How To Build Powerful Backlinks For Roofing Website Faster!

The backlink is the top three ranking factor for any successful SEO campaign.

If you are a roofing website owners and looking to build the best backlinks for a roofer website so this is the right place for you to learn more about backlink building.

I have also a unique offer for every roofing site owner if they like to DIY (Do it yourself) SEO as per my guide, I would be happy to provide you Free SEO consulting for a lifetime.

When you search on Google how to build backlinks you will get several posts with the service strategy to build backlinks.

But as a start-up roofing owner, you need to implement all the strategies to know which is working for you or your roofing industry but that will take 1years or so much time.

Therefore, I come up with the right strategy and solving your problem in this post.

Let’s get started.

How To Find How Many Backlinks Your Roofing Site or Any Roofing Competitor Site Has?

If you want to check how many your roofing websites backlinks has or any other roofer site you want to find the list of backlink they have so the ultimate tool I would suggest you go with SEMrush which is the most popular world’s number one SEO tool as per top expert recommended.

With this tool, you can easily find the list of new backlink opportunities for your roofing website or your existing backlink for your current website.

You can find the list of the new opportunity for good backlinks for roofers from this tool by using your list of the competitor’s website.

If you don’t have an account on SEMRush so you can CLICK THIS special link to get 14 days free trial now!

Once you log in on SEMRush you will see your dashboard.

Build good backlinks for photographers with SEMrush

And then you need to find out to click on a project from the left sidebar section to create the first project.

Create photography website backlinks first-project on SEMrush

Now you need to click on create my first project.

Look at it here

Next Step to create project for wedding photography backlinks with SEMrush

And now you just need to enter your roofing competitor website or your own roofing website to give the project name and save it.

You can see e the backlink audit option.

Create photography sites on SEMrush for backlinks

After that, you just need to find out to run a backlinks audit to click the setup option.

SEMrush Dashboard for wedding photography backlinks

Once you click on the backlinks setup option in it to select your campaign scope to start a backlink audit.

Start your photography sites backlink audit

And finally, you just need to wait for a few seconds to bring this tool the complete backlink audit report for your suggested domain and you will get the notification.

Like this:

Get complete audit report for photography website

Your backlink report should be looking like this:

Example of photographer backlink audit report

This is the ultimate tool to find out the new backlink opportunity that you can bill for your website quickly.

It is a very time-saving tool to find out the backlink opportunities.

I would highly recommend you to go for it from this link now to get SEMrush 14 days free trial.

Most Important Things to Know When Building Best Backlinks for Roofing Website:

  • Don’t use any automated tool or plugin to build your backlinks.
  • You should not build backlinks for your homepage only, you need to build for your blog post for inner pages as well.
  • Don’t be links from a site that is not relevant to your industry.
  • Don’t hire an expert who is building spammy backlinks. Such as from Fiverr and Upwork.
  • Be careful about choosing an SEO agency that will be building spammy backlinks for your website.
  • You don’t need to be crazy to build 100 or 1000 backlinks in a week or month.
  • Few quality links are more powerful and keep you safe from the Google penalty.

How to Know Good Backlink Quality Indicators?

The most important thing that you need to follow when you are going to build a backlink.

If you avoid this metric so show your roofing website can get penalized by Google.

All backlinks are not equalled to a good backlink.

Yes, I am going to mention some of the guidelines that you should follow:

1. The Relevance You Should Follow for Backlinks Building on Your Roofing Site:

This is the most important and first thing that you need to follow when you are going to backlinks for your roofing website to be relevant to your industry.

Here is an example:

Relevancy-Pyramid-before-building-best backlinks for photographers

  • 100% relevancy example:

100% relevancy to a supplement company to “supplement

  • 75% relevancy example:

75% relevancy to a supplement company to “Bodybuilding

  • 50% relevancy example:

50% relevancy to a supplement company to “Fitness

  • 25% relevancy example:

25% relevancy to a supplement company to “Health

  • 0% relevancy example:

100% relevancy to a supplement company to “General “such as news site.

2. Domain Authority To Follow When Building Backlinks for Your Roofing Site:

The domain authority is the most important tractor is coming fast when you are going to build backlinks from a website.

Google is not updating is, therefore, some of the most popular tools have brought to find out a website quality by checking domains score or domain authority.

Most popular tool calling a domain score:

  • Moz – Domain Authority –

I would highly recommend you use the Moz Bar Chrome extension.

Or if you are using the SEMrush tool to find.

  • SEMRush – Authority Score and Trust Score –

3. Editorial Standards Links That Google’ll Love Your Roofing Website:

As you know that diamond and gold is more valuable because those are not easy to get.

Here are the editorial backlinks that are most valuable for your roofing website for backlink building.

You need to focus on getting all the backlinks to try to be editorial standards.

What is the editorial standard link?

A link is coming from relevant content with a textual.

Google likes this is the links and you can gain more trust by building this type of link for your roofing website.

Harmful Backlinks to AVOID or Get Penalty by Google:

There are a few certain that links that you should avoid when building a backlink for your roofing website.

  • Irrelevant
  • Public Blog Networks
  • Follow Blog Comments
  • Sidebar, Footer Backlinks
  • Automated Backlinks

These are very risky backlink and that can hit your site by Google penalty.

So be careful what type of backlinks.

I have noticed there many more SEO agencies that are offering low-cost SEO services; all of them are providing such links.

So be careful when you are having an SEO agency for your backlink building or roofing SEO campaign.

Even, if you will hire a virtual SEO expert from up work or Fiverr.

You can see most of them are providing follow blog comment backlink which is not relevant to your industry and there most from gambling, pharma, and porn website which is a toxic backlink.

And for automatic backlink building, you need to avoid some of this type of software such as GSA, Ultimate Demon and SENuke.

How To Build Powerful Backlinks For Roofing Website, The Right Way:

There are many e ways you can build high-quality backlinks through content marketing but I am going to tell you some of the strategies that you can build backlinks very quickly for your Roofing industry.

  1. Business Listings/Citations Backlinks For Roofing Website:

Google trust all the business listing sites on the website for the local search result.

This is the most important part when you are targeting local SEO.

To improving your local SEO, your business to be listed on Google business fast along with you needs to be listed on your local business listing website. Such as Yelp, yellow pages, Yell, etc…

  1. Niche-Targeted Directories Backlinks For Roofers Website:

Niche targeted directories is also offering you the relevance and do-follow backlink which is good.

So now how you can find them?

You can use this at the search term as per your location and industry:

  • NICHE + Directory (Example: “Roofing + directory”)
  • NICHE directories
  • NICHE + “submit site”
  1. Geo-Targeted Directories Backlinks For Roofing Industry Website:

Geo-targeted directories also helping your local SEO improvement.

How you can find them?

Use this of the search term to find it for your targeted location.

  • city + directory
  • directory + city
  • submit my site + city
  • niche + city + directory
  • city + directories
  1. Editorial Powerful Backlinks Is The Best Backlinks For Roofing Industry Website:

Getting editorial backing is very challenging therefore you need to build a relationship with your industry blogger and then you need to provide them with high-quality content to get a natural editorial backlink for your own roofing website.

So it is not easy to get, if you can provide the value of creating high-quality content for your website fast then you need to build a good relationship with the blogger.

But don’t worries I have a great solution for you that you should follow:

I don’t know did you hear or not about Link-Able.


I would highly recommend you get their services to step by step.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself Guest post writing and backlink building for your own website so you may go through to Link-Able.

If you like to do it yourself SEO so you can order to ask them to provide high-quality backlink based on your budget.

They are providing 100% white label SEO services and 100% white label that backlinks. All the backlinks are safe from the Google penalty.

Or if you’re looking for low-cost good quality backlinks so link management is the perfect place for you.

  1. Niche Relevant Guest Posts Are Good Backlinks For Roofers Website:

This is the ultimate best strategy that every roofing business owner is building backlinks through it.

With guest posts not only can get you quality backlinks. you will also get referral traffic to your roofing website and you can build good authority in that space.

Here is some of the search query that you can find more opportunity for a guest post of your industry:

  • NICHE + “guest post”
  • NICHE + “contribute to”
  • NICHE + “write for us”
  • NICHE + “contributors”
  • NICHE + “guest writer”
  • NICHE + “guest post guidelines”

If you don’t have time to build manually outreach for your guest post to your industry blogger so you may go to Link-Able. again I am recommending this platform should be the ultimate place for you to order for each guest post from this special link now!

Keep in mind you don’t need 1000 backlinks to get ranking on Google for your targeted keywords. You need to focus on quality backlinks only.

More quality backlinks you build so more link assets you will have for future post ranking on Google.

Don’t get my point?

Building internal links by improving site architecture from your site link asset content.

This is one of my favourite strategies.

See it.

Reverse-Silo-setup-on-photography sites for backlinks-pages

You can see the top of the blogger; they are always focusing on effective link building campaign with building a linkable asset for their website.

The Insider’s Guide – BackLink Building in SEMrush:

Frequently Asked Questions About Backlinks Building for your Roofing site:

  • Are Backlinks still important for getting SEO ranking?

The backlink is the top three ranking factor that’s why it is still more important to getting rank on Google.

But you need to build high-quality backlinks only.

  • If I buy from Fiverr backlink is that good?

I can tell you one thing that from my experience 99.9% of backlink are spammy and it is guaranteed to get a Google penalty on your roofing website if you buy from Fiverr backlink services.

  • If I hire an SEO expert from Upwork to build backlinks so are they ok?

I cannot tell you that everyone is building spammy backlink on up work but it is difficult to find such a good expert who made you the advanced tactics to build backlink.

If they know no if anyone any expert knows the advanced way to build backlinks so he/she will be working for his own website only because it is very time-consuming to build high-quality backlinks. At first, you need to build a relationship with a blogger and a lot more things to do.

  • Is nofollow backlinks are good or bad?

A no-follow link is good for getting referral traffic from other websites or blog but it is not going to help you with SEO.

Google is ignoring these no-follow backlinks. it is just telling Google bots not to follow that cannot be a trustworthy website.

  • How many backlinks do I need to build for my roofer’s website to get rank on google?

At first, you need to search on Google based on your targeted keywords and manually check the top 10 SERP URLs list of the backlink they have by using any of the backlink analysis tools such as SEMRush (Get 14 Days FREE Trial Now!)

After checking all of them how much referring domains they have for those particular pages.

You need to count the average number of backlinks that you need to build for that particular search term.

But this is not to be an actual amount to target. You can also check the linking domain authority.

If they have a poor domain authority of huge backlinks so you can build few quality backlinks to beat them easily.

  • How many backlinks to be building daily and that will be safe from the Google penalty?

I think you don’t need to worry about it how many backlinks you need to build daily if you get monthly or weekly 10 to 30 that’s good enough.

  • How do I know how many backlinks my roofing website has currently?

You can go with any of the backlink research tools to get how many total backlinks your website has currently.

I would highly suggest you go with SEMrush to check how many backlinks you have.

This is the ultimate SEO tool in all aspects.

With this tool, you can do keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and SEO audit to fix your website, backlink analysis, and many more, therefore, top SEO experts are recommending the SEMRush tool to use.

Look at some of the experts said about SEMrush:

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Conclusion About To Building The Best Backlinks For Roofing Contractor and Roofers Websites In 2021:

You should know that the art of backlink is a Massive topic.

Therefore I have suggested a few tactics that you should follow.

Above mentioned backlink strategy is working for all industry and you can build your roofing website with good authority that will bring you a good amount of organic traffic through ranking your website on the search engine.

If you are a roofing website owner so you must use the SEMrush tool to promote your roofing business.

Click here to get 14 days FREE trial on SEMrush today!

If you are a new start-up roofing owner then, you may learn our blog to become an advanced level SEO expert.

If you are a roofing website owner and don’t have time to build backlinks for your roofer’s website so, you may go through to order your high-quality backlinks from the most reputable platform Link-Able.

Or if you like to hire a guest author from your industry expert so I’d highly suggest you go with Link-Able

You can get FREE SEO and Blogging consultation from me!

I hope you have found a good resource full post to build the best backlinks for a roofing industry website.

If you have any question please do comment below.

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