Top Content Marketing Agency That Will Hook Roofing Leads For You In 2021!

Engaging content is used by most of the big companies so that they can remain ahead of their game. Therefore, content marketing is such an important part of your company that you cannot just hire some team to do it.

In that case, you need a specialized team of experts who are born to do exactly the thing your brand needs. Moreover, if we look at the current environments, then we can say that India is one of the major outsourcing companies, which provides manpower and services to many renowned western countries.

Today, in this blog, we will also take care of the IT field and how content marketing companies in India have given rise to a new digital and content marketing hub in India. But before that, let us take a look at the criteria on which we will be choosing the best marketing companies.

  • The Content should be as communicative as possible because your content and the way of presenting it are actually the convincing factors for your customers in online marketing.
  • It should be driven and should have called to action placed properly so that the story not only convinces people but also compels them to invest in your brand.
  • Every content produced for your brand should be search engine optimized so that it has an entity on the internet and is able to drive some of the prospects to the website.
  • Content needs consistency so that your brand has a prominent online presence for effective online marketing. Using event planning proposals to streamline your content and outreach marketing will also help you to maintain a good reputation among your customers and promote your brand online.
  • Content marketing generates leads and therefore, and Google algorithms continuously change in a year; you need to collaborate with such a company that is updated with all the changes regarding search engine algorithms and understands the digital ranking very well.

Here is the list of the top content marketing companies in India, which has maximum awards. Maximum achievements when it comes to digital success.

Disclaimer:  Keep in mind that we will count down the companies in ascending order, but the blog is completely based on the efficiency of the company and not it’s ranking.

#11 DigitalPrasen

DigitalPrasen is an SEO & Content marketing agency, the owner is Prasenjit Dutta Chowdhury, having 14 years experience and have been featured in top industry blog and their strategies are advanced and excellent at a very affordable price!

#10 Innovo

Innovo is a specialized content marketing agency that mainly focuses on designs and digital marketing strategy. Their top clients are HDFC Life, Big Basket, Prana Healthcare, and so on. Founded in 2014 by Vijay Mathur, it has a total team of 60+ designers, developers, content writers, and mainly strategists.

#9 JustWords

Justwords is a Gurugram based company that aims in providing services to both large-scale and small-scale companies because of its groundbreaking thought that no company is too small or too big to make a significant mark in the internet world. It provides specialized services in Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing Strategies, and so on.

Especially, it is tied up with Google to give 360-degree communicative virtual tours. Some of their renowned clients are Nokia, Quinstreet, Sterlite, and so on.

#8 Viacon Marketing and Technologies

Viacon is a young and enthusiastic company giving 360-degree services on content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, and God knows what not!

What makes them stand out is their thought that the digital world is always evolving and you never know what could come in handy; so their thought is to go out of the box and find possibilities in every brand so that it can gain profits from online marketing. Founded in 2017 by Mashum Mollah, it is aggressive in bringing a revolutionary enhancement in the digital marketing world. They already have some notable clients on their hands like Camino Financial and Paysa.

#7 Flarepath

Flarepath has successfully attached creativity with content marketing; maybe because that blend goes trends better. Their major clients are Diesel, Walt Disney, IDBI bank, and many more.

Founded in 2010 by Saurav Kanwar, it authorities in not only content marketing but also holds a firm base in Community Management, and helps a business gain more prominence in the online community and also manage them.

#6 Scatter

Scatter is renowned as India’s first content marketplace that provides every brand with an expert team of content writers. It is much more effective in online marketing. Scatter was founded in 2014 by Rajan Srinivasan, and within these 5 years, they have already secured some of the best brands as their clients.

The names of those brands are Airtel, Lenovo, Mahindra Holidays, Ford, and many more. They also provide a couple of more services such as event promotions and video marketing.

#5 Zirca

Zirca was given birth in Mumbai, in 2012 by Ashok Gupta. In no time, it gained much fame as one of the best marketing companies in India, by working with MakeMyTrip, Philips, Titan, and many more renowned companies.

The company is widely known for its detailed research on a brand’s target audience and giving them digital-based solutions that intricately trigger the urges and emotions of the target audience of that brand. They also ensure that you get the best out of your content marketing campaigns and online marketing.

#4 Sparkt

Sparkt is known to have a vision for all the brands that bear creativity in them. Founded in 2016 by Shazeb Shaikh, it holds firms associated with big channel brands like Star Plus, Usports, Times Network, and many more.

One thing which is very uncommon in Sparkt is that it has not produced any written content till now but some of its groundbreaking visual content is worth watching.

#3 Trivone

Trivone holds one of the most reputed places among the marketing companies in India. The company has worked with Viacom, Flipkart, TCS, Kaya, and other notable brands. They provide the best services in B2B Content Marketing, Design and Distribution, Content creation, and marketing.

Trivone is very popular in Bangalore as one of the most sophisticated marketing companies when it comes to promoting a brand subtly.

#2 BlogWorks

Blogworks was founded in 2006 by Rajesh Lalwani, and it is also known as one of the most trusted content marketing companies in India. Till now BlogWorks provides services to Harley Davidson India, Marks and Spencer, Allen Solly, Mahindra, and lots more.

It provides services in design and rich media, content marketing, web, and mobile development and also covers many more verticals. The reason they have acquired so much fame is that they keep on bringing new concepts via their mode of online marketing.

#1 E2M

E2M needs no definition after it made its mark by working with, Practo, Athena, Sintex, and many more. It is most renowned in Digital PR, Online Reputation Management and specializes in Content Marketing.

All these companies are best in techniques and dedicated when it comes to building up a brand. You literally have an entire ocean of choices to choose from. Leave us a comment in the comment section below and tell us about your favorite content marketing companies in India.

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