How to Leverage Resources and SEO Tools for Roofers Search Rankings

Let’s face it, if you are a businessman, SEO is important in these internet times.

In fact, 93% of all internet activity starts with a search query. So, if you want your business to flourish with as many visitors as possible, there’s really no alternative to quality SEO.

A good quality search engine optimization task needs a combination of good tools and proper resources. Let’s have a look at a few important resources and tools in the article.


When you start a website for your business, the very first thing you will probably search for is a domain and hosting provider. Getting them right is quite crucial for any SEO project in the long run.

Let’s figure out how to find the best domains and hosting providers.

Domain Names:

When you are considering SEO as the driving force behind your marketing model, you need to look out for a domain name with a buying intent primary keyword in it. At the same time, you also need to make sure that the domain name properly represents the business activity of your website. is one such tool that helps you in this extensive research process of finding the right domain.  With so many options to combine and refine, it is one of the best domain name researching tools out there.


With speed and uptime becoming so crucial trust factors in search rankings of all top search engines, you need to look out for a hosting provider that can serve your content quickly and doesn’t go offline often.

The guys behind the Hosting Tribunal, who assembled the fact-packed infographic below, made it easy for us. By extensively testing on various hosting factors, which also include uptime and speed, they ranked the best hosting providers by tagging Site Ground as the best option overall, but I’d strongly recommend checking their reviews for yourself to find the company that suits you best and can help your SEO efforts.

After setting up your website with proper resources, you need tools to simplify tedious SEO tasks, make the most out of competitors and develop strategies that can work.

SEO Tools:

Content has always been king for every SEO project. Creating quality content by itself is time-consuming.

SEO projects

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On top of it for SEO projects, you need to be aware of concepts like SEO copywriting, keywords, and action-oriented titles. Tracking all these things is time taking and quite daunting without SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Optimizely.

The next big thing after content for any SEO project is backlinks. Backlinks don’t happen just like that unless you are Wikipedia. You need to build them with processes like outreach, roundups, and interviews. To efficiently run all these processes, you will need tools like Ahrefs, Mailshake, and Buzzsumo.

We collected several SEO tools that will serve you in processing the above tasks. Here they are:

  • SERPstat
  • NinjaOutreach


SERPstat helps with keyword research, technical SEO problems, backlink analysis, pay-per-click campaigns, and tracking your competition. Sounds familiar? That’s because SERPstat has a similar idea behind it as SEMrush.

The interface is a little different, but the functions are similar. SERPstat performs a site audit as soon as you create a new project and enter your domain name. Here you can view and export data and track changes so you can see if your SEO strategies are working.

data and track

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Where SERPstat really shines is competition analysis. You can see how your competitor’s pages do in search rankings by entering their domain name in the search bar and clicking Domain Analysis>Keyword Research>Top Pages.

By selecting organic keywords you can check out all the keywords your competitors rank for. You can also see their search rankings position and search volume for those keywords.

Other than providing an audit for your backlinks, SERPstat monitors your competitors’ backlinks. You can once again type a competitor’s domain name into the search bar and click Backlink Analysis>Referring Domains.

Here you can see the sites that backlink to your competitor. You can also check the authority of those sites. Authoritative backlinks are the ones that give you the best SEO boost.

So, your best bet is to appeal to those sites if you have the content that matches. Any authoritative backlink you can get will give you an advantage. If your top competitor outreaches content you can check who accepted that content and do the same.

There are many more options for research within SEMrush and SERPstat. Here we’ve covered the basics of improving your SEO. The best way to learn more, however, is to try out both tools and test them yourself.


Having said that, we can move on to NinjaOutreach. We have mentioned the importance of building backlinks. Like we said earlier and like many other bloggers practically follow, outreaching is the best way to build links. However, finding site owners who accept outreach content can be tedious work.

So wouldn’t it be easier if you had a tool that finds them for you? As you can probably guess, NinjaOutreach does precisely this.

NinjaOutreach can save you a ton of time when looking for guest post opportunities. Finding influencers to contact is as simple as entering a keyword into the search bar.

NinjaOutreach’s system allows you to insert multiple keywords to discover influencers related to any of the searched keywords. With this, you can’t miss out on any potential targets.


Image by Kaledico on Unsplash

You can even create contact lists and manage influencers there. Filter them to see only the ones who allow sponsored posts, have giveaways, or accept product reviews, so you don’t have to sieve through countless contacts to find suitable targets.

Lastly, NinjaOutreach lets you contact the influences quickly through email templates. You can personalize templates before emailing. Once more, this saves a lot of time compared to adapting each email manually.


Of course, there is a bunch of SEO tools out there. These three are meant to simplify the essentials of SEO and save you time.

To reiterate, these tools, while useful to anyone, can really help you make it in affiliate marketing. To give you an example of how to leverage this, SEMrush can tell you who your competitors target with ads. This can give you an idea of your target demographic as an affiliate. If you’re an affiliate or want to become one, you really don’t want to miss out on these tools.

As we’ve already said, the best way to learn to use these tools is to try them out. You have this as your starting guide. From here you’re ready to experiment with options and take your site to the top of search result lists.

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