SEMrush Vs SEOProfiler: Which Is the Best SEO Tool For Roofers Contractor?

Are you looking to buy the ultimate SEO tool for your business?

Want to know, Which is the best for youtube, mobile apps, social media, Instagram, Google & Facebook ads, PPC, and non-profit business?

And for that, you just wanted to know more about SEMrush vs SEO profiler comprehensive post.

This is the right place for you to read about it.

I suggest if you are struggling to get organic traffic to your website so the right tool can boost your traffic and sales so quickly if you use it the right way.

Yes, I am going to talk about the honest review for SEMrush and SEO profiler.

Let’s get started about seoprofiler vs semrush now!

SEMrush vs SEOProfiler Review: Which one is better for SEO, SEOprofiler, or SEMrush?

I hope you already know that SEMrush is the number 1 SEO toolkit that is used by over 3 million users worldwide and you can find the pricing is starting from 99.95 USD per month. You can try SEMrush’s free 14-day trial now!

And another good tool is called SEO profiler. it is one of the costless tools that contain all SEO features available for marketers or users.

This is another powerful tool that can help your site rank on organic search results if you use it the right way.

They’ve 158k happy users now and the starting price is from $69.95 per month.

SEO profiler is the cloud-based internet marketing tool that helps all business owners to get organic rank on major search engines like Google and Bing.

To know which is the best SEO software for you, is it SEMrush or SEO profiler?

Let’s read more details below.

Know Why SEMrush So Incredible?


SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools that highly recommended SEO tools on the web now.

Now you need to know why you should use the SEMrush tool over other SEO tools.

Let’s have a look at the list of the benefits offered by SEMrush:

  • Competitor’s analysis
  • Easy to find profitable keywords (any niche)
  • Quickly find and fix any website issues
  • One-click to do site audits
  • Do domain comparison
  • Find link building opportunities
  • Look at the traffic of any website
  • Find the content gap analysis

And so on.

There are a few key features is offering by SEMrush that you can easily use with this tool.

Well, yes I’m going to share a link with an exclusive deal for our readers.

It is the limited offer to get SEMrush account free trial now that worth $48.


SEMrush Incredible Features:

This is the tool that will help you with the most benefits as I already talked about above.

But the most incredible features that I like to point out.

Keyword Research With SEMrush:

Keyword research is the most important step and it’s coming first that everyone needs to do before going to create content for any website.

There is a lot of keyword research tool on the web but in SEMrush is the one-stop place for all SEO features.

You can easily estimate the value of your keyword with this tool.

It will help you to compare web performance indicators such as traffic, search volume, estimated CPC, competition, and the number of search results for any keyword.

All these metrics are most important to find high profitable keywords in any industry you are in that will help you to increase your targeted traffic and boost more sales quickly.

Competitor Analysis With SEMrush:

This is an excellent tool when you are coming for competitor analysis.

I would highly recommend this tool for depth competitor analysis without spending huge time. It will bring you all the competitor data effortlessly.

It will be easy to find any website traffic, best performing keywords, all the new backlink resources, and many more you can do the analysis of any website with the SEMrush SEO tool.

If you are thinking about why competitor analysis is required for any website?

let me tell you the reason why you should spy on your competitor’s website.

A competitor analysis will help you to know which keywords you should target that will increase your sales and traffic.

You can find what is your audience is looking for and what type of content you need to update.

It will help you to get a great idea about a trending topic in your niche.

Do a Full Website SEO Audit:

There are many online tools providing site audits but everyone loves the SEMrush tool for site audit features.

It will bring you all your website issues and give you an idea of how you can fix all the SEO-related issues to any website.

Why marketers love?  please look at the following benefits of SEMrush site audit features:

  • Check quickly website health
  • Prioritize SEO issue and fix them fast
  • You can easily track your SEO optimization progress

Please have a look at the site audit features look like:

benefits of SEMrush site audit features

What you can fix all the SEO-related issues with SEMrush site audit features?

  • You can fix your internal and external links by optimizing.
  • You can add the missing tags.
  • You can easily make the title, meta description, and other tags for search engines and users.
  • It will also help you to find the broken image and add the alt tag attribute in an image.
  • You can detect the error pages and remove them.
  • it will also help you to find quickly duplicate content pages and many more things you can do to fix your site health issues faster.

Finally, I would happy to tell you that SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool.

This is the ultimate tool that you can use for all aspects of marketing to increase SEO ranking and boost more traffic and sales.

Confusing To Buy SEMrush or SEOprofiler? Know 1st About Pricing of SEMrush?

We can find that SEMrush is offering three types of pricing plans.

SEMrush Pro:

This plan is starting from $99.95 per month and this would be the best for a start-ups owner

SEMrush Guru Free Trial:

This plan should be suitable for small businesses and it is starting from $199.95 per month.

SEMrush Business:

This is the ultimate for any agencies and it is starting at $399.95 per month.

What are you waiting for?

If you don’t have an account on SEMrush yet so why don’t you try a SEMrush account today for a free 14 days trial now!


Know The Step by Step Guide to Getting SEMrush FREE Trial Now!

Yes, I am showing you the step-by-step guide on how you can get registered on SEMrush free trial now which is worth $48.


You need to click the exclusive link to grab this offer. Click here.

Now you need to register by entering your email and password and fill out the captcha.

For example, image please have a look:

Buy SEMrush account

The second step:

In this step, you will have to put all the purchase summary information.


As you can see where it is showing $0 as highlighted with the green color.

Step 3:

Finally, in this step, you just need to enter details such as email, password, and billing details to grab SEMrush Pro account absolutely free for 14 days or you can also make sure that it will be easy to cancel within 14 days if you don’t like so you won’t get charged.


Once you have the “placed the order” button click. it will create your SEMrush account without charging anything.

What Makes SEOProfiler Great? Look at The SEO profiler Reviews With 12 Benefits:

SEOprofiler Review For Compare

SEO profiler one of the suitable software that combines complete SEO tools at affordable prices.

You can find from this tool the 12 awesome features and every feature will give you a detailed report with different colors.

SEOprofiler Review

Please have a look at the list of the top 12 features of SEO profiler that I love:

SEOprofiler For Ranking Monitor:

With these features, you can monitor your web page position on major search engine rankings.

SEOprofiler For Website Audit:

SEOprofiler For Website Audit

You can easily audit your website health and find the list of issues to fix them quickly for SEO ranking.

SEOprofiler For Link Profiler:

SEOprofiler For Link Profiler

This is the section that you can use to find any website backlink profile and it will help you to find your backlink opportunity for your own website quickly.

SEOprofiler For Link Building:

SEOprofiler For Link Building



This tool will give you a list of the best backlink opportunity of your competitor’s. You can also use the filter section to find do follow or no follow backlink along you can also filter with the categories of each backlink site such as new site, blog site, etc…

SEOprofiler For Ranking Profiler:

SEOprofiler For Ranking-keywords

You can easily find out the list of ranking keywords of your competitor’s website.

SEOprofiler For Adwords Profiler:

You can uncover your competitor AdWords campaign details by using this tool.

SEOprofiler For Page Optimisation:

SEOprofiler For Page Optimisation

This will help you to optimize your web pages for better SEO ranking fast.

SEOprofiler For Keywords Research:

SEOprofiler For Keywords Research

This is the first and most important section to use for an SEO campaign to choosing the right low competition keywords that can easily rank on organic search ranking quickly.

Also, Check

SEOprofiler For Keyword Difficulty –

SEOprofiler For Keyword Difficulty

SEOprofiler For Uptime Monitor:

It will help you to notify once your website went down.

SEOprofiler For Content Analysis:

You can easily analyze your whole website every piece of information that needs to be updated or optimize to boost ranking or traffic.

SEOprofiler For Social Media:

SEOprofiler For Social Media

This is another great feature, you can get the resources from this tool. It will help you to monitor if there is anyone talking about your company or your product on their social media network.

SEOprofiler For Client Reporting:

You can save huge time to create a report for your client’s website.

You can easily create a detailed version of your work and send it to your client quickly.

These are the most important 12 features that I test and love about SEO profiler SEO tools.

Overview of SEOprofiler 34 Great Features:

  1. Google Daily Ranking Check
  2. Yahoo! Daily Ranking Check
  3. Bing Daily Ranking Check
  4. Mobile Ranking Checks
  5. Keyword Ranking Monitor
  6. Deep Search
  7. Worldwide Ranking Check
  8. City Ranking Check
  9. Site Management
  10. Competitor Monitoring
  11. Actionable Items
  12. Weekly Page Audits
  13. Web Page Optimization
  14. Keyword Optimization
  15. On-Page Optimization Tools
  16. Backlink Builder
  17. Link Manager
  18. Contact Finder Pro
  19. Link Disinfection Tool
  20. Hub Finder Export
  21. Link Export
  22. Ranking Intelligence Tools
  23. Backlink Intelligence Tools
  24. Keyword Intelligence Tools
  25. AdWords Intelligence Tools
  26. Report Generation
  27. Keyword Suggestion Tool
  28. Keyword Difficulty Tool
  29. Social Media Inbox Monitor
  30. Social Mentions Checker
  31. Google Analytics Integration
  32. Website Integration
  33. URL Monitoring
  34. Project and Staff Management

Now Clear Your Confusion To Buy SEMrush or SEOprofiler By Checking How Much Does SEOprofiler Cost:

SEOprofiler Offering 4 Pricing Plans Now Available for You:

SEOprofiler Standard Pricing Plan– CLICK HERE TO GET IT NOW!

You can get it $69.95/monthly payment or $46/month/annual subscription.

  • You can do 500 keywords daily ranking check
  • Use 20,000 pages of auditing quickly
  • Setup 10 projects
  • It’s available for 1 user
  • Get the Standard reports

SEOprofiler Smart Pricing Plan– CLICK HERE TO GO NOW!

Grab it with $99.95/monthly payment or $65/month/annual subscription

  • You can do 1,000 keywords daily ranking check
  • Use 50,000 pages of auditing
  • Setup 50 projects
  • It’s available for 5 users
  • Get the White-label reports
  • Link disinfection tool

SEOprofiler Professional Pricing Plan– CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!

You will get with $249.95/monthly payment or $164/month/annual subscription.

  • You can do 2,500 keywords daily ranking check
  • Use 150,000 pages of auditing
  • Setup 150 projects
  • It’s available for 15 users
  • Get the White-label reports
  • Link disinfection tool

SEOprofiler Enterprise Pricing Plan– CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP NOW!

Order now with $999.95/monthly payment or $659/month/annual subscription.

  • You can do 10,000 keywords daily ranking check
  • Use 750,000 pages of auditing
  • Setup Unlimited projects
  • It’s available for unlimited users
  • Get the White-label reports
  • Link disinfection tool

Conclusion About SEMrush Vs SEOProfiler Review:

Finally, I would like to tell you my conclusion about SEMrush and SEO profiler SEO tool which is the best?

In my opinion, when you are looking for the best SEO tool you need to sure make sure to choose all features that included with a tool.

I have used both tools, both of them are good. and now I am using only the SEMrush tool which is in one SEO tool that is recommended by top SEO experts.

You don’t need to use several tools to manage your SEO you just need to choose the right tool that has all the features which you can use very easily to run your campaign.

I would highly recommend you choose one SEO tool for yours to improve your SEO ranking and traffic.

Which one do you like the best SEO tool?

Is that SEMrush or SEO Profiler?

CLICK HERE to get SEMrush Free 14 Days Trial Now!

CLICK HERE to start with SEOprofiler Now!

This SEMrush vs SEO profiler review I have written to introduce the right SEO tool for start-ups business owners.

Did you like my review of the SEMrush vs SEO profiler?

If you like this SEMrush vs SEO profiler post so, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


If you have any questions on SEMrush or SEO profiler so, please let me know. I’m happy to respond to you soon.

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