SEMrush Review 2021: Why Use It For Roofing SEO Campaign?

I hope you’ve heard much time about the SEMrush SEO tool and like to know why to use SEMrush for small business agencies, so you are the right place about ultimate SEMrush review 2021.

If you are looking for the best SEO tools for your company’s SEO ranking rush, so this post is right for you and now I am going to talk about from this post SEMRUSH tools in-depth review.

I was using this tool for a long time and I know better about it the pros and cons.

Did you ever think that why most of the influences recommending this tool as their favorite?

I am sure there is something better with this tool; therefore, everyone is suggested to use it.

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Ultimate SEMrush All In One SEO Tool Review In 2021 – How Important To Use for Your Small business SEO Campaign:

What is SEMRUSH?

Want to know what is SEMrush used for?

SEMRUSH is one of the best SEO tools which is a help to doing in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, Backlinks analysis to site Audit, and many more things related to search engine marketing.

Nowadays, Google is becoming very smart and therefore organic traffic is not easy to increase.

To increase traffic in it to rank first in the organic search result and therefore it will take time to  Research and good effort to find high performing keywords.

Please have a look at the video tutorial to learn how you can find profitable keyword research by using SEM RUSH tool.

How you can find a profitable keyword in your small business industry 2021?

You need to find the keywords which are used by top blogs in your niche. How they are using keywords for their content creation. You will get a better idea to create content for your content marketing strategy to increase organic search traffic.

Let’s have a look at the details of the SEMRUSH review to find what it is offered.

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SEMrush Company Overview:

Humorous started 2008 with a small group of SEO and its expert. They have been continuing to progress their tool world best leading competitive research services for internet marketing.

They have now over 10-years of experience and 500 employees in countries.

Sem rush was founded

by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov as a Search engine marketing tool.

You can visit here to read more about SEMRUSH.

SEMrush Tool Overview in 2021:

In the SEMrush review, you can find a lot of information on several aspects that improve your SEO.

What is your plan? if your competitor is beating you badly in your organic search result.

Sem rush is one of the most powerful SEO tools in the world that can help you to do more depth competition analysis.

How does Semrush help you to do your content marketing strategy?

There are a lot of features of the SEMrush SEO tool that you can use for your content marketing strategy.

It will help you to do keyword research, track your competitor keywords strategy, you can run an SEO audit of your website, and find the backlink opportunities.

Sem rush is trusted by online marketing experts all over the world.

This SEO tool is used by a lot of businesses like small big medium and the major companies they are using such as Fobs, Paypal, Hyatt, etc.

They have a great number of the database of over 46 million domains and 120 million keywords.

Why Should You Buy SEMrush Account in 2021?

Look 12 most important reasons to use or register on SEMrush for your content marketing strategy:

  1. THE Semrush SEO tool does more effective keyword research.
  2. Sem rush does comparative competitive intelligence
  3. Semrush SEO Help to Do Analyze and Strategize
  4. With SEMrush Identify New Keyword Opportunities
  5. Lets Track Your Past and Current Rankings With SEMrush
  6. With SEMrush You Can Analyze Your Competitor’s Competition
  7. Don’t Need to Lose on Your Existing audience with SEMrush
  8. Look out Better Advertising Opportunities with SEMrush
  9. With SEMrush You Can Find Advertising Opportunities Before Your Competitors Go
  10. With SEM rush You Can Create a Better Guest Blogging Strategy
  11. You Can Handle Panda Updates Better with SEMrush
  12. SEMrush Does Performs Backlink Analysis

To know more about all these, you might go to this post.

A Table Of Main Differences Between SEMrush and SEMrush Top Competitor Ahrefs Features:




SEMrush Killer Features:

SEMrush Most Accurate Data For A Keyword Search Volume:

To make your SEO and PPC campaigns, you need to choose the right keywords but the most important thing to know about a keyword that is search volume data.


If you fail to choose the right one because of inaccurate search volume data, then it’s going to waste of time and money.


Therefore, SEO and PPC industry experts are recommending to choose the right tools like SEMrush.


SEMrush is the all in one marketing toolkit, and it’s frequently updating their database and helping through the most relevant and accurate data.



Here’s a jump shot, you must look at it below-

Benefits Of SEMrush Accurate Data For A Keyword Search Volume:

As you know, there is a massive advantage for accurate data for choosing a keyword.


You can’t find only a keyword search volume data.


With SEMrush, you can uncover the keywords trend, cost per click, competitive density, keyword difficulty, SERP features, click potential, and help you to find the top SERP competitors.


SEMrush also offers to filters like Broad match, Phrase match, Exact match, related and questions types keywords to find within just a few seconds.


With SEMrush, Find top organic traffic and competitors PPC keywords list of a website.



You can get a massive amount of right keywords with the most accurate data.


All the metrics help you to boost your SEO and PPC campaigns much faster.


SEMrush is offering 60+ SEO, PPC, Content marketing & social media tools in a single place.


But if you fail to choose the right tool, then it’ll be the major mistake in 2021.

SEMrush Massive Keyword Database For Google:

If you want to find more keyword ideas for keyword research, then SEMrush is the perfect place.


SEMrush offers huge keyword database, and that helps you to do more better research for SEO and PPC campaigns.



If you want to know the SEMrush keyword database, it now exceeds 20 billion, and you can’t find such largest database to any other tools in the web.



Here are the official stats for SEMrush and SEMrush competitor called ahrefs tool-


Ahrefs- (10,2B keywords) 

Ahrefs stats For Keyword Index

SEMrush- (20B keywords) 

SEMrush stats

SEMrush stats For Keyword Magic Tool

Now you can understand that why any other tools can’t beat SEMrush.

Now Look At The Benefits Of SEMrush Keyword Database-


● More keyword database means better your keyword research.


● Find more keyword ideas.


● Easy to find faster rankable keywords


● The most extensive database can help you to find an uncommon niche keyword more comfortable.


● Segment your terms with the topic


● Start a detailed analysis of selected keywords to find the best and right one.


● Easy to export the list of keywords to other SEMrush tools


● Find Geo targeting keywords for local business.


● Use the filters to find the low competition, word count to your desire search volume keyword.


There are several advantages of SEMrush keyword magic tools.

SEMrush 100% Accurate Position Tracking Report In The Web:



Once you become SEMrush user so you can get data updates, mobile ranking status daily basis by default and you don’t need to go for any additional payments or add-ons.



If you’re an SEO expert, SEMrush position tracking tool is excellent to check your organic search rankings.


SEMrush offers all the users the essential tracking functions.



SEMrush position tracking tool is showing local level volume data for all users and any plan you’re subscribed.



But if you compare with the SEMrush top competitor like Ahrefs tool.


So, With Ahrefs, you have to pay extra to upgrade to advanced plan $399 if you want to get more frequent updated data every 3 days and mobile ranking status.


And Ahrefs is offering another option to upgrade to Rank tracker pro if you want to get daily updates then buy additional price $50 for 500 keywords of your current subscription plan.


For example, Check it out (




Benefits Of SEMrush Position Tracking-


● Check your organic rankings over time.


● Compare your rankings to your competitors.


● Find new opportunities to rank on top SERP.


● Monitor your keywords position fluctuations


● Compare side by side organic rankings you and your competitors.


● Paid search ( Google ads) ranking results


● Use filters to find SERP features keywords.


● Identify the top performing landing page of a website.


● Monitor a website performance for different locations and devices.


● Discover the SERP featured snippet opportunities


● Group your keywords with tags


● Make visual reports 

● Find historical data

● Find the accurate Google ranking data


And so, on.


SEMrush Awesome & Professional SEO Reporting:


Managing all the data in one single place is much essential.


You might want to make a report for yourself, your team leader, your boss or your clients.


It’ll help you to create a report much more comfortable.


With the SEMrush SEO reporting tool, you can track all the KPIs as per as your require.



If you want to make custom reports like visually appealing PDF, brand name including report, white-label reports, then SEMrush is the ultimate tools for you.


Not only custom reports, with SEMrush, but you can also schedule the reports, and it offers to the integration with Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Search Console.



But if you want to look at the SEMrush top competitor (Ahrefs), you can’t find any separately reporting services, and however, no subscribers can create and schedule custom reports.




Benefits Of SEMrush SEO and PPC Reporting-


● Create customize and schedule PDF reports for your clients/boss


● Create 50 marketing metrics reports without spending colossal time like manually


● An excellent option to use “set and forget” templates


● Create customize and brand name for your reports


● SEMrush SEO reports are included with an overview of traffic, keywords, backlinks and technical issues data for any website.


● SEMrush competitor research report uncovers the overall marketing strategy of your competitor’s website.


● SEMrush technical SEO report is showing 200+ technical errors of your clients site.


● SEMrush organic search report uncovers all the ranking keywords for any website.


● SEMrush advertising research report shows the paid search methods, budgets, keywords and ads copies.


● With the SEMrush Google ads report, you can build a report on keywords impressions, clicks, CTR and CPC for Google ads campaign.


● SEMrush is also offering Google My Business report to find search and customer engagement details data.



● Create a new report by drag and drop


● Save time by using the schedule and send your reports to your clients for daily, weekly or monthly basis.





With SEMrush, Find Toxic Links To Monitor And Recover Google Penalty:


Do you want to polish your or client website bad quality backlinks?


If yes, then SEMrush is the best place to find and make a detailed analysis of toxic backlinks of any website you want.


You are allowed to get the latest toxic score and toxic marketers to move for the outreach.



With the SEMrush Backlink Audit, you can find toxic website details with just a few clicks.



But if you want to compare with Ahrefs, then you should know that Ahrefs doesn’t offer any toxic markers at all.





Benefits Of SEMrush Backlink Audit For Toxic Links To Monitor And Recover Google Penalty-



● Check your or client website backlink portfolio. 


● Save your or client website from Google penalties.


● Find the list of malicious websites backlinks to remove or Google disavow


● Know your website overall toxic score


● Find the new, broken and lost backlinks.


● Make a list of the toxic domain to ask the owner to remove


● Send. txt file directly to the Google disavow tool


● Make your website backlink profile clean and regular recrawls





SEMrush All In One Content Marketing Platform:


SEMrush content marketing toolkit loved most of the content marketers and bloggers because of content optimization, creation tools.



And many unique features make your content to the next level.


Here are the unique features of SEMrush Content Marketing Platform-



● SEO Writing Assistant

● On-Page SEO Checker

● SEO Content Template

● Content Audit

● Post Tracking

● Brand Monitoring




But if you want to know about the SEMrush competitor, 


Ahrefs Content Explorer, They are also great to find the most popular content on any topic you search.




Benefits Of SEMrush All In One Content Marketing Platform-



With SEMrush content marketing platform, you can combine your creativity and analytics on your workflow.


If you want to provide value to the audience, then you must have a unique content experience.


Here are the quick steps to improve content strategy with SEMrush content marketing platform-


● Do Research

● Make a plan

● Start writing

● Optimize the content

● Analysis your content with top SERP results

● Measures

● Improve


To start research, you need to find a topic to get instant ideas to make engaging content.


Create a plan, and collaborate with the team, share your tasks. You can also track your team progress.


SEMrush content marketing toolkit is the right place for content marketers and bloggers to manage all the task in one place.

SEMrush Vs Ahrefs: Which One Is The Best And Why?-



SEMrush is the most popular all in one marketing toolkit on the web, and no tool can be compared with all in one single place within the budget.


But Ahrefs tool is excellent only for SEO. If you want to get PPC and social media toolkit, then it’s not for you.


And if you’re an agency or enterprise, then Ahrefs is a much higher cost than SEMrush.


I’ve recently found, few issues or negative things about Ahrefs for Keyword search volume data.


Please have a look at the below-

If you want to know what is best for you? 


Is it Ahrefs or SEMrush?





You should go with SEMrush!

SEMrush Is Winner

SEMrush is more better accurancy than Ahrefs.

See it –


Everyone love to see the accurate data for Keyword search volume to rank tracking information.



I’d highly recommended you to check SEMrush 14 days free trial for Pro and Guru – Click here!




SEMrush Pro + CI Add-on 7 days free trial now! – Go here!



Don’t believe my experience blindly.


You might also try Ahrefs to judge by yourself!


In this case, you can’t find a free trial.


You can pay $7 to get 7 days free trial! Click here!


Why Should You Use it? See The SEMrush Review 2021 Below, How to Use for a Quick SEO Audit with:

All domains and come in the same size and safe so every website will be a different story for everybody.

But the important thing is to organize and maintain good health for your website for Search Engine Optimisation.

Semrush site audit has 120 checks for all SEO issues like duplicate content, duplicate content, technical issues, etc lots more and this tool has the ability to crawl a website up to 20000 pages per audit if you are a sign up for a business subscription so it has capacity 100 thousand pages to crawl per audit.

SEMrush Paid Plan and Free Plan Number of Pages to Crawl Limits in 2021:

  1. SEMrush “Free” Plan: 100 pages per month
  2. SEMrush Paid Plan “Pro”: 100,000 pages per month
  3. SEMrush Paid Plan “Guru: 300,000 pages per month
  4. SEMrush Paid Plan “Business: 1,000,000 pages per month

Let’s start to perform a quick SEO audit with the SEMrush SEO tool.

SEMrush offer several ranges of function to analyze web pages for search engine and give you the result based on their performance.

In this section, you are going to learn how you can identify opportunities for and determine what your competitors are doing.

Find the organic traffic and targeted market for Samsung graph on SEMrush for example.

You can have a look at the data to identify below:

SEMrush Review for organic traffic and targeted market on Samsung graph

SEMrush offers the domain for other country’s data, how it is performing in those areas.

SEMrush Review for the domain for other countries data

A Quick Reviewing of SEMrush for Small Business Keyword Research 2021:

With SEMrush you can do keyword research with keyword magic tool along with you can improve your targeting keyword ranking by SEMrush tool kit and there is another option to find out the keyword ranking position to audit for optimizing your or any website.

I am not going to talk about very deep or how to use a keyword magic tool for better keyword research.

But the most important thing you need to find out the user intake before doing any keyword research with any tool or SEMrush.

There is the little type of yours you can sort out by category:

  • Head Tail keyword
  • Mid-tail keyword
  • Longtail keyword

If you want to know deeper about how to choose the profitable keyword for your website so you may read this post.

Learn Backlink Audit For Any Agencies With SEMrush From This 2021 Review:

There are many tools for backlink profile analysis but SEMrush is also one of the best tools that it helps you how to do backlink analysis of any website backlink profile but I am not giving them the top 5 it can be under top 10 tools for backlink opportunities.

I will tell to the pros and cons of SEMrush in below that you can read why I have suggested it is not the top 5 tool for backlink opportunities.

With the SEMrush backlink analysis tool, you can find follow and no follow backlinks, the number of referring domain, backlink anchor text, and index pages result for any website you like to do backlink research.

I would highly suggest you read this post where I have written and given the images for backlink analysis.

For example image:

SEMrush Review for backlinks comparison

By doing backlink analysis of your competitor’s site you will be able to find new link building opportunities to build your own website backlink very smoothly.

You can also learn how to look at your competitor’s backlink profile with SEMrush for gap analysis to find the backlink gap.

SEMrush for Your Small Business Competitor Analysis in 2021:

This is one of the golden chances to find out the secret information of your competitors.

By doing competitors analysis of any website you can find out a lot of information about your competitors such as on-page details, their keyword targeting, and ranking position, along with you can find out the backlink and paid ads opportunities.

You might read this post

For SEMrush quick batch comparison tool which is very handy to compare your site with multiple competitor’s websites.

This will allow you up to 200 domains at once to compare.

You can find with SEMrush all these for ON-PAGE SEO:


  • Broken links
  • Broken images
  • Duplicated content
  • Tags: title, description, H1, ALT text
  • Internal links
  • URL structure
  • Encoding
  • Ratio text/HTML
  • Status codes: 200, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx

WPO Aspects:

  • DNS connections
  • Encoding
  • Redirects
  • Site speed

Migration Web Issues:

  • Crawl up to 50,000 URLs
  • Historical analysis
  • Crawl comparison: before and after


  • Global
  • Local
  • Per device

In my final words, it is very helpful to optimize a site quick SEO audit with the SEMrush tool.

If you don’t have an account in SEMrush pro so you might click this link to get a free 7 days trial on the SEMrush premium account now!

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What is CPC and How to Use SEMrush for Google Ads (PPC) Paid Search in 2021:

CPC is call cost per click advertising pay per click advertising for PPC advertising.

This is one of the paid marketing tactics to get rank on the search engine in an organic search result to get highly niche audience at the lowest price and achieving the goal by attracting the relevant visitor.

CPC advertising is a model where you need to pay for every individual click on your ad.

There is another model which is called CPM where you need to pay for 1000 Impressions.

With this SEMrush tool, you can monitor analyze the most important step for PPC campaigning but it is not the powerful tool that I would recommend you.

You can do the most important steps for your PPC campaign which is:

  • Advertising research
  • Keywords gap
  • Use the keyword magic tool.
  • PPC keyword tool
  • Adding a group for PPC keyword tool on SEMrush

You must go to this post to know the more detailed setup for your PPC campaign with SEMrush.

What SEMRush ToolKit Does For Your Small Business SEO:

There are many features that have into the SEMrush SEO tool.

SEMrush one of the favourite tools for SEO.

You can find there are many marketing experts recommended in it as a popular tool for SEO.

You will have great success if you properly use this tool for your SEO campaign.

You can find these are the basic features below that are enough for a marketer to do who audit of a website.

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. Site Audit.
  3. Keyword Ranking.
  4. Backlink Source
  5. Site Positioning
  6. Content Creation with Keyword
  7. Competitive Analysis.

SEMrush  Seo tool is designed for all type of business small medium and large business. Or if you are a blogger and looking for the low competition good profitable keywords that can bring you the organic search traffic so this is the right tool to go now.

You can do with SEMrush all the research in a single online dashboard.

I have been leading business for more than 10 years and most of the time I often asked by my client who wanted to look at their competitor online activity and I always suggest go for this tool to find all.

The SEMrush Dashboard looks an example:

The SEMrush Dashboard looks

Why it is the best tool because it will be providing you with the solutions for all your marketing needs with just a single click.

I am sure that most of the market will be agreed with me because it’s offering very accurate information.

There is good news is it is offering SEMrush deals 14 days free trial if you don’t have an account on the SEMrush tool yet so you might go through this URL to get 14 days free trial now.

I would highly suggest you to use it daily basis to monitor your website traffic, ranking and keywords along with you can use it for your competitor website as well.

Recently I have written a guide where you can learn from how to use the SEMrush tool kit for content marketing, SEO, PPC, and for a social media campaign.

 40 ways you can use SEMrush tool to get your SEO data as you need:

I would highly suggest you to go to learn from this guide to know how you can use SEMrush in 40 ways to get SEO data.

SEMRush Review for Google Ads (PPC)Paid search in 2021:

PPC Pro research is an important step to the advertising success of any online business.

Whether it is for your website or your client website the most important steps to know the competitor’s strategy for getting success online for PPC or SEO campaigning.

If you can find the actual strategy that how your competitors are getting success so it will enable you to increase your return on investment (ROI) dramatically.

At first, you need to know how much your competitors are spending on Google AdWords ads and what making your competitors grow their business.

Where you can find the opportunities to move forward for your business?

Yes, we are so lucky that we have a tool that can easily find a list of your competitors and spy all of their strategies for SEO and PPC campaigns that you might follow.

SEMRush is one of the digital marketing research tools that can help marketers turn insight into action.

It will show you the hidden secret of your competitor’s success stories.

It is not only a PPC tool that can help you with your Google AdWords campaign.

They have several options for every marketing method such as

  • Keyword research
  • Backlink research
  • Website audit
  • Social media audit
  • Content gap finder

And so on.

I’m not going to deep in this topic but you can find from this post that I have there recently how you can use the SEMRush toolkit for your marketing campaigning.

To PPC campaign performance for your competitor website, you just need to simply enter the URL of your competitor on  SEMRush dashboard and it will show you all the reports such as:

  • Monthly budget for average.
  • Paid and organic search traffic volume.
  • The number of keywords their targeting.
  • Ads position of their and fluctuation over time.
  • Find the CPC estimate of your competitors.
  • Landing page URL of your competitors.
  • Find the ad copy and their history as well.
  • Subdomains in advertising.
  • It can preview the actual Google SERP (search engine result pages).
  • PLA shopping ads.
  • Video Ads
  • Display advertising

Lot more…

Let’s have a look the example of a SEMRush PPC research tool to find out the complete overview of PPC keyword of your competitor for any website:

Look at the Image for SEMRush PPC Research overview:

SEMrush Review for PPC Research overview

Look at the Image for PPC keywords tool overview:

SEMrush Review for paid-keywords-analysis

This is one of the great options to find out the ad copy of your competitors.

You don’t need to find Google search for ad copy of your or client competitor’s websites.

Here is another one excellent option to find out the PPC ad copy of any business from different countries.

Look at the example for an overview of ads copies:

SEMrush Review for ppc-ad-copies for Historic Google Ads Copies:

If you are willing to know what is your competitor’s at the copy in last month last year they have used and how often they change their ads copies, how they are focusing more on which offer and discount. You will uncover all of them that might be using for your own PPC campaign with SEMRush.

All the marketers are thanking SEMRush that can steal all of the hidden secrets for online marketing success.

The best option is that you can export all these data in Excel and CSV format as well with a single click.

It will save you a huge time to do bulk upload through AdWords editor.

See the example image that you can export all the data with a click.

SEMrush Review for ppc-ad-history

SEMrush for Country-specific data in 2021:

This tool is offering data from 132 different countries separately.

This means you can uncover any site,  targeting a specific market,  budget, keywords, and ads copies of any competitor website.

This is the great hidden gem for you to go more specific.

Look at the example image:

SEMrush Review for country-database

SEMRush real-time and historical data:

This is another great picture to find out the life data in real-time and besides if you like to check your historical data so you might check with this section it is one of the coolest features of the SEMRush tool.

See below:

SEMrush Review for live-data report

Display advertising research reviewing with SEMRush:

To do display advertising research with SEMRush is not only limited to text ads finding. You can also find out the display advertising from the Google display network.

It will help you to find out display ads of your competitors which is running and look at where their website ads are appearing.

SEMrush For YouTube Video Advertising Research In 2021:

This is one of the new features is offering by  SEMRush and it supports countries at the moment in the USA and UK.

Please check the image:

SEMrush Review for video-advertising-research

Google shopping campaign with PLA research in 2021:

I think you might be wondering how you can optimize Google shopping campaigning to make them perfect.

At first, you need to start to find out competitor ads that are appearing on and how they’re appearing along with you can find out the cost what they’re spending on.

SEMRush will help you to do more depth research on Google shopping campaigning performance for any website on the web. it is one of the greatest features which is not offering by any other tool at the moment on the web.

If you are an E-Commerce small business and digital marketing services offering so it’s the greatest features for you and your client.

SEMrush Review for google-shopping-research

It really helps you to collect your competitor list of Google shopping ads that’s means you will have each step of your competitor’s business what they are offering through their ads on Google shopping.

SEMrush Review for pla-competitors

Find out the actual product listing ads of your competitors for PLA AdWords shopping ads:

SEMrush Review for pla-ad-copies-overview

Finally, I would like to tell you that a SEMRush is one of the most important digital marketing research and SEO tool that every successful business today are you using but without it, there is no way to get any online business success.

Why don’t you taste it for your next step for marketing?

If you have no account in the SEMRush PPC research tool yet so you might go to this link to get 14 days trial now for SEMrush FREE Subscription!

To know more details features for SEMrush advertising research so you can go from here.

SEMrush Review 2021 for Keyword Magic Tool:

Semrush is one of the unique approaches to do keyword research by assembling with all essential keyword tools in one place which is a keyword magic tool.

You just need to enter the seed keyword and it will be enough for you to find out the list of relevant keyword around that with SEMRush keyword magic tool.

SEMrush is now supporting 132 countries with over 9.4 billion keywords is there a database now but they’re very fast expanding.

Look at the Image for SEMRush keywords magic tool database:

SEMrush Review for keywords magic tool database

Look at the keyword magic tool example:

SEMrush Review for keyword magic tool example

SEMrush Reviews For Keyword Research of your competitors in 2021:

To do competitive keyword research, the first step is to understand the importance of keyword research.

If you are not writing the same way that your customer talking about you won’t be able to get a place in the organic search result.

There is a lot of popular post about keyword research but if you are not done yet or new for your research so, here are the few steps that you need to follow.

  • Choose your competitors website
  • Collect competitive data
  • Clean your data
  • Group your data
  • Make a competitive keyword table
  • Analyze for opportunities

I’m not going to talk about deep for this topic but this is one of the blog posts that you might read more on this and get more popular resources of this topic.

How to do Competitor site/your site Keyword Position Tracking in 2021 Review with SEMrush SEO Tool:

To start with position tracking features with SEMRush. You will get to open up your position tracking campaign on the overview tab.

You will see e the list of summary of domain visibility, estimated traffic to the domain, and average position for every keyword you are tracking.

Next, you can find the ranking overview section where you can identify you and your competitor’s position to manage the keywords for your campaign.

Let’s start with visibility trend:

Visibility per cent result based on the average position of any domain ranking pages.

If any domain has no ranking on Google top 100 results for any targeted keywords so the visibility will be looking 0%.

And if any domain has the first position of google ranking so it will be looking 100% visibility.

You can find here you and your competitor domain visibility at once and go to the estimated traffic and average position graph as well.

For example image:

SEMrush Review for Position tracking visibility trend

From the section of the estimate, traffic is calculated to result based on the estimated number of people that visit the domain.

This metric is changing daily basis based on daily traffic and website current position.

And for the average position result is showing based on average your all ranking keywords in your campaign. if you are not writing any targeted you are so it will be calculated of the ranking of 100.

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You can easily find the overview report of your competitors by using this tool.

You just need to input fields such as add, change, and remove the competitor site to your campaign.

You will be able to add up to 20 competitors at a time.

For example to look Trend graph and ranking overview of your competitors while you are the configuration of any competitor add it on this tool.

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-overview-add-competitor

You’ll be able to add a unique domain, subdomain, subfolder and URL of any competitors, please check below:

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-overview-add-competitor-url

There is another great option that you can edit your competitor’s list if you have added all the domains already into it.

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-ading-more-competitors-3

There are several ways to manage off your competitor’s discovery report with the SEMRush tool.

You can manage the ranking overview of your competitors such as positions, estimate traffic, and visibility.

Ranking overview:

SEMrush Review for-overview-positions

Customizing Your Table:

SEMrush Review for-pos-tracking-table-settings

Adding Keywords:

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-add-keywords

Delete Keywords from Position Tracking:

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-delete-keywords

Tagging keywords:

SEMrush Review for add-tags

Add or remove tags from any keywords:

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-tags

Advanced Filters and Tags:

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-advanced-tag-filter

SERP Features Filter:

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-local-pack-filter

PDF reporting:

SEMrush Review for-position-tracking-pdf-export

I’d highly recommended you read this post to know more details about Position Tracking Overview for any of your competitor websites within 20 minutes.

SEMrush For Domain vs Domain Comparison Reviewing in 2021:

SEMrush Review For Domain vs Domain Comparison.

This is the perfect tool to get big data for domain authority in comparison with your competitor.

By using SEMRush, you will be able to get big data visualization to conduct a deep and very quick competitive analysis for your marketing campaign.

What you can do with domain vs domain comparison with SEMRush?

  • You can do side by side domains comparison.
  • You check domain common and unique keywords.
  • You can get visualize data.

As you know that there are people are using the same or different keywords searching for and find both of you and your competitor product and services so the SEMRush domain vs domain tool is the right for every business to find the secret profitable keywords list without investing huge time.

SEMrush For PLA Research 2021 Review:

With SEMRush PLA (Product Listing Ads) research you can do the analysis of any advertiser’s Google shopping ad campaign.

  • PLA researches are available on a business level subscription of SEMRush.
  • PLA research report is more powerful for doing e-commerce website analysis.

If you are running an eCommerce business so this is perfect for you to do competitive intelligence on E-Commerce competitors with this tool.

What you can do with the SEMRush PLA research tool?

  • Uncover your competitor’s targeted keywords for product listing ads.
  • Observe the position of your competitor’s shopping ads.
  • You can check the price of your competitor’s products.
  • You can analyze the keywords that trigger each ad.

Why you should use this stone for your product listing ads?

This is the perfect tool that will open your eyes to know more about your competitor’s product and know how they are selling online. This is more vital to boost your sales by product listing ads.


PLA Copies:

SEMrush Review for PLA Research-on-copies-2

PLA Сompetitors:

SEMrush Review for-pla-competitors-report

PLA Positions:

SEMrush Review for-pla-positions

SEMrush Review for-pla-position-2

SEMrush Review for-pla-position-3

SEMrush Review for-pla-position-5

What is the limit of the SEMRush PLA research tool 2021?

  • Free Users – 10
  • Pro Users- 10
  • Guru Users – 10
  • Business Users – Unlimited

A quick note that you should follow while you are going to do PLA research so you need to put your domain or your competitor domain to get the PLA report but if you are entering with keywords while using PLA research so you will get only keywords overview report.

Review of SEMrush for Competitor Analysis in 2021:

With SEMRush you will be able to get insight into your competitor’s all the marketing strategies in display advertising, paid search, organic search, link building, and social media.

it will also help you to find easily analyze what are the best performing keywords of your competitors.

It also allows you to do or get the right profitable keyword for both your SEO and PPC campaign.

Let’s have a look a quick guide on how you can use SEMRush to do analyze your competitor’s website.

at first, you need to login to the dashboard, and then secondly you need to enter the competitor website URL on the search bar.

Next 3rdly, you need to choose which country you like to analyze for your targeted market.

Please have a look:

SEMrush Review for analyze of your targeted market

In the four steps, you should click on organic advertising, PLA,  display ad research and you can click on the backlink section as you like to analyze based on your requirement.

The 5th step, you can click on positions, you can find under the organic research will display the list of keywords where competitors are ranking organically and getting traffic from.

SEMrush Review for list of keywords where competitors are ranking organically

Next, by clicking on positions under advertising research, you will get the paid search position of your competitor is ranking now.

Look at the example:

SEMrush Review for report on paid search position of your competitor

I’m not going to talk about very deep on this section that how you can do complete your competitor website analysis.

I have recently published an article which is talking about how you can do competitor analysis with SEMRush.

You can read the ultimate guide from here.

SEMrush Reviewing for Internal Links in 2021:

Interlinking is one of the most important practices for on-page SEO.

It is the biggest factor in getting SEO rank today.

Here’s I am going to you suggesting you few methodologies to applying to optimize for interlinking your blog or website.

At first, you need to know what is good interlinking.

If you are going to linking your services page several times from content so this is not called a good interlinking. You need to apply the linking to your old post with the proper relevant anchor text which information will help your reader.

You might have noticed Wikipedia interlinking which Google likes and trust more.

Few tips to avoid your interlinking:

  • You should not use a plugin that generates links
  • Don’t use a mega menu on your blog or website.
  • Don’t use automatic linking to a similar post.
  • You should not use automated solutions for your interlinking strategy.
  • You need to care about broken links if they have.
  • Don’t use no-follow attribute just make sure your interlinking with do follow the link.
  • You need to make a mind map for interlinking.

Please have a look the image for example:

Example for internal links

Now the question is how you can optimize your interlinking with the SEMRush site audit tool?

Google said that your link architecture allows the crawler to find your web page very easily and it’s a helpful user if you use it on your site navigation.

SEMRush has developed the perfect tool to find identify the error related to the interlinking of your website and you can fix them very easily.

To start head to your project after setup site audit or create a new one you just need to click on the view details button.

Have a look at the interlinking report with SEMRush for example:

SEMrush Review for-website link architecture-report

After that, you will see all the information about your website link architecture in one place report.

Look at it here:

SEMrush Review for-site-audit-internal-linking-report

Internal link rank:

SEMRush develops interlink rank to identify the important web pages in terms of link architecture.

This will give you the idea that how strong a webpage in terms of the internal linking of your website and the closest number to 100 the stronger page.

Check it out:

SEMrush Review for-internal-linkrank

Internal link error:

this is the most important report for interlinking that will help you to the list of issues of link architecture and it will give you all the guidelines that how you can solve them.

See it below:

SEMrush Review for-internal-link-issues Report

Pages crawl depth:

This will give you the idea and the report with a picture of your link architecture, are they easy to your web page crawl or not.

If you can see so many 4 + clicks pages so that means the crawler might have missed or fail to index your pages.

Look at the sample images:

SEMrush Review for Report of-pages-crawl-depth

The internal links:

This section and graph will show you the incoming and outgoing internal links across your website.

The incoming links section will detect the pages that are difficult to get them.

That you need to pay attention if they have zero or only a few linking points to them.

About the outgoing section it will help you to find overloaded with links you need to consider not more than a hundred links if you have to link to the huge number of links from a single page so you may have to get penalized by Google.

Look at it here:

SEMrush Review for-Incoming and outgoing internal-links report

Internal link distribution:

This is the most important thing to pass link juice from stronger pages to a week page of your website.

This will allow you to find out the web pages that require link juice.

You need to pay attention to ILR of less than 10 of a web page.

Report of SEMrush-internal-link-distribution

Most internal link rank values that passing to a page:

This section will give you the list of the idea of the top strongest pages of your website which is passing link rank value.

If you think you can pass a value to a new for week pages link from this list of strongest pages.

Have a look the example:

SEMrush Review for-pages-passing-most-internal-linkrank

Analyzing Keyword Density with SEOquake – The Video Guide by SEMRush:

You can take advantage and easily determine the most important keywords on a landing page and it will also include a filter on any specific keywords you like to do analysis.

SEMrush Reviews for Keyword Difficulty Checking In 2021:

If you don’t know how to find a keyword difficulty so in this section you will learn how you can find a keyword difficulty with  SEMRush very easily and fast.

The simple three-step you need to know what does keyword difficulty analysis means.

  • The number of pages is currently ranking 1st page for a targeted keyword.
  • The value of a keyword in paid search.
  • The search volume for that term in a month.

Keyword difficulties the best tool for Pro digital marketers which is is called SEMRush.

You can find SEMRush a new keyword difficulty tool to check bulk difficulties in ranking multiple keywords.

If you don’t have register on the SEMRush pro account yet so you might be using 14 days free trial today by click this link.

It’s the great SEMrush black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

After login, your  SEMRush account in it look the left panel on the dashboard to look for a tool section.

Under the tool, you will find the keyword difficulty tool.

Next, you need to click on it and you can enter up to 100 keywords per line to find out keywords difficulty.

You will get the display of your difficulty ranking keywords and grade based on percentage.

SEMrush Review for-keyword-difficulty-tool

How do you know a keyword difficulty score in 2021 from SEMRush?

In General, you can make three groups for a difficulty score while you are using SEMRush.

  • Above 80%: High Difficulty
  • 60% to 80%: Medium Difficulty
  • Below 60%: Low Difficulty

SEMrush Review for-keyword difficulty score

Additional Tips: For Example on Ahrefs tool difficulties score, you can target a list of the domain to building backlinks to getting rank on your targeted keywords.

Look at the image below:


If you are a professional marketer or blogger, I would highly recommend you to use SEMRush for your search engine marketing campaign.

This is the perfect tool for all aspects of marketing.

It’s always helping with several aspects such as keyword difficulties, keyword research, competitor analysis, finding the new backlink opportunities, and many more.

For a more detailed guide on SEMrush keyword difficulty, you can read this post that I published in the past.

If you have any doubts about this tool you can directly contact me through email or do comment below I would happy to help you regarding it.

SEMrush Review for Backlink Audit in 2021:

The ultimate tool to find out any website backlinks very easily and you will discover the new link opportunity for your website.

To get starting with SEMRush at first,  you need to register an account on SEMRush.

If not have yet so you may use this link to click here to get 14 days trial for SEMRush pro account FREE now!

Once you are login on SEMRush, you will go to your dashboard.

SEMRush Dashboard Look

You can find the left-hand sidebar to click on projects and create the first project.

SEMrush Review for creating the first project on SEMrush

After that click on create my first project.

2nd step of create my first project on SEMrush

Now you just need to enter your website URL to give a project name and save it.

Yeah, you can see the example project name is mention backlink audit.

Create a project name on SEMrush

Once you are done, you will have a lot of options on the screen.

Next, you just need to find out backlinks audit and click the setup option.


SEMrush Review for Backlinks audit

Now you just need to select your campaign scope to start your backlink audit.

Look below:

SEMrush Review for campaign scope to start your backlink audit

In the next steps, you will get a pop-up notified that you can connect to Google search console through SEMRush, this is optional features but it will give you more powerful perform your audit if you do it.

Whenever you’re done with all the steps, you just need to wait a few seconds to bring this tool all the complete audit report to you with a notification.

See it here:

SEMrush Review for complete audit report

Your battery audit report should be looking like this:

Example of backlink audit report on semrush

You can run backlink audit it with SEMRush from 3 to 7 minutes only, not more than that if you have a big site. It will save you a huge time with maximum value.

If you like to know more depth to backlink audit it with the SEMrush you should read this post to learn more and if you like to do a competitive intelligent with SEMrush to find out your competitor backlink profile through this tool so this is the perfect post that I have published in last month.

SEMrush 2021 for Copywriting To Make Better and Finding Duplicate Content:

Once you are done with a site audit with SEMRush and if site audit bot identifies your multiple web pages with 80% similarities in content so that will be a flag as a duplicate content.

In many cases do men have duplicate content due to these issues:


According to W3C standards if you have two versions of URL one HTTP and another one https so both will be counted to separate URLs.

It will be the same for a site have a www version or non-www version.

To fix this issue you need to use canonical tags pointing from duplicate and correct pages.

You should also take care of 301 redirections from HTTP to the https page.

How SEMRush Helps For SEO Writing Assistant in 2021:

This is one of the ultimate features that  SEMRush tool is offering “SEO Writing Assistant Extension” for content marketing, content writer and content strategist expert who like to deal with every day with this tool after written an article or blog post to identify the content quality and optimize for keywords with very quick and easy.

This is one of the smart extensions for Google docs for bloggers and content writers.

SEMrush Review for-seo_wrtiting_assistant_screen

You will get a lot of function by using this extension such as:

  • Overall score
  • Readability
  • Target keywords
  • Recommended keywords
  • Download original SCT template

How to get started with SEO writing assistant in 2021:

it is very easy to use and you can find it from Google Chrome web store click here to get it now.

After free installation, you will be redirected to your Google document and giving your permission to run this add-on.

To run this, and two clicks on add on a tab from Google Docs and next you will see the SEMRush SEO writing assistant account and then “Show” options.

Next, you just need to connect with your SEMRush account to get the recommendation from this tool of your content.

Please have a look the step by step images:

Step 1:

first-step-SEMRush SEO writing assistant-min

Step 2:

second-step-SEMRush SEO writing assistant-min

Step 3:

third-step-SEMRush SEO writing assistant-min

Know About SEMRush 2021 Traffic Analytics:

With SEMRush you will get instant overview Metrics for any website.

It will help you to benchmark your website against your competitor.

You can easily identify the strength and weaknesses of your competitors.

The most important thing that you can identify your competitor’s website how they are getting traffic from and from where.

You can get their most active affiliate.

This is the ultimate tool to find out which domain should be worth getting a backlink from.

There also several aspects that you can uncover of your competitors such as:

You can uncover you, competitors, main targeted market what they are focusing on.

It will also help you to find or collect the destination sites that get traffic from your competitor website.

Such as business partners, affiliate network, backlink partner, and so on.

If you are looking to find out your competitor’s most popular services or who is your competitor’s customers and which subdomain is most popular with your competitor’s website. So SEMRush is the right and affordable tool for traffic analytics for any website.

Looking for SEMrush free trial for 60 days, 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days in 2021?

Currently available only 14-day free trial to Get started now on SEMrush Student Discount if you like to see which channel drives most of the traffic for any website.

SEMrush 2021 for Social Media, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Tracker:

This is another great feature that comes with the SEMRush tool for social media tracker.

It is offering smart social media analytics that you can learn a lot from your competitors.

With it, you can monitor benchmark and analyze audience growth or you can find a spot the best content of your competitors.

It will help you to know how often your competitors are posting their content and what type of content they are sharing to get more engagement on social media activities.

This tool will compile all the data reports in PDF for your social media strategy that you can compare with your competitor.

You can find the most interesting post on the particular social network that your competitors are focusing on.

It will help you to improve your social media strategy based on your competitor’s data.

You can develop a winning social media strategy by using this tool.

How you can track analyze the result of your competitor’s social media activities?

You need to understand which social media they are performed best.

You can view and sort post by date engagement, the number of likes, dislike, and view for YouTube videos.

You can find out the change of your follower count and you compare with your competitors as well.

You can also find out the hottest topic in your industry and observe the hashtag report as well.

You can also find out who is maintaining our competitors and find out the PR opportunities of a most loyal influencer from the mentioner’s report.

All the points will help you to build an amazing report for your social media activities in a PDF version.

SEMrush Review, The Main Part Is “Pros and Cons”:

In this section, you are going to learn the list of pros and cons of the SEMRush SEO tool, At first please have a look at the SEMRush pros.

SEMRush SEO Tool PROS in 2021:

  • This is the ultimate tool for SEO that will help you to increase your SEO strategy and campaign with it. Itihas 128,000,000+ domains and 120,000,000+ keywords with 29 databases.
  • You will get everything with the SEMRush tool that helps to improve your SEO in finding keywords, backlink analysis, keyword position tracking, and all aspect of organic search engine marketing.
  • This tool offers you to check domain vs domain comparing data with your and your competitor’s website in a proper report that helps you to build your better marketing strategy.
  • SEMRush will help you to track your competitors every step to improve your SEO ranking consequently.
  • With SEMRush you can uncover more details competitive data and every keyword which is backed by a long time. It will easy to find out how popular, who used and what is the value etc…
  • This is the best tool to look at Adsense publishers report to know where your competitors are spending money and time on advertising.
  • You can quickly scan an estimate of your competitor’s budget for AdWords in comparison to PLA (Product Listing Ads).
  • By using the SEMRush tool you will find out any site list of issues with just a single click. If you like to you know a website performing on organic search ranking more details so this is the right tool that provides you with the best reports.

SEMRush SEO Tool CONS in 2021:

  • I think If you are a startup business owner or a blogger so this tool pricing is quite high for you.
  • Frankly saying that with the SEMRush tool some time you might find inaccurate for backlinks data that won’t satisfy you. For backlinks data, I would give them a 4* star rating of 5*. Otherwise, it is worth paying.

SEMrush Backlink analysis review from me

In my opinion from all aspects of marketing and SEO, SEMRush is the number #1 tool and highly recommended by the top-level SEO expert.

If I give a star rating from all features of SEMrush so this should be 5* rating.

SEMrush review from me for all features

I would highly recommend and suggesting it you use the SEMRush tool. You can get a 14-day free trial now to click here.

Is SEMrush The Best All In One SEO Tool in 2021?

As an SEO expert is not focusing on formulating a strategy to execute them.

The most important part is to track and how a website is a perfect know clearly.

You always need to target the right audience and know how your competitors are doing.

The good news is SEMRush SEO tool will help you with all of these points.

Why is SEMRush is the best tool in 2021 that every marker are suggesting for your analysis?

  1. It gives you an overview of a site to perform very fast.

SEMrush overview of a site to perform

  1. Itself you to analyze your competitors website any aspect of marketing such as:
  • Ranking keywords of your competitors.
  • Ranking position of competitor keywords.
  • Estimate traffic volume and monthly search volume of your competitor’s ranking keywords.
  • You can find the CPC average price of a click on advertising-based.
  • URL of your competitors generating good traffic.
  • The competitor’s website average percentage of traffic.
  • The estimated price for competitor’s keywords on Google AdWords what they are spending.
  • Find competitive density.
  • it will help you to find out the trend of interest of searchers for giving keywords for the last 12 months.
  • You can uncover a SERP (search engine result page) source for given keywords.

SEMrush Review for Uncover a SERP of Competitors-report

  1. You can check any website or domain performance quickly.

This will help you to study your competitors or any client website very fast.

  1. It will help you to compare data range by giving any time period.

SEMrush Review for-Date-Range-Report

  1. The most important thing is real-time reports you will get how your keywords are performing and you can compare with your competitors right away.

Overall,  SEMRush is the best and perfect tool for an SEO marketing expert, website owner, and blogger if you are a startup blogger you should use it right now to make a better plan for your SEO campaign for your blog.

If you don’t have any pro account on SEMRush so you can check this URL to get 14 days free trial today! And If you are seeking for a discount so THIS URL is already applied with the SEMrush discount coupon code.

Boost Your Rankings in 2021 With All-In-One SEO Suite – SEMrush SEO Tool – Go here!

You can find all SEMrush Video on Youtube Now – CLICK HERE.

How Much Does SEMRush Cost in 2021?

I think you have heard much time that SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools.

but before buy SEMrush tool, you need to know how much does it cost and is it affordable for you or you are just a startup blogger for startup business owner.

SEMrush Pricing Plans in 2021: The SEMRush is offering now three standard monthly subscriptions:

SEMRush Pricing Plan for Pro: $99.95

SEMRush Pricing Plan for Guru: $199.95

SEMRush Pricing Plan for Business: $399.95

SEMRush Enterprise Solution: Email now at for more detail about.

All these three plans are a recurring system, it means it will renew and bill on the same date of each month.

SEMRush Annual Plans in 2021:

SEMRush offers your annual agreement to help that fit your business and based on your budget.

With the SEMRush annual plan, you will be guaranteed at least one introductory training session for pro and guru levels.

if you subscribe for an annual plan on business or enterprise-level so you will get receive a welcome call, introductory training, 90 days onboarding plan, onboarding emails, quarterly training, and quarterly email review for the enterprise.

For Quarterly training on the business, the user will get once a quarter and for enterprise, the user will get unlimited.

And for quarterly email reviews 3 for the business user and 3 per user for enterprise subscription.

SEMrush Review for-pricing-plans and SEMRush Annual Plans

SEMRush Enterprise Solution in 2021:

SEMRush is offering a multi-license plan for a digital marketing agency and in-house SEO and SEM team.

It is required based on any company needs you can find the number of user licenses and customize your subscription and plan.

Within the enterprise account, you will require your pricing points And it will allow you to get custom limit, custom keyword database, and unlimited crawling for large websites.

if you sign up for an annual enterprise solution plan so SEMRush will provide you with a manager to set up your training.

to know more details about enterprise account for your business you can send an email to at now.

Benefits of Upgrading SEMRush in 2021:

As you know that every subscription of SEMRush has different packages and features that allow to a user. but you can easily upgrade from Pro to Guru or business account.

I have mentioned with breakdown all the major benefits of upgrading your SEMRush subscription.

Please have a look below,

SEMrush FREE Account Features in 2021:

If you don’t have an account on SEMRush so you can create a SEMRush free account now 14 days free trial to click here.

With SEMRush free account you will get the number of features and the amount of data will be limited.

  • You’ll be able to set up one project and you will have the ability to set up each project tool once.
  • You can see position tracking 10 keywords only and updated daily.
  • You’ll be able to do a site audit 100 pages per month.
  • For doing social media profile tracking 5 and post to 2 networks (Schedule only 10 posts).
  • On-page SEO checking, you will get a recommendation for only 10 keywords unit per month.
  • For doing domain and keyword analytics you will be able to see 10 results per report and it will be daily 10 reports.

SEMrush Pro Account Features in 2021:

The SEMRush standard subscription plan will allow the basic SEMrush tool features with a limited budget for individual experts or bloggers.

  • You’ll be able to create 5 projects.
  • For position, tracking will be able to do 500 keywords and updated daily.
  • it allows you to the features for local CPC and searches volume data in the PPC keyword tool.
  • For doing the website audit, it allows 100,000 pages per month.
  • For a social media profile, you can track 50 and post to 10 with this subscription.
  • On page checker, you’ll have a recommendation for 500 keyword units per month.
  • For domain and keyword analytics, you can find 10,000 results per report and 3,000 reports on a daily basis.
  • For scheduling PDF reports, you can get only 5.

SEMrush Guru Account Features in 2021:

With the SEMRush Guru subscription, you will get some extended limit for all features of the pro plan.

  • You can find historical data.
  • With this subscription, will allow you to track multi-targeting market such as you can monitor with targeting by a combination of location, device, language for a single campaign.
  • Scheduling reports, you can find 20.
  • You can create 50 projects with it.
  • You’ll be able to do domain and keyword analytics, 30,000 results per report and 5,000 reports a day.
  • For position tracking, you will get 1,500 keywords with daily updated.
  • To checking a site audit performance, you can do 300,000 pages per month.
  • To check social media profiles, you will be able to track 100 and can post to 30.
  • For on-page SEO checking, you can have a recommendation for an 800 keyword unit every month.

SEMrush Business Plan Features in 2021:

With this SEMRush business subscription, you will able to get all the features along with many more.

  • SEMRush API access – With it you can choose the way you like to get SEMRush data and what exact information is relevant to you that you can integrate into any kind of user interface, application, widget, and dashboard.
  • White Level PDF- This is the ultimate feature for any digital marketing agency to take advantage of it. you can remove any SEMRush mention to add your own brand to clean and make a professional report for your clients.
  • Completely Access for Traffic Analytics- You’ll be able to get access to all traffic analytics reports of SEMRush. The traffic analytics report will be included with traffic source, geographic distribution, destination website, historical data, device type and so on that are sending traffic to any website.
  • Product listing ads research- If you are running an eCommerce business so this is the ultimate tool for optimizing your Google shopping campaign with SEMRush PLA  data.
  • “Read-only” sharing- If you have involved the number of members in your running project so these features are best for you to restrict editing rights for every user as you like.
  • AMP checking in Site Audit- SEMRush site audit tool will help you to implemented correctly for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  • CPC Map- it will allow you to compare options by country, region, industry to export features.
  • It is extended for display advertising analysis for this subscription.
  • You will be able to create 200 projects.
  • You can track the position for 5000 keywords.
  • To site audit, you’ll be able to do 1,000,000 pages per month.
  • For social media profile tracking, you will be able to do 300 and make a post to 50.
  • To schedule PDF reports, you can get 50.
  • For an On-page SEO checker, This will offer a recommendation for 2,000 keyword units each month.
  • And lastly, for domain or keyword analytics, it offers 50,000 results per report and 10,000 reports a day.

SEMRush In 2021, All plans include:

  • Site Audit Features
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Position Tracking Features
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Poster
  • Backlink Audit Features
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Log File Analyzer
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Post Tracking
  • Content Audit Features
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Ad Builder
  • Advertising research
  • Display Advertising
  • Backlinks
  • SEO Content Template
  • Sensor
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Gap Analysis
  • Traffic Overview
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Topic Research
  • My reports
  • Notes

Do You Have Any Questions? Please Take A Look The Answers Below:

  • Do I switch any SEMrush plans and cancel the subscription anytime in the future?

Yes, there is an option if you like to Switch any SEMRush plan to upgrade or downgrade at any time as you like. Or even if you like to cancel the subscription at any moment.

You can find there is another great option if you are not 100% satisfied with SEMRush services so, you can get 7 days money-back guarantee.

  • What are the payment methods do I need to do?

SEMRush supporting several methods of payment. You don’t need to pay for SEMrush with PayPal.

You can take care of all the major credit card including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

Besides it Wire transfer also available upon request.

You can also be taking care of cheque or money order. This payment method is available for the US only with upon request.

  • Is there anything hidden cost and contract that I need to taking care of?

No, you cannot find any other hidden cost and there is no contract for long term commitment if you are going to buy this tool. As I already mentioned above the cost of SEMrush all plans.

  • If I need a custom plan so, will that available?

I think you have read that I have a mention enterprise plan.

Of course, there is a custom plan available which is called an enterprise plan.

It is 100% fixable and sweet for most of the unique marketing needed.

For this custom plan, you need to contact them and discuss more details about it.

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How To Get SEMrush Pro Account FREE Trial in 2021 For 14 Days Now:

If you have decided to buy the SEMRush Pro account but still looking for a free trial for 60 days, 30 days and 14 days but I like to tell you that now they are not available and you can get it for 14 days free trial on SEMRush Pro Plan now!

SEMrush Review To Get SEMrush Pro Account FREE Trial For 7 Days Now

You can get a special from this link to get started!

Step 1:

Click the special link for the SEMRush Pro account coupon is already applied for 14 days free trial.

You just need to register by entering your email address and password as you like.

For example:

To get register you will have to feel out the CAPTCHA to process the second step.

What is a capture look like? See below:

CAPTCHA to verify on semrush register

Next, the coming is step 2:

In this step, you will be redirected to a page, where you need to fill out the billing details. have a look the example image below:

billing details to get a SEMRush pro account for 7 days FREE

Billing details to get a SEMRush pro account for 7 days FREE

Step 3:

Now you just need to enter your email, password, and billing details to get a SEMRush pro account for 14 days FREE of cost which is worth $48.

With SEMRush FREE Trial For 14 days, you can uncover your competitors SEO strategy to boost your SEO marketing, ranking, traffic, and Sales.

Once you are done to click on “place the order” button so this will redirect to your SEMRush dashboard by creating your own account without charging anything from your credit card that’s all.

After that, you can enjoy your full access to SEMRush Pro Plan for 14 days free trial.

Now you are ready to get all the SEMRush pro features for 14 days and if you won’t satisfied with them, so you can cancel anytime by sending an email to

How You Can Save Money On SEMrush Purchase in 2021:

In this section, I’m going to tell you how you can save money if you have decided to buy the SEMRush SEO tool to boost your search engine ranking.

This is the only tool that can help your website search engine traffic and boost your website performance to make your site to the next level.

You can save a good amount of money by purchasing any SEMRush account in advance for annual payment (12 months).

Please have a look at how much you can save while you are going to buy the SEMRush plan.

  • SEMrush Pro Plan for 1 Year (12 Months): Pay $999.40 – Save $200
  • SEMrush Guru Plan for 1 Year (12 Months): Pay 1999.40 – Save $400
  • SEMrush Business Plan for 1 Year (12 Months): Pay $3999.40 – Save $800

SEMrush Review for pricing plans that save money

SEMRush is the All-in-One tool that can help your site SEO, content marketing, link building, and social media purpose.

I have been using and many online marketers are using this tool and got a pretty good result.

It is a huge time-saving SEO tool for marketing online.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEMrush Review 2021 Now:

Here’s I am going to mention some of the essential questions and answer that you should know about the SEMRush SEO tool and free trials from copyproblogger.

  1. How I can get SEMRush free trial and what I can do with SEMRush free account?

You can get a SEMrush free trial for 14 days by clicking here which is worth $48. You would be wandering to see the list of features you can get with this free SEMRush account. With this free account, you will be using a premium monthly plan.

You’ll be able to use this for keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink audit, social media tracking, and much more such as a premium account.

You’ll be able to use this free SEMRush account until your trial period is expired.

  1. Will I be able to use side-by-side domain compare with my competitor website by using SEMRush in 2021?

Of course, you’ll be able to use side-by-side domain comparison with the SEMRush tool along with all the features as well you just need to enter the domains up to 5 and then hit enter to get all the data within few seconds for a minute.

Note: Keep in mind that you can enter only 5 domains for compare domain vs domain with SEMRush tool in the free trial.

  1. What exactly I can do with the SEMRush toolkit in 2021?

This tool is mainly created for competitor research but by upgrading SEMRush tool features to become one of the best and popular all in one SEO tool kit where you can use very easily with the list of things such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Site audits
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Site positioning
  • Content creation ideas
  • Competitive analysis
  • SEMrush gets regular updates with real-time fresh data
  • PLA (Product Listing Ads) can bring your competitor’s ads details
  • Advertising analysis tools that can bring the best performing ads of your competitors
  • Domain comparison
  • Social media tracking

All of these features the best reason to use the SEMRush tool. They have currently 28 databases ranging from the US, Europe to India and it will help you to target any location of the market or any niche you are in.

It will help you to find easily the list of profitable keywords for your industry that will generate more traffic, leads, and sales fast.

  1. What is the best alternative in 2021 if I compare it to the SEMRush SEO tool?

SEMRush is one of the brilliant SEO tools for the online marketer. if I like to tell you the best alternative to SEMRush so they will be the following:

Ahrefs and Moz

Ahrefs and Moz tools are premium but they are also offering excellent features that can help you from all aspects of SEO such as keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink audit, and many more.

  1. Is SEMRush worth if I go for it in 2021?

Yes, SEMRush is worth every single penny. The SEMRush tool is one of the premium tools but it is starting price at $100 per month.

This tool is very expensive for startup bloggers and owner but it’s is really worth the amount they are charging.

You need to think about why 2 million people are using SEMRush worldwide.

SEMRush is offering all in one place and a more accurate and better result that can improve website traffic, generating keywords, analyze competitors, find and fixing website-related issues, find any competitor’s top-performing keywords and pages, comparing domains, tracking, and keyword ranking.

It is worth the money that you are spending.

  1. What are the SEMRush pricing plans are available that I can go for 2021?

As I already talked above, SEMRush is currently offering 3 pricing plans for a monthly and annual basis.

The monthly subscriptions are:

  1. SEMrush Pro – $99.95,
  2. SEMrush Guru – $199.95
  3. SEMrush Business – $399.95

All these plans are a recurring monthly subscription that means you will need to pay every month until you cancel the account.

Are you thinking which SEMRush plan should be using or appropriate for you?

SEMRush Pro:

The SEMRush pro plan should be suitable for all startup business owners and bloggers, freelancers, and content marketing strategists.

SEMRush Guru:

SEMRush Guru plan should be suitable for in-house SEO experts for an in-house SEO team, small businesses, and agencies.

SEMRush Business:

The SEMRush business plan should be appropriate for a large digital marketing agency.

  1. How can I upgrade my SEMRush account/subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade any time of SEMRush subscription plan whenever you want to do.

This means you can switch to a SEMrush pro account to Guru or Pro account to a business account as well as you can switch your Guru account and business account to SEMRush Pro.

The most important thing is that you can get 14 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the SEMRush SEO tool.

Let’s know how you can upgrade your SEMRush account and subscription?

To upgrade your subscription you need to call at +1-800-815-9959 (the United States Only) if you are outside of the USA so you can get the number for your country in the footer of SEMRush website.

Or you can email them directly to asking for upgrading your plan for any other queries at

How you can check your plan summary and limit your SEMRush account subscription?

At first, you need to find your current plan summary on the subscription info page.

From that page, you need to click to upgrade button (1).

Next, go to the price page to check out other subscription or you can request a custom plan or enterprise plan.

You can also use it by more limit for “buy more” button (2).

This will inform your account manager to get in touch with you through email if you need any additional limit you can call your account manager directly and they will happy to help you as per your requirement.

For example, an image has a look below:

SEMrush Review for account and upgrade-subscription

Now if you like to downgrade your SEMRush account so follow this:

To downgrade and cancel your account, the email with a request to The team will process your request asap.


Am I recommending SEMrush SEO Tool for you from this Review?

Yes certainly, I would highly recommend the SEMRush SEO tool.

If you have read all this review so you might be loving with the SEMRush SEO tool.

This is the right SEO tool for freelancer, blogger, startup business owner, digital marketing agency, and everyone who like to dominate their competitor and Google search engine ranking.

A quick note if you like to rank fast so you should not use this tool.

All you need to know that SEO is a long-term game so you need patience and the right strategy to boost your ranking on Google.

You just need to make sure fast to get the SEMRush tool for 14 days free trial.

If you are very serious about Google ranking and get the result so start using this professionally and a go-ahead from this link for the SEMRush Pro account to get 14 days free trial now!

SEMRush Discount: Semrush Pro for 14 Days Free Trial To Click Here Now!

Conclusion About SEMrush Review For Small Business Agencies 2021 And Free Trial:

Once you have started using SEMRush

SEO tool so you will be wondering why this tool is trusted by so many top-level SEO experts and influencers.

The team of SEMRush continuously introductory the new and exciting way to use this tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink audit and many other features to improve your SEO.

If you like to spy your competitor and find how their strategy for organic and inorganic search result along with if you like to find the best performing keywords that bringing traffic to your competitors, you can get all the resources by using SEMrush tool that it can bring you a great result in future for SEO.

If you are not spying your competitors yet so you will regret later if you don’t use it now.

Why don’t you try the SEMRush tool for 14 days of free trial to find your competitor strategy, new backlink opportunities, and many more things?

Click here to get SEMRush free trial for this special link. I’m calling it an SEO rush Tool that gives SEO ranking fast.

If you are struggling to increase your website search engine traffic and ranking for your targeted keywords so this is the right and the perfect tool for search engine marketing and every business owner and blogger.

I hope you would appreciate after reading all the SEMrush review 2021 and I am happy to help you if you have any question, please let me know from the comment below.

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