Best Google Keyword Planner Alternative FREE Tools For Roofing Businesses Marketing Start-up

Keyword research is the most critical and important thing for a website to produce content.

If you are a new blogger and looking for a list of google keyword planner alternative free tools that will help you to find the right keywords for your industry so this is the right place to grab your needs.

Doing the right keyword research process is very simple but you need to find out the right tool to use.

Yes, it is possible to find a free list without spending any money to do the best keyword research.

The most important four steps that you need to focus on your keyword research:

  • Primary and secondary keywords
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Semantic keywords
  • Competitor keywords

Here’s the common keyword research tools are more popular and free:

  1. Google Keyword Planner Tool

  2. WooRank Website Review

  3. SEMRush – Get 14 Days FREE Trials now!

  1. KeywordEveryWhere

  2. Spyfu

  3. Keyword Discovery

  4. WordPot

  5. Google Trends

  6. Google Suggest

You might read this post for more details.

But I am going to cover the additional keyword research tools in 2021.

Let’s have a look at them.

10. KW finder:

This is another popular tool that will help you to find long-tail keywords very easily. This tool has a free version to use daily 5 searches and you can choose the keywords with low difficulties.

Why you should use this tool?

KW finder will allow you to create a free lifetime account.

You will be able to find accurate keywords Research report with it.

It will help you to find low competition good search volume keywords in the free version.

This tool will help you to find related to your primary keyword suggestion.

What you are going to get from these tool features?

  • Keyword Suggestion
  • Search volume trends in the last 12 months.
  • Monthly Search volume in the last 12 months.
  • The average cost per click.
  • Find PPC competition.
  • Keyword SEO difficulties.
  • Google SERP result pages.
  • The domain authority of the SERP URLs.

And there are lots more extra features that you can use in a free version as well.

You must read a free keyword research guide for newbies from here.

11. Ninja Search Combination Tool:

Internet Marketing Ninjas is another search combination tool that provides you free of cost.

Here is the list of features that you can use with this tool:

  • Keyword Density Analysis Tool
  • Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool Search Combination Tool
  • Robots Text Generator Tool
  • Header Checker Tool
  • On-Page Optimization Tool
  • Meta Tag Generator Tool
  • Google vs. Bing More Search Engines Comparison Tool

It is one of the most useful keyword research tools that I would recommend to use and you can find the top 220 influencers who already have recommended this tool to know more here.

12. SEO Book Keyword Tools:

 Why keyword research is important for every blogger?

This is another great tool that is free, fast, and alternative to the Google keyword planner tool.

This tool is totally free to use but you need to restart fast to use the free account for less than one minute.

Here’s the list of features of this tool:

  • Export to CSV
  • Finding a seed keyword
  • UK Monthly Searches (Google, Bing & Yahoo!)
  • US Daily Searches
  • Google’s US & UK search results links
  • Bing + Yahoo! search results links
  • CPC – Estimated keyword bid price
  • UK Monthly Searches
  • UK Daily Searches
  • UK CPC
  • UK Monthly Value

How Does This Tool Work?

 Please check the SEO Book keyword research tutorial video here.

What Is Included In FREE Version?

  • Offers a CSV export option
  • Links to Google Trends, Google Suggest
  • It offers a broad/ fuzzy matching search feature.
  • Offers daily search volumes

13. Google Correlate:

This is another best free Keyword research tool by Google that most people are not using.

This tool has uncovered the keywords with similar real-time and regional search queries you provide.

Most of the top-level market apps are using this tool to study and predict consumer behavior.

This is one of the secret tools for advanced keyword research.

In 2011, this tool was launched.

How You Can Use Google Correlate Tool?

 Using this tool is very easy to move.

After type, your keywords press search correlation and you will get the list of high-quality search term according to your keywords.

It will give you a weekly timeline series and based on the United States.

It will give you the 10 words sorted by correlation. You can select Show more to view the next 10 correlative terms.

You’ll be able to export into a CSV file until the hundred words or display.

It will give you to find State-based correlation and to identify regional search patterns.

There is a too frequent option you can use for time series: weekly or monthly.

Yes, I am mentioning an article about Google correlate research tool you can read more depth here.

14. Free Search Term Suggestion Tool by Keyword Discovery:

There is another free tool called Keyword Discovery. You cannot find any other competitors anywhere close to providing much that I like them. They offer the most comprehensive result.

Find The Ultimate in Keyword Data with Keyword Discovery:

  • This tool collects data from over 200 search engines.
  • It’s Combined, that data 36 billion searches.
  • Offers keyword suggestion from eBay, Amazon, and showing a product that people love to buy.
  • Free to search keyword data for a specific location, such as the USA, Aus, UK, Canada, and so on…
  • It’ll show on searches from Google News and CNN etc…

What you are going to get in the FREE Version?

  • Searches per day – 1500
  • Results displayed – 1000
  • Industry Terms Search results – 1000
  • Domain Research results – 3
  • Analyze and KEI credits per day – 1000
  • Keyword Density checks per day – 100
  • Projects – 20
  • Terms per project – 10,000
  • Import Keywords per day – 5,000
  • Yahoo PPC Current Bid credits per day – 10
  • Yahoo PPC Bid Forecast credits per day – 100
  • Regional Databases
  • Related Search
  • Spell Search
  • Fuzzy/Like Search
  • Phrase Match Search
  • Include Plurals Search
  • Exclude Keywords Search
  • Thesaurus Search
  • Inflected Form Search
  • Also Searched For
  • Domain Score
  • Adult Filter
  • Remove Spaces
  • Industry Category Search
  • Search and Replace
  • Translation – Keywords in Project
  • Export via the online interface
  • Historical Trends – 5 keywords at a time
  • Market Share – Search Engines and Demographics
  • Competitors – Top Traffic Sites per keyword
  • Successful Search Score
  • KEI + Occurrences From Google
  • KEI + Occurrences From Yahoo, MSN, ASK
  • KEI + Occurrences From Regional Engines
  • Google Formatting Tool
  • Keyword Density Analysis Tool
  • Yahoo PPC Bid Tool

15. Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker:

This is another premium tool called what tracker but it has the free version that you can try for 7 days.

This is more than a Keyword research tool. It is one of the market research tools you can take competitor keywords, PPC, and SEO keywords research with it.

What is it will provide you?

Find the related keywords that can be rank better on the search engine.

It will provide you with the right difficulty in the competition of a search term.

This tool offers multiple source data such as Google, YouTube, Amazon results.

16. Soovle:

This is one of my favorite keyword research tools which is absolutely free to use lifetime.

This tool is quite similar to the Ubersuggest tool.

But the most important thing is a difference which is the auto-suggest features of the different search engines at once such as Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Answer, Amazon, etc…

You won’t be able to find this recommendation on the Ubersuggest tool.

If your plan is going to Target for different platforms so this tool will help you a lot for example if you are going to list your product on Amazon or you would like to develop your video on YouTube channel so this tool is perfect for you.

17. Bing Webmaster Toolbox For Free Keyword Research:

When the SEO is coming everyone is thinking about Google but we should not ignore Bing nowadays because it will also drive some quality traffic if you rank there.

Bing keyword research tool is free to use.

You can stop guessing the key every keyword search volume you can try now this tool to get the list of ideas and suggestions for your upcoming content.

It’s the offer to receive ($40 USD) 3000 INR search advertising credit from Bing ads to sign-up now!

What you will get from this keyword research tool?

  • All data will be providing from organic search. It won’t provide you the paid search advertising data. You will get the accurate organic search volume of a keyword.
  • You can find up to six months of data.
  • It offers keywords Idea by language and country/location.
  • You’ll get quick access to up to 25 keywords of research history.

18. KGen:

This is an add-on for Firefox that helps you to find every word of a page and how many times they appear their average position on the page and lots more.

This addon will help you to analyze any web page and how it has optimized.

This is the perfect solution to determine the strategy of your competitor’s web pages.

It is free of cost you just need to install it on your Firefox browser and ready to use while you open its web page.

19. Keyword.Guru:

This is another free exciting tool that will provide you with instant and live keyword suggestions.

It will provide you with suggested keyword ideas from Google Yahoo Bing YouTube and eBay and many more.

This is one of the great tools that will help you to run a Google Adwords campaign as well as will help your content marketing strategy.

It has lifetime free access and you will be able to export all the keywords.

20. Bulk Suggest Tool:

It is one of the similar tools such as Soovle and keyword. guru.

They have all the databases that suggested the keyword ideas from Google, Amazon, YouTube, Bing.

You may be wondering what this tool will help you to research your article and marketing strategy.

It also costs you nothing to do depth keyword research.

21. SerpStat:

This is one of the rising trends premium SEO tool and it’s offer you to do a free sign up and you can request a demo to use free with limited time.

This is one of all in one SEO tool that can be used for several strategies such as

Search analytics

  • Advertising analysis
  • Content marketing ideation
  • Competitor research
  • Rank tracking
  • Market intelligence
  • On-page audit
  • Report and infographic Research
  • API as well as keyword research.

SERPStat Features for Keyword Research:

Find the least profitable keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigning.

Determine the value of keywords with search volume cost per click and competition level.

Find the list of Keyword variations and search suggestions to optimize your page.

Collect the list of long-tail keywords which is a good search volume with less competition.

You are able to discover International Data without any additional cost for a Major language in any country.

Find your web page’s relevance and discovered the missing keywords.

It will help you to find the keyword trends to choose the right list.

Find out what pages are showing in search results for any keywords along you can find the additional data search like organic keywords and the number of Facebook share and potential traffic scores for any pages.

You can try for FREE now!


This is another best alternative keyword tool to compare Google keyword planner.

You can use it to generate a free version keyword tool up to 750 + long-tail keywords ideas.

In this tool, you don’t even have to create an account to use the free version.

If you are a small business owner and marketer or content creator so this is the right tool to research your buyer intent keywords which will help you to the easiest way to achieve potential customers through your content.

This keyword research tool will help you to find the hidden keywords in the Google keyword planner.

Why you can use this tool?

 If you are looking for SEO and content creation so this tool will be the right for you.

This keyword tool helpful for international SEO and for Adword advertising.

23. SEOquake:

This is one of the free powerful SEO tools for your browser.

Check any web page list of SEO parameters to deep analyze.

This is one of the essential browser extensions that are every marketer uses from their Browser.

What it will do?

  • It will contact the on-page SEO audit in a flash.
  • It will help you to examine the internal and external backlinks of any webpage.
  • You can compare URLs and domains in real-time.
  • The most important thing in the free version you can export all data into a file.
  • It will help you to get a detailed and structure report with visualizing in the list of the keywords found on any page.
  • This tool is enjoying 300,000 plus users every day.

 6 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO (and How to Use Them)

Conclusion About Best Alternative To Google Keyword Planner 2021:

I am not recommending you use all of the tools that I have listed above but instead, I would recommend you go one or two tools to get used to on it.

I’d strongly recommend you to go with SERPstat or KWfinder.

if you are using Google keyword planner Google Trend and KW finder it’s very professional and free to use.

Are you using any of what you are told that I have mentioned in this article?

Please let me know through your comment what was your experience.

if this list is helping you so please share it with your friend on social media.

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