Commercial Roofing Marketing In 2021: 9 SEO Steps To Increase Leads From 0 To 100,000!

Do you own a commercial roofing agency?

And looking for the best marketing for your commercial roofing website?

SEO is the right and No.1 organic  for your commercial roofing businesses marketing solutions.

A commercial roofing website needs to rank high on the search results to reach the potential applicants.

Architects, Real Estate Developer, Charity, Surveyor, Distillery, Haulage, Utility and Transports are most likely to choose the top search results while searching for commercial roofing contractors and roofers.

Not even the second page of search results, if you rank at the bottom of the first page, many people will not consider you an option.

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There are numerous options when it comes to finding a commercial roofing contractors online.

The number of users searching for a commercial roofing contractors is also high- more than 1,100 searches per month.

How do you make sure that you top the ranking on the search page in this situation?

The answer is SEO.

Yes, with SEO, you can achieve that number one spot in the search results.

In this page, I will tell you what SEO is, how it can help your commercial roofing websites find more leads, and how you can start your SEO campaign.

What is Commercial Roofing Contractors SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving your website with multiple techniques to get a higher rank in the search results.

With so many companies are searching for commercial roofing contractors online, it is crucial to rank within the top search results.

SEO has multiple techniques to improve commercial roofing contractors website’s quality, like keyword research, building backlinks, creating relevant content, and more.

SEO will make sure when your target audience search for commercial roofing contractors, they see your website first.

If you want to increase your website traffic and roofing leads, then choosing SEO for your commercial roofing website is the right decision.

Why Is SEO Important For Commercial Roofing Websites?

You might be thinking about why SEO is essential for your business.

Every commercial roofing contractor is trying to get the attention of the Architects, Real Estate Developer, Charity, Surveyor, Distillery, Haulage, Utility and Transport agencies.

If you want to be ranked high for a keyword like ” commercial roofing contractors in New York” it would be challenging.

That’s where SEO can help.

You can target the same audience with different keywords that are not so competitive.

Finding strong keywords with lesser competition can directly positively impact your ranking.

Let’s look at some of the types of commercial roofing that users look for:


Commercial Roofing Services Types:

  • Metal Roofing Services
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane Services
  • Green Roofing Services
  • Spray-On Silicon Services
  • Thermoset EPDM Roof Membrane Services
  • Thermoplastic PVC & TPO Roof Membrane Services
  • Shingle Roofing Services

Common metal commercial roofing materials include:

  • Corrugated galvanized steel roofing services
  • Aluminum, zinc, and tin roofing services
  • Tile sheets roofing services
  • Copper roofing services
  • Aluminum roofing services
  • Coated or stainless steel roofing services

Content is a big part of SEO for the commercial roofing industry or any industry for that matter.

You can use the above-listed keywords if suitable in your content to reach out to potential customers.

You need to identify the right intent keywords and use them to optimize your commercial roofing booking page or blog posts.

This is why SEO is essential to bring organic traffic to your website.

9 SEO Steps For Commercial Roofing Website In 2021 To Increase Your Leads From 0 To 100,000 Now:

1. Understand The Website Audiences First:

Before optimizing the content first, you need to understand what your website audiences are looking for.

Every audience is different from each other so you must list down your commercial roofing essential aspects.

Researching your target audience and your commercial roofing market key aspects are only the first part of the process.

Next, you can create a list of guidelines to help present your website in the best possible form to your audience.

For Example, for the customer who are not sure what they want to do after booking a commercial roofers and roofing contractors, you can create a strategy to give them ideas and options.

2. Perform Site Audit:

The website audit is beneficial as it shows you the weak points of your website and the things that need improvement.

SEO practices for a commercial roofing website and an e-commerce website are not going to be the same.

Therefore you need to perform industry-based specific optimization to reach your potential audience.

To get a fair amount of organic traffic and optimize your website specifically, you need to conduct the following audits:

Technical SEO audit

Content SEO audit

On-page SEO audit

Off-page SEO audit

SEO Architecture Audit

In addition to this, SEO Penalty Recovery Services be provided by checking for any Google Penalty, which helps reclaim organic traffic to your site.

3. SEO for Commercial Roofing Website- A Basic Points: 

There are almost 200 factors that Google’s algorithm uses before showing search results.

Yes, that means those 200 factors can impact your search ranking, but also you have those many ways of improving your website’s search rank.

With so many factors, you can get confused about how to start the SEO.

Here are some of the best tips that you can use to start the SEO of your commercial roofing website:

●   Optimized Homepage:

Optimizing your website homepage with potential keywords is a crucial part of SEO.

You need to make sure that you are not repeating the keywords on other pages of your site.

For the Homepage, you can add keywords related to your roofing website name and the type of commercial roofing services it covered.

●   URLs:

A page’s URL should sum up the title so that search engines can easily recognize the page.

If you want to change a page URL, you should first set up the redirects so that this search index gets updated.

Search engines also take some time to index update the changes you make on your site.

●   Images:

While adding images to your site, you should consider the size and tags of an image.

The size of an image should not be too large or small, and you should compress it to make it fast loading.

Search engines cannot read an image, so adding tags and alt tags are very important for your website’s SEO.

●   Page titles and descriptions:

On the search result page, the audience will notice the page title and description first.

These two factors help the audience decide whether to check your site or not, so you need to fill these two fields accurately.

●   Headings and subheadings:

To create more SEO-friendly content, you should follow the layout of headings and subheadings.

The heading is the title of the page and should not be used more than once.

Subheadings are essential points of your content that the audience will notice before reading the content’s body.

●   Internal links:

Adding internal links help increase your SEO ranking.

It also lets the audience stay a little longer on your page.

Adding these links is very easy; you just need to hyperlink a few phrases in your content to other pages of your site.

●   Sitemaps:

Your Sitemap is your commercial roofing site’s layout that search engine robots will check to understand the information.

If your Sitemap reflects all the correct information, then it boosts your SEO ranking.

Always make sure that your Sitemap is reflecting correct and up to date information.

4. Commercial Roofing Website Optimizing Content for SEO:

Creating SEO friendly content with high-quality keywords helps your user to find the answers to their queries.

You need to use potential keywords in a strategic way to make your content SEO friendly.

●   Keyword research:

Keyword research takes time and patience.

You need to make a list of keywords related to your commercial roofing that you think your audience is searching for.

Then you can use a keyword planner tool to check the search volume of those phrases.

Use all types of keywords in different parts of your content, like phrases with one or two words that go best with the headings.

You should not ignore the long-tail keywords as they are less competitive and generate a decent amount of web traffic.

Once you have finished listing the keywords and using them in your content, make sure you track their rankings.

Keyword research is lengthy, but an essential part of your SEO strategy, so do not hesitate in investing time and energy.

●   Integrating keywords into your content:

Once you are done researching the keywords, put them accurately in the following places:

  •                    Page title
  •                    URL
  •                    Meta description
  •                    Images names
  •                    Images Alt Tags
  •                    H1 tag
  •                   The first paragraph of content

         Do not add excessive keywords to achieve a specific ranking.

Google will prioritize content quality over keywords quality.

Therefore always try to improve the value of content by adding quality keywords.

For your Roofing blog, you need to create new posts and edit the existing ones with these potential keywords.

●   Additional Content Optimizing Tips:

Except for keywords, you need to optimize a few other things for better SEO results.

Here are some of the tips on how you can optimize your content for your Roofing SEO-

  •                Keep the URL short and add a few words except the keywords to differentiate among the pages.
  •                Add metadata to your YouTube video titles, descriptions, schema tags, and thumbnails.
  •                Add closed captions and transcripts to your videos.

5. The Big Role of SEO Links for Commercial Roofing Website:

Link building is an essential part of your Roofing SEO.

Including links into your web pages and getting linked by other websites make your site more trustworthy to search engines.

There are three types of links that the search algorithm analyzes- internal, external, and backlinks.

Internal links are hyperlinks on your website that lead to other parts of the site.

For Example, in content about Roofers events, you can link to a particular event on another webpage.

External links are when your content links to an outside website.

Backlinks are the most popular among the types of links.

When a website links your commercial roofing website or content that impacts your SEO ranking a lot.

The best way to generate backlinks is to create quality content that other websites would want to link.

Instead of this organic process, if you choose to buy links, search engines will find you and even block your site.

6. Technical SEO for Your Commercial Roofers website:

Technical SEO not only improves your SEO ranking but also gives your audience a better user experience.

To make your website technically glitch-free and smooth, you need to consider the following factors:

Monitoring factors:

●   Bounce rate: The number of people who leave your website after visiting the first page without taking any further action.

Dwell time: The number of times users spend on your site.

●   Page speed: How fast your website loads when a user clicks on the link.

Factors to fix:

●   Broken links: Dead links send your visitors to non-existential sites and create a wrong impression.

●   Duplicate content: If your pages show similar content, search engines will find it challenging to show the relevant one.

●   Blank redirects: These lead your visitors to a page that is not there, so user experience gets compromised.

Creating factors:

●   Sitemap: Sitemap is the file that contains all your URLs that search engines analyze and index your site.

Robot.txt- On the contrary, robot.txt is a file that contains all the pages that you do not want to show in the search results such as policy pages.

7. Top 3 Local SEO Tips For Commercial Roofers:

If a prospect is searching for a commercial roofers in a particular region or locality search, will engines prioritize roofers websites with local SEO?

Here are the following steps to complete your local SEO for your Commercial roofing website:

  • Google My Business:

Optimizing your Google My Business impacts your website’s appearance on map results.

You should verify all the details of your commercial roofing business on Google My Business correctly so that you rank high on the search results.

Google My Business comes with posts where you can post about your commercial roofing events and promote more effectively.

  • Pay Attention to Reviews:

Local search results feature ratings and reviews that can help a prospect make a decision.

Make sure to pay attention to these reviews and ratings to understand where you stand compared to your competitors.

  • Write About Your Local Area to Optimize Your Content:

Optimizing your content with the targeting areas is also a good idea to reach your local audience.

If you want to generate traffic from your surroundings and nearby areas, you can talk about your content’s locality.

This will enable your local audience to relate to your content more, and therefore your roofing website will get more local applicants.

8. Mobile SEO for Commercial Roofing Website:

Your roofing website should not miss the increasing number of prospects who search on their mobile phones.

In 2015 Google declared that users searching on mobile were more in number compared to desktop users.

Having a responsive design doesn’t always make your website mobile-friendly.

Here are some of the tips on how you can optimize your Roofing site to make it mobile-friendly:

● Develop customized mobile CTAs

● Resize images for the mobile viewing experience

● Use pop-ups cautiously

● Include a click-to-view navigation with 4-6 pages.

● Add more than one hamburger menu if you have many pages.

To check how mobile-friendly your roofing website is you can check with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

This test will analyze how your website’s mobile version works and show you the glitches you need to improve.

9. Optimizing Your Roofing Website for Voice Search:

Many people prefer voice search over typing so you should include an SEO strategy to Optimize your site for voice search.

The queries of your potential applicants in voice search are similarly different.

For Example, a person searching ” Commercial roofing contractor in Georgia” would ask Google ” What are the roof training schools in Georgia?”

Therefore for voice search, you need to re-evaluate your keyword research.

But you don’t need to start from scratch, and you can mostly add the same keywords in question format.

If you can answer your audience’s questions in your content, there are chances that your content is shown at the top of the search results as “Feature Snippet“.

When a user searches verbally this Featured snippet is the only answer that is readout.

Voice search optimization can help you reach a broader potential audience, but your main focus should always be the regular search ranking.

Top 3 Benefits of SEO for Commercial Roofing Website:

SEO can benefit your commercial roofing website in many ways.

1. Increased web traffic:

SEO increases your visibility on the search results, and that enables you to generate more traffic.

With the help of SEO, more potential customer will get to know about your commercial roofing in detail.

Therefore your commercial roofing website will receive more leads who are interested in booking.

2. Cost-effective:

Outbound marketing like an advertisement is quite expensive and reaches out to users who are not even interested in your website.

While SEO, being an inbound marketing process comes at a lower price and target the correct audience.

You need to have potential keywords and trustworthy content for SEO.

Then your commercial roofing website will effectively find more actual leads.

3. Brand awareness:

As SEO increases your online visibility, more and more people will know about your commercial roofing business.

SEO helps in creating brand awareness for your commercial roofing by showing your website to more users.

How to Start Your Commercial Roofing Website Successful SEO Campaign In 2021?

Creating an SEO campaign for your commercial roofing website is not lightweight work.

You will need to have time and knowledge in abundance to make powerful SEO strategies.

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My teams are working as per my guideline for SEO.

I can help you to create an effective SEO campaign for your commercial roofing website to achieve some real results.

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FAQs on Commercial Roofing Website SEO In 2021:

Who Is Suitable To Implement The Above Strategy? Or Who Should Go For It?

If you are a small, mid and large commercial roofing businesses owners are located in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India etc…

Are There Any Offers For SEO Services For Commercial Roofing Contractors In A Specific Location?

Yes, you can get a 50% discount-
If you are located in California, US/ England, UK/ Ontario, Canada/ West-Central-East Java, Indonesia/ Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India etc…

Are there any FREE or Trials on “Commercial Roofing Website SEO services” for specific small cities/areas?

Yes, everyone can get FREE SEO Services for one keyword ranking on specific small cities/areas.
For Example,
A. If you are in California, US Roofers which is from the below list of areas –
● Alturas
● Auburn
● Bakersfield
● Colusa
● Crescent City
● El Centro
● Eureka
● Fairfield
● Fresno
● Hanford
● Hollister
● Jackson
● Lakeport
● Los Angeles
● Madera
● Martinez
● Marysville
● Merced
● Modesto
● Napa
● Nevada City
● Oakland
● Oroville
● Placerville
● Red Bluff
● Redding
● Redwood City
● Riverside
● Salinas
● San Bernardino
● San Diego
● San Francisco
● San Jose
● San Luis Obispo
● San Rafael
● Santa Ana
● Santa Barbara
● Santa Cruz
● Santa Rosa
● Sonora
● Stockton
● Susanville
● Ukiah
● Ventura
● Visalia
● Willows
● Woodland
● Yreka
● Yuba City
B. If you are in England, UK Roofers which are from the below list of areas –
● London
● Birmingham
● Liverpool
● Bristol
● Manchester
● Sheffield
● Leeds
● Leicester
C. If you are in the Ontario, Canada Roofing Contactors which is from the below list of areas –
● Toronto
● Ottawa
● Mississauga
● Brampton
● Hamilton
● Markham
● Vaughan
● Kitchener

Conclusion About Commercial Roofing SEO Marketing In 2021:

If you are starting or like to start a roofing business in your area then, You must go online and start SEO for your commercial roofing marketing.

You can also start SEO marketing today for your commercial roofing website.

You might try my FREE SEO services help and ask for FREE keyword research for your commercial roofing SEO now!

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If you want to know more about commercial roofing website SEO, please do comment below.

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