SEMrush Vs. KWFinder by Mangools: Which Is Right For Roofers Marketing?

Is SEMrush better than KWFinder by Mangools tools for agencies & bloggers?


Is KWFinder beats SEMrush?

Are you confusing about choosing the right SEO tools between SEMrush Vs. KWfinder?

Many people are recommending to use SEMrush.

Some of the others are talking to go with KWfinder.

KWfinder tool also calling as MANGOOLS Tools.

So which is the best SEO tool for you?

Well, the simple answer depends on your budget and your marketing campaign.

In this post, I’m going to talk about MANGOOLS tool KWfinder vs. SEMrush comparison, which will help you to choose the best and right SEO tools for you.

With this post, I will provide you honest reviews for SEMrush and KWFinder.

I will try to help you best to choose the right tool that can boost your search engine traffic. 

Find the honest reviews for SEMrush and KWFinder to help you figure out which tool is perfect as per your SEO needs. 

You can understand why SEMrush is better over KWfinder for bloggers and agencies.

Let’s get started now!

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About The KWFinder by Mangools:


KWFinder or Mangools are productive SEO tools perfect for productive peoples.

KWFinder focuses on making SEO approachable to all from very beginners to high professionals with its super user-friendly interface. 

This Mangools tool is famous for its accuracy of keyword difficulty, user-friendliness, and support to users. 

KWFinder is a popular keyword research tool available in the market.  

About The SEMrush:


SEMrush is a platform for online visibility management that ensures businesses to get measurable results from digital marketing. 

This tool helps marketers to manage their online marketing campaign with its search engine optimization, content management, and social media marketing. 

SEMrush is an all-in-one platform that includes all the tools that are used by global biggest companies.  

What Is Mangools Or KWFinder?


KWFinder is a keyword research tool used by marketers to find long-tail keywords having low SEO difficulty. 

KWFinder is one out of five-part of the Mangools suite that is 

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker 
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a platform that helps you manage your online visibility and will ensure your businesses get measurable results from digital marketing. 

SEMrush is considered as the most powerful SEO tool available in the market. 


Digital marketers use this tool to perform several tasks like searching keyword, SEO audit for your blog, tracking keyword strategy adopted by your competitors, backlinking opportunities, etc.  

Mangools Tools Offer 5 Excellent SEO Tools:

1. KWFinder Keyword Research Tool:


KWFinder is part of the Mangools suite, and it is the tool that most people try first. 

With the KWFinder keyword research tool, you will get super good keyword suggestions and stats such as search volume and CPC. 

KWFinder tool provides you with keywords list that makes site ranks on Google. 

This tool also allows you to analyze by providing a list of competitor sites. 

2. SERPChecker Keyword Difficulty Tool:


SERPChecker tool is designed for a detailed analysis of the SERP for the suggested keyword. 

With the keyword difficulty score, this tool will provide you with a full breakdown of every page, ranking for that potential keyword.

Watch this video, How to do Google SERP analysis with SERPChecker by Mangools-

With this tool, you will get a chance to compare a page from your site.  

3. SERPWatcher Rank Tracker Tool:


This tool is much similar to other rank trackers available in the market.

You can watch this video, How to do rank tracking to track overall keyword positions progress –

Like other rank trackers, when you give a list of keywords to this tool, it will track your search engine ranking. 

4. LinkMiner Backlink Analysis Tool:


It is a backlink checker by Mangools. 

Look at the complete list of backlinks that points to a specific URL of the entire domain. 


With this tool, you will get a feature of WEBSITE PREVIEW. On looking at the preview, you will notice that the link came from the podcast. 

5. SiteProfiler For SEO Metrics:


Siteprofiler only pops a domain into the tool and will get you a bunch of metrics. 

See it below,


Additional, Mangools Browser Extension:


With Mangools, you will get chrome and firefox extension.

Look at it,


With a paid account, you will get the option to break down a site’s link authority, backlinks, etc. 

SEMrush Offers 6 Marketing Toolkit & 40 Brilliant SEO Tools:

1. SEMrush SEO Toolkit:


SEMrush For Site Audit:


This site audit is a powerful SEO tool provided by SEMrush that lets you analyze your website’s health.

This tool will also provide you a complete list of issues that will make it easy for you to get where your website is struggling. 

After getting proper issues, you can fix them all and boost your website’s SEO. 

SEMrush For Position Tracking:

Position tracking software by SEMrush allows you to track your and competitor’s websites’ regular ranking for a set of particular keywords. 


This tool helps you set your targeting and check site visits in specific geographic locations and any device type. 

With this tool, you will get tons of features like sorting, tagging, filtering, and exporting reports that will allow marketers to find what they want in their website’s SEO or PPC performance. 

This tool has the power to track any keyword, even not in the SEMrush central database. 

SEMrush For On-Page SEO Checker:


SEMrush’s ON page SEO checker offers you a detailed and organized list of things you can plan to improve your website ranking. 

This tool will provide you SEO ideas, semantically related keywords that you can use in your page, readability and target content length, and backlink prospects. 

This tool provides you ideas for your every target keyword depending on the top 10 real-time competitors.  

SEMrush For Domain Overview:


This tool by SEMrush will show you a full picture of your domain’s online visibility by presenting a range of overview metrics.

This tool allows you to see the paid search traffic and domain’s organic search traffic, backlinks, and display advertising.  

Here in this tool, you are allowed to jump into more specific reports and analyze your website further. 

SEMrush For Organic Research:


Organic Research tool allows you to check your website’s top organic keywords and position changes as well as for your competitors.


SEMrush tool will tell you about the keywords from which your competitors are getting traffic and are ranking for any SERP feature and much more.


Here you can also study the domain and analyze the SEO of all your competitors. 

SEMrush For Backlink Analytics:


This tool by SEMrush allows you to run research on you and your competitor’s Backlink profiles and can also compare multiple domains side-by-side.  

You can also monitor your competitor’s new and lost links. 

This tool is provided with advanced filters, exporting, and sorting. 

It is a great idea to search for domains that share the most similar backlinks. 

SEMrush Link Building Tool:


This tool aggregates a complete list of link building opportunities for your domain and helps you by providing a management interface to run an outreach campaign and acquire links.


Run a comparative analysis of your SEO rivels and then run your outreach campaign simultaneously.  

Watch this video –

SEMrush For Backlink Audit:


Backlink audit helps you avoid Google penalties by toxic backlinks by keeping eyes at your domain’s Backlink. 


This powerful tool allows you to audit all of your links, send emails to website owners, analyze all toxic backlinks related to any suspicious links, and ultimately create and send a disavow file to Google. 

SEMrush For Keyword Overview:


This powerful tool by SEMrush will tell you the search volume for any keyword and will also tell you about the number of results, Competition level, CPC, volume trend, and much more. 

This tool can instantly judge any keyword’s value and competition. 

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool:

The best tool offered by SEMrush is a Keyword magic tool that allows you to access an extensive database containing 17 billion keywords. 


Here you can go for organized research with its streamlined interface, and this tool will provide you responsive tables with associated search categorized into topic-specific subgroups.  

SEMrush For Keyword Difficulty:


This tool lets you discover the keyword that will help you seize your competitor’s position in the Google rank list.


This tool will help you to get a keyword with less competition.

SEMrush For Keyword Gap:


This tool provides you side by side comparison between multiple keyword profiles. 

It will present your report showing all top opportunities for each site, total keyword overlap, common keywords, and many more. 

See the examples below,


The information provided by this tool will help you to plan for your SEO campaign as it will tell you the best opportunity lie in your niche.  

SEMrush For Backlink Gap:


With this tool, you will get a chance to compare the backlink profile of multiple competing websites at the same time. 

This tool will provide you complete lists of domains that are sending links to these sites. 


You can filter your result and see the website who are linking with your competitors but not with you. 

You can properly understand the link building strategies adopted by your competitors, and you can then plan your outreach to develop links.  

SEMrush For SEO Content Template:


A SEMrush content template is a tool that will guide content writers in creating SEO friendly content as it will provide the target keyword based template of recommendations. 

The templates offered here come with recommended text length, readability score, potential backlink targets, semantically related keywords, and much more. 

SEMrush For Organic Traffic Insights:


This helpful tool will reduce your efforts by combining Google Analytics, Google search console, and SEMrush data into one dashboard.

To configuring organic traffic insights-


You can get data like click-through rate, volume with organic keywords, sessions, and ranking found by SEMrush and Google search console. 

This tool will help you to uncover “not-provided” keywords from Google analytics and get the most accurate overall look at your website’s organic search performance by cross-referencing data sources.  

SEMrush For Traffic Analytics:

SEMrush offers a traffic analytics feature for competitive research and market intelligence, which helps you by providing a desktop and mobile traffic estimations. 


With this tool, you will get the opportunity to evaluate a new market of traffic sources, and you will get a chance to build a successful media buying strategy. 


You can use this tool to see from where your website is getting traffic, devices used by your significant traffic, how audiences from multiple sites overlap, and many more. 

You can also check the traffic by countries –


SEMrush is the most potent tool for marketing researchers, managers, sales teams, and business development teams.  

SEMrush Log File Analyzer:


SEMrush log file analyzer is a technical SEO tool that will help you access logs and present your report about how your website is crawling by GoogleBot. 

This tool will let you access logs retaining details of all activities from bots and people. It will help SEO to track technical issues and optimize a crawl budget.  

SEMrush For Listing Management:


SEMrush offers a simple solution for Local SEO and helps you to distribute your business data automatically to the most authoritative directories.


You can check the location status report –


It will also make your voice search ready, and it automatically distributes the information to Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, and Google.  

SEMrush Sensor:

It tracks the volatility of Google’s SERP, which depends on regular changes in ranking.

See it,



This tool will monitor all signs that indicate an update to Google’s algorithm.

This tool will monitor Google’s behavior and will let you know that the website operated by you is more or less susceptible to change as compared to other Google’s search results.   

2. SEMrush Advertising Toolkit:


SEMrush For Advertising Research:


This advertising research tool allows marketers to discover their closest paid search competitors.

Marketers are allowed to see the keywords bided by their competitors, and they can also analyze live ads from their campaigns. 

This tool allows you to analyze keywords by competitive density, cost-per-click, and many more competitive metrics. 

This data allows you to research, plan, and execute successful PPC campaigns and audits.

SEMrush For Display Advertising:

This advertising tool provides you reports depicting everything about your competitor’s use of online display ads.


This tool will make you analyze your competitors’ banners, text ads, sidebars, and many more placed via Google ads and those which are published on the Google display networks. 

This tool will also help you by enhancing your media buying strategy as it will find new publishers and analyze the landing pages from your competitors’ campaign.  

SEMrush For PLA Research:


SEMrush PLA research is the best for product listing ads research.

You can analyze the performance of an advertiser’s Google shopping ad campaign. 

Reports by this tool will help you with your e-commerce websites and digital advertising agencies that require collecting competitive intelligence on e-commerce competitors. 

SEMrush For PPC Keyword Tool:

This tool will guide you with the easiest way to set up and plan your optimized Google Ads campaign. 


This tool allows you to organize keywords at the campaigns and ad group level and ad group level. 

With this tool, you can immediately set negative keywords and export the campaign plan to import into Google Ads Editor. 

SEMrush For Ad Builder:


This tool lets you write ad copy and headlines for a successful PPC campaign.


SEMrush ad builder tool will make your PPC campaign much more comfortable by providing you your competitor’s ads, and you can use it as your base template for writing your own. 

SEMrush For CPC Map:

With this tool, you will get away to compare your cost “o” advertising on Google Ads across multiple regions and states of your country.

 With this tool, you can also analyze states side by side and then can compare costs and demand in the top search industries.  

3. SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit:


SEMrush For Topic Research:


This tool is helpful to SEOs, strategists, and content writers as they will get a helping hand in content brainstorming efforts. 


You can generate ideas for new articles, topics, and headlines to write on.  

SEMrush For SEO Writing Assistant:

This tool provides the ability to check SEO potential, and you can also check the originality of a piece of content in real-time.

This tool will also help you determine how easy it is to read that particular piece of content to users.  

SEMrush For Content Audit:


SEMrush content audit feature lets you audit your website’s content as this tool can analyze content within the subfolders of a site.

This tool will also help you in finding pages that need improvement.

SEMrush For Post Tracking:


This tool provides content marketers with a way to measure the success of their external content efforts. 

SEMrush For Brand Monitoring:

This tool will track the online mention of any word or phrase. 

It makes the work easier for PR professionals and brand managers to stay on top of their niche. 

4. SEMrush Competitive Research Toolkit:

  • Market Explorer
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Gap
  • Backlink Analytics
  • Backlink Gap
  • Advertising Research
  • Display Advertising
  • PLA Research

5. SEMrush Social Media Toolkit:


SEMrush Social Media Tracker:

This tool lets you track your competitors’ social media accounts, and you can also use this tool to compare their growth and engagement level to yours. 

SEMrush Social Media Trackertool will provide you reports that will make you aware of the top-performing content in your niche, thus allowing you to take care of your target audience’s social media preferences.  

SEMrush Social Media Poster:

This tool provides an easy way to draft, schedule, and post content on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

You can also pair this tool with the analysis from the social media tracker to get a full suite for managing a social media workflow.  

6. SEMrush Management Toolkit:


SEMrush For My Reports:


With this tool, you can easily make PDF reports from scratch and communicate the results of a website audit. 

This tool makes you present a competitive analysis and show progress after a marketing campaign. 

With this tool, you can integrate dozens of SEMrush modules to make a complete report for your business. 

SEMrush For Marketing Calendar:


This tool allows you to map out your marketing campaign’s action in your calendar. 

You can also share your plan with your team and promote transparency.

SEMrush For Projects:


This tool lets you set up 12 different tools to analyze all the aspects of your business’s online visibility. 


It also allows you to track progress with email reports and graphs in every project tool. 

SEMrush For Notes:


This tool by SEMrush allows you to highlight dates in graphs and charts in reports. 

You will also get the ability to edit and make changes in your notes, and SEMrush will automatically add with major Google updates and updates in the SEMrush database.  

SEMrush For Lead Generation Tool:


With this tool, you will get a custom widget that you can get to place on your website. 

SEMrush lead generation will collect email addresses from website visitors, and visitors will get a sample website audit in exchange.  

Features and Summary of KWFinder by Mangools:

Say something about KWFinder/ Mangools?

Mangools offers productive SEO tools for productive peoples. KWFinder/ Mangools focus on their mission to make SEO reachable to all from beginners to true professionals. KWFinder is one of the parts of Mangools and popular keyword research tools available in the market. 

What are the features provided by KWFinder/ Mangools?

With KWFinder/ Mangools, you will get features like:

  • API
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data import
  • Data visualization
  • Keyword tracking
  • Multi-users
  • Notification  

And the summary of KWFinder/ Mangools?

These SEO tools are super easy to use with proven data!

Features and Summary of SEMrush:

What are the features provided by SEMrush?

With SEMrush, you will get features like:

  • API
  • Audience Targeting
  • Brand management
  • Dashboard
  • Data export
  • External integration
  • Keyword tracking
  • Link Tracking
  • Social-media Integration.

And the summary of SEMrush?

With SEMrush, you will get the power to uncover your competitor’s Ad strategies and Budget. 

This tool will help you to find the right keyword for your SEO and PPC campaign. 

This tool provides you SEO analysis tool to check your site health.

With this tool, you are allowed to conduct an in-depth backlink analysis. 

It also helps you to see your competitors’ best keywords and many more. 

With this tool, you will get your competitor’s traffic analytics. 

KWFinder by Mangools Starting Price And Other Plans:

The basic plan for KWFinder/ Mangools starts from $49.00/user/ month.


If you want to get 40% or 5 months FREE on KWfinder by Mangools Products then go with the yearly plans.

See the pricing,

You can see the mangools tools pricing compare with other popular SEO tools in the web-


SEMrush Starting Price And Other Plans:

The Pro plan for SEMrush starts from $99.95/ month/ user.

KWfinder by Mangools PROS and CONS:

What are the PROS with Mangools?

  • This tool will offer you maximum keyword research options.
  • Siteprofiler by Mangools will provide you your competitor site’s detailed profiles.
  • It is very affordable. 
  • With Mangools, you will get the rank tracker, and you can track all your website’s target keywords. 

What are the cons with Mangools?

  • With Mangools, you will not get a dashboard. 
  • It is comparatively newer in the market, thus having a limited database. 

SEMrush PROS and CONS:

What are the PROS with SEMrush?

You will get:

  • With SEMrush, you will get a site audit that will quickly identify all the issues and deficiencies in your website.
  • It will provide you the feature of keyword tracking and will let you know what keywords are performing or not performing well.
  • In this tool, reports are quick and easy to pull, and you can easily read and understand that. 

What are the CONS with SEMrush?

CONS are:

  • The user interface provided is not pleasing. 
  • Here logins cannot be shared. Users need to have their logins.  
  • This tool does not play nice with subdomains.

SEMrush Return On Investment:

The organic ranking for your sites will increase exponentially with implementing this platform.  

KWFinder by Mangools Return on Investment:

KWFinder is perfect for those who require quick and easy keyword research. 

Here you will get to see the volume, average CPC, and average SEO difficulty.

What did I like on Mangools?

The best things you will get with Mangools is:

  • It is easy to use as it offers you a very user-friendly user interface.
  • Mangools is the most affordable.
  • Mangools is a budget tool that is rich with helpful features.  

What did I like on SEMrush?

  • With SEMrush, you can analyze your competitor’s blog thoroughly. 
  • This tool will offer you accurate data of keywords like competition and volume. 
  • You can also check the referral domain.
  • It also provides you backlink source.
  • You can check the Keyword ranking position. 

FAQ About The SEMrush Vs. KWfinder by Mangools SEO Tools Comparison In 2021:

Does KWFinder/ Mangools service offer guides, tutorials, and or customer support?

Yes, with this tool, you will get a guide for all tools. This service is working on video tutorials, and you can have a live chat and email support from Monday to Friday. 

Does SEMrush service offer guides, tutorials, and or customer support?

SEMrush is having supports for its worldwide users in different languages. You can take help from SEMrush Academy, webinars, and ebooks to get essential and in-depth knowledge about this product, SEO, and digital marketing. 

Who are the main user groups of KWFinder/ Mangools Service?

KWfinder is the best for business owners, bloggers, SEO professionals, agencies, Digital marketers, Content creators, and SEO newbies.

Who are the right user groups of SEMrush tools?

SEMrush is the right for Digital marketers, SEO and SEM specialists, Content marketers, Social media marketers. 

Does KWFinder/ Mangools service integrate with any other apps?

All Mangools tools are integrated. But not combine with any third-party apps. 

Does SEMrush service offer an API?

Yes, you will get an API to view the product’s data. You will get analytics and projects API. You can search for competitive strategies in organic and paid searches, their backlinks, and display ads. 

You can launch projects to track any keyword or domain and get regular updates on website position changes.  

Does KWFinder/ Mangools service offer multi-user capability (E.g., teams)?

Yes, but in the agency plan. 

Does KWFinder/ Mangools service offer an API?

Yes, Mangools offer API.

What is some application KWFinder/ Mangools service is commonly used in tandem with?

Keyword research tools, Google SERP analysis tools. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Social apps, content writing apps. 

What platforms does KWFinder/ Mangools service support?

All tools offered and all web applications can access any desktop or Mobile OS and the majority of web browsers.

What is KWFinder/ Mangools service generally used for?

Mangools are spacific For SEO tools to manage keyword research to backlinks audit and analysis.

How can I learn how to use KWFinder/ Mangools tools and to understand the data?

Mangools tools have excellent interface and accurate metrics. Thus you don’t need to have SEO skills.

But in case you need help, the service will provide you step-by-step guides, video tutorials, tooltips, and live chat support.

DO I need all-in-one or a specific tool for each SEO field?

Mangools is an SEO toolset, but here all tools have their separate interface and features.

So you will not confuse in a bunch of functions in one tab of your browser. 

But SEMrush is all in one marketing toolkit where you can use it for SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns.

If you have an extra budget, then go for SEMrush to be the best choice ever.

Is KWFinder/ Mangools tool suitable for the size of my website and business?

KWFinder/ Mangools is ideal for affiliate marketers, Freelancers, Individual business owners, bloggers, small to medium-sized companies, or small agencies. 

How much am I willing to invest in KWFinder/ Mangools?

This tool will offer you the ideal value for money. Here you don’t need to pay for features that your business doesn’t need. 

Is there anything extra on KWFinder/ Mangools?

Here you will get a chance to improve your SEO skills with our SEO guides and vocabularies, case studies, guides for tools, and new data. 

Who is ideal for KWFinder/ Mangools?

Mangools tool is the right choice for bloggers, affiliate marketers, individual business owners, small-to-medium sized companies, and people who are looking for the best value for their money.

Who is ideal for SEMrush?

SEMrush is the best for SEO agencies with clients, SEO experts, and freelance consultants, Big companies, and people are preferring the most complex tool.

KWFinder vs. SEMrush- What are the big difference in keyword difficulty?

Every tools are showing keyword difficulty based on their own data but SEMrush and KWFinder, both tools are showing similar score for keyword difficulty.

Which is the better SEO tool, KWFinder, or SEMrush?

SEMrush is a great all-round SEO tool for both traditional keyword research and competitor based keyword methods. 

People looking for lightweight and budget-friendly can go for KWFinder. 

What is an excellent free or low-cost alternative to SEMrush?

KWFinder is the best and low-cost alternative to SEMrush. 

Why are KWFinder and SEMrush showing different competition scores for the same keywords? Which tool shows accurate data?

KWFinder and SEMrush are showing different competition scores for the same keywords because they are calculated differently in every tool. 

Which Keyword difficulty tool is more accurate- KWFinder or SEMrush?

SEMrush is more accurate than KWfinder.

Is there a big difference in the keyword search volume between SEMrush and KWfinder? 

KWFinder data are based on Google’s exact search volume, while SEMrsh uses clickstream data. 

Have you ever performed a long-term test of the quality and the accuracy of the KWFinder tool?

KWFinder is part of the most accurate keyword research tool. 

SEMrush Vs. Mangools: Which is Right for Agencies?

SEMrush is right for agencies.

SEMrush Vs. KWFinder/ Mangools: Which is Right for Bloggers?

Mangools is right for beginner bloggers but the SEMrush is the ultimate choise for next level bloggers and experts.

Conclusion About The SEMrush Vs. KWfinder by Mangools SEO Tools Comparison In 2021:

KWfinder and SEMrush are both popular SEO tools on the web.

You should chose based on your campaigning budget.

Here are quick suggestions to make faster decisions to choose your SEO tools, either SEMrush or MANGOOLS popular product KWfinder.

Who should use KWfinder?

  • To find keyword research tools at a lower price.
  • If you’re a beginner, then KWfinder is easy to use for newbies.
  • To find an accurate keyword difficulty score.

Why should you choose SEMrush?

  • All-in-One marketing toolkit.
  • Find accurate results for keyword search volume, rank position, backlink analysis, and competitive analysis.
  • Paid search PPC campaigns to boost your sales.
  • To improve site health.
  • If you’re interested in customization SEO reporting to your client.
  • Right for a blogger, enterprise, agencies, small to large businesses, and content marketing expert.

If you are serious about your SEO, Social media, and PPC campaigns, then I’d recommend you to go with SEMrush today!

You can try SEMrush 14 days free trial from this particular URL now!

And 7 Days SEMrush PRO+CI Add-On FREE Trial Now! Go here!

KWfinder is the best for beginners who are interested in a keyword research tool with a limited budget.

But keep in mind that KWfinder is not limited to keyword research.

KWfinder is a part of MANGOOLS products.

MANGOOLS are including with 5 SEO tools:

  • KWfinder – It’s the most popular for a keyword research tool.
  • SERPChecker- SERP analysis tool.
  • SERP Watcher- It’s a keyword rank tracking tool.
  • LinkMiner – it’s a backlink analysis tool.
  • SiteProfiler – it’s an SEO tool for website analysis.

You can get 5 months for FREE with annual plans on Mangools SEO tools!

Let me know your thoughts about SEMrush Vs. KWfinder comparison in 2021!

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