How To Do Roofers Competitive Analysis For SEO With SEMrush In 20 Minutes

If you want to improve your search engine ranking quick so you need to do competitive intelligence fast.

The first step that you need to find and identify the right competitors in your niche.

If you are an online marketer or search engine expert so it is really the truth that you can learn a lot of things by doing competitor analysis.

This is the right place for you to learn how to do competitive analysis in SEO with SEMrush for roofing businesses quickly.

Read my SEMrush review to find out why SEMrush is the best SEO tool and how you can steal your competitor’s audit to get a quick SEO ranking.

Ahrefs is another top SEO tool similar to SEMrush, Check SEMrush vs Ahrefs comparison but today I’ll talk about the SEMrush guide.

Well, to continue for complete analysis the right to live should use which is called SEMRUSH that can help you to identify the closest organic competitor and all the data on how you can develop your marketing strategy to beat them.

In this post, I am going to show you how you can use SEMRUSH to do perfect competitor analysis that can help you to make a better online marketing strategy.

Note: if you like to use this strategy that I am going to share you will require active membership on SEMRUSH.

If you don’t have an account on SEMRUSH yet so you might sign up to get 14 days free trial access for a SEMRUSH FREE subscription on Pro account by clicking here.

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How to Find Your SEO Competitors? Identify Your Roofing Business SEO Competitors with SEMrush:

Choosing the right competitor is most important.

If you are thinking that you know some of your competitors based on your location for your business but if they are not on search engine result pages based on your targeted keywords so you should not target them as an SEO competitor.

Remember, your right competitors should be in the first of search engine result pages with the keywords you are targeting for.

But some time from search engine result pages you won’t be able to find the right competitor because there can be rank with high domain authority news and PR agency has been and blogging blogger site as well.

If you are offering several niches, so you might have a list of the competitors for the services you offer.

The best way to finding the right competitor with SEMRUSH should be very easy to grab. you need to log in to the SEMRUSH dashboard fast.

In next, enter your URL into the search bar and click on “organic research” in the dropdown section you can find.

After that go to the competitor section to click to view the list of the rank for the same keywords.

For example, with


How do you find Roofing industry competitors what keywords are ranking for? Tracking Competitors’ Organic Rankings with SEMrush Position Tracking Tool:

SEMRUSH position tracking tool will help you to track your and your competitor’s website’s daily ranking by a set of your listing keywords.

The sounds are very cool that you will be able to track to compare your ranking in several geographic locations or types of devices with new features opportunities.

How you can use easily track your own your competitor’s ranking position with SEMRUSH?

In a perfect world, it is so easy to create first a new project on SEMRUSH.

When you create your project you should set up position tracking campaigning with your domain or any competitor site.

It is really cool that you are allowed to add up to 20 competitors to your campaigning.

Please have a look at the configure for the SEMRUSH position tracking tool.

Here is the screenshot:


To open configuration windows, you can go to your project dashboard and click on the setup tab under position tracking settings.

You will notice that your own domain is listing there by default but open the next settings dropdown to select” tracking root domain”.

After that go to the next option called “device and location”.

You can set up the specific location that you want to track the result.

There will be adding it up to 20 competitors as I said before you might be able to add manually or SEMRUSH suggests you can use it to list them.


The last and final stage is coming to add the list of keywords that you like to crack in your position or your competitor’s position.

SEMRUSH tool very surprising that you can add manually your list of the keywords and you can add from SEMRUSH reports or from Google Analytics or from text or CSV files directly.

Next, you just need to hit enter to add a project button and then start tracking.

The result will bring you within a few couples of minutes and it will be also saved on historical data.

I would suggest you set up a weekly position-taking update via email to track the position for your campaigning.

Look at the image:


Look at the Roofing Competitors Gap Analysis for Keyword Gap with SEMrush:

However, this is another awesome feature in the SEMRUSH tool which is called the keywords gap analysis.

This keyword gap tool will allow you to add 5 domains at once.

Here are things, you can compare different types of keywords such as organic keywords, paid keywords, and PLA keywords with it.

How you can start with it at first go to “gap analysis” then go for the “keyword gap” to enter 5 domains you like to compare with.

Please have a look at the screenshot:


After that, you can go with the domains.

Look at it:


After that, you will be able to see the insert type of determining keyword presently showing to you.

You will able to find out where you are standing from your competition.

This tool will give a detailed report about the list of keywords of your competitors that are getting traffic from the “All keywords” tab.

Then you can go to the “Common keywords” which will show you where all the domains are ranking on Google search result pages.

Alternatively, you can find all the filters to go deeper data or you can add a filter to compare the keywords on a specific subject.

After doing this research on a specific subject you will be able to find the gaps to take action in your next step.

SEMrush Keyword Difficulty Tool That Using Ton of Pro Roofing Marketers:

Typically, before you start to analyze any specific SEO strategies it’s must important to check your competitor’s strength.

How do you know a competitor the strength?

There are few factors that you should check such as.

  • Domain authority
  • Domain country
  • Domain age
  • Index result
  • Number of backlinks
  • The domain Alexa rank
  • Traffic volume
  • And social signals.

All these things determine how your competitors are.

SEMRUSH tool will be providing all the SERP results based on your targeted keywords and let you know the keyword difficulty score based on these parameters.

You don’t need to check manually step by step is keyword difficulties by searching Google search results.

With a SEMRUSH Keyword difficulties tool you just simply at your desired keywords and they will show you the list of relevant keywords related to your terms.

You don’t even need to spend your time choosing difficult keywords.

this is the perfect tool for keyword difficulty analysis and find sub-keywords and LSI keywords as well while you are doing keyword research with SEMRUSH.

Once you have registered with SEMRUSH, you can find the left panel “keywords difficulty” option under the tools in the SEMRUSH dashboard.

Next, you can click on it and you will be able to add a maximum of 100 keywords to check keywords difficulties.

Look at the images below:


Understand the keyword difficulty score of SEMRUSH Tool:

The scoring percentage is counting from 0 to 100 and SEMRUSH predicts which should be rank for best on their analyses data.

There is three difficulties score level, in general, you can find.

You always should be looking for keywords that have 60% difficulty rates or less than that.

This type of keyword will be easy to rank on Google organic search results but you also need to check the low competitive keywords with good search volume.

I would highly recommend you to use a SEMRUSH tool which is great for roofing marketers and agencies.

It will save huge time to analyze with SEMrush for SEO Audit purposes such as keywords difficulties, keyword research, competitor analysis, finding new backlink opportunities, and many more.

If you are facing all the problems for doing all these analyses so SEMRUSH is good for you.

Obviously, finding keyword difficulties is a great option for a newbie blogger to determine which keyword can be rank easily and you should target for.

I have faced many problems when I used to target high search volume keywords but I realize and I learn that I should target the low volume including less competitive keyword for quick organic search ranking.

Do Analyse Your Roofers Competitors with SEMrush Quick Batch Comparison Tool:

You might be wondering by doing competitor on-site SEO analysis will be your goldmine to find out new information that you can walk with for your own site.

You will able to learn how often they are sharing their content and what type of content they are targeting along with you can find out the list of keywords they are targeting for.

You must pay attention to the few most important things while doing on-site SEO competitor research.

  • Meta tags
  • Headlines strategies
  • Title lengths
  • Keyword position in the title and body.
  • Interlinking strategy too.
  • Topic relevancy
  • Content and media type
  • Content word count
  • A depth of each content

Look for what they are missing and what you can do better from them within that gap.

SEMRUSH Quick Batch Comparison Tool one of the easy and handy tools that you can compare your multiple competitors to discover new link-building opportunities.

You can compare up to 200 domains at once.

To using SEMRUSH Quick Batch Comparison Tool, go to the head “gap analysis” then go “quick batch” to enter or your URLs up to 200 but keep in mind 1 domain per line.

Within a few minutes, you will get a list of the backlink data report and referring domain pointing to each URL.

For example:


In addition, you will be to find these are the metrics for domain:

  • Domain score
  • Trust score
  • Backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Do-Follow and no-follow links
  • Number of text and images
  • Type of .gov .edu .net .com backlinks.
  • Referring to IPS as well.

You will be able to export all the reports and data in a CSV file.

Look at Your Roofers Business Competitor Backlink Profiles with SEMrush Tool:

What the most important thing is backlink building to getting rank on organic search ranking?

In my point of view, by doing competitor backlink audit research you will be able to find the link building huge opportunities.

In this stage, you need to use good write SEO tools to find out the backlink opportunities from your competitors.

SEMRUSH is the most challenging part but the SEMRUSH backlink gap tool will help you make building easier.

Again, by using this tool you will be able to find up to 5 completed backlink data to compare at once.

Start how you can analyze your competitor backlink with the SEMRUSH backlink audit tool.

At first when you log in to the SEMRUSH dashboard go to the “gap analysis” tab and then “backlink gap” to enter your competitor’s domains to research.


Next, you can click on the green button that allows bringing SEMRUSH popular data from your competitors.

You may be wondering what the backlink app tool will give the graph of the table along with your 5 competitors’ domain backlink profiles.

Here you can see:


After that, you just need to find out the referring domain that your competitor has but you don’t have yet.

You should target them for your next link-building campaigning for those referring domains.

For example, of referring domain linking to your competitor’s website:


You can find a few metrics that define a domain level:

  • Authority score
  • Matches
  • Referring domains

You’ll be able to narrow down the list of referring domains to find out specific domains simply use the dropdown section from the menu.

Please look here:


When you find the list of referring domains is linking to your competitors but didn’t you yet. to check more new backlink opportunities that you are missing.


After getting all this backlink gap data you just need to take action and set a plan for how you can boost your site backlink profiles.

Follow How Your Roofing Competitors Are Leveraging on Social Media:

How you can use SEMRUSH Social media tracker for your competitor’s research.

Social media is an important element of any SEO strategy.

Yes, there is a much good SEO tool for social media listening that works more than you up to date.

It will help you to do increase website traffic by tracking social media for engaging with your targeted audience. It will help you to find the specific audience who is looking for the product that you sell.

You’ll be able to track brand mentions.

Some of the simple research that you can do by monitoring your competitor which platform they are using or not.

You can monitor how they are publishing new content on a daily, weekly, or monthly number of amounts.

How your competitors are engaging with their follower it’s a great point that you can learn more from them.

What kind of content is more popular for your roofing industry competitor to get more engagement?

You can also research their user review of their product and services by following these metrics you could even do better products or services than your competitors.

You can find your competitor’s social media performance by using the SEMRUSH social media tracker tool very easily.

When you are going to research your competitor’s social media performance you just need to follow the three basic concepts:

  • Audience
  • Activity
  • Engagement

Let’s start with how you can use a SEMRUSH social media tracker for these stages:

At first, go to your SEMRUSH dashboard project and click on the “setup” you can find under the social media tracker option.

Here’s the screenshot:


To getting set up you have to connect with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


After that, you can add your competitor’s social pages up to 20 domains.



A SEMrush social media tracker will automatically bring you the popular data of your competitors for you.


Next, you will be able to see the overview report with your competitor’s audience size, activities, and engagement with each of the social media channels they are using that you can use easily to do your research.

For example:

SEMrush social media tracker


This report will help you to know where are your competitors have the most audience and engagement.

By following this report, you’ll be able to know which social platform you should use more to get engage with more audiences.

After that, you need to scroll down to the section called “top content”.

Where is your gold mine that you can find your competitor’s most engaging post that you can go for your next topic?

Check this out below:


Well, now finally you can scroll down to look for comparing with your competitor’s graph.

It will tell you which competitors are getting the most engagement on which social platform that you can move forward with your social media campaign.

Look at it:


Note: you will be able to remove social media data from the blue and Red square graph.

Track Roofing Businesses Competitor Ads to Find New Advertising Opportunities for You:

Use the SEMrush tool to find new advertising opportunities.

There are many of your competitors are spending money on paid traffic to generate their conversion and sale.

I would suggest a few tips before spending your money to generate the sale.

You might think about Google ad campaigns, banner ads, paid posts in your niche for paid advertising.

It is a great way to generate more sales if you are thinking about paid traffic.

How you can use easily find advertising opportunities by using SEMRUSH tools?

You can find with this practice where your competitors are placing their ads.

If you find those places you might be able to spend money too where your competitors spending.

It will be their very easiest way to get actually paid traffic.

When you are going to enter your competitor’s domain on the SEMRUSH search bar click on the “all reports “button and click again on the “display advertising beta” button.

To look here:

SEMRUSH search bar

Once you have done it, you will see the overview of there display advertising report.

Next, you need to click on the “publisher” tab.

Take a look here:

display advertising report.

After it, scroll down a little bit you will be able to find a detailed report of all domains.

A great example here:

The great example here

You will be able to find all the detailed report with three segmentations such as

  • Text Ads
  • Media Ads
  • Landings

To see more detail on these three categories report you just need to click on it.

Please have a look:

three categories report

If you are going to click on the” text ads” link you will find out like this:

text ads

And then finally you will be able to the same things as before with the media ads and landings too.


detailed Report

Top marketers are calling a SEMrush is All-in-One tools that not only help you for your competitor’s research what they are doing and their pay traffics.

It will help you to find out the amazing places to find better new advertising where you might show your ads.

Note: You might be able to be as creative as you like such as you could be using these resources to make partnerships or outreach for link building as well or if you think any other way you can use any other way with this ultimate gold resource.

Additional Tips:

How to Get Competitive Intelligence FREE and Creative Ways?

  • Investigate Their Other Tools
  • Join Their Newsletter
  • Scour Review Sites
  • Keep Abreast of Social Mention
  • Leverage Competitive Intel Software

David Schneider is the co-founder of NinjaOutreach, He has shared his great creative ideas to do competitive intelligence.

SEMrush Competitive Intelligence And Competitive Research Toolkit Overview Video:

Conclusion About SEMrush For Roofing Businesses Competitive Analysis For SEO In 2021:

I hope this guide will help you to learn how to do competitive analysis in SEO with SEMRUSH for your roofing business.

You need to monitor or find out the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to beat them on search engine result pages.

You need to set a plan and good SEO advanced strategy.

SEMRUSH is one of the best tools for agencies and marketers to do good research for competitor analysis.

This tool will save a lot of time to research a list of your competitors.

It is easy to use and it will provide the report just with a single click.

SEMRUSH is recommended by Top SEO experts See below.

If you are don’t have an account on SEMRUSH you might get started with 14 days’ free trial and test it for yourself.

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Know how you can use the SEMRush pro account for FREE.

If you think this article is helpful so, please do share it on your social media or if you have any questions please let me know the below comment I would happy to answer you quickly as I can.

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