Change Your Roofing Business Game With The Best Digital Marketing Tools

It is practically impossible to make a business survive in the market without backing it up with the right and smart kind of marketing technique. And, amongst all the marketing techniques the one which tops the list and is the most crucial for the marketing of any product or service is digital marketing.

Even the people who are formally dedicated to traditional marketing are too slowly becoming accustomed to the new digital marketing need. If the latest trend of digital marketing is not absorbed then anybody’s business can vanish after a certain period of time.

Digital marketing provides a common ground for all businesses to flourish and it solely depends upon the techniques that you will apply in order to make your business work.

Digital marketing optimizes the conversion rate and helps in bringing more conversions, generating more revenue, attracting potential customers.

Now, everything evolves slowly and steadily and evolvement takes place when new things are added up to old ones to make them better and advanced in every way.

Similar is the case with digital marketing every other day new updates are made so as to make the digital process all the way more easy, exciting, and targeted towards generating more revenue. Many new updates, applications, and software are added everywhere so as to bring ease to the way things are done.

SEO Site Checkup:

It is a tool used by professionals to monitor the SEO of any website. It keeps track of the weekly changes that might be happening, the sudden drop in the position of the website and it also keeps you updated on the SEO scores. Other than this SEO Site Checkup does the following task:

  • Creates professional white-label reports
  • Analyses competitor websites’ SEO
  • Analyses SEO issues
  • It comes with a 14-day free trial plan!

Optin Monster:

It is one of the most popular email subscriber list building tools which is most commonly used by WordPress Bloggers and some of the website owners so as to build their subscription lists.  OptinMonster has quite an interesting collection of email opt-in templates, provides a user-friendly interface, and also helps in creating email opt-in forms.


It is the trending platform for influencer marketing that will help you in managing your relationship with the bloggers. You can choose unlimited profiles, analyze what and how bloggers are doing things, build connections, and understand them better. Influencers are roped in by the big brands in order to promote the service or product they are willing to sell.

With the help of Traackr you can actively manage your relationship with the influencers; you can measure the individual influencer metrics and also the KPI which will further assist you in tracking your ROI.

Google Keyword Planner:

This is the most prominently used keyword tool that allows looking for a wide variety of keywords and with this, you can also take an idea about what all keywords are trending. With this, you can also check how the keywords will perform. Once you have targeted the keyword then you can use that for the SEO optimization of any website. The searched keywords can also work perfectly for the Google AdWords Campaign.

Google Analytics:

A tool that every marketer should be very well is aware of. It is an online platform with the help of which you can get access of various different reports that will give you the information of the users, where do they belong, where are they from, also helps in analyzing which marketing channel of the website is more effective and can help in conversions, leads, sales, downloads.


It helps you in understanding your website traffic better. What all activities are the website visitors doing on your website, you can have access to the metrics. You will get an insight into the surveys, feedback, and polls. Basically, with the help of Hotjar, you get to study the behavior of the viewers and understand what you need to do to make your website perform better.


Create professionally unique slideshows, add music, a different set of effects and grace it with some unique custom texts to make it all the way more appealing. It is a visual marketing tool that promotes your brand in the most visually attractive way.

Lead Pages:

Want to create visually attractive and easily accessible landing pages? Then, you can achieve it with the help of lead pages. For the visitors that that are coming to your website for the first time, they can download eBooks, cheat sheets, they also get to buy a book. With lead pages, they are signing up for something totally new.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin today with the help of these digital marketing tools and take over the digital space!

Prasenjit Dutta Chowdhury

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