SEMrush Vs. SERPstat 2021: Which Is The Best For Roofers Marketing?

When you search to learn about any SEO tools, you can read that everyone says that they are the best.

I’ve been working with several FREE and Paid SEO tools since 2009 for my client’s website and many of my microblogs.

I understand that you should invest in the right SEO tools, offering a wide range of features.

You should read this post if you want to know about SEMrush Vs. Serpstat comparison to choosing all in one SEO tool for you.

Now you need to know which SEO tool is worth and good for your campaign in 2021.

SEMrush and SERPstat, both SEO tools are most popular in the digital marketing field.

Both tools are offering great features keyword research to backlinks analysis.

Right SEO tools can help you to find the growth hack for your success faster.

SEMrush and SERPstat are both top-rated SEO tools and recommended by digital marketing experts on the web.

You might be a beginner, start-up or newbies, small business owners, mid or large agencies, enterprise, and marketing expert in SEO, PPC, content marketing.

I’m sure that you are confused to choose between SEMrush vs. SERPstat for your marketing campaign.

I’ll share a quicker comparison from this post to decide whether you should go with the right SEO tools based on your budget and requirements.

So, Let’s get started now!


SEMrush and SERPstat, both tools are offering FREE trial!

The best solution to use multiple marketing tool is SEMrush.

We are a partnership with SEMrush a special trial for our interested readers.

SEMrush all-in-one toolkit is not easy to beat if you like to compare it with other SEO tools on the web.

If you have a limited budget, Serpstat is the best alternative to SEMrush.

Why dont you try the FREE version to check, which is make you satisfied?

Introduction to Serpstat and SEMrush:

Are you serious about your marketing campaign?

Are you concerned about your SEO and PPC quality?

If so, let me introduce you to the essential tools to help you stand at the top.

When it comes to marketing tools, SEMrush and Serpstat are always at the top.



It is the online visibility management platform that guides you in dealing efficiently with every single issue of digital marketing.

It provides you every unique tool to improve your SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and competitor research.



It is another all in one platform to deal with SEO, PPC, content marketing and competitor research, and competitor.

It has a link with the top SEO specialists, PPC specialists, content managers, and online marketers.

Serpstat Summary:

● Every single tool for SEO, PPC, content marketing, and competitor research.

● All-around SEO platform.

● competitors analysis

● Advance analysis of SERP.

● Complete SERPs traffic analysis.

● Backlink data.

● In-depth URL analysis.

● Ideas for creating traffic-driving content.

● Check your page’s position.

SEMrush Summary:

● Know your competitors’ Ads strategy.

● Get the appropriate keyboard for your SEO and PPC campaign.

● Know your site’s health.

● In-depth backlink analysis.

● Uncover competitors’ best keywords.

● Traffic analysis of your competitors.

What Are The Differences Between Serpstat vs. SEMrush?

Let’s discuss some essential differences between Serpstat and SEMrush:

Unlike SEMrush, Serpstat doesn’t provide any social media tool to track your competitors’ social media strategies.

Unlike SEMrush, Serpstat does not have SEO writing for your content optimization.

SEMrush offers only 14-day free access to all its features, whereas Serpstat allows free access to all its essential elements (within usage limit).

The Key Features of Serpstat:

Let’s have a glance over the striking features of Serpstat.

●   Serpstat Keyword Research Tool>>


 This tool helps you in selecting the high-value keywords for your website.

This tool measures the competition level, search volume cost, cost per click, difficulty rating, and many other metrics to get you the best keyword.

1. Serpstat Keyword Research Results –


Serpstat shows a complete list of organic keywords, each keyword’s competitiveness in PCC, and the difficulty ratings.

It shows “badges” like featured snippets, related questions, and associated keywords.

These results are enough to get you the most appropriate keywords.

2. Serpstat Keyword Research Filters-

Serpstat Keyword Research Filters
Serpstat Keyword Research Filters

Follow these steps to use the Serpstat’s “keyword research filters “feature:

Step 1:

To filter keywords based on your targeting location, Choose a country from the top bar or the “others” drop-down menu.

See it,


Step 2:

Click on the “filter” button, just below the location buttons.

And choose the type of filter (for example, keyword difficulty).

Look at this example,


Step 3:

Now specify the filter condition on the next drop-down menu (for example, less than or equal to), then enter the value (25).


Step 4:

Finally, click on the “Apply filter.”


If you want you can add more filters by selecting “Add filter” & “and” specifying the new conditions.

See below,


3. Serpstat Missing Keywords-

 The “Missing Keywords” feature does not allow you to miss any keyword that could boost competing brands.

While running the domain analysis, go to the “URL-Analysis” sub-menu and select “Missing Keywords” option.


Along with the keywords, the report also contains keyword’s monthly search volume, CPC and “Connection strength,”

4. Serpstat Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics-


Serpstat’s “keyword clustering and text Analytics” tool helps you create a diversified keyword pool to boost in more search engine traffic.

Upload the keywords along with the grouping preferences.

Serpstat will consider only the top 30 search results for clustering the keywords.

It follows the hierarchal clustering method means clustering keywords with typical URL search results.

Serpstat has different options for creating keyword clusters:

Under linkage strength, the “weak” action blasters the keywords with three standard URLs.

Whereas, “strong” clusters the keyword with seven standard URLs.

Under the type of grouping, a” soft” setting considers only one pair of keywords to form a cluster.

And the “hard” environment will cluster the keywords with 3 or 7 standard URLs.

“Text Analytics” provides you the on-page SEO recommendation.

●   Serpstat Advertising Analysis >>


●   Serpstat Content Marketing Ideation >>


Content Marketing Ideation feature how to view creating unique content by providing a search suggestion database.

It let you know the questions that the people in your target market are looking for.

●  Serpstat Competitor Research & Analysis>>


Serpstat helps you in tracking your competitors’ keyword strategies.

The batch analysis tool can compare approximately 200 domains to give you the rank list of the batch analyses tool.


It can analyze up to 200 domains to provide you with the rank list of the domains, along with your competitors’ SEO and PPC strategies.

●   Serpstat Rank Tracking >>


Serpstat’s rank tracking tool helps you to know your rank as well as your competitor’s.

●   Serpstat On-Page Site Audit Tool>>


Serpstat’s on-page audit analyses your web page’s quality and helps you fix it so that your SEO quality improves.

The common issues and mistakes are:

● Pages are missing.

● Non-verified links.

● Correct interlinking verification.

● Content’s irrelevance.

● Presence of duplicate content.

● Incorrect sitemap.

● Image problems.

● “display: none” hidden content and frames.

●   Serpstat Reports and Infographics >>


Serpstat’s charts help you to visualize a large amount of data.

Serpstat allows you to export limitless reports with your branding and logo.

●   Serpstat API >>

Serpstat’s Application program Interface(API) Offers free API access. 

It allows the businesses to access the analytic data and store it in a widget or dashboard.

You can watch this Webinar-

●   Serpstat White Label Reports >>

The white-label reports help you present the news of your performance and plants to your customers to strengthen customer’s loyalty and reputation.


Only the Enterprise plan of Serpstat includes the white label option.

●   Serpstat Backlink Analysis >>


The Serpstat Trust Rank and Page Rank helps you in analyzing the quality of backlink to protect you from penalties.

The Key Features of SEMrush:

●   SEMrush Organic Research >>


SEMrush’s organic research helps you to know the keyword your competitors are ranking for.


It provides you the opportunity to outrank your competitors in SERPs and finds new competitors for you.

●   SEMrush Advertising Research >>


The Advertising research tool lets you know about your closest paid search competitor.

It provides you use data like keywords CPC, competitive density, and other metrics to perform successful PPC campaigns and Audits.

●   SEMrush Display Advertising Tool >>


The display advertising tool helps you to analyze your competitor’s banner and text ads published on the Google Display Network.


It guides you in enhancing your media buying strategy by providing complete information about the landing pages from your competitor’s campaign.

●   SEMrush Backlink Analysis Tool >>

It is the most powerful website tool to gather analytical data on any domain’s backlinks.


Find the complete detail about your competitor’s backlink progress.


It also provides you information about new backlinks and deleted backlinks.

●   SEMrush Keyword Research >>


1. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool-


You will find the “Keyword Magic Tool” on the “Keyword Analytics”.

Once you right your keyboard and click search SEMrush list down all the metrics like CPC, search volume, difficulty rating, and competitiveness.

The “Question” tab changes your keyword in a question.


The question-based keywords enhance your SEO.

2. SEMrush Keyword Research Filters-


SEMrush’s “Advanced filters” outranks Serpstat’s filters.

Here you do not have to mention different types of filters.

SEMrush provides you a single filter with multiple parameters.

Like keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC.

There are phrase matches, exact matches, related, and broad match keywords.

3. SEMrush Comparing Keyword Difficulties-


The keyword difficulty tool chooses the best keyword for you from similar keywords.

Enter your keyword and click “Show Difficulty.” You will be shown the comparison best upon best upon difficulty, search results, traffic trends.

●   SEMrush Product Listing Ads >>


It tracks the performance of an advertiser’s Google shopping ad campaigns.

To find a competitor product listing ads much quicker with SEmrush!

You can find the PLAs (product listing ads) of a product presentation on the listing of Google shopping.

●   SEMrush Traffic Analytics >>


The traffic Analytics allows you to check the traffic metrics of any website.


It provides you information about the online performance of any company.

It offers an analysis of up to 200 sites at a time.

●   SEMrush Market Explorer >>

The Market Explorer provides you the full view of any industry or a site.

It provides you the valuable data like market traffic size and traffic trends share of visits audience gender, age, and interests.

Example 1,


Example 2,


Example 3,


Example 4,


●   SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant >>


SEMrush SEO writing assistant guides you for your content quality.

It analyses the issues and recommends alternatives to fix them.

SEO-Writing-Assistant Gsuite

This feature needs a WordPress plugin or a Google docs add-on.

●   SEMrush Project Tracking >>


The project tracking feature checks the day to day progress of your project.

●   SEMrush Site Audits >>

The site audit spots the issues on your site and fixes them for you.

 It fixes issues like:


● Missing tags.

● Broken images.

● Duplicate content.

● HTTPS checking

● Error pages.

● Optimization of links.

● Meta tags and descriptions optimizing. 

●   SEMrush Social Media Tracker >>


Social media tracker helps you to spy on your competitor’s social media performance.

It tracks the metrics like:

● The number of followers.

● Level of engagement.

● The most attracting social media posts

● Publishing trends.

● Hot topics.

●   SEMrush Social Media Poster >>

Social media posting tool connect your all social media accounts To SEMrush.


The tool helps you to schedule posts ahead of time and keeps your social media account active even in your absence.

A custom schedule helps you to fill the empty slots.

●   SEMrush Brand Monitoring >>


The brand monitoring tool helps you to analyze your brand’s day to day performance.

You can monitor customer’s feedback for your brand and product.

●   SEMrush On-page SEO Checker >>


The on-page SEO checker allows you to check the on-page and off-page SEO elements like content’s quality, backlinks reputation, H1 tag, and meta descriptions.

It compares your content with Google’s top 10 performers.

What Are The Extra Features Of Serpstat And SEMrush:

1. Serpstat And SEMrush For Application Programming Interface:

  • SEMrush:

Businesses could extract data from their database into a dashboard or a widget.

The amount of data is tracked in units.

A batch of 20,000 information costs $1.

  • Serpstat:

Serpstat Offers free API access.

Businesses could access the analytic data.

But it is unsuitable for big size businesses.

For API, SEMrush is preferred over Serpstat.

2. Serpstat And SEMrush For Multiple Users:

  • SEMrush:

It charges a fee for adding users to your account and that also with some limitations.

You will have to contact the SEMrush team for adding users.

  • Serpstat:

Here, you can add the users to your account for free, but with some limitations.

Serpstat’s multi-user feature allows you to create custom teams, manage access limits, track usage history, and much more.

Here, Serpstat is more cost-effective and easy to setup.

3. Serpstat And SEMrush For Reporting Filters:

  • SEMrush:

It offers filter options for backlinks, keywords, referring domains, and other reports.

However, it is unable to combine different filters in a single report.

  • Serpstat:

It offers much more flexible filters in every report.

Serpstat is a better choice here.

Features of Serpstat Rating as per G2 Review:

Serpstat SEO Auditing: 

● Site Audits – 8.9/10

● Change Tracking – Not enough data

● Log File Analysis – Not enough data

Serpstat Keyword Research:

● Keyword Suggestions – 8.9/10

● Long-Tail Keywords – Not enough data

● Search Volume – Not enough data

Serpstat Rank Tracking:

● SERP Rank Tracking – 8.9 /10

● Localization – Not enough data

● Rank Alerts – Not enough data

Serpstat Off-Page SEO:

● Link Building – 8.5 /10

● Backlink Monitoring – Feature Not Included

Serpstat SEO Reporting:

● Competitor Analysis – 8.9 /10

● Data Visualization – Not enough data

● Custom Reports – Not enough data

● White Label – Not enough data

Features of SEMrush Rating as per G2 Review:

SEMrush SEO Auditing: 

● Site Audits – 8.6/10

● Change Tracking – Not enough data

● Log File Analysis – 8.3/10

SEMrush Keyword Research:

● Keyword Suggestions – 9.0 /10

● Long-Tail Keywords – 8.8 /10

● Search Volume – 8.4 /10

SEMrush Rank Tracking:

● SERP Rank Tracking – 8.7 /10

● Localization – 8.3 /10

● Rank Alerts – 8.6 /10

SEMrush Off-Page SEO:

● Link Building – 8.1 /10

● Backlink Monitoring – 7.6 /10

SEMrush SEO Reporting:

● Competitor Analysis – 8.8 /10

● Data Visualization – 8.3 /10

● Custom Reports – 7.7 /10

● White Label – 7.9 /10

The Benefits of Using Serpstat:

● Helps you in tracking SEO strategies of your competitions to find new link building opportunity.

● Serpstat helps to enhance your keyword strategy by allowing organic and paid keyword research, competitive keywords long-tailed keywords.

● It offers advanced reporting and analytics.

● It is cost-effective.

● Serpstat has a simple user interface and dashboard, perfect for a beginner.

● Serpstat allows us to create white-labeled reports to work on an SEO project on behalf of a client.

● You can add unlimited uses to view your reports and statistics.

● Get free access to some of its useful features.

● Serpstat shows readable and visual reports.

The Benefits of Using SEMrush:

● Helps you in tracking SEO strategies of your competitions to find new link building opportunity.

● SEMrush helps to enhance your keyword strategy by allowing organic and paid keyword research, competitive keywords long-tailed keywords.

● SEMrush offers advanced reporting and analytics.

● SEMrush is cost-effective.

The Downsides of Using Serpstat:

● Poor customer service during peak times.

● Serpstat is proved expensive in the case of white-labeled reporting.

The Downsides of Using SEMrush: 

● It becomes complex to handle so many tools for beginners.

● The SEMrush basic plan is a bit expensive for newbies.

Serpstat Pricing Plans:


Serpstat has four pricing plans lite, standard, advanced, and Enterprise.

SERPstat Lite

The “Lite” plan cost $69 per month.

The plan covers all the essential features, with 4000 queries per day, 10,000 results per week, and 500,000 export rows per month.

However, there will be no access to team management, white-labeled reports, and branded reports.

SERPstat Standard

The “Standard” plan costs $149 per month.

The plan covers everything from the “lite” plan along with 50,000 queries per day, 30000 results per report.

The plan allows you to add 3 team members and no white labeled reports.

SERPstat Advanced

“Advanced” plan is for $299 per month, with 5000 queries/day, 150000 tract keywords, 

1,250,000 pages to audit.

This plan allows you to add up to 5 team members to your account.

SERPstat Enterprise

At last, the “Enterprise” plan costs $499/month.

It is the only plan to offer white label reporting along with maximum limits in all areas and add 7 members to your account.

There is a discount on every plan on signing up for a whole year.


Serpstat provides a free plan with a low usage limit on signing up with your Google Ok, Facebook, Twitter, or email address. However, you will not get access to all the features.

SEMrush Pricing Plans:

SEMrush offers three pricing plans Pro, Guru, and business. 

SEMrush Pro –

“Pro” plan cost $99.95/month, the plan allows you to 3,000 reports per day, with 10,000 results per report, and around 250 keyword metric updates every month.

Next, 3 projects to work on, tracking of 500 keywords and 10,0000 pages to crawl per month.

Monitoring of 50 social media profiles and 10 social media profiles to post.

But no branded and white-label reports.

SEMrush Guru –

“Guru” plan costs $199. 95/month.

It comes with 5000 reports per day, with 30000 results per report, and 1000 keyword metric update every month.

15 projects to work on, tracking of 15,000 keywords and 3000000 pages to crawl per month.

Monitoring of 100 social media profiles and 30 social media profiles to post.

This plan includes branded reports but no white labeled reports.

SEMrush Business –

The “Business” plan costs $399. 95 per month.

10,000 reports per day with 50,000 results per report, and a maximum of 5,000 keywords metric updates per month.

25 projects to work on, tracking of 5,000 keywords and 1000000 pages to crawl per month.

Monitoring of 300 social media profiles along with 50 social media profiles to post.

It comes with both branded reports and white-labeled reports.

SEMrush Enterprise – Contact now!

SEMrush offers a 14 day free trial of Pro and Guru plans for our blog readers. Click here to get your free trial today on SEMrush now!

SEMrush or SERPstat: Which Is Better? 

It depends on your need and your business size.

If budget is an issue for you, then Serpstat offers you everything for your SEO at best.

Some of the Serpstat tools are free to use.

Serpstat should be right for the beginners who has limited budget.

If you are newbies blogger, SEOs or marketers then SERPstat is the right choice for you.

However, SEMrush is proved best for SEO specialists, any type bloggers and digital agencies.

SEMrush outranks Serpstat by its SEO writing assistant, and social media tracking and posting tools.

If you can spend few extra bucks then I’d suggest you to go for SEMrush.

SEMrush can help you with every aspect of marketing such as SEO, PPC, or even Social media campaign.

FAQ About SEMrush Vs. SERPstat Comparison In 2021:

What is SEMrush and SEO tool?

Yes, it is an SEO tool that helps you in tracking the keyword strategies used by your competitors and much more.

Does Serpstat offer SEO or PPC services?

It offers neither of them, and it is more focused on the marketing professionals.

What Google Volume does Serpstat show?

It shows the monthly average keyword volume of the last year.

Where can I update my SEMrush payment information? 

You can update your SEMrush payment info by clicking on the” profile menu” and then “billing info” button.

Do Serpstat service offer guides, tutorials, and or customer support?

Yes, follow this url for the video tutorial:

 Reading Users Guide – Click here.

 See the Use Cases section – Go here.

You can find news posts and guides on the Serpstat blog.

Does SEMrush service offer guides, tutorials, and or customer support?

Yes, they provide impressive customer service.

What is Serpstat service generally used for?

Serpstat is used in keyword research for SEO quality and advertising, for rank tracking, in-depth URL analysis, and backlink analyses for foster ranking.

Who are the main user groups of SEMrush service?

The primary users are SEO specialists, digital agencies, bloggers, online shop managers, copyrighter, journalists, etc.

Does Serpstat service offer an API?

Yes, Serpstat offers an API so that your browser could have the correct data.

You could follow this link for further guidance:

Does SEMrush service offer an API?

Yes, SEMrush provides API for enhancing your browser quality.

Who are the main user groups of Serpstat service?

They are SEO specialists and Digital agencies.

Does Serpstat service offer multi-user capability (e.g., teams)?

Yes, it allows you to add members to your account.

Who uses Serpstat?

Serpstat is the right for Bloggers, Digital agencies, SEO specialists, and online shop managers.

Who uses SEMrush?

It is used by most of the SEO specialists, Bloggers, Digital agencies, and online shop managers.

What are the Languages available on Serpstat?

Serpstat comes with languages like English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

What are the Languages available on SEMrush?

There are many languages available on SEMrush English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian

How accurate is SEMrush?

SEMrush is found 90% accurate in underestimating traffics for the sites.

How much is SEMrush per month?

The Pro plan is for $99.95/month, the guru plan is $199.95 per month, and the business plan comes at $399.95.

Conclusion SEMrush Vs. SERPstat Comparison In 2021:

I’ve discussed above on my experience between SEMrush and SERPstat comparison.

SEMrush is an all in one marketing solution for bloggers, marketers, and agencies.

SEMrush is not limited to SEO tools; you can get several features for social media and paid research PPC campaigns.

  • Grab your 14 days FREE trial on SEMrush now! Click here!
  • Get Your 7 Days SEMrush PRO+CI Add-On FREE Trial Now! Click here!

SEMrush offers 40+ SEO tools in a one-stop place that incredible for all digital Marketers.

For agencies, you can make Customise SEO reports for your client faster and easier.

But about the SERPstat, I’ll consider newbies who have a limited budget for their SEO campaign.

Serpstat should be ideal for beginners bloggers, marketers and SEOs to go with.

If you have any questions about the SEMrush vs. SERPstat comparison, then please comment below.

Which SEO tool is best for bloggers, marketers, SEOs, and Agencies?

I’m glad to hear from your experience in the comments.

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