SEMrush Vs. Raven Tools Comparison [2021]: Which Is Winner For Roofers SEO Marketing?

Are you thinking of choosing Raven Tools or SEMrush?

But are you not decided yet?

Don’t worry!

Today, I’m going to talk about SEMrush Vs. Raven Tools comparison to make you decide which one is the right and best for you.

If you’re are newbies or expert doesn’t matter, everyone needs the right SEO tools to make a successful marketing campaign.

SEMrush is the most popular all in one marketing toolkit for SEO, PPC, and social media.

And Raven Tools is also for SEO, Advertising and Social media.

To promote a new website, you need to go with the powerful keyword research tool to produce quality content based on your targeted audience.

And SEMrush and Raven Tools, both will help you with that easier and faster.

So without spending time, let’s go deeper!


SEMrush is the best and winner over the Raven tool.

I’ve noticed that one of the top SEO bloggers, Matthew Woodward, who shares his experience on Raven tool that you must read before you buy.

See it,

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SEMrush Overview:


SEMrush is an all in one digital marketing tool.

But you might question the ability of SEMrush to do everything.

Well, I can assure you that SEMrush does everything that you need for your online business, and it does it all well.

SEMrush helps you researching data, traffic, and competitors’ details for a particular keyword or domain.

Before getting into the paid advertisement, you can research keywords with the help of SEMrush.

SEMrush comes with a lot of features that can help you in a big way in your SEO marketing.

SEMrush keeps adding new features to help its users.

Some of the latest features added by SEMrush are Traffic Jet, Social Media Ads Tool, etc.

Raven Tools Overview:

Raven Tools For SEO

If you own an agency that works with a lot of clients, Raven Tool can be helpful.

Raven Tool provides custom reporting, and it is particularly helpful for online marketing.

Raven Tool’s best feature is drag-and-drop reporting that allows you to customize the client’s desired reports.

Raven Tool offers some great features like link checker, site auditor, white level reports, and many more.

SEMrush Pros:

● SEMrush offers you a site audit feature that shows you the issues you need to fix.

● SEMrush comes with the SEO Ideas tool that compares your content with that of your competitors’ to help you improve.

● With the Brand monitoring tool, you can easily monitor your brand reputation online.

● With SEMrush’s position tracking tool, you can target different locations and devices.

● The traffic analytics feature of SEMrush allows you to analyze and compare your traffic data.

● With the Sensor tool, you can get a SERP score and analyze your Google rankings.

● SEMrush enables you to track keyword position changes, traffic value, etc. for competitor evaluation.

● SEMrush makes your data load faster.

SEMrush Cons:

● If you don’t have proper knowledge of SEMrush, it’s too many features that can be overwhelming.

● SEMrush’s Keyword Difficulty sometimes emphasizes too much on Google results.

Raven Tool Pros:

● Raven is so user friendly that it adds features based on their customer feedback.

● You can customize the reports very quickly.

● Raven comes with an in-built backlink analysis tool.

● Raven has a support team that is very professional and courteous.

● Raven searches rank through Google Search Console.

Raven Tool Cons:

● Raven comes with a user interface (UI) that is not easy to handle.

● Raven’s data presentations have poor customizable visuals.

● There is a limitation of customizing reports.

● Raven has training videos which are not updated.

SEMrush List Of Greatest Features:

● Organic research.

● Keyword research.

● Advertising research.

● Keyword Difficulty.

● Keyword Magic Tool.

● Domain vs. Domain.

● Market Explorer.

● Display Advertising Tool.

● Backlinks.

● Product Listing Ads.

● Traffic Analysis.

● Audience Insight.

● Charts.

● My Reports.

● Site Audit.

● SEO Writing Assistant.

● CPC Map.

● Position Tracking.

● Brand Monitoring.

● Social Media Tracker.

● Social Media poster.

● Backlink Audit Tool.

● PPC Keywords Tool.

● On-page SEO Checker.

● Content Analyzer.

● Ad Builder.

● Organic Traffic Insights.

Raven Tool List of Features:

● Social Media tools.

● Customer care.

● SEO tools.

● Advertising tools.

SEMrush Pricing Plans:

SEMrush offers you four different plans with different pricing and features.

You can choose the right plan, depending on your requirement and budget.

●      SEMrush Pro Plan- $99.95/month

SEMrush Pro Plan is perfect for startups and freelancers.

The Pro Plan includes the following features:

● Site Audit.

● On-page SEO Checker.

● Social Media Tracker and Poster.

● Backlink and Audit.

● Position Tracking.

● Brand Monitoring.

● Post Tracking.

●      SEMrush Guru Plan- $199.95/month

If you have a developing marketing agency and want an advanced version of the Pro Plan, then the SEMrush Guru plan is right for you.

The SEMrush Guru plan includes features like:

● All the Pro plan features.

● Content marketing platform.

● Historical data.

● Branded reports.

● Extended limits.

●      SEMrush Business Plan: $399.95/month

If you have a marketing agency or an e-commerce business, the SEMrush Business plan is perfect for you.

The Business plan offers features like:

● All the Guru plan features.

● White-label reports.

● API access.

● Extended limits and sharing options.

● Google Data Studio Integration.

●      SEMrush Enterprise Plan:

SEMrush also offers a customizable plan.

If you have a large business with huge requirements, then the SEMrush Enterprise plan is an option.

You can contact the SEMrush support team to know more about this plan.

Raven SEO Tools Pricing Plans:


Raven Tools offers five different plans with different pricing and features.

●      Raven Tools Small Biz Plan- $49/month

Raven Small biz plan included with –

  • 2 users
  • 2 Domains/ Campaigns
  • Stored Links 25,000
  • Monitored Links 25,000
  • Monthly Page Crawls 50,000
  • SERP Tracker – Monthly Trackable Keywords 1500

●      Raven Tools Start Plan- $109/month

Raven Start plan offers:

● Four users.

● 40 backlink research reports.

● 20 Domains/ Campaigns.

● 400K monthly page crawls.

● White-label branded reports, emails, and subdomain.

● 20 Site competitor research reports.

● 20 Scribe SEO content audits.

● 50,000 stored links.

● 25,000 monitored links.

●      Raven Tools Grow Plan- $199/month

Raven Grow plan includes features like:

● Eight users.

● 80 domains/ campaigns.

● Two million monthly page crawls.

● Unlimited backlink research reports.

● Unlimited Site competitor research reports.

● 50 Scribe SEO content audits.

● Get a white level domain, dashboard, and login page.

● 150,000 stored links.

● 100,000 monitored links.

●      Raven Tools Thrive Plan- $299/month

Raven Thrive plan offers:

● 20 users.

● 160 domains/ campaigns.

● Five million monthly page crawls.

● Get All features like Raven Grow plan.

●      Raven Tools Lead Plan- $479/month

The Raven Lead plan offers you:

● Unlimited domains/ campaigns.

● Unlimited users.

● Seven million monthly page crawls.

● All features of the Raven Thrive plan.

SEMrush Integrations:

To give you an impressive content marketing capabilities, SEMrush integrates with the following Google products:

● Google Analytics

● Google Search Console

● Gmail

● Google Docs

● Google My Business

● Google Data Studio

● Google Search

● Google Disavow Tool

● Google Calendar

To engage with your customers on social media, SEMrush integrates with the following social media platforms:

● Facebook

● Twitter

● Instagram

● YouTube

● Pinterest

● LinkedIn

SEMrush also integrates with

● WordPress for your seamless content management.

● Trello for task management.

● Majestic for more SEO capabilities.

Raven Tools Integrations:

Raven Tool integrates with the following platforms:

● WordPress

● Facebook

● Twitter

● YouTube

● Stumble Upon

SEMrush Site Auditor:

A site audit is one of the best features of SEMrush.

A site audit is an all in one technical SEO tool that shows content issues, JS and CSS errors, loading speed issue, and many more.

The site audit will show you the errors that need fixing and will guide you through.

With the SEMrush site audit, you can find issues before they become a trouble.

There are 15 site audit widgets to customize or automate your website reports.

Raven Tool Site Auditor:


Just like many other SEO tools, Raven Tool also offers you a site-auditor.

Raven Tool site-auditor is very helpful as it offers you website reports with actionable insights.

This feature evaluates your website using 17 different metrics like page speed, meta content, semantics, visibility issues, etc.

This site-auditor gives your website a score out of 100 to provide you with proper knowledge about the site’s health.

If you can’t fix a problem or don’t want to set, you can simply hide that issue with the help of the site-auditor.

You can run the audit automatically weekly or monthly and get the results.

You can also run this audit from any device such as a smartphone, desktop, laptop, phablet, or tablet.

SEMrush Rank Tracker:

SEMrush Position Tracking Tool allows you to track your search engine positions nationally, regionally, and locally for any keyword.

●      Keyword Position Tracking:

This tool helps you track your website’s ranking for target keywords.

You can track the results of your optimization efforts in the organic and paid search.

SEMrush position tracking tool shows you a comparison between your rankings and your competitors’.

If your business offers services in different countries and regions, you can create multilingual tracking campaigns with SEMrush position tracking.

You can filter down the data locally to target customers in different cities.

●      Local competitors tracking:

People search for products or services by using different keywords in different cities.

With SEMrush position tracking, you can track your competitors’ strategies in different locations.

You can add up to 10 competitive domains to track their data.

Once you discover your local competitors, you can quickly adapt to new organic content strategies.

●      Track group keywords with tags:

The position tracking tool offers you the keywords grouping feature that helps you manage thousands of search terms efficiently.

You can group the search terms by specific brands.

You can use the same Keyword in different groups.

You can also add up to five tags to each Keyword.

●      Different devices tracking:

If you have an online business, you must be curious about which device your customers use the most to access your website.

SEMrush position tracking tool offers you data from all the devices and helps you compare.

With this feature, you can better understand the device targeting your business and improve your organic content strategies.

Raven Tools For Rank Tracker:

When you search for an SEO tool, you should always consider getting a rank tracker.

Watch it-

Luckily, Raven Tool offers you a Rank tracker that allows you to track search ranking for keywords on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

With Raven Tool, you can track your keywords based on their location, device, and search engine.

SEMrush Backlink Analysis:

SEMrush offers you the Backlink Analytics that helps you get a detailed backlink report of any website.

You can track the link building process and backlink reports of your competitors.

You can use special filters of backlink analytics to find the right links for your website.

With SEMrush backlink analytics, you can discover the trust level of your referring domains.

Raven Tools For Backlink Analysis:

Raven Tool offers you a backlink analysis, but that is not worth anything.

To start a website backlink analysis with Raven tools, See it –


Raven relies on Majestic for backlinks information.

In case you are already using the Majestic, the Raven tool is unnecessary.

The backlink audit report looks like –


Raven Tool offers you backlinks for up to 50,000 URLs.

With Raven Tool, you can identify spammy links and remove them.

You can also track your competitors’ backlink strategies.

SEMrush Keyword Research:

One of the best features that SEMrush offers is keyword research.

You can find the keywords that you need for your SEO and PPC campaigns.

With SEMrush’s keyword research tool, you can get keywords that are well- tested and used by your competitors.

For each Keyword, you can get extended information like CPC, trend, volume, number of results, and many more.

With keyword research, you can gather keywords related to your content and phrase matches.

You can get useful long-tail keywords for your business that will help you get a higher rank.

If your business provides services across the world, it’s essential to make a multilingual and multinational keyword strategy.

SEMrush’s keyword research offers keywords in 16 languages to easily promote your business across the world.

Raven Tools For Keyword Research:


Raven Tool offers you a keyword research tool that derives keywords from various sources, including Google, Bing, Majestic, MOZ, etc.

With each Keyword, Raven provides you search volume and ad data.

You can also get similar search phrases for a keyword with Raven.

Raven also doesn’t have any limit in uploading keywords.

SEMrush For Competitor Research:


SEMrush competitor research can be the single source of data for your business.

This tool helps you analyze your competitors’ traffic, keyword strategies, ads, content, and social media campaigns.

You can track your competitors’ affiliates, partners, and marketing strategies with this tool.

The best features of SEMrush competitor research are:

● Top pages on your competitors’ website.

● Organic traffic analysis


● Competitors’ paid traffic analysis

● Make content management and social media strategies.

● Live performance of competitors.

● Market trends and benchmarks.

Raven Tools For Competitor Research:


Raven Tool comes with a competitor research feature that allows you to spy on your competitors.

The tool helps you evaluate competing websites based on their keywords, social media metrics, overall design, page speed, and more.

Watch this video –

Raven also offers you a side-by-side comparison to show you how your site performs against your competitors’.

SEMrush For PPC Marketing:

SEMrush offers you a massive amount of data to show you any domain’s paid search strategies.

With the advertising research tool, you can evaluate your competitors’ PPC strategies and budgets.

SEMrush advertising research tool shows you thousands of ad copy examples.

So, you can get a clear idea about your competitors’ and industry leaders’ strategies.

With this tool, you can compare your website’s PPC strategies to your competitors’.

To localize your online business SEMrush advertising research tool offers you ad texts in over 100 countries and 20 languages.

Raven Tools For PPC Marketing:


Raven Tool can help you with your PPC marketing by showing data collected from Facebook ads, Google ads, and Bing ads.

You can get the data with some essential metrics like CPM, CRT, conversion rate, clicks, cost per conversion, and more.

Raven also brings you the ad, as well as the data related to it.

SEMrush For Social Media Management:

SEMrush offers you a bunch of features that help you engage with your customers on social media.

●      Schedule posts:

You can find the best time to posts and schedule them.

●      Get insights:

With SEMrush, you can easily find out which content is working for your audience and not on social media.

●      Track competitors:

You can track your competitors’ social media strategies and learn from them.

You can compare your posts with your competitors’.

●      Boost your posts:

You can increase the reach of your posts and get more people to know about your business.

●      Create ads:

With SEMrush social media management, you can easily create and manage posts for every funnel stage of your business.

Raven Tools For Social Media Management:

Raven also offers you social media management to promote your business on various social media platforms.

With Raven, you can manage your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter account in one place.

Raven also enables you to schedule posts.

Raven Tools For Email Marketing:

Yes, Raven also offers you an email marketing tool.

With this tool, you can see your open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rate for each of your campaigns.

FAQ About The SEMrush Vs. Raven Tools Comparison In 2021: Which Is Winner For SEO Marketing?

Who Raven Tools good for?

Raven Tools’ client reporting and report builder work well.

So, I think agencies are Raven Tool’s customers.

What is SEMrush used for?

SEMrush is an SEO tool, as well as a complete digital marketing solution.

SEMrush offers features for your online business need.

Is Raven Tool worth the money?

If you are looking for a tool to use in reporting, then Raven Tool is worth paying the price.

However, Raven might not be the right option if you are looking for a premium tool for your SEO needs.

Can Raven Tools find old and broken links?

Yes, Raven’s site-auditor can find and store both internal and external broken links.

It also finds old links with no follow.

Should I use SEMrush like premium SEO tools to become an influential blogger in my niche?

Yes, SEMrush can be very helpful for bloggers and can help you strategize your content.

What does Raven Tools do?

Raven Tools offers a variety of features that helps companies with a large number of clients compete in SEO.

Can I use SEMrush for an SEO?

Yes, you can use SEMrush for SEO.

SEMrush is an SEO tool that offers you a large number of features to fulfill your SEO needs.

How do I use SEMrush for free?

You can click on this particular link to get a 14 days free trial.

If you feel SEMrush is not right for you, then you can cancel your subscription anytime.

What is Raven Tool, and is it a useful SEO tool?

Raven Tools is an SEO and marketing reporting tool.

Yes, Raven Tools is an efficient SEO tool.

Is SEMrush worth the investment?

SEMrush is worth the investment.

SEMrush gives you access to many helpful features to grow your business online.

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools used by a massive number of happy customers

Conclusion About The SEMrush And Raven Tools Comparison In 2021: Which Is The Best?

I hope you have enjoyed the guide about SEMrush vs. Raven Tools.

Now it is up to you to decide which one is right for your website requirements and budget.

If you want to know my personal opinion, then I’d love to recommend you to go with SEMrush 14 days free trial now to get your experience first.

SEMrush is the winner over the Raven Tools for SEO.

Without the SEO aspect, SEMrush is also winning for paid search PPC and social media campaigns.

Finally, SEMrush is the overall winner if you compare with Raven tools.

If you have any questions on SEMrush vs. Raven Tools, you can comment below.

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