs $33 monthly. It offers 5000 weekly traced keyword ranking 

The professional plan is for $58 monthly.

You can get Team plans for $199 monthly.

It is suitable for big SEO companies.

How accurate is SpyFu?

SpyFu has accurate data for every feature you search.

It has an ironclad 100% fact.

It has evolved to be a significant performer in the entire keyword planner and keyword research field.

To accomplish this, ultimately, it broadens its contributions to assist in expended ads, organic search.

You will be able to see essential backlinks, ranking history, Adwords, keywords, shared keywords, competitor analysis, and other relevant recommendations. 

SpyFu’s backlink reports are more accurate.

When we talk about its interface, it has easy to understand the principle which does not involve any complication.

How much does SpyFu cost?

SpyFu has three plans to offer.

The price of the plan ranges between $39 to $299 monthly.

It has 30 days free trial.

The basic plan is $39 monthly, and the professional is from $78 monthly.

Conclusion About The SEMrush Vs. SpyFu Comparison In 2021:

I’ve discussed most of the aspects of SEMrush and SpyFu comparison.

Now you can make your decision easier and quicker, which is the right tool for your marketing campaign based on your budget or site requirements.

Who uses SpyFu?

If you have a limited budget, then SpyFu is the best for competitor’s research in SEO or PPC.

Who uses SEMrush?

SEMrush is the all in one marketing solutions under one toolkit.

SEMrush is the ultimate choice for any business owner, bloggers, marketers, and agencies.

If you can afford a little bit extra money, then SEMrush Pro is an excellent choice than SpyFu.

My final recommendation is SEMrush.

Click here to get SEMrush 14 days free trial now!

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Let me know if you have any questions about the SEMrush Vs. SpyFu comparison.

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