7 SEO Strategy To Get Commercial Roofing Leads On-Going! [2021]

If you are looking for how to get commercial roofing leads or clients so this is the perfect place to learn for your roofing business online success.

I think you will agree with me that getting a list of client organically it’s very hard to any roofers website.

But there are many roofing websites it is getting a lot of traffic to boost their business for a long time.

What is the secret to success in those roofers business?

Getting a list of traffic-free and naturally is the most important strategy that every roofing business is following to become come success their business online.

Which type of Commercial roofing are you specific to?

  • Are you a commercial roof repair? Looking for how can you find commercial roof repair leads?
  • Commercial flat roofing? Looking for the best way to find commercial flat roofing clients?
  • Commercial zinc roofing? Looking for more customers?
  • New-born Commercial copper roofing? Looking for more clients on-going?
  • Commercial Roofing For Architects? Looking for the best way to get commercial Architects leads?
  • Commercial Roofing For Real Estate Developer? Wanted to know, how to find commercial Real Estate Developer Leads?
  • Commercial Roofing For Charity? Seeking for how can you get commercial Charity leads booking?
  • Commercial Roofing For Haulage? Need more Haulage customers?
  • Commercial Roofing For Retail Parks? Want to boost your Retail Parks leads?

In this post, I am going to talk about how you can get more commercial roofing leads/clients on-going through SEO.

There is top 3 major ranking factors are right keyword choosing, Content for that keyword and few high-quality backlinks.

If you target each keyword for each services page/blog post so that would give you a great opportunity to increase your customers for your business.

If you follow all the strategies to implement for your website just for 6 months to one year so you will be wondering having seen your traffic results on-going.

This is the ultimate secret to success online for roofing contractors or small business roofers.

Let’s get started.

At first, you need to know.

What is SEO for Commercial Roofing Businesses:

Search engine optimization is a strategy to increase the visibility of roofing website on major search engine results organically. Such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO is the process that will help your roofing website to increase search engine result pages in the top search engine which will attract more actual visitors naturally and free.

Why search engine traffic is so important for your roofing website?

Search is the best and fast source for getting traffic organically and the best way to get more commercial roofing customers.

You might be wondering if you know:

  • 95% of users are using the search engine for search.
  • 80% of users are never going to scroll to the second-page result.
  • 90% of a user clicks on organic search results.

Why Commercial Roofers Need SEO?

Every Commercial roofer wants to get more customers for their website or business. Through search engine optimization it is possible to bring more customers to your business free of cost if you focus on your right SEO strategy so it’ll be easier for you to find a good number of commercial roofing clients.

I hope if you are not aware of what is SEO and why you need it for your website so it is now clear to you the basic points.

I’d highly recommended you learn our blogs.

Now I am going to tell you the ultimate practice that you must implement for your roofing website to bring most commercial customers to your roofing business organically and natural way.

It is not the way for a limited time if you do the right way you will get on-going results for your roofing business.

The more effort you do you so much more results you will get.

Note: I have noticed that many SEO agencies and SEO expert are offering SEO services at very cheap cost and spammy backlink services specific if you order on Fiverr.

Keep away from them. If you do hire and they’ll do black hat SEO so your website gets penalized by Google.

The Advanced 7 White Hat SEO Strategy for Roofers Website to Get More Commercial Client Leads In 2021:

1. Do Keyword Research For The Commercial Roofing Website:

Finding commercial roofing leads is so hard. Know how to find clients for commercial roofing with the right longtail keyword research for your SEO that wins quickly.

Keyword research is the most important part of starting your SEO campaign.

If you fall to choose the right profitable keyword for your business so you won’t get the right client and it will be very difficult to rank on Google.

If you ignore this part so that will be a big mistake for your roofing SEO.

At first, you need to know the user’s intent to choose the right profitable keyword for your business.

I am going to show you what type of user intent keywords.

  • Informational intent keyword-

This user is looking for a specific question answer.

Example:how to install a commercial roof drain

  • Navigational intent keyword-

This user is looking for a specific website by searching on Google.

Example: Search with the “Brand name” or “roofingatlantainc.com

  • Transactional intent keyword-

This type of user is searching to hire or buy something.

Example: “hire commercial roofers in las vegas

  • Commercial intent keyword-

This type of user is looking to investigate before buying any product or services.

Example: “best commercial flat roof contractors near me

So keep in mind while you are going to do keyword research for your roofing website.

You just need to think about user intent before choosing your keyword for your SEO campaign.

There are a ton of tools to find keywords list but you need the right tool that will show you which keyword you can easily rank your roofing website on google search results.

Most small business roofer is taking by choosing the keyword-based on search volume.

The thought they have the most search volume keywords will give more traffic to their roofing website but it will be very difficult to get Google’s first-page rank and therefore they are not getting enough traffic to their website.

If you are struggling with how to get commercial roofing leads so choose the right keyword first to optimize your roofing website, services page or blog post.

What is the secret sauce?

The secret sauce is choosing the right profitable long-tail keywords which have less competition with good search volume keyword.

How you can find them for your roofing business?

Yes, I am going to share your top 3 tools to find the right keyword for your roofing business and you can easily find your local roofing competitor’s search ranking traffic Keywords list with just a single click.

2. Find Longtail Keywords With LongtailPro For Your Roofing Website:

Learn how to get clients as beginner roofers by finding the right long-tail keywords. I would highly suggest you go for a LONGTAILPRO keyword research tool.

It is one of the most popular keyword research tools as per the top many SEO experts recommended.

Let’s have a look at how you can find long-tail keywords for your roofing website instantly.

Longtailpro will bring you the information about what search term you enter.

You will get all the suggested keywords monthly search volume, keywords difficulty, and average cost per click, etc.

To start with LONGTAILPRO you need to get sign up fast if you don’t have an account on this tool yet you must go from this special link to get 7 days free trial and 30% off now! Limited offer.

Once you are done register on LONGTAILPRO you need to login into your dashboard.

After that, you need to click find keywords on the top left section.

Find Longtail Keywords With LongtailPro

Then you need to add seed keywords to input a keyword or phrase related to your roofing industry and go to click Add.

You need to repeat this tab to find as many keywords as you like every time.


You can also find to check ok your current website ranking keywords with LONGTAILPRO as well.

You can also export your LONGTAILPRO keywords data to a spreadsheet.


This is very useful and I would highly recommend you to go for it. You can see the below of top industry experts who recommending LONGTAILPRO is the best keyword research tool.

If you are a commercial roofer so you might use LONGTAILPRO to find a profitable keyword to get rank fast on google to get customers as commercial roofing contractors.


Longtailpro Expert Recommended 10

You can find the 30% off and 7 days FREE for the LONGTAILPRO keyword research tool from this exclusive link now!

3. Find Commercial Roofing LSI Keywords With AnswerThePublic: 

Are you a commercial roofer but don’t have any technical knowledge? Right.

No worries! To find the right commercial roofing keywords, You don’t need to be an expert or technical knowledge.

Use your mind to read the suggestion from the tools. That’s it.

After doing longtail keywords for your SEO, you need a lot of LSI keywords for that term for optimizing your content to make it natural. you can’t do keyword stuffing more and more. If you do so you must get a penalty by google.

To avoid the Google penalty, you need to find LSI keywords for each longtail keywords you are targeting.

This is another excellent tool that you can use free but limited search which is called Answer The Public.

Know how to get customers as a commercial roofer by using LSI keyword tools like Answer The Public for optimizing your content.

This keyword research tool will help you to find the list of LSI keywords as per the alphabet, question, and preposition based.

To get organic traffic to your roofing website in it to who published quality content as per user intent as I already said about it.

You can find the list of commercial user intent keyword which you should be targeting for.

You just need to type your keywords into the search box then hit enter on getting questions.


After that you will redirect to another page that will bring you the list of keywords include who, what, why, where, when, how, can, which, are, for, vs, and will base.

Look at it here:



You can easy to download the entire keywords list for your roofing industry with a single click.

This is the perfect tool to find longtail and LSI keyword for your business to get commercial roofing customers.

If you have not used the AnswerThePublic LSI Keyword tool before so you must get register now from this link today!

4. Find Competitor’s Commercial Roofing Traffic Keywords With SEMrush For Your Roofing Website:

Find Competitor’s SEO Ranking Traffic Keywords With SEMrush

This is one of my favourite SEO tools from all aspects of marketing.

Looking for how to get commercial roofing leads?

To get more commercial roofing leads, you need to look at your top roofing competitor’s ranking traffic keywords.

Know how to get consumers as roofers by using the SEMrush tool.

SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools on the web and recommended by high-level expert.

You’re not only can use this tool to find the right keyword. You can do with this tool for your roofing competitor analysis, you can easily find your local competitors high ranking traffic keywords that help you to find the gap.

It will also help you to do an SEO audit for your own roofing website.

With it, you can get new backlink opportunities and many more features.

But let’s have a look at how you can find your right keywords with SEMrush.

If you don’t have an account on SEMRush yet so you may click this special link to get 14 days free SEMrush Guru and Pro Trial now!

At first, you need to log in to your SEMRush dashboard after registered.

Once you login in you need to click keyword analytics from the left sidebar section.


Then go to the overview and type your industry keyword into the search box.


This will give you the initial idea for keywords you enter and you can also search with your competitor website URL to get more info.

Please have a look at the example image:


To get more details on keywords you need to click on view full report.


You’ll be able to find the list of data for each keyword such as

  • Keyword search volume
  • Number of search result
  • Keyword difficulty for ranking
  • Search trends

For example image:


You will get an option to export keywords at any time you want from an Export manager.


If you want to do SEO for your own roofing website or blog so SEMRush should be the perfect SEO tool that you can use for all aspects of marketing.

You might have noticed, the top expert who recommends this tool is the most popular SEO tool on the web.

You can use SEMrush for your competitor analysis with just a single click!

I would highly suggest you go for it if you like to do SEO for your own roofing website or blog.

You can get SEMrush Pro and Guru Plan from this exclusive link click here now to activate your free trial!

Buy Expired Domain: If you have no website yet for your starting roofing business –

You can easily buy a domain from GoDaddy or any e other website but why am I suggesting you buy an expired domain?

Buying an expired domain be a small investment but it will give you the greatest result in the future to get roofing clients fast.

If you know a little bit about SEO so you might be aware that Google is always trusting a domain based on

  • Domain age
  • Domain authority
  • Domain backlink profile

If you buy a new domain that has less domain authority and a low backlink profile along with that is a few days older.

So you need to increase your domain authority that Google will trust to getting rank you on the search result.

But just a small investment in buying an expired domain will help you a lot when you are targeting SEO ranking if you like to run a new website to get more roofing leads faster.

Here is the top 3 place that I would suggest you to go to buy an expired domain for your new website:


Buy an expired domains





After buying a domain for your new roofing business, you need to go to them for hosting.

Here is a great place for WordPress hosting for your roofing website that I would highly suggest to you.

If you like to run a single website:

You’ll get FREE Domain Name for 1st Year.
You can get FREE SSL Certificate and 1-Click WordPress Install In Bluehost.
Bluehost offers 30-day money-back guarantee.
Starting at $3.95/month for 1 domain.

If you want to run up to 5 websites:

You’ll get unlimited free SSL certificates forever.
You can fix your technical issues for free, fast.
WPX Hosting is the fastest WordPress host.

Starting at $24.99/month for 5 domains.

Both of the hosting places are great for you to start now!

After subscribing to your hosting platform you can install a WordPress website with just a single click.

If you need any help regarding this I’ll help you with lifetime Free consulting or you might find a WordPress developer from PPH as a virtual assistant instantly.

If you hired any developers to launch your current WordPress website, you must use a mobile-friendly theme for WordPress which I’d recommend the best platforms below –


Why am I suggesting to you for WordPress?

WordPress is SEO friendly and very user-friendly to use for anyone who doesn’t know or newbie.

Note: If you don’t have any website for your roofing business yet, therefore, I suggest you go for an expired domain, hosting and WordPress themes.

If you already have a roofing website so you don’t need to follow my above suggestion.

Publish Your Blog Content To Get Commercial Roofing Clients:

Publishing blog posts on your roofing website is most important to promote your business through search engine optimization.

Write quality content to get commercial clients as a roofer business is not easy. If you don’t have time to write quality content for your blog so you might go with SEMrush Marketplace for writing services.

If you are a newbie with a limited budget so you must learn to write content for your roofing website.

Keep in mind that content is king and backlinks are queens.

If you use the SEMrush SEO tool so that’ll be very helpful to find what type of content your competitors are posting.

Get SEMRush 14 days FREE trial now from this exclusive link.

SEMrush recommended by industry experts:

SEMRush Expert Recommended 3

SEMRush Expert Recommended 18

SEMRush Expert Recommended 10

You Have No Time To Write Content for Your Roofing Website?

Looking for how to get commercial clients as new roofers?

If you are a small business roofer and you don’t have time to published content to your blog so I would highly recommend you go with SEMrush Marketplace.

This is an agency that is most reputable on the web and they will provide you with high-quality content based on your industry demand.

So that you don’t need to research your market they will do that you can simply order to get the high-quality content for your website.

I would highly suggest you use SEMrush Marketplace for your roofing services pages and blog content writing if you have no time to write quality content for your blog.

SEMrush Marketplace  – Grab your quality content now!

5. Local SEO Improvement: For The Commercial Roofers Website:


Local SEO will help you quick ranking based on your targeted keywords and you can easily attract your audience with the local term.

As I ready discuss with you to choose the right profitable user intent keyword for your roofing industry.

Why local SEO is more important to get more commercial roofers clients?

If you want to target a keyword to rank on google such as

  • Commercial Roofing

For this term, it is searching globalize user so it has high competition with high search volume that you should not forget but if you target a keyword with more specific such as

  • Hire Commercial Flat Roofers In London

So this should be the perfect keyword that you can rank easily if you focus on a few local SEO practices.

You need to add a schema structure on your site NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).

But your roofing website must be mentioned on Google listing and Yelp listing to getting Google ranking on local search.

If you can submit a list of a top citation for the business listing website so that will be more helpful for you to rank on your targeted location.

Google trusts all business citation websites, therefore, you need to focus on local SEO rank to get the first commercial roofing client.

You need to at least manually submit by yourself to Google business listing and Yelp listing to market yourself as a commercial roofer.

google-local-listing for photographer website


If you like your roofing website to be listed on more citation listing site. So you can use this list.

“Top 50 Local Citation Sites for USA, UK, Canada, and Australia

If you have no time to do local citation listing for your website manually so you might use me (Prasen) for local citation services.

6. SEMrush Tool for Analysis Commercial Roofing Competitors: 

If you want to know what are the keyword is ranking for your roofing competitors and how their getting enough traffic to their roofing website so you must audit a competitor website by using the SEMRush tool.

Here is the video tutorial to steal your competitor’s website traffics:

Find Ranking Keywords:

When you are going to write any post so you need to know the demanding content in your niche, therefore, this tool should be the ultimate for you to find out the top competitor post and the list of the top post of your industry.

Find Top Post: Buzzsumo


As I already said if the content is King and backlinks are Queens.

Building high-quality backlinks are still important to getting rank on Google’s first page.

Therefore you need to find out the best backlink opportunities from your competitor’s website with SEMrush, I would recommend you to find out the place linked opportunity.

Here is an example to find out a new backlink opportunity for your website with SEMrush.

Find Roofing Competitor’s Website Backlinks That Your Site New Opportunity:

Find Backlinks New Opportunity On SEMrush

You can download all list of backlinks with a single click on SEMrush.


Click here to start using SEMrush immediately to find new backlinks opportunities from your competitor’s website now!

Get 14 days free trial today!

7. Start Linkbuilding Outreach For Your Commercial Roofing Website:

Building high-quality backlinks are not easy for submission type.

Email outreach to Building High-quality backlinks is the best strategy.

Two powerful way of building backlinks for your roofing website.

There are several ways to build backlinks but I want to see are you which is work well.

Number one you can find the list of guest post submission sites to publish your content.

How you will get benefit guest posts?

You will get quality backlinks to your roofing website along with good referral traffic and build up with a relationship with them.

Or other ways to build high-quality backlinks by seeing your roofing competitors backlinks and referrals websites.

With SEMrush, it will be easy to find new backlink opportunities but doing outreach and finding the contact email to doors referral website with easily for that you need a good outreach tool such as NINJA OUTREACH.

Let’s have a look at how you can do SEO for backlink building.

Start SEO Link Building for Guest Post:

Advanced Search Queries For Guest Posting If You Want To Do Manually.

  • keyword intitle:”write for us”
  • keyword intitle:”write for me”
  • Keyword intitle:”contribute to”
  • Keyword intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog
  • Keyword “submit a guest post”
  • Keyword inurl:/guest-post/
  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • Keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • Keyword “guest post guidelines”
  • Keyword “guest author”
  • Keyword “guest article”
  • Keyword “guest column”
  • Keyword “become a contributor”
  • inpostauthor:guest keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest blog” keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest post” keyword

You Should Use Guest Post With This Email Template:


If you don’t have time enough, Start to use the Ninjaoutreach outreach tool yet so you might be wondering to use this great tool for your outreach campaign.

Click to a risk-free 7-day trial now on the Ninjaoutreach tool or 60% off Yearly!

It’s highly recommended by me for an outreach link building tool if you like to do it yourself SEO backlinks building for your own roofing website.

You Have No Time To Build Outreach Backlinks For Your Own Roofing Website?

If you don’t have time to do a guest post or building editorial backlinks so I’d suggest you go with The LinkManagement if you want to do it quickly.

The world’s most reputable roofing SEO agency that can reach you the great success.


What do I do if I’m a new roofer and not have any website?

I would suggest if you are a new roofer and having no website yet. then, follow –

What do I do if I’m a start-up or experienced roofer? Have a website.

For you, I’d tell you to promote your current roofing website through content marketing with –

  • SEMRush SEO Tool
  • Start SEO Step by Step as per my suggestion!

What do I do if have no blog yet on my website?

If you are running a website with just simple HTML but I have no blog yet.

You just need to have a WordPress blog in your domain.

  • Hire a WP Developer from PPH
  • Grab SEMRush SEO Tool
  • Do it yourself SEO with Me – Join My Group Now!

What do I do if I have no time for SEO or blogging on my roofing site?

If you are not able to find any time for content marketing and SEO for your current website or blog so I would recommend you go with

You can use these 3 things for your SEO, content and backlink building through the guest post, these simple things can change your roofing business in future growth.

What do I do if I run a large or medium roofing agency?

If you are running a large or medium roofing business so I hope you have an in-house team you might using good SEO advanced strategy that I mentioned to do it yourself SEO step by step.

Or you can directly get advice for your current team to start SEO as per my guideline now, Try Prasen FREE lifetime SEO and content marketing consultation should be right for you.

Which Roofers Stage you are now? How you can improve your Roofing SEO?

  • Roofing Students

If you are a roofing student and wanted to start a roofing business so I would highly recommend you create your roofing website get started with an expired domain then hosting choose your theme after that you can use the SEMrush SEO tool to improve your SEO.

You can DIY SEO step by step to get work as a roofer. Don’t worry if you have any problem you will get lifetime consulting support from me.

  • An Experienced Roofer

If you are an experienced roofer and is not getting enough customers yet. There were four I would also suggest you build your roofing website fast and do it yourself SEO to get commercial roofing clients more. You will also get lifetime consulting support from me.

  • A Roofing Contractor who has a website or don’t have time as a small business roofer or roofing contractors.

You have a website but you cannot find time to promote your roofing business because of handling too much task on one hand as a small business owner.

For you, I would suggest you do order manually blog post services or order guest post backlinks for your roofing website but you must have a blog in your current website domain to run SEO to boost your commercial roofing clients.

Gets lifetime consulting support from me.

  • A Roofing Contractors who have a website or blog and also has an in-house or virtual team but doesn’t know how to do the right way advanced SEO as a medium or large agency.

If you have a budget you don’t know how to promote your roofing website?

You are running quite good business for your medium or large company.

But you are not increasing your client organically.

I would hardly suggest you try Prasen FREE now! This is the best way to get commercial roofing clients fast for your website.

Gets lifetime consulting support from me.

Conclusion About How to Get Commercial Roofing Leads With SEO:

If you are looking to get a good number of commercial client for your roofing business from Google search I would suggest you focus on your SEO strategy.

SEO is not a short-term goal. It is a long term goal that brings your roofing website huge success which you can’t believe.

Here is the list of the deal for any roofers to promote roofing website:

I hope you would appreciate it after reading this full blog post about how to get commercial roofing leads on-going in the future by using the right SEO.

If you have any questions on how to get more commercial roofing clients for your roofing business, please let me know through blog comments or direct email to me.

What’s more, you want me to share my next blog post for the roofing website?

Please share this post on your social media network now!

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