Roofing Industry Marketing: How to Promote Roofing Businesses with SEO in 2021 [Organic Traffics, Sales & Leads]

Are you looking for a roofers marketer for roofing marketing?

If yes, you are going to learn the ultimate secrets of an SEO guide for roofers websites.

The roofing industries are growing massive. 

You can see this study shared about the roofing market is projected to exceed $132,775.6 million by 2027.

This sounds good to you.


But when it comes to marketing for roofing industry website so it becomes harder than just think.

Yes, there are many marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, Social media, advertising, etc…and therefore, require a certain budget for all.

If you are a small business website and having a big dream to succeed in the future then you must think about only SEO and content marketing.

Yes, SEO and content marketing is a long-term goal, and it can bring a massive result if you do it the right way.

In this guide, I’m going to share the best SEO tips for Roofing Industry in 2021 that help to grow your business from today!

Let’s get started!

Roofing Marketing Expert: Best SEO For Roofing Industry In 2021!

What is SEO For Roofing Industry?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the ranking of a website or business on search engines.

SEO includes a bunch of marketing tools to improve search ranking.

These tools include keyword optimization, SERPs, PPC, HTML links, social media marketer, and more.

Why does my Roofing Business need SEO?

We all are living in the age of the internet and social media.

So, you need to grab people’s attention on the internet to make your business more popular.

Roofing businesses are making it big in every city of the country.

To take your Roofing Business to the next level you need to use SEO as well as word of mouth.

With SEO help, you can boost your conversion rate, traffic, and users’ experience on your website.

What will SEO do for my Roofing businesses?

SEO can increase your business grow faster than you can imagine.

The Roofing industry is a growing business industry with an increasing number of potential customers.

People have always taking interest in this industry, looking for what it can offer them.

Therefore, it is the right time for you to reach those potential customers and get a boost in your traffic and sales rate.

SEO will not only take you closer to your target audience but also give your business the publicity it needs to be successful.

3 Simple Tips: SEO For Roofing Industry Businesses in 2021:

Roofing businesses are popping up every day and it is an exciting time for a new business to start their journey.

But it is also important to acknowledge that you need to compete with other businesses to make yours stand out.

Why should a potential customer choose you over your competitors?

You need to ensure that your SEO, website content, social media marketing is on point.

Here are 3 tips for you to make your Roofing business stand out like never before!

  1. Do an SEO audit and optimize your Roofing website content:

SEO audit is one of the most important steps while promoting your Roofing business.

The audit gives you an insight into the fields where you need to improve SEO to make your business more successful.

Now, if you are thinking when the right time is to perform an SEO audit then let me help you.

If you have any of the following concerns about your business, you should execute an audit.

  • Finding potential keywords.
  • Website’s speed affecting the search ranking.
  • Using effective titles and metadata.
  • Making solid SEO strategies against your competitors.
  • Producing enough original content on the website.
  1. Find your Roofing market small niche and publish quality content:

Once you have done the SEO audit, you would need to dig deeper.

Finding your target audience is very crucial for your business to grow more popular.

You need to find out the type of your target audiences like Architects, Real Estate Developer, Charity, Surveyor, Distillery, Haulage, Utility and Transport.

Once you identify your target audience then you can form strong long-tail keywords based on that.

This will make it so much easier for you to reach your customers through your online business content.

For example, every Roofer is trying to rank for the keyword “Roofing Services“.

While the number of people rooting for a keyword like “Commercial roofing for Architects” would be very less.

As a result, by understanding your potential customers you are reducing the number of competitors.

  1. Claim your Roofing business listings to grab local search market:

For any business, it is very important to get noticed by its local customers.

If you have a local Roofing services or even roofing product store business, you must focus on getting traffic from your locality.

Because many customers would prefer buying the product from a local shop.

You need to make sure your business is listed on the local search results with the correct information.

So that the local roofing customers (Commercial and Residential) can find and contact you very easily.

Local listing not only will give your business a high amount of local traffic but also a great online presence.

3 important steps to improve SEO for Roofing websites in just 70 days:

To establish your business online you need to get the SEO strategy correct.

Now it can be hard for you to choose the right keywords or content or even the products for rank on search results.

Here are three important steps that enable you to improve your SEO strategies:

  • Put yourself in the user’s shoes first to start doing your Roofing Industry SEO:

Before you start marketing and make strategies, you need to recognize what Roofing services users are interested in.

You need to first understand what your potential customers are looking for and their intentions

With the keyword research tools, you can identify the products your audience is mostly looking for on a Roofing website.

And then you can use those keywords on your website and add those products for selling.

  • Find the right keywords of your Roofing Industries:

Finding the right keywords is the very first step in improving your website’s SEO.

You can get a bunch of keywords from a keyword planner and implement them on your website.

But is that enough for your website to rank higher than your competitors’?

No, not always. That’s why you should have a second option to plan keywords.

You can compare your Google keyword planner data to your Google analytics and Google search console results and choose the appropriate keywords.

  • Check and follow your Roofing business competitors:

If your Roofing website is new and growing but that doesn’t mean you can build your business easily.

Other Roofing businesses have been in the industry for a longer period.

You need to analyze those competitors to see their SEO strategies and targeted keywords.

By analyzing your competitors, you can get some useful lessons on how you can boost your SEO.

New people are joining Roofing businesses now and then.

And that is why you need to make sure that your business online stands out from the rest.

Tips to Market Roofing Industry Online Using SEO:

Here are a two questions and answers for you on how to market Roofing businesses online using SEO:

  • How to market Roofing Business online?

Promoting Roofing services and products on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms is not that easy.

So, you need to use an alternative way of marketing your Roofing business.

Many people are interested in Roofing services and are actively seeking more information on that.

Now you need to use this opportunity to reach those people and help them with their needs.

I can surely tell you that a large number of people are searching for different Roofing terms options to make a new order or hire.

People and companies are more aware of the quality roofing services and products to consider for using them.

If your website can answer the questions of your potential customers and provide them with correct information on Roofing services and products, then you will be able to find your audience without advertising.

That’s why SEO is the biggest way to promote your Roofing business online.

  • Why do I need SEO to sell Roofing services online?

You may have great content blogs and products related to Roofing on your website.

But are the Roofing customers finding you on the search results?

You need SEO to be found by your potential customers on the search results.

A potential customer doesn’t always have to be a buyer.

Some people are interested to learn about Roofing services and products and are open to look at the quality of Roofing services pictures.

For example, people who would search like ” what is flat Roofing“, “Flat Roofing for Repair” or “Best roofing material “.

These people are probably not going to make a purchase, but they can become your future customers.

Hence, you should publish educational content on your website to get noticed by these people.

If you can keep providing relevant content to your Roofing customers, they will eventually trust you and your roofing website.

Benefits of SEO to market Roofing Websites on Google Australia, Canada, United Kingdom & United States:

Provided below, are the other benefits of SEO for Roofing businesses on Google:

  • Increase Conversion rate:

Yes, SEO makes it very easy for you to sell or collect leads for roofing services and products online or in-store to your potential customers locally or nationally.

  • Create awareness:

If some people are not ready to hire/buy your roofing services/products right now at least they will be ready to know about it.

Creating awareness will help you generate future customers.

  • Boost growth:

SEO helps your website rank higher organically if it is user-friendly and loads fast.

These elements boost your website as well as your brand.

Being ranked on page 1 for popular Roofing search terms takes your business to the next height altogether.

  • Build trust:

If your business is on the first page of the search list, people are more likely to trust you than other Roofing businesses.

Customers will hire/buy roofing services/products only from a store or an online business that they completely trust.

Content marketing and SEO for Roofing Businesses marketing:

Content marketing is as important as SEO when it comes to promoting your Roofing business online.

Why should your website rank on the first page of Roofing search results?

You will only achieve the ranking if your website contains relevant content.

Generally, keyword research shows you the terms and phrases that people are using to search for Roofing services/ products.

But not to worry, you can get the search data of Roofing related queries from Google and Bing.

Yes, Bing holds 33% of the market share in the US so you will get a clear idea of what people are searching for.

People are more likely to search for Roofing questions on search engines than on social media.

Hence, you need to produce SEO optimized content related to Roofing to get those potential customers.

You need to make sure when a customer searches for Roofing related terms they find your content on the first page of search results.

In this way, you can easily generate more visitors and customers than your competitors.

Keyword research is the key to cracking the right type of content.

Your content should answer all the questions that your potential customers have regarding Roofing services or products.

Now you can understand how SEO and content marketing are directly related to Roofing marketing.

How to measure success by using SEO to market Roofing Industry?

It is very important to measure the success of your Roofing marketing strategies and SEO efforts.

Because that is why you can understand what is working and what is not for your Roofing business.

You can get reports on your keyword rankings and improve your keyword research.

But other than that, you also need to measure your website’s success.

Once the customers click on your ranking on search results and land on your website, what do they do?

Yes, you need to analyze how much time they spend on your website and if they take some actions or not.

In this way, you can also understand if you are bringing the right type of customers or not.

Here are some of the key performance indicators that you need to analyze and compare with your competitors:

  1. The number of clicks on the website.
  2. Average time spent on the website landing page.
  3. Average time spent on the website.
  4. The number of visitors.
  5. The total number of pages viewed by visitors.
  6. The number of unique visitors.
  7. Search engine visibility.
  8. Keyword rankings.
  9. Competitive analysis of your website.

By using these KPIs you can evaluate how effectively your Roofing marketing strategies are working and if they need any improvement.

Conclusion About SEO Marketing For Roofing Websites In 2021:

Do you want to get help for Roofing SEO marketing on Google?

If you are convinced already that SEO can help you in Roofing marketing, then let me get you some more help.

People online are actively seeking more information about Roofing, so you need to use this opportunity.

You need to pull these customers to your store or website by answering their questions about Roofing with your SEO optimized content.

If you are ready to promote your Roofing business with the help of SEO and content marketing, I can help you.

Yes, we can provide experienced Roofing marketing services for you.

Click here to contact me and let me know about your Roofing business and the challenges you are facing.

Let’s get started!

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