SEMrush Vs. Alexa Tool Comparison [2021]: Which Is Best For Roofing Businesses Marketing?

Looking for SEMrush Vs. Alexa tools comparison guide?

Do you want to know which is the best marketing tool for SEO, keyword research, backlinks analysis, competitive research, and website traffic?

Yes, you’ve visited the right place.

In this post, I’ll be talking about Alexa tools Vs. SEMrush tools best comparison to choose the right one for your campaign.

Alexa Website analysis tools and marketing stack both are good to go, but if you want to compare with SEMrush, then SEMrush is the winner from all aspects.

Yes, SEMrush is worth your time and money.


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Anyway, let’s go into deep to know why SEMrush is the best over Alexa marketing stack and website traffic analysis.

Let’s get started!

Alexa Tool Overview:

Alexa Traffic Analysis Tool

Alexa offers you a set of analytical tools that are very helpful for your business.

Alexa focuses on three things- information, insight, and advantage. 

Alexa offers valuable information, and you can turn the data into helpful insights with its analytical tools.

The insights can get you competitive advantages in your business.

SEMrush All-In Marketing Toolkit Overview:

SEMrush is the most popular SEO tools used by more than 5 million customers.

SEMrush offers you a complete digital marketing solution that you need for your online business.

SEMrush has been giving a large number of features to online marketing professionals for the last 12 years.

The features of SEMrush enable you to take your online business to the next level.

Alexa Tool For Keyword Research:

If you want to get more traffic to your website first, you need to have a keyword research strategy.

With Alexa, you can track your competitors’ keyword research strategies and find the right keywords for your product or service by analyzing the keywords.

●     Alexa Tool For Identify Keyword Gaps:


Alexa’s keyword research tool allows you to fill up the gaps in your keyword research plan.

You can track the keywords that are deriving more traffic to your competitors’ site than yours.

●     Alexa Tool For Find Easy-to-Rank Keywords:


Alexa helps you to find the potential keywords for your business that will bring more traffic to your website.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Buyer Keywords:


Alexa offers you buyer keywords that are used by your customers when they search for products and services.

With buyer keywords, you can increase your conversion rate and sales.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Competitor Keywords:

Alexa enables you to track your competitors’ top keywords.

Here are the list of examples below,

To Navigate to the Competitor Keyword Matrix –


Check the Share of Voice for your competitors website –

To comparing the organic and paid traffic scores –


Use filters to find profitable keywords –


Finally, you can use the keyword gaps filter option to find new opportunities –


Once you analyze your competitors’ keywords strategies, you can make a better strategy for your own business.

●     Alexa Tool For Find SEO Competitors:


With Alexa, you can find your SEO competitors and analyze their keyword research strategies to get new ideas for your website.

●     Alexa Tool For Compare Share of Voice:

By using Alexa, you can see your share of voice in the search results.

I just have mentioned the example above for finding SEO competitors.

You can compare your share of voice with your competitors and improve your keywords research plans.

●     Alexa Tool For Compare Search Traffic:

Once you compare your search traffic with your competitors, you can clearly understand where you are lacking.

You can use the best tactics used by your competitors to get more traffic.

●     Alexa Tool For Checking Website Keywords:

Alexa allows you to find the keywords that get your website most of the traffic.

You can identify those keywords and find new, related ones that can also perform well.

Alexa Tool For Competitive Website Analysis:

With Alexa, you can analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

You can discover new strategies to win against your competitors in traffic, backlinks, keywords, and more.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Top Orgnic And Paid Competitors:

Step 1 :


Step 2:


Step 3:


Alexa helps you find your top competitors that are used by a large number of your audience and analyze their strategies.

●     Alexa Tool For Comparing Website Traffic:


By analyzing your competitors’ website traffic, you can get more information about their traffic source and make conscious decisions.

●     Alexa Tool For Comparing Share of Voice:


With Alexa, you can track your top competitors who are leading the search results.

You can improve your SEO, SEM, and content strategies by using their successful strategy.

●     Alexa Tool For Comparing Competitor Keywords:


You can find out the top keywords that your competitors get traffic for.

You can use those keywords in your content to get more traffic.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Competitor Backlinks:

Alexa offers you the backlink analysis report of your top competitors.

You can compare backlinks with it.

Alexa offers to use tools –

  • Sites Linking In
  • Competitor Backlink Checker

See it also,


You can find content that can get linked to the most.

●     Alexa Tool For Competitor Analysis:

With the help of Alexa, you can find your competitors’ traffic sources, keywords strategies, and more.


You can analyze your competitors and improve your website performance to beat your competitors.

Alexa Tool For SEO Analysis:

Alexa offers you an SEO analysis that helps you improve your organic traffic and search rank.

You can compare your SEO traffic and keywords to your competitors and track the SEO health of your site.

●     Alexa Tool For Checking Technical SEO:


Alexa comes with SEO audits that help you check your site’s SEO health.

You can track and fix the hidden issues of your site that could be a trouble for your SEO traffic and rank.

●     Alexa Tool For Prioritize Keywords:

With the help of Alexa’s keyword research, you can confidently choose the right keywords for your business that will get you a higher SEO rank.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Competitor Keywords:

You can compare your SEO keywords to your competitors and discover new opportunities to reach your potential audience.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Buyer Keywords:

With Alexa, you can find keywords that are used by buyers to purchase products or services.

You can use those keywords in your content so that the potential buyers can discover you while searching for products or services.

●     Alexa Tool For Optimize On-page SEO:

With an On-page SEO analysis, you can make sure that search engines understand your content well, and the content is following the best SEO practices.

●     Alexa Tool For Evaluate Backlinks:

You can conduct a backlink analysis to see the backlinks of your website and where you need to improve.

You can track your competitors’ backlink analysis to discover valuable ideas for your website.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Local & Global SEO Competitors:

Alexa enables you to find your top competitors for SEO and successful strategies.

You can research your competitors’ keyword and backlink strategies to find new opportunities for your business.

●     Alexa Tool For Analyze Search Traffic:

You can analyze SEO, SEM, and content strategies of your competitors to improve your organic traffic and rank.

Alexa Tool For Backlink Opportunities:

With Alexa, you can discover valuable link building opportunities to improve your SEO ranking.

●     Alexa Tool For Checking Competitor Backlinks:

You can conduct a competitor backlink analysis to find websites that already link to your competition and analyze the content of your competitors. 

●     Alexa Tool For Uncover Backlink Gaps:


With Alexa’s backlink analysis tool, you can find out the gaps where authoritative sites are linking to your competitors’ sites but not to yours.

●     Alexa Tool For Comparing Backlinks:

Once you compare your backlink profile to your competitors’ you can where you stand, and you can improve your strategies.

●     Alexa Tool For Prioritize Backlinks:

With Alexa, you can find out the backlink sites of your competitors.

You can prioritize the most authoritative and relevant sites to improve your SEO rankings.

●     Alexa Tool For Winning More Backlinks:

First, you need to discover the right content that will resonate with influential sites and then create them so their audience will also like it.

So, you can easily win more valuable backlinks.

●     Alexa Tool For Checking Backlink Performance:

You can compare your backlink profile to your top competitors to improve your strategies.

With Alexa’s backlink quality checker, you can also find the number of valuable backlinks you have earned.

Alexa Tool For Target Audience Analysis:


With Alexa, you can find ways to reach your target audience and convert them into potential customers.

●     Alexa Tool For Increasing Share of Voice:

Alexa enables you to compare your share of voice with your competitors and learn from their successful strategies.

You can improve your SEO, SEM, and content strategies to increase your share of voice.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Your Audience:

You can reach out to more potential customers by knowing what topics and sites they are interested in.

●     Alexa Tool For Reaching Your Audience:

With Alexa’s keyword research tool, you can identify the gaps in your keyword plans and find the most relevant keywords to help you reach your audience.

●     Alexa Tool For Engaging Your Audience:

Once you find out the topics that resonate with your potential audience, you can create engaging content on those topics to convert them into customers.

●     Alexa Tool For Converting Your Audience:

With the help of Alexa’s target audience analysis, you can find the most valuable keywords used by buyers.

You can use those keywords in your content to increase the conversion rate.

●     Alexa Tool For Identify Industry Leaders:

With Alexa, you can learn from the industry leaders by researching the keywords that they use to attract your target audience.

●     Alexa Tool For Finding Unknown Competitors:

You can improve your marketing strategies by finding unknown competitors and knowing how they capture your target audience’s attention.

SEMrush For Keyword Research:

SEMrush For Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO and digital marketing strategy.

SEMrush comes with a keyword research tool that allows you to find the right keywords for your business.

SEMrush Keyword Research In Content Marketing:

Keyword research in content marketing is about finding the interest of your audience and also the topics that are trending.

Keyword research in SEO and content marketing are similar yet have different processes.

Keyword research in SEO is more like a technical aspect, but in the case of content marketing, you need to first think about the audience.

●     SEMrush For Topic Research:

SEMrush For Topic Research

SEMrush offers you the topic research tool that helps you find trendy topics, catchy headlines, and useful content ideas.

You can search for topics in a particular city or country with this tool.

You can also change the view of the topics into explorer for the facility of working with tables, Overview for a condensed version, and mindmap for a visual representation of issues.

SEMrush Traditional Keyword Research:

If you think traditional keyword research tools are useless and backdated, then you are entirely wrong.

SEMrush offers you a variety of keyword research tools.

Traditional keyword research is one of the most basic and useful keyword research approaches to SEMrush.

●     SEMrush Keyword Overview For A Quick Analysis

SEMrush Keyword Overview For A Quick Analysis

If you want to analyze your keywords in the most natural way, then Keyword Overview is perfect for you.

You can analyze the keywords with all primary keyword metrics- CPC, volume, ad copy, competition in paid search, and more.

●     SEMrush Keyword Overview For Ad History Report


You can use the Ad History Report tool to know the history of a particular keyword.


You can see all the domains that have used the keyword in the last 12 months.

You can also track the ad traffic, ad price, and the total number of ads for that specific keyword.

●     SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool For Building Right Keyword List

Keyword Magic Tool is a potent tool that helps you build a keyword master list.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool For Building Right Keyword

You can analyze all the keywords deeply related to your niche.

This tool comes with some great features like- Match Modifier, Questions Filter, Advanced filters.

●     SEMrush Keyword Difficulty For Finding Less Competition Keywords

SEMrush Keyword Difficulty For Finding Less Competition Keywords

Keyword Difficulty estimates how it would be for your website to outrank your competitors for a particular keyword in a percentage format.

Look at the SEMrush keyword dificulty score

Except for difficulty, the tool also shows the monthly volume of a keyword, SERP features, and more.

SEMrush Competitor Keyword Research:

In the competitor-based keyword research, you get seed websites that have already made it to the SERP.

SEMrush offers you a variety of tools to gather information about competitor keyword research.

●     SEMrush Organic Research For Discover Organic Competitors

Organic Research For Discover Organic Competitors

With Organic Research, you can track your organic Competitors and analyze the keywords they rank for. 

You can get an in-depth analysis of all the keywords used by your competitors.

●     SEMrush Advertising Research For Paid Search

SEMrush Advertising Research For Paid Search

With Advertising Research, you can track your paid search Competitors.

In this report, you can find your Competitors’ paid search traffic, their paid keywords, and more.

●     SEMrush Keyword Gap For Comparing Keywords –

SEMrush Keyword Gap For Comparing Keywords

Keyword Gap tool allows you to compare your keyword profile with your Competitors side by side.

SEMrush’s Keyword Gap helps you understand where your competitors are outperforming you.

This tool shows you the keywords your competitors are ranking for, but you are not.

SEMrush For Tracking Keyword Performances:

Once you are done with researching keywords and bidding the cost-effective ones, you can track your performance in organic and paid search.

Compare your performance with your competitors’.

You need to set up the position tracking tool to your site so that you can check your keywords’ daily rankings.

SEMrush For Tracking Keyword Performances

With SEMrush Position Tracking, you can also target multiple device types, locations, local competitors, and more.

SEMrush For Advanced Keyword Research Tactics:

SEMrush offers you a group of advanced features for keywords and SERP analysis.

Let’s have a look at some of the advanced features:

●     SEMrush For Organic Traffic Insights:

Organic Traffic Insights combines data from your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush account.


SEMrush’s organic traffic insights help you analyze your natural search performance by giving you the most accurate data.

●     SEMrush For CPC Map:

SEMrush For CPC Map

If you want to promote your business locally, then CPC Map is specifically helpful for you.

This tool shows you the cost of advertising in different cities and states.

●     SEMrush For PPC Keyword Tool:

SEMrush For PPC Keyword Tool

PPC Keyword Tool can show you which keywords are worth your investment and help you plan your ad campaigns.

This tool of SEMrush can provide keyword CPC and search volume for a particular city or region.

●     SEMrush For Sensor:

SEMrush For Sensor

SEMrush’s Sensor informs you if there are any sudden fluctuations in the search rankings.

●     SEMrush For Post Tracking:

SEMrush For Post Tracking

SEMrush’s Post Tracking tool helps you track the performance of your content on various external sources.

●     SEMrush For Traffic Analytics:

SEMrush For Traffic Analytics

With SEMrush’s Traffic Analytics, you can study your competitors’ traffic sources, determine the type of page you should add to your site, understand the traffic distribution of your competitors.

Check The Glossary Of Keyword Research Terms To Do Better Research With SEMrush:

Keyword- Search term comprising of a word or phrase that is used in an online search.

Ad keyword- A search term for paid search results.

Search Volume- A keyword metric that shows the number of searches for a specific Keyword in a given timeframe.

Keyword Difficulty- An estimation of how pricey a keyword can be or how difficult it would be to rank high in organic search for a keyword.

Keyword Type- Generally, it refers to the length of the keyword:

●     Short Keywords-

Keywords are known as short tail, consisting of a word or two, broad target audience, and a low rate of conversion.

●     Long Keywords-

Keywords known as long-tail, consisting of at least four or more words, target a high rate of conversion and engagement.

Search Intent- Search intent is the specific intention behind each search term:

There are four types of search intent:

●     Informational-

When the intention is just to get information on a topic or an answer to a question. (e.g., ‘how to bake a cake’)

●     Navigational- 

When you search for something to find a specific product, service, or brand. (e.g., ‘Instagram’)

●     Commercial-

When the intention is to consider a buy or investigate something as an option for purchasing. (e.g., ‘Best smartphones’)

●     Transactional-

When you are actively looking for something to buy. (e.g., ‘buy smartphone’)

Web Traffic- Web traffic refers to the flow of visitors who are coming to your website:

There are two primary traffic sources:

●     Organic search traffic-

Visitors who come from an unpaid or natural search engine.

●     Paid traffic-

Visitors who come from an advertisement or a paid source.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the process of growing your website traffic through organic search results.

PPC- Pay Per Click is a model of advertising to bring traffic to your website via paid search results.

There are three types of payment:

●     CPC- Cost per click is you have to pay once your ad is clicked.

●     CPM- Cost per impression is when you have to pay for the number of times your ad is shown.

●     CPA- Cost per acquisition means that you only pay once your goal is achieved.

CTR (Click-Through-Rate)- 

The percentage of visitors who clicked on your webpage in the search results.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page)- The number of webpages shown by a search engine for a specific search term.

SERP Feature- An added part of the information that comes with the search results.

There is a variety of SERP features like Featured Snippet, Local Pack, etc.

SEMrush For SEO Analysis:

SEMrush offers a variety of tools that are the complete solution for your SEO needs.

●     SEMrush Domain Overview:

Domain overview offers you the SEO strategies of your competitors, their referring domains, ranked Keywords, and more.

●     SEMrush Traffic Analytics:

Traffic analytics gives you information like the source of your Competitors’ traffic, bounce rate, referring websites, and more.

●     SEMrush Organic Research:

SEMrush Organic Research

With SEMrush, you can analyze your Competitors’ organic search results and their strategies.

●     SEMrush Keyword Gap:

SEMrush Keyword Gap

With SEMrush’s Keyword Gap, you can find the top keywords that your competitors rank for, but you don’t.

You can compare up to 5 domains for Keywords.

●     SEMrush Backlink Gap:

SEMrush Backlink Gap

Backlink Gap lets you compare your backlink profile with up to 5 domains and helps you detect the websites that link to your competitors but not you.

●     SEMrush Keyword Overview:

SEMrush Keyword Overview

In this tool, SEMrush offers you some vital metrics for Keywords like volume, competition level, SERP features, and more.

●     SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool:

SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool offers you millions of keywords, new exciting topics, long-tail and question keywords, and many more features.

●     SEMrush Keyword Difficulty:

With SEMrush’s Keyword Difficulty, you can estimate how difficult it is to rank high for your targeted keywords.

●     SEMrush Organic Traffic Insights:

SEMrush helps you track how changes in your rankings can affect conversion rate and user behavior with this tool.

●     SEMrush Backlink Analytics:

SEMrush Backlink Analytics

Backlink Analytics enables you to analyze your competitors’ backlink profile and offers you new link building opportunities.

●     SEMrush Backlink Audit:

SEMrush Backlink Audit

With SEMrush’s backlink audit, you can easily remove toxic backlinks and integrate the examination with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Majestic data.

●     SEMrush Link Building Tool:

This tool of SEMrush helps you find the best backlink opportunities in your niche.

Watch this guide for link building tool –

You can also spot lost and broken backlinks easily.

●     SEMrush Position Tracking:

With position tracking, you can easily track your local rankings in different devices and analyze SERP features.

●     SEMrush Sensor:

SEMrush’s Sensor helps you get SERP volatility and Keywords volatility across different countries and cities.

●     SEMrush Site Audit:

SEMrush Site Audit

Site audit shows you the issues of your website that need to fix, and you can audit your site with on-page and technical SEO checks.

●     SEMrush SEO Content Template:

This tool of SEMrush offers you ready-to-use content templates for SEO and tips on improving Keywords, backlinks, and more.

●     SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker:

SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker

Optimize your website step by step and focus on the pages that have the highest traffic potential.

SEMrush For Competitive Website Analysis:

SEMrush offers various tools to help you outperform your competitors.

●     SEMrush For Identify Your Organic Competitors:

First, you need to identify your organic Competitors who are ranked higher by your audience.

●     SEMrush For Monitoring Your Competitors’ Search Rankings:

SEMrush For Monitoring Your Competitors' Search Rankings

The position tracking tool helps you monitor your Competitors’ daily rankings and the keywords they are ranked for.

SEMrush For Monitoring Your Competitors' Search Rankings

●     SEMrush For Comparing Your Domain’s Keyword Portfolio to Your Competitors’:

SEMrush For Comparing Your Domain's Keyword Portfolio to Your Competitors

The Keyword Gap tool of SEMrush lets you compare your keyword portfolio with up to five different domains.

●     SEMrush For Discovering New Link Building Opportunities:


SEMrush’s Backlink Gap tool offers you backlink profiles of up to five competitors and helps you identify new link building opportunities.

●     SEMrush For Comparing Up To 200 Domains at Once for Batch Comparison:

SEMrush For Comparing Up To 200 Domains at Once for Batch Comparison

The Quick Batch tool of SEMrush enables you to compare your backlink profile to 200 URLs from various websites.

●     SEMrush For Uncovering Your Competitors’ Social Media Activities:

Add your competitors’ domains to track social media activities –


Look at the competitor’s overall performance –

Look at the competitor's overall performance

To deeper analysis –


Find most using hashtags of your competitors –


SEMrush’s Social Media Tracker lets you compare your social media profile with your competitors based on three metrics: audience, activity, and engagement.

10 Things Not to Ignore on SEMrush Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer:

Here I am going to tell you ten things that you didn’t know about SEMrush Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer.

●     SEMrush For Market Explorer:


SEMrush’s Market Explorer provides you information about market overview, your competitors in the market, audience interest, and more.

●     SEMrush For Top Pages:


SEMrush Traffic Analytics comes with this feature that shows you the list of most visited pages for any domain.

●     SEMrush For Audience Overlap:


Audience Overlap is a feature of SEMrush Traffic Analytics that shows the amount of your target audience that you share with your competitors.

●     SEMrush For Traffic Sources in Detail:


SEMrush shows you the sources of your Competitors’ organic, paid, referral, social media traffic.

●     SEMrush For Mobile and Desktop Traffic:


SEMrush offers you data reports for your mobile and desktop traffic and lets you analyze the traffic at different levels.

●     SEMrush For Historical Data:


If you are a paid user of SEMrush Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer, then you can get access to the historical data since April 2016.

●     SEMrush For Regional Behavioral Analytics:


SEMrush helps you understand the regional representation of your and your competitors’ business by analyzing visitor behavior.

●     SEMrush For Destination Sites:


With this feature, you can understand where the audience goes from your website and get a sense of your customers’ activities.

●     SEMrush For Subdomains:


Once you analyze the subdomains of your competitors, you get to know the site’s strengths, weaknesses, sales volume.

●     SEMrush For Bulk Analysis:


With SEMrush’s Bulk Analysis, you can rank up to 200 websites in a click and save a lot of time.

Alexa Marketing Stack & Website Traffic Analysis Pricing Plans:


Alexa Marketing Stack’s advanced version comes at $149 per month, and the Traffic Analysis insight plan begins at $79 per month.

SEMrush Pricing Plans:

SEMrush Pricing Plans
  • SEMrush Pro plan comes at $99.95 per month.
  • The Guru plan costs $199.95 per month.
  • SEMrush Business plan comes at $399.95 monthly.
  • The Enterprise plan’s price depends on your requirement.

What Are The SEMrush Pros And Cons?

SEMrush Pros:

● Tracking.

● Research.

● Drill down analytics.

● Comprehensive dashboard.

SEMrush Cons:

● Better UI.

● Huge learning curve.

What Are The Alexa Tool Pros And Cons?

Alexa Pros:

● Web traffic analysis.

● Page ranking.

● Site comparison.

Alexa Cons:

● Ad campaigns.

● Data delivery.

● Dashboard.

● Keywords tag suggestions.

SEMrush Vs Alexa Tools: Which Is Winner & Right For You?

The simple and short answer –

SEMrush should be right for any type of marketers, bloggers, small businesses, and agencies.

SEMrush is overall WINNER if you compare it with the Alexa tool based on the SEO, PPC, and social media campaign features.

Alexa tool should be right for large enterprises to go but SEMrush is also can beats here as well.

Now, it’s your turn to judge by yourself by using both of them.

SEMrush offers our readers to get 14 days FREE trial! Click here to get.

If you want to go with SEMrush Competitive Intelligence Add-on and others Add-on then CLICK HERE to Get Your 7 Days SEMrush PRO+CI Add-On FREE Trial Now!

Alexa tool that is also offering FREE trial!

  • Marketing Stack:
  1. Advanced Plan 14 Days FREE trial

2. Agency Plan 30 Days FREE trial

  • Website Traffic Analysis:

3. Insight Plan 7 Days FREE trial

I’d highly recommanded you to go with SEMrush to get more benefits for your marketing campaign.

FAQ About The SEMrush vs. Alexa Tool Comparison In 2021 For Small Businesses:

What is SEMrush Traffic Analytics?

SEMrush Traffic Analytics is a competitive research tool that gives you in-depth data about your competitors’ traffic and the market.

How is an Alexa rank measured?

Alexa rank is calculated by combining estimated daily unique visitors and the estimated number of page views of the domain over the last three months.

How can I view a website’s Alexa rank?

To check Alexa rank, install the Alexa Toolbar on your browser.

Then you need to visit the official Alexa website and enter your full domain name to see the Alexa rank.

Is Alexa’s ranking system reliable?

There are different opinions on Alexa’s ranking system.

Some website owners think that Alexa’s ranking system is not trustworthy, while some website owners do find it reliable.

Does Alexa offer a free trial of its service?

Yes, Alexa offers different types of free trials for their various plans.

Is Alexa’s data available via an API?

Yes, you can get a reliable feed of Alexa data as a part of the Alexa web information service.

How does Alexa count backlinks?

Alexa counts the number of sites linking to your website by counting the number of sites in Alexa’s crawl of the web.

How do I contact Alexa?

If you want to contact Alexa, then you need to submit a request for your question.

Is SEMrush Traffic Analytics right for me?

SEMrush offers you the best traffic analysis tool in the market.

As your traffic grows, you want to compete and outperform your competitors.

With SEMrush Traffic Analytics, you can get complete access to your competitors and your audience.

Conclusion About The SEMrush vs. Alexa Tool Comparison In 2021 For Small Businesses:

I hope you can make your decision now more comfortable than before to choose either SEMrush or Alexa SEO tools.

Who uses Alexa marketing stack and website traffic analysis tool?

If you want to start with only traffic analysis for any website, then the Alexa tool is right for you.

If you want to start with SEO tools, such as keyword research, backlinks analysis, competitive intelligence, and traffic analysis, then the Alexa tool offers separately for traffic analysis.

Who uses SEMrush?

If you want to start with keyword research on any aspect of SEO and marketing, then SEMrush is the best choice for you.

If you’re a start-up, any type of blogger, Marketers, small, mid, and extensive business owner, and enterprise or agencies, then SEMrush is worth for money.

And if you compare with the price, then SEMrush beats Alexa for overall features.

I’d highly recommend you to go with SEMrush today!

You can get SEMrush 14 days free trial now from this unique URL!

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Please comment below if you want to share your story or thought about SEMrush Vs. Alexa SEO tools.

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