11 Best Ahrefs Alternatives SEO Tools For Roofers Marketing In 2021! (Free Trial & Paid)

Are you looking for the best alternative similar to ahrefs SEO tools?

If yes, then you visit the perfect place to know better alternative tools as per as you needed.

If you think that ahrefs is right for you, then you should choose the best list below.

There are many different types of reasons for searching ahrefs alternative.

If you’re looking for ahrefs similar budget for all in one marketing toolkit.


You might want to get for limited budget tools, specific features purposes.

Anyway, In this post, I will talk about the top 11 SEO tools similar to ahrefs alternative.

Let’s get started now!

#Best No.1 All-in-one Ahrefs Alternative

1. SEMrush:


SEMrush, used by more than 6 million people, is one of the best alternatives of Ahrefs.

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO solution that brings you a wide range of SEO tools.

I have been using SEMrush personally, and I can tell you that SEMrush’s ability is unmatchable.

Though SEMrush comes with a lot of premium features, it is still affordable.

SEMrush pricing plan starting at $99/month.

SEMrush Offered SEO Tools in One Place:

SEMrush offers a massive range of SEO tools to fulfill your all the SEO needs, such as:

● Keyword Research

● Site Audit

● Brand Monitoring

● Competitive Research

● Backlink Analysis

● Rank Tracker

● On-page SEO Tools

● SEO Reports

● Advertising Research

● Social Media Poster & Tracker

● Content Creation Tools

● Reporting and Management

How SEMrush Compares to Ahrefs:

As I have already mentioned, SEMrush is the best alternative to Ahrefs, both of them are very similar features.

In terms of pricing, both SEMrush and Ahrefs come at similar prices.

Ahrefs has a lot of features to offer, especially in backlink analysis.

While SEMrush also brings a wide range of tools, especially in keyword research and paid advertising campaigns.

 If you are looking for the best alternative of Ahrefs, you should choose SEMrush without any second thought.

SEMrush Pros and Cons:

Pros of using SEMrush:

● SEMrush’s keyword volume data is more accurate than any other tool in the industry.

● With the SEMrush Site Audit tool, you can easily find all the technical and SEO related issues.

● SEMrush lets you find the toxic links and fix them.

● You can compare your domain up to 5 competitive domains.

● You can check the estimated traffic volume of any website in the world.

● With SEMrush, you can effectively monitor your brand mentions.

● No matter what your niche is, you can find profitable keywords for your business.

● SEMrush lets you track the ranking of your keywords.

● You can create branded and white-label reports.

Cons of using SEMrush:

● SEMrush can provide you with a lot of information and features that can be overwhelming for you.

SEMrush Killer Reasons to Choose SEMrush Over Ahrefs Tool:

So why should you choose SEMrush over Ahrefs?

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider SEMrush over Ahrefs:

1. Massive keyword data & accurate data for search volume:

Do you know that SEMrush provides 20 billion keywords from over 800 million domains?

Yes, SEMrush’s keyword data is that huge.

Also, SEMrush gives you the most accurate keyword search volume so that you can use them effectively.

2. Content Toolkit:

SEMrush Content platform can help with everything when it comes to creating your content.

The tool has some useful features like topic research, the marketing calendar, SEO content template, content audit, SEO writing assistant, post tracking, etc.

3. Position Tracking:

SEMrush provides you daily updates on your keyword data.

You can track the rankings of your target keywords and make changes in your strategy accordingly.

But Ahrefs doesn’t provide daily keyword data.

So no matter which SEMrush plan you choose, you will get this important feature.

4. 45 SEO tools under one roof:

SEMrush comes with 45 SEO tools, a vast range that no other SEO tool can offer.

You can get all your SEO work done with SEMrush by using this wide range of features.

5. SEO Reporting:

Ahrefs does not allow you to create customized SEO reports.

But with SEMrush, you can create your custom SEO reports, including white label and branded ones.

6. Find and Fix Toxic Backlinks:

Toxic links can affect your SEO results badly.

Ahrefs doesn’t offer any tool to fix the broken or toxic links, but SEMrush has the backlink audit tool.

With SEMrush, your toxic links are easily detected and fixed.

7. Offering a Free Trial:

Are you not sure about the benefits of SEMrush?

You can try it for 14 days, and then if you don’t like it, you can easily cancel your plan.

Click on this particular link to start your 14 days free trial now.

Next, give a click on “Claim your 14 days free trial”.

On the registration page, please create your account by providing your email address and password.

Then on the payment page, fill up all the details and submit them to get the free trial for 14 days.

3 Best Ahrefs Alternatives on a Cheaper Budget for Beginners:

2. Serpstat:

SERPstat Tool Similar to SpyFu

Serpstat is relatively new in this world of SEO tools, but if you are on a budget, then this can be the right choice for you.

Serpstat is an excellent alternative to Ahrefs as it offers almost everything that you get with Ahrefs.

Serpstat has some useful SEO features to offer, especially for PPC keyword research.

While the lowest plan of Ahrefs comes at $99 a month, SERPstat comes at $69/month, which is much cheaper.

Serpstat Pros and Cons:

Pros of using Serpstat:

● Serpstat automatically identifies your relevant competitors.

● You can also identify your competitors in paid advertising campaigns.

● You can get access to your competitors’ keyword rankings.

● You can analyze and compare 200 domains together for keyword analysis.

● Serpstat helps you find your competitors in organic search.

Cons of using Serpstat:

● Keyword data such as keyword difficulty, keyword search volume are not accurate.

3. SE Ranking:


SE Ranking, a cloud-based all-in-one SEO tool, is affordable yet offers almost everything that you need.

SE Ranking has a wide range of features, including site audit, competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, etc.

You can get SE Ranking’s basic plan at $39/month, which is surprisingly cheaper than any other alternatives.

SE Ranking Pros and Cons:

Pros of using SE Ranking:

● The site audit tools detect and fix the issues of your website.

● An on-page checker helps to optimize your posts for SEO.

● You can get access to competitive research in both SEO and PPC results.

● You can get potential backlinks with the Backlink Checker tool.

● With the rank tracker, you can easily track your keyword rankings.

● The keyword suggestion tool brings you to find profitable keywords.

● SE Ranking has a Marketing plan to guide you through the process.

Cons of using SE Ranking:

● The pricing of SE Ranking is much cheaper than other tools, but it is not comprehensive enough.

4. Mangools:


Mangools is an SEO tool, especially useful in keyword research.

KWFinder, a set of tools of Mangools, can quickly bring your profitable keywords and competitors’ keyword research.

Mangools has the keyword difficulty metric, which allows you to choose keywords with low competition.

Mangools plan starts at $29.90 per month.

Mangools Pros and Cons:

Pros of using Mangools:

● Mangools Offers a lot of longtail keywords.

● You can quickly analyze and compare your competitors’ keywords.

● You can improve keywords in bulk.

● You get access to local keyword research.

● Mangools has Google suggest keyword sources.

● Keyword difficulty identifies keywords with low competition.

● Mangools comes with SERP analysis and SEO metrics.

● You can arrange all the keywords in a list.

● Mangools has one of the best keyword planners.

Cons of using Mangools:

● Mangools offers limited keywords search, competitive keyword analysis, SERP lookups, even in the premium plans.

No. 1 Best Ahrefs Free Alternative:

5. Ubersuggest:

Best Ahrefs Free Alternative

If you are looking for a freemium alternative of Ahrefs, then Ubersuggest is the right choice for you.

Ubersuggest doesn’t offer as many SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush, but it does the job as a free tool.

Ubersuggest also gives you access to keyword data comparison of mobile and desktop users.

Ubersuggest Pros and Cons:

Pros of using Ubersuggest:

● Ubersuggest has both a free version and premium versions.

● The user interface is straightforward to navigate.

● You can track the searchers’ age and how many times they click on both organic and paid results.

● Ubersuggest generates a lot of keyword ideas for every niche.

● You can research local searches by different countries.

● Ubersuggest brings you many useful data such as SEO difficulty score, SERP analysis, keyword search volume, etc.

Cons of using Ubersuggest:

● The keyword data, search volume, are not accurate compared to different paid SEO tools.

Ahrefs Best Desktop Alternative:

6. SEO Powersuite:

Ahrefs Best Desktop Alternative

If you are looking for a premium alternative of Ahrefs to run specifically on desktop PC, then SEO Powersuite is a great choice.

SEO Powersuite provides everything from extensive research data to powerful features.

SEO Powersuite is a suitable option for advanced users.

Compared to other alternatives of Ahrefs, SEO Powersuite is quite pricey. 

If you have experience using SEO tools and know what you are looking for, you can go with SEO Powersuite.

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Keyword Research Only:

7. Long Tail Pro:

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Keyword Research

If you are looking for an alternative of Ahrefs to mostly do the keyword research, then Long Tail Pro can be the right tool.

As the name suggests, you can generate a lot of longtail keywords with this tool.

You can quickly filter the keyword data, track the rankings of your targeted keywords.

LongtailPro plan starts at $37 / month.

The longtail keywords can help you improve your SEO rankings to a great extent.

If you want to find potential keywords for your organic research and some great longtail keywords, you can surely go with the Long Tail Pro.

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Competition Analysis:

8. Moz Pro:

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Competition Analysis

Competitive analysis is extremely important for some niches.

If you want to track your competitors’ activities more closely, you can choose the Moz Pro tool.

Famous for its competition analysis, Moz Pro also has a keyword explorer, SEO optimized features, and a fantastic browser extension – The Moz Bar.

Undoubtedly Ahrefs has some great SEO tools, but Moz Pro also gives it a tough competition.

The basic plan of Moz Pro comes at only $99/month, which is quite reasonable.

So if you want to have complete control over the competitive analysis, then you can try the Moz Pro.

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Social Media:

9. BuzzSumo:

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Social Media

Social media has become an essential part of marketing in any business.

Are you looking for an SEO tool that can improve your social presence?

Buzzsumo is an SEO tool specifically for social media marketing, and in that aspect, it is better than Ahrefs.

With Buzzsumo, you can get trending ideas for your content that can go viral quickly.

Once your content reaches a large number of audiences, your SEO ranking will automatically increase.

Buzzsumo also has a robust backlink analysis that has some great social metrics.

So if your main focus is social media, then you should give Buzzsumo a try.

BuzzSumo plan starts at $99 / month.

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Link Data:

10. Majestic:

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Link Data

Ahrefs has some great link building tools. The Backlink Research tool of Ahrefs is one of the best in the market.

But if you are looking for an alternative, especially for backlink analysis, you can try Majestic.

You can even track your competitor’s results by analyzing the strategies they applied on specific dates.

Majestic has a massive index of backlinks, and you can also analyze your website better with its helpful metrics.

Majestic plan starts at $49.99 monthly.

So if you are looking for an SEO tool that can give you valuable backlink suggestions and can take your SEO results to the next level, then you can choose Majestic.

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Site Audit:

11. Screaming Frog:

Ahrefs Best Alternative for Site Audit

A better site audit means better visibility in search engines.

Yes, a site audit is essential for all the aspects of your website.

Ahrefs has a decent site audit, but if you want to go deeper and find an SEO tool that is designed as an excellent site audit, then I highly recommend Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog has been in the market for a long time, and it is a bit different from all the other tools.

Screaming Frog is not browser-based, so that might be a problem for you to find keywords.

Screaming Frog offers free with limited features like 500 URLs crawl limit and plan starts at £149.00 per year.

But you can get advanced details of different features, including content optimization.

Bonus: A Quick List For Separate Purpose Ahrefs Alternative:

Best Ahrefs Alternative For Content Explorer- 


Best Ahrefs Alternative In Europe- 


8 Best Ahrefs Alternative Offers FREE Trials- 

  1. SEMrush
  2. Serpstat
  3. SE Ranking
  4. Mangools
  5. Moz Pro
  6. Long Tail Pro
  7. SEO PowerSuite
  8. Ubersuggest

Why SEMrush Is The Real Winner For Ahrefs Alternative In 2021?



Does Ahrefs offer free?

No, Ahrefs does not offer anything for free.

Though you can get a 7 days trial only at $7 – click on this link.

If you want to dig deeper into the competitor analysis of everything, then you should try Ahrefs at least once.

Does SEMrush offer for free?

No, SEMrush isn’t a free tool.

But you can get an entire 14 days free trial of the SEMrush Pro account, which is worth $50.

Use this unique link to grab the 14 days free trial now.

What’s the Ahrefs alternative free keyword research tool?

Free tools are not always worth spending time and using.

There are very few free keyword research tools that can help you with your SEO work.

Among the free keyword research tools, I recommend you Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest works like a premium tool despite being free.


You might be a beginner, mid-level, or expert-level bloggers or marketers.

I think you have found the best solutions for you on ahrefs alternative tools.

If you want to know my advice, the SEMrush should be the first tool if you have a budget.

Or, if you are with a limited budget, then Serpstat is the right choice for you.

 You might try free trial now to check for both tools.

Please share your thoughts on the comments about the best ahrefs alternative according to your experience.

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