SEMrush Vs. SimilarWeb Comparison In 2021 – Find The Best Traffic Analytics For Roofing Websites!

It’s struggling to choose between SEMrush and SimilarWeb for your competitor traffic analysis.

Competitor traffic analysis it is essential to increase your website ranking and organic traffic.

For competitor traffic analysis, SEMrush and SimilarWeb both are popular tools on the web.

Now you need to know which tool can provide you the accurate data for your marketing campaigns.

Is that SEMrush or SimilarWeb?

Which is the best for Traffic Analytics?

In this post, I’m not only going to talk about SEMrush Vs. SimilarWeb Traffic Analytics features.

I’ll share every angle to use SEMrush and SimilarWeb tools for your marketing campaign.

Let’s get started now!

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Look At The SimilarWeb And SEMrush Similar Features:

Similarweb and SEMrush Critical information about organic and paid keywords.

  • You can compare any website’s amount of traffic, bounce rate, session duration, and much more with Similarweb and SEMrush.
  • Competitive intelligence is the common principle objective of a Similarweb and SEMrush.
  • Both perform competitor analysis and gives you in-depth data on PPC, SEO, and traffic sources.
  • Similarweb and SEMrush’s Site analysis tool helps track organic and inorganic keywords coma ads and KPIs for traffic channels.

SEMrush And SimilarWeb Competitive Analysis Tool Overview:

SEMrush: Competitive Analysis Tool Overview


Confused between SEMrush and SimilarWeb?

 Let me help you.

 SEMrush is a reliable and universal platform for managing digital marketing; it analyses the traffic of various marketing channels to improve subsequent decision making.

 It helps the marketers to work upon their SEO weaknesses and improve their search engine ranking.

 It provides critical insight into your competitor’s digital marketing campaign and informs you about the subject that attracts your target customers.

SimilarWeb Competitive Analysis Tool Overview


Similarweb is a popular competitive intelligence tool in the web.

Its analytics tools help you to track your overall business performance, monitors developing opportunities, and develop your decision-making process.

 The tool gathers critical intelligence for benchmarking your site’s performance and provides you proven business techniques and new growth opportunities.

SEMrush And SimilarWeb List Of Features:

SEMrush Overview of Features List

  • Tracking of traffic size based on device (desktop and mobile traffic).
  • Analyze the engagement metrics like time spent on site, Bounce rates, Popular pages.
  • Track competitor’s website traffic.
  • Analysis of marketing channels traffic.
  • Spy where competitors are ranking.
  • Insight of ad campaign data.
  • Analysis of multiple keyword metrics.
  • Side by side comparison of multiple websites.
  • Find profitable long-tail keywords.
  • Track competitor’s ad texts.
  • Find the competitor’s organic position.
  • Know your website’s ranking.
  • Perform organic keyword research.
  • Perform PPC keyword research.
  • Backlink research and analysis.
  • Ad Sense analysis.
  • Advertising research tool.
  • SEO auditing.
  • Compare domains by keywords.
  • Track domain-specific keyword ranking.
  • Social media tracker.
  • Social media poster.

SimilarWeb Overview of Features List

  • Find traffic sources for mobile apps.
  • Get Google Play Store and Apple App store data.
  • Find Social media traffic and email reports.
  • Find Keywords and traffic sources with the help of industry analysis.
  • Tracks mobile app market ranks.
  • Find valuable keywords for mobile apps.
  • Industry analysis for mobile apps.
  • KPI visual charts and graphs.
  • Track your landing pages, subdomains, and conversion funnel pages.
  • Traffic analysis for up to 5 websites.
  • Set up competitor display ads and corresponding networks
  • Keyword analysis of competitors.
  • You can get a comparison of organic and PPC keywords performance.
  • Organic keyword research 
  • Traffic analysis on marketing channel
  • Websites data on keyword digits, referral, geography, etc.

SimilarWeb Vs. SEMrush: Features For Data Collection:

SEMrush For Data Collection


SEMrush has a Keyword database and clickstream data.

SEMrush’s keyword database is a valuable platform for SEO specialists and creators of Keyword-based content.

And the clickstream data helps in traffic analysis.

SEMrush has developed seven crawler systems to deal with the search engine’s local version and to set up the corresponding data sets.

SEMrush has over 16.4 billion keywords and 500 TB of clickstream data from 200 million panelists worldwide.

 These keywords are the world’s most searched keywords.

SimilarWeb For Data Collection


Similarweb offers an efficient web crawler that scans the websites to provide you comprehensive web information.

It generates vital user and traffic data.

 Do you know how?

 Let me explain.

Once you install similar webs app, add-ons, and plugins, you become a part of the user panel.

Their Chrome extension helps you to track the basic website metrics.

However, it asks for access to your browsing data for reinforcing SimilarWeb’s database.

It offers the most extensive panel which is substantially represented in North America, South America, and Europe.

SimilarWeb Vs. SEMrush Features For Keyword Analysis:

SEMrush: Features For Keyword Analysis

 SEMrush mostly deals with organic keywords.

It analyses the keyword’s respective search volume competitive density, CPC, and overall traffic to get you the most strategic keyword.

SEMrush also provides you the information about the websites surviving organically on the selected keywords.

SEMrush comes with a unique tool named “Keyword Magic Tool.”

It is much more than a primary keyword research tool.

This tool evaluates general keyword difficulty and determines all the ranking parameters triggered by the specific keyword.

It gives you’re the trendiest question containing your given keyword.

It doesn’t end here, SEMrush also comes with a site audit tool, it performs the complete analysis of your entire site to find out the possible mistakes you might have made on the keywords and other SEO elements.

It can sniff out up to 120 negative issues that can lower your rank.

It not only identifies the underlying mistakes but also goes ahead to provide actionable resolution tips.

 But what about paid keywords?

SEMrush well designs for paid ad analysis, you will get an efficient ad builder having templates lifted from your competitors.

SEMrush is enough to kick start a solid ad campaign.

SEMrush PPC keyword tool is the ultimate PPC weapon that determines the most effective PPC keyword and resolves the possible problems with PPC.

SimilarWeb Features For Keyword Analysis

SimilarWeb’s Keyword Analysis identifies keyword for optimizing your PPC, SEO, and content strategies.

It tracks the progress of various keywords and monitors the sites which are losing organic traffic from a particular set of keywords.


 In short, It let you know about the sites which continue to attract the most significant traffic shares from each specific keyword.

According to your marketing campaign, you can find your chief competitors, potential content, and backlink partners.

 Let’s see what the tool provides you?

Once you enter the keyword, it asks you to specify the applicable time frame, the country of ranking.

You can add more filters to get the top paid and organic keywords used by your competitors.

You can also so know the popularity of a keyword among internet users by the search volume metric.

The CPC price estimation helps you to ow a keyword’s demand.

Another more impressive feature is the traffic share graphs, which help you to track the traffic trends of the five leading sites capitalizing on a particular keyword.

Hang on, and it’s not over yet, you can access the information about the other sites using the keyword and their SERP positions.

SimilarWeb can carry out the analysis of up to 200 different keywords to present you with the best keyword for your site.

Not only that, but SimilarWeb also provides insight into the best landing pages for your keywords, helping you in restructuring camping around the most effective keywords.

SEMrush Vs SimilarWeb Features For Competitor Analysis:

SEMrush Features For Competitor Analysis

In the case of competitor analysis, SEMrush is a James Bond.

You need to have a quick top view of the market in situations like entering a new market, coating, and Agencies client from a new industry or assessing investment perspectives.

SEMrush has a star weapon named “Market Explorer,” which provides data on top rankers, seasonal trends, demographics of in-market audiences, and interests in the chosen industry.

Next comes benchmarking your website against competitors, SEMrush allows you to choose five competitors and benchmark their website performance metrics against each other with Traffic Analytics.

SimilarWeb Features For Competitor Analysis


You know no, your competitors from the very first day of the landing of your e-commerce business.

SimilarWeb’s standard search algorithm will still dig for you and generate domains similar to your online business.

Just knowing your competitors is not enough; you also need to learn about them.

For that, SmilarWeb comes with an impressive feature that compares your site with rival domains in terms of views per visit, bounce rate, time spent on it, and the total number of visits.


SmilarWeb helps you to know how your site is fairing compared to the competitors.

Not only this, but SimilarWeb also goes far your rival’s domain to track their audiences to know about the sites they are accessing at the same time, prospective publishers, affiliates, retargeting lists, and traffic.

SimilarWeb vs. SEMrush Features For Social Media Analysis:

SimilarWeb Features For Social Media Analysis


As far as social media is concerned, similar coma web allows only the analysis of the traffic generated by social media sites.

SimilarWeb’s web analysis tab will show you the detail about the amount of social traffic directed to a particular site within a selected period.

It provides you the information about the total number of visits from the social site and the referring social pages.

To be honest, SimilarWeb is unsuitable for in-depth social media analysis.

SEMrush Features For Social Media Analysis


On the other hand, SEMrush is highly efficient in social media analysis.

It also brings you information about the traffic generated from social media sites.

But exciting part lies with its star tool, the social media tracker. The tool tracks your competitor’s social channel to develop your social media marketing strategies.

You’ll get to know about what your competitors do on social media, what content they are posting, how often they are posting,  and most engagement practices.

SEMrush-For-Social-Media-Analysis Guide

In short, all the critical information for boosting your social media campaign.

Where SEMrush and SimilarWeb Get Data?

The data sources of SimilarWeb are:

  • SimilarWeb brings data from the website.
  • SimilarWeb brings data from partners and millions of users.
  • The Public data sources are patented technologies and indexing mechanisms which continually scans the public data.

The data sources of SEMrush are:

  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics reports are based on anonymized data gathered from third-party sources and processed with the help of AI algorithms.
  • This collected data is based on anonymized behavioral data on millions of internet users.
  • Over the last ten years, SEMrush has launched tools that reveal data on competitors’ search positions and what competitors are doing in their paid search, content marketing, PR, and social media.
  • SEMrush uses the data sources for the market spheres( SEO, PPC, etc.)

SEMrush or SimilarWeb Global and Regional Data:

SEMrush Global and Regional Data:

SEMrush Traffic Analytics possesses traffic stats from about 190 countries.

It allows full access and the ability to filter the data by location.

You get all the regions in just one subscription.

SimilarWeb Global and Regional Data:

SimilarWeb possesses data of an extensive range of territories.

However, it allows excess only to the purchased databases.

And the database of each country is priced separately.

SEMrush Vs. SimilarWeb Website Traffic Comparison>>

SEMrush or SmilarWeb For Traffic Sources Analysis –

SEMrush and SimilarWeb, Both of them cover the direct, organic search, referral, paid search, and social traffics.

Here is SEMrush examples,


 SEMrush traffic analysis provides complete insight into how a website generated all the visits from each channel and what sources let the traffic to particular pages of a domain.

 SEMrush reveals the researched company’s advertising camping keywords safety and contents.

And the SimilarWeb provides a detailed analysis of the traffic sources at a basic level.

Look at the SimilarWeb example,


SimilarWeb offers you data on two additional channels, display ads and emails.

SEMrush and SmilarWeb for Finding Traffic to the Most Popular Pages

Previously SimilarWeb offers popular pages feature that rank the inner pages by their page view share, but unfortunately, it is now unavailable to the broader audience.

Whereas SEMrush traffic Analytics provide you detailed page report and a list of the most visited page on a website (internal as well as external visits).

Look at it,

It allows you to filter the ranking by unique page views, unique visits for entrances.

SEMrush Vs. SimilarWeb Traffic Analytics For Mobile Data Report:

Mobile traffic data is available on SEMrush traffic Analytics.



But in case of SimilarWeb, you need to purchase it separately.

Look at it below,


SEMrush And SimilarWeb Audience Analysis & Demographics:

SEMrush Traffic Analytics helps you to check the audience overlap between any website.

The new Market Explorer tool gathers demographics open packet (age, gender, and geo) and interest of the in-market audience.

It helps you to discover similar websites.

Meanwhile, SimilarWeb also allows you to analyze audience demographics (age and gender)and the view of similar websites.


 However, it does not allow to check the audience overlap between the sites.

SEMrush Vs SimilarWeb Traffic Analytics For Industry/Category Analysis:

SEMrush’s Market Explorer top ten the industry analysis to provides a list of relevant websites (similar to the entered one).

Recently they have introduced I am in Market Explorer, which evaluates Market player’s growth rate and their current audience size.

In SimilarWeb, It helps you to view category performance, traffic share, leaders of the industry, and benchmark yourself against their metrics.

But it is unable to access the single player’s pace of growth.

Hence, here also SEMrush gets a winning shot.

SEMrush And SimilarWeb For Traffic Historical data:

You can access metrics for the past period data on any of the SEMrush subscription.

See it,


Whereas in the SimilarWeb the range of data depends on the subscription you choose as the basic one includes only 12 months.

SEMrush And SimilarWeb For API Access:

In API access, SEMrush is more user-friendly than merely because it allows API access independently from the interface subscription, which means you are not required to buy traffic analytics if you need this data for your custom reports.

SEMrush API to see,

You will have to make just one query to receive all the main stats on a domain, whereas on SimilarWeb, you need to make three queries.

However, SimilarWeb has a comprehensive UI Which shows a clear report of how many API units have been spent and how many are left.

See here,


There are also unique, similar websites, API, and Adult websites API to give you more data.

SEMrush And SimilarWeb Traffic Analytics Accuracy:

 SEMrush and SimilarWeb have similar algorithms of clickstream data collections, projection, and estimations(with discrepancy).


SEMrush Traffic Analytics does a better job than Similarweb in analyzing small domains.

Whereas, In the case of a higher populated site, its a neck and neck.

But SEMrush Traffic Analytics has an extra respectable feature, and that is the “Estimated accuracy” sign at the top of the interface.

 It is seen that the larger the audience, the higher is the accuracy.

There is no need to worry about the discrepancy as this possible error is applied to all the research competitors’ domains.

Pricing Comparison For SEMrush Vs. SimilarWeb Traffic Analytics:

The SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool, all regional database, and historical info are available just at $200 per month.


You can get all the benefits once you start using SEMrush subscription plan.

In total, the entire package will cost $299.95 per month.

Click here to get 7 days PRO+CI Add-On FREE trial now!

And remember, the price is the same in every market.

In the case of SimilarWeb, the payment scheme is a little complicated, you have to buy each country database separately, and the features like top page, mobile data, etc. also need to be paid.

Not only that, but even the basic package is also a little expensive and has no fixed price.

SEMrush or SimilarWeb Traffic Analytics -Which Tool to Go In 2021?

SEMrush Traffic Analytics will be a good option if you compare it to SimilarWeb.

If you want to use your money and time resources more efficiently then SEMrush is the best choice

Go SEMrush Traffic Analytics today!

Hence, you will be getting more for less money spending.

SEMrush vs. SimilarWeb Comparing For Accuracy>>

The Data Sample To compare SEMrush vs. SimilarWeb Services and Calculated Accuracy-

As per Olha Diachuk and Olga Mirgorodskaya research on “Owox” collected the data from Google Analytics, SEMrush, SimilarWeb for all sessions of January 2021, and each of the 787 websites.

These websites are based in Australia, the US, UK, Germany, and Canada, and grouped by the business spheres like computer and Technology, entertainment, finance, job and education, professional sites, Telecom and Health.

Comparison Approach To compare SEMrush vs. SimilarWeb Services and Calculated Accuracy-

To check the accuracy of the competitor’s traffic calculations, Used the following data:

● Anonymized Google Analytics data from 787 websites.

● Traffic data from the same websites(according to SEMrush and SimilarWeb).

However, They ignored the low traffic websites.

Then compared the absolute deviation values between the data provided by SEMrush and SimilarWeb compared to Google Analytics.

 Next, You can get segmented by number of sessions per month:

  •  100,000 – 500,000
  •  500,001 – 1,000,000
  •  More than 1,000,000

Research Results To compare SEMrush vs. SimilarWeb Services and Calculated Accuracy-

The deviation value for SimilarWeb was found between 57% and 61%, and it did not correlate with website traffic volumes.

SEMrush showed a smaller deviation (45%)from Google Analytics data and showed higher accuracy.

Now we analyzed the share of more accurate data from both services segmented by the business sphere.

And it was found the deviation of both SEMrush and SimilarWeb depends on the business sphere, and the difference was different for different areas.

The SimilarWeb was proved more accurate for 38% of websites.

On the other hand, SEMrush was more accurate for 62% of websites.

Similarweb and SEMrush: Which Tool Is The Best For Accuracy Levels?

 Similarweb and SEMrush have similar accuracy levels.

With accurate data and rare mistakes, SEMrush proved to be a better option for medium-sized businesses.

Semrush was found more accurate than SimilarWeb in 1000,000+ sessions segments.

But remember, none of them guarantees 100% accuracy.

SimilarWeb Vs. SEMrush Pricing Comparison:

SimilarWeb Pricing Package:

SimilarWeb offers a free package at the beginning.

It is almost a 2-4 week-long free trial.

The free package is available for three months only, and you cannot access it anymore.

However, 90 days are enough for testing the service’s capability.

A level higher is the Enterprise plan, which comprises the custom plans.

 Here are the main features of the plan:

  • Web traffic data for three months
  • Mobile app data for one month
  • Five results for each metric
  • Multi-users.
  • Unique visitor’s for your site.
  • Industry analysis tool.
  • Popular pages.
  • Mobile app engagement.
  • Local and global land data.
  • Web traffic data for three years.
  • Get Mobile app data for 28 months.
  • Unlimited results per metric.

SEMrush Pricing Packages:


 SEMrush Pro Plan:

 SEMrush offers 14 days free trial (This spacial URL) of its features.

 It has three different plans Pro, Guru, Business and Enterprise plan.

Pro plan costs $99.95 per month.

It is a better choice for freelancers and start-ups.

This plan allows access to the standard SEMrush features,

  • Analysis of 100000 with pages
  • Monitoring of up to 500 words
  • It will enable you to work on five projects
  • 3000 regular reports
  • 10000 results on each report

SEMrush Guru Plan:

Guru plan costs $199.95 per month. 

SEMrush Guru plan is a better option for small and medium-sized businesses or developing marketing firms.

It includes all the provisions of Pro plan along with-

  • Branded PDF reports
  • Historical information
  • 20 programmed PDF reports
  • Analysis of up to 300000 webpages
  • Monitoring of 1500 keywords
  • You can work on 50 projects
  • 5000 regular reports
  • 30000 results per report

SEMrush Business Plan:

The business plan costs $399.95 per month for big marketing agencies and businesses.

It includes every provision of Guru plan along with –

  • Product listing ads
  • Historical information
  • Branded reports
  • 50 programmed PDF reports
  • Analysis of up to 1000, 000 web pages
  • Monitors up to 5,000 keywords
  • Allows you to work on 200 projects
  • 10000 regular reports
  • 50000 results per report

SEMrush Enterprise Plan:

SEMrush Enterprise Plan for large businesses, as per business needs.

  • Limitless crawling
  • Standard SEMrush features
  • Training on-site
  • Customized keyword databases
  • Customized limits

SEMrush List of Pros and Cons By Marketing Experts And Advertising Agencies:

SEMrush Pros:

  • SEMrush is an excellent tool for site audits to boost organic traffic.
  • The Competitive Organic Search is beneficial in showing you what any website ranks for, their choice of keywords in PPC, what type of ads they are showing, etc.
  • The Organic Keyword Research provides you all the essential keyword metrics (difficulty scores, historical volume Trend, etc.)
  • The Link Analysis finds safe links to your website automatically.
  • A variety of SEMrush tools help you to boost content strategy and enhance your SEO quality.
  • A handy Log File Analyzer.
  • SEMrush allows you to set up projects, report to clients, receive notifications, and much more.
  • SEMrush allows for easy identification of content gaps compare to two competitors.
  • SEMrush topic research helps you to find topics for your future blogs. And with keyword research, you can optimize your future content to rank. You get to know the location, age, gender, etc. everything about your website visitors.

SEMrush Cons:

  • Sometimes it is too confusing how to deal with so many features and tools.
  • The customization of graphs could have been better.
  • Sometimes it provides poor customer service.
  • SEMrush starting price is high for beginners.

SimilarWeb List of Pros and Cons By Marketing and Advertising Agencies:

SimilarWeb Pros:

  • A keyword analyzer helps you to choose profitable keywords for your SEO and your paid marketing.
  • Its traffic data helps you to know how many shares of paid and organic traffic are your competitors getting.
  • It identifies similar websites for your understandable metrics to analyze the market landscape.
  • SimilarWeb offers a helpful competitor’s analysis.
  • It helps you to know the sources of traffic your competitors are enjoying.
  • Plan new business categories with Market Share and user segment.

 SimilarWeb Cons:

  • It has only two plans: the free plan and the Enterprise plan but no in-between plans like trials/tests.
  • Its free version has minimal comparison options.
  • It is very costly for small players (whereas Google Analytics is free).
  • The tool does not provide so much for sales and business development managers.
  • Inaccurate data.

SimilarWeb Vs. SEMrush: Which Is The Best for Bloggers, Marketers And Agencies?

In every aspect of marketing solutions like competitors analysis, traffic research, keyword analysis, SEMrush outranks Similarweb with site audit tool, keyword magic tool, and PPC keyword tool.

SEMrush is proved to be a better choice.

You can get SEMrush 14 days FREE trial now from this URL to click now!

 FAQ About SEMrush And SimilarWeb Comparison In 2021:

How Accurate is Similarweb?

For the data sources, SimilarWeb solely depends upon its web crawler and user panels. Providing very high-level market estimates which may contain a wide margin of errors.

How Accurate is SEMrush?

SEMrush holds more than 7.7 billion keywords in its database. These keywords can be trusted with a much higher level of confidence.

What services do marketers use to monitor competitor’s web traffic (similar to Similarweb or SEMrush in the US)?

Similarweb and SEMrush, both are good, but SEMrush should be worth investing in to get accurate results for any website. Along with SEMrush offers all in one marketing solutions for marketers and agencies.

Where does SimilarWeb get their data from?

SimilarWeb gets their data from Global Panel Data from hundreds of millions of desktop/mobile devices, Global ISP Data from partners, Public Data Sources from over a billion sites and app pages every month, Direct Measurement Data from hundreds of websites and apps.

Comparing SEMrush vs. Similarweb, what are their key strengths & weaknesses?

SEMrush will give you a relevance to the keyword and practical crawl test, and most of its functionality is tailored to that need.

SimilarWeb provides competitor research, link building by reverse engineering, competitor ranking tracking, market entry research.

Is there any free way to check website traffic on SEMrush or Similarweb?

SEMrush 14 days free trial to check any website traffic for free and with Similarweb, you can get a free plan with a limited search.

Conclusion About SEMrush Vs. SimilarWeb Comparison In 2021:

It’s time to think about which is better for you? Is SEMrush or SimilarWeb?

I hope you understand Why SEMrush is the best and worth money for every marketer to go!

To use your money more efficiently, then go to subscribe to the SEMrush. Click here to grab the FREE trial for 14 days now!

And Get SEMrush 7 Days PRO+CI Add-On FREE Trial Now!

If you go with SEMrush, so you will get more benefits for less money. 

SEMrush is a toolkit for digital marketing solutions.

SEMrush is not limited to traffic analytics features only.

SEMrush is all in one marketing solution in a one-stop place.

SEMrush offers 40 tools like competitive research, backlink research, keyword research, paid traffic analysis, social media, local SEO, listing management, and many more.

SimilarWeb would not be an excellent value for money because of limited features if you compared it to SEMrush.

I’d highly recommanded you to go with SEMrush 14 days FREE trial to judge by yourself first.

You can simple subscribe to SEMrush Traffic Analytics today!

If you have any questions, please let me know via comment.

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