What Is Quality Score in PPC & Why It Is Matter For Roofing Businesses?

When the advertiser is willing to pay for per click, he/she must get the desired results from the campaign. The ad shows the relevant audience based on selected keywords. But if there is high competition on a specific keyword, it affects the quality score.

Yes, Quality score has much importance in Google AdWords. As Google has a bundle of data, it gives a rating to your ads by measuring the keywords relevancy, Ad quality and PPC (pay-per-click) as well. In this way, you can get the idea about where your ad is lying. 

The well understanding of real-time quality score helps you in running the cost-effective ad campaign and ranks your ad in Google as well. It impacts on your ads PPC performance and you will only have to pay the right amount for per click. Let’s take a deep insight how factors affect the quality score and why it matters.

Quality Score and Google

When it comes to quality score, so many people ask why Google considers it as a quality measuring factor.

This is because, on a quality score basis, Google shows the ads to users. Google strategy is to generate revenue by advertising ads and show it to a relevant audience. So, Google prefers the ads having a high-quality score, which is interesting and gets maximum organic clicks.

Besides that, if Google will prefer any low-quality score ad, it will not only affect the advertiser’s efforts but can put Google ads in risk as well. 

So, the quality score works here. When advertisers measure their ad performance, then try to make it better to rank higher.

Why does Quality Score Matters?

As you know AdWords experts emphasize a lot on Ads Quality score in PPC, but most of you ignore it by thinking it difficult. However, if you will try to understand it carefully, you will be amazed by its magical impact. 

Here, we will know more in-depth why quality score matters in PPC campaign performance.

When we analyze the multiple Ad campaigns PPC performance, we get to know that a high-quality score directly affects ad success. Ultimately, the ad with high scores receives a higher ROI (Return on Investment). And CPC (cost per conversion) also remains a minimum in which you only pay so action taking clicks. It’s usually higher than the cost per click as well. 

Hence, it shows that ads having a high-quality score have a lower cost per click and conversion rate as well. These factors have a vital role in any ad campaign ranking and quality score improvement. 

But the question rises here. How can the conversion rate be lower? It can because when your ad will only be shown to the right audiences who have an interest in your purpose as well. Some may find it useful and click on your ad, some may get curious then click on the link and some may be willing to buy your product or service or contact you for other information. In this way, you will only be charged for PPC and get the potential audience.

All that depends on your ad campaign quality, how much it is fulfilling the need of a relevant audience. 

Major Factors that Affect Quality Score

So, being an advertiser, you need to tightly focus on QS (quality score) factors because it will decide some of the above things about your ad. Let’s have a look at the list of factors and how they affect the ad campaign.

  • CTR (Cost Through Ads) 

The quality of an effective ad is that its CTR is high. CTR increases when the audience gives an impression of your ad and clicks on it. Mostly, advertising prefers this factor because it boosts your ad quality score in PPC. 

Instead of that, if you will ignore it and your keyword relevancy will not be high, you will have to pay more than getting organic results. 

So, to get the maximum and quality CTR, you need to focus on ads relevancy and powerful content which grab the audience attention. 

As a result, when AdRank (Ad ranking measurement tool) will notice your ad having high quality, it will rank your ad in a search engine.

  • Keyword Relevancy

The ad contains the most relevant keywords, gets the high-quality score. It’s important to do better keyword research before running any campaign. 

The ranking keywords or having high CPC doesn’t always work. They may have no connection with their ad content and just grab attention. But when they visit their site and couldn’t find the desired material, it will lower the QS (Quality Score).

Try to discover more relevant and such keywords, which volume is also high. You can also add single and long-tail keywords, which can add the value to your ad campaign. 

Ultimately, we are talking about the QS (Quality score) that is badly affected by the irrelevance of keywords. A well-researched keywords list will help you write quality content and relevant content by keeping the targeted audience in mind. 

When your ad will publish and the targeted audience will find the desired thing in your ad, it will not only generate leads but also higher the ad quality score. 

  • CPC and Ad Bidding

When your ad is irrelevant, it only increases CPC, which only costs you. In return, Google also doesn’t get the revenue from your ad and your ad automatically becomes lower in google ranking. That’s why successful advertisers focus on ads quality which also proves beneficial for Google. 

Here you need to consider that if you will keep the bid higher in start your ad may not run successfully, it will only prove costly. So, keep the bid lower in the start, then measure the ad performance and modify it according to need. Besides that, Google also charges lower for CPC when your CTR cost is high.

  • URL Relevancy 

When a viewer sees your ad but finds the URL complicated or only looks at the URL to get an idea about the ad but couldn’t get it. It means you are not following the URL strategy which plays an important role in Ads Quality score. 

Firstly, your page URL must be concise and secondly, it must contain the targeted keywords, which enables the audience to get an instant idea about your ad purpose.

  • Ad Performance in Different Devices

Suppose you are adding an image or video in your ad campaign, but it’s only compatible with one device. So, there are high chances of losing the potential audience. It is because not everyone uses a computer/laptop, most people use a mobile phone to quickly get access to anything. 

The ads which are compatible with most-used devices such as smartphones, computers/laptops and tablets have more chances to generate land and get a high-quality score. 

When your ad performance is high, Google will rank your ad in top relevant ads.

  • Geographical Performance of Ad

Rarely, this mistake is committed by some advertisers and when they don’t get an audience, they stop the ad.

But now, we will stop you from repeating this next time. After research, we observe some ads have not specified the geographical location, or some did it wrongly. They don’t know where their potential audience is actually and target the irrelevant audience that has no interest in their ad. Some, it’s necessary to do a little research on geographical location by considering which type of audience will be perfect for your ad.

When your ad will appear to the exact audience, it will increase the QS (Quality Score) in PPC.

  • Relevancy of Landing Page 

Google measures the QS (Quality score) in terms of 1 to 10 score. 1 means the lowest and 10 means the higher ranking. If your page relevancy will be higher, the chances of high QS (Quality Score) will be higher, otherwise, it will be low. 

The landing page is triggered by the focus/relevant keywords of your ad campaign. To optimize your ad landing page, you need to keep the content most relevant and adjust the keywords in content in such a way that visitors find something interesting. When the visitor will take an interest, their chances of taking further action will increase, which results in high PPC. 

The ultimate goal is to increase the quality score, which is impossible if you will lose the audience because of irrelevance on the landing page. So, implement the above factors carefully and get the desired results at a reasonable cost. 


In this article, we shed light on a Quality score in PPC and its importance as well. If you have been facing a low-quality score or getting charged for useless clicks, this article is exactly for you to avoid that. 

With a low bid, you can improve your advertisement quality score and beat competitors. As a result, when your ad will meet the Google terms, it will automatically rank the ad.

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