SEO Success Case Studies

Roofing Agency’s SEO: From 500 to 7,000 Monthly Visitors:

Here is a case study on how we increased the traffic of a roofing agency by 800%.

Yes, the agency’s current traffic value is $11,714/month.

Roofing agencies have been increasing since the last decade, and the number has increased by 15% in the past decade.

All the roofing agency can do is depend on the web traffic to generate leads.

To make your roofing agency’s website rank at the top of search results, you need to have your SEO game on point.

But we did it with an average budget, and it wasn’t as hard as you might believe.

So, let’s get ready to learn how to take the roofing agency’s lead generation to a new height.


The Texas Roofing Agency launched in June 2015 had not seen much success in the organic search results.

They contacted us at the end of 2019 to help them optimize their website.

When we started working on their website in October 2019, their traffic was only around 500 visitors a month.

They wanted to rank better to bring more quality traffic and eventually increase their conversion rate.

The SEO Audit:

After we start working with clients, our first step is to conduct a full SEO audit on their websites.

We get to know everything about the website through the audit, so it helps us make better strategies.

With this audit, we knew that it was quite a competitive space, and it wasn’t easy to rank the website high in the local search.

We realized that we needed almost 310 backlinks to the website to get it inside the top 10 ranks.

The roofing agency had some backlinks, but there was a lot to build to get real success.

“Easy Wins” Keyword Research:

We believe in intelligent work for our clients, so first, we identify the ‘easy wins’ keywords.

These are the keywords the website is already ranking for between 4 to 30 positions.

As the website is already ranking near the top for these keywords, we focus on increasing these rankings.

Once we find the ‘easy wins’ keywords, we can make strategies and plans to improve the website’s overall ranking.

We found a total of 667 ‘easy wins’ keywords on their website.

Some of these keywords had high search volume, so we knew we could rank them in the Top 10 easily.

Our client was reluctant to buy ads for this campaign, but we had found some practical terms that had a certain amount of CPC.

For instance, we got this keyword “Roofing agency charge in Texas,” which had a cost per click or CPC of $90.

Though the amount was significant but ranking for that keyword could help the website in powerful ways.

The roofing industry is highly competitive, and roofing agencies can make thousands of dollars from their customers.

So, paying $90 or even a more significant amount for valuable keywords can bring a much bigger investment return.

Competitive Gap Analysis:

Understanding why your competitors are ranking better can help you outrank them.

A competitive gap analysis can show you the areas where your competitors are doing better than you.

In our research, we found 2,852 unique, competitive keywords that our client was not using.

We started developing content for our client’s website with those keywords.

These keywords brought potential traffic and generated blog post ideas for the client’s website from these keywords.

The SEO Strategy:

Most of our clients like RSmarketer because of our advanced SEO strategies.

We include a dedicated campaign manager and full access to the campaign reports in our SEO strategy.

The roofing agency would derive contextual links from highly relevant sites with the help of a campaign manager.

We added those links to our guest posting links.

Quality guest posts are a great way to increase your site’s position in the SERPs.

We made sure our guest posting products match our client’s roofing business.

We customize the guest posts to make them fit for the website, which helps Google bots identify the website.

Clients can always choose the length of their blog posts, between 500 to 2000 words.

They can also decide whether they want publishers with website authority or publishers with a high number of traffic.

We assured the roofing agency that results would not happen overnight as SEO works take time to bring results.

But once your campaign starts showing results, it will break all the previous records.

Our Results:

Our takeaway from this campaign was the fact that textbook SEO always works.

When we started working with this roofing agency in October 2019, their monthly organic traffic was 500.

Now in May 2020, it has increased to over 7,700 visitors per month.


That’s a boost of over 800% in the organic search results.

Combining our foundational link-building method and guest posting, we pushed some of the valuable keywords into the top 10 rankings.

We even succeeded in getting some of the agency’s keywords onto the first page of Google, which brought a massive amount of traffic.

The clients noticed an increase of 1,000% in their referring domains.


We built this whole campaign solely based on organic traffic, and there was no paid advertisement.

Still, the client’s traffic value jumped from $550 a month to $11,714 per month.

That means if the clients had to buy ads, they would have to pay almost $12k for the amount of traffic they are getting now from organic search.

Check out the growth of traffic value here:



The Roofing agency came to us so that we could help them with their traffic and overall rankings.

We knew our managed SEO program, RSmarketer would be perfect for helping the client.

The client did not have to buy our services one by one. Instead, we made an SEO campaign crafted and strategized by one of our SEO experts.

Link building is the key to SEO ranking success, and we knew how exactly we use link-building ideas like guest posting.

All the work that we did on the client’s website helped the traffic increase by over 800%.

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