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Welcome To Roofing SEO Marketer

Hello Roofers and Roofing Contractors,

Greetings from RSmarketer.

I’m Prasen, and I am the founder of RoofingSEOmarketer.

Here you will learn how to increase your roofing business’s sales rate and earn profits like never before.

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At RSmarketer, we tested and tried SEO work strategies, so there is no scope of error and loss.

RSmarketer is a marketing firm designed explicitly for roofers.

We help roofers by generating profitable leads to increase their sales rate.

We have success stories of clients who increased their sales rate by double, triple, and even quadruple rate.

In the current market situation, it is vital to leave your rival roofing companies behind.

With our proven tactics, we can surely get your business soaring much higher than all your competitors.

We also ensure that you do not have to increase your marketing budget for your sales rate growth.

If they cannot achieve that target, we don’t charge them any money until they do.

There are many digital marketing companies in the industry, but no one can give you this guarantee.

You can search for SEO marketing companies with this kind of guarantee over the result.

But I know you cannot find a company that can match our confidence level over success.


Many marketing agencies can offer you services, but how can you choose the right one?

Well, you should choose the company that has experience in the roofing industry.

RSmarketer has been specifically handling clients in the roofing industry for years.

We know the needs of your potential customers and how your business can reach them.

We have tactics and strategies that can bring your business to the top of your prospect’s list.

Choose A Good Roofing SEO Company

A good roofing company can take your business to the next level.

SEO is not just one word; it is a combination of multiple tasks that create the best strategy to rank high on the search results.

For SEO, There are several strategies to implement regularly, including social media marketing.

Before choosing the SEO company, compares their fees and your return on investment (ROI).

Some SEO agencies follow a shortcut route to achieve a significant result.

Choosing such SEO companies, as Google can penalize your website for using such tactics.

Another thing does not let your roofing SEO firm build links for your website.

Building links always organically. If not, Google can penalize you for not following their webmaster guidelines.

High-quality content and promoting your roofing business to the relevant audience over the internet can help you achieve your SEO goals.

Remember SEO takes time compared to PPC campaigns, so you have to be patient and follow the right path.

There is a lot of strategies that you can implement in your roofing business.

But here, we have outlined some of the best working strategies that can help you achieve your goal.

We can ensure that you choose the most profitable roofing keywords to get a great return on investment.

With our service, your roofing business can rank at the top of the search results.

If you choose our service, your roofing SEO work will be done by experts regularly.

Hire SEO for Roofing Companies

As a roofer, you will not be able to work on your website’s SEO everyday dedicatedly.

As a business owner, you will have to handle many other things.

Hire an SEO agency or expert who can generate more leads for your roofing business.

Hiring an SEO freelancer is not a good idea as they cannot bring you the desired result eventually.

Even if you save some money by hiring a freelancer, the entire SEO work will not be done.

Being an expert in the roofing industry, we offer affordable packages with everything you need.

We have been working in the roofing industry for a long time.

We have many successful client stories who achieved excellent results in their businesses.

Check out our SEO case study to read these success stories.

If you want to do it yourself SEO, then make sure you track the rankings regularly.

In this way, you will be able to understand what strategies are working and what is not.

Always make sure to log the changes that you make so that you can reverse the strategy anytime.

Changing the right keywords can solely bring a lot of changes to your rankings.

You can make these small changes in your content and ask us to check them over.

Yes, we will be more than happy to help you.

As a roofer, if you have not started working on your website’s SEO, you miss out on a lot of things.

The industry’s competition is increasing day by day, and you need to embrace SEO to outrank your competitors.

SEO can reach your roofing business to the next level and turn it into a powerhouse of traffic and revenue.

If you hire a good SEO company, then you will get a good return on your investment.

And all the work, time, and money you spend will be worth it.

As mentioned before, make sure to check customer reviews and case studies before selecting an SEO company.

What's Next?

Now you are aware of what roofing SEO is and how to do SEO work effectively.

But what should you do next to get things done?

Hire the Best Roofing Contractor Marketing Agency

Hiring an SEO company to do the SEO work of your website is always advisable.

Even if you decide to do it by yourself, at some point, you will be too busy to do it effectively.

SEO work takes time, and many pieces go into getting your site rank higher.

Some people try to do the SEO work by themselves and end up making mistakes and losing rankings.

It is always better to avoid making such mistakes as it will again take a long time to get back the rankings.

If you choose RSmarketer as your SEO company, then you will not have to worry.

We will get you more traffic on your site, and you will have a lot more customers to serve.

Eventually, your business will grow like never before, and you will make more money.

If you want to utilize all the benefits of SEO, then we can help you achieve that.

We have done it over and over again with many roofer clients.

As we primarily handle the roofing niche, we can ensure that we will triple your sales rate within a month once your website’s organic traffic.

To know more about our services, visit our website.

If you have any questions regarding our service, you can contact us through chat, phone, and email anytime.

Roofers SEO: Frequently Asked Questions

If a person finds out leakage in his roof, what would he do?

He will probably search for a local roofer either on his phone or PC.

Around 80% of the searchers are these types of people.

They search for a roofer on Google and choose a roofing business website from the top results.

If you can rank at the top of the search results, you can quickly generate potential customers from search engines.

If your website is well optimized with the right keywords, the searchers can purchase it right away.

Yes, it is that simple.

You see, the people searching for a roofer urgently are ready to pay you. They are already at the last stage of the sales cycle.

If you can rank at the top of the search results for the right keywords, nothing can stop you.

Not all customers are looking for a roofer immediately, so there is scope for other types of keywords.

You need to list down these search terms that people can use to search for a roofer.

Next is content.

You need to optimize your web page with high-quality content and potential keywords.

Make sure to add images, customer reviews, contact details, and business hours to help the customers know about your business.

If you can do the roofing SEO the right way, your website will generate leads like never before.

Roofing SEO can turn your business into a lead-generating machine.

Well-optimized SEO strategies can skyrocket your sales rate within a short period.

Except for money and hard work, you need to invest time into SEO work.

SEO takes time, but the results it brings are massive, so it is worth waiting.

It is crucial to measure the success of your SEO strategies regularly.

Measuring results helps you understand what is working for your website and what is not.

You can measure the success of your SEO campaigns by the increased number of traffic and rankings.

There are many free online tools that you can use to track the rankings of your keywords.

The main goal should be to increase traffic and turn them into paying customers.

Rank Tracker by SEMrush is a great tool that you can use to track the rankings for free trial now!

Increased traffic directly shows that your SEO efforts are paying off.

You can track how your website’s traffic is increasing with your Google Webmaster Tools account.

If you notice that one of your pages is turning visitors into customers more than others, ask yourself why.

You can start to optimize other webpages as well to increase the sales rate.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a combination of on and off-site works that improve a website’s ranking for targeted keywords.

As a website gains a higher ranking, it will automatically receive more visitors from search engines.

Search engines like Google have algorithms for finding the websites that provide the most relevant results.

Keyword search volume keeps changing every month for every keyword.

So, in SEO, you have to keep working to be consistent with your high rank on search results.

Roofing SEO is a way to get your business ranked high on search results for keywords related to your roofing business.

Roofing SEO is a strategic plan to outrank your competitors and generate more and more leads.

If a customer is searching for “roofers in Scarborough” and your business shows up at the top of the search result, the customer will most likely visit your site.

Hence, all you need to do is rank at the top of search results for keywords related to your business.

Once the potential customers visit your website, your well-optimized site and helpful content can turn them into paying customers.

SEO gives you a massive amount of return on investment and brand exposure throughout the internet.

So, all you need is just to up your SEO game and rank high on search engines.

You need an SEO company that you help you achieve all these and more.

If we talk about search engines, then Google is undoubtedly the reigning king.

As per reports, more than 86% of people prefer to use Google over other search engines.

So, it is evident why you should focus more on getting high ranks on Google.

Google search engine algorithms keep changing now and then.

Google keeps improving the algorithms to help the users find the most relevant information.

Make sure you make relevant content that provides the customers’ answers to their queries.

No matter how competitive your business niche is, you can always achieve the top ranking on search results.

Investing a small amount in SEO work can get you profits of your expectation.

Even a small keyword change can help you earn a massive amount of profit.

We have built trust with our customers, and over the years, we have been helping clients achieve their SEO goals.

At RoofingSEOmarketer, we believe in not giving up till success is attained.

If you want to achieve your SEO goals, get in touch with our SEO experts.

If you need proof of your success stories, you can contact us anytime over WhatsApp chat.

Almost 93% of customers search for local businesses online.

And the number is increasing with every passing year.

If you do not rank high on search results, you will miss out on huge business.

If you have just started with your roofing business, then you need a well-optimized website to get ranked.

And if you have an established company already through word of mouth, you should also adapt to SEO for a more significant result.

No matter how big or small your roofing company is, if you have not started working on SEO, you are not doing enough.

Hiring us will help you take your business to a new level altogether.

With SEO, your brand will grow faster than ever.

As a roofer or roofing contractor, your target audience is the local people.

Compared to regular SEO, roofing SEO has a local marketing side like local area citations.

A roofing website should feature customer reviews, contact details, and even a MAP section to guide customers.

Optimizing a regular website is quite different from roofing SEO as roofing websites need some specific optimizations.

We have been working only on roofing websites for years.

We have gained experience where you know exactly how to get a roofing website ranked high.

We know what the customers are looking for, so we can bring a massive wave of traffic to your site.

Do you want to rank at the top of your local search results?

We can help you with everything you need.

We have got your back in everything from content creation, keyword research, website design to creating perfect NAP citations.

With each passing year, more and more roofers are coming on the internet to promote their roofing business.

As the sooner you start working on SEO, the further you can get in the competition.

It is essential to focus on local area marketing.

Even if you have a business offering its service nationwide, you should focus more on the local search SEO.

You can gain popularity in the local search results by choosing the right keywords.

Yes, picking up the potential keywords can get you the local traffic within days.

We have expertise in choosing the perfect keywords that can help you generate massive leads from your locality.

Roofing companies that usually spend a lot of money on offline marketing can reduce the expanses if they start doing SEO.

SEO requirements for roofers are very minimal. All you need for SEO is just a roofing business idea.

Even if you don’t have a running business, we can still build a website for you.

We will do everything that is required in SEO for your roofing business.

In every area, only one business can get the highest rank in the local search results.

We handle only one work in a particular area to make sure that our client ranks number 1 in the local search results.

We have been working in the roofing SEO industry for more than 20 years.

We have been helping clients achieve their dream ranking and sales rate.

We cover all the elements of a perfect SEO strategy for a roofing business.

Considering the experience we have, we know what not to do and avoid negative impacts.

Our SEO services include the following elements:

Meta Data: Well-written title and description tags, known as Metadata, can help businesses get high rankings.

Content: A well-optimized content with high-quality keywords in the body of the content, headings, and image Alt tags can be beneficial.

Site Architecture: Internal links to other pages and parts of your site help visitors find what they are looking for.

Off-site SEO: Promoting your website by backlink building, including social media, relevant and popular websites.

Being a roofer, you should use all the targeted keywords on your website.

But make sure the keywords are not repetitive and are not only used in the content.

You need to use the keywords in your content headings, image file names, and image Alt tags.

As a roofing SEO company, we ensure that all the factors mentioned above are implemented in the best possible way.

We also understand that you need a decent amount of return on investment.

We can assure you that we will get you more roofing leads than you can handle.

We will also ensure that your website loads fast and is compatible with mobile and desktop.

With our help, you will get more leads from search engines and emails from customers than ever before.

We will manage leads to keep the customers happy and take your brand to the next level.

Roofer SEO involves both on-page and off-page work of your roofing website.

The on-page work means writing and optimizing the content with high potential keywords.

High-quality content with targeted keywords can rank your website at the top of search results.

On the other hand, off-page work means promoting your roofing website across various websites and social media.

We will also optimize your Google My Business profile to rank your business within the top 3 local pack rankings.

SEO services can help roofing contractors get a high ranking on the search results.

If your roofing website ranks high, you will also get a lot of traffic from the search engines.

If your website is well optimized for visitors, you will generate a lot of paying customers.

SEO does all these at a reasonable price and offers a significant return amount on your investment.

An ideal roofing SEO strategy should prioritize both on-page and off-page work equally.

The whole roofing SEO process must divide into two categories.

On-site SEO includes content optimization and technical factors like website speed and others.

Off-page SEO is how you promote your website across various social media platforms and other websites.

SEO for roofing businesses can improve your rankings and understand how to choose the right keywords.

Choosing highly targeted keywords will bring a lot of visitors to your site and turn those visitors into paying prospects.

Choosing the correct search terms can make a big difference in your rankings.

If you go for terms like “top roofing contractors near me” or “best roofers for leaking roofs,” you will get a lot of traffic to your website.

But if you add your area name in the keywords, the visitors are more likely to make a purchase.

High rankings on search results make the audience trust your brand.

The more visitors trust you, the more conversions you get.

The amount of traffic SEO can bring to your website is beyond your imagination.

SEO also ensures the visitors have a good experience on your website.

SEO knows what the customers are looking for and how to satisfy them with relevant information.

The majority of the people choose a business within the top 5 search results on Google and Bing.

So, the goal is to rank within the top 3 results to bring potential prospects to your site.

It is crucial to invest time and money in SEO.

Even if you do the SEO by yourself, make sure you are putting in enough work and time.

SEO takes a lot of time and works daily, so it is always better to hire an SEO agency.

Hiring us will get you the traffic you never imagined, in some cases faster than you expect.

SEO is an ongoing process of work, even when you attain the top ranking.

There is always another roofer looking at your position to take over.

Multiple factors impact your SEO results, but you can expect to see the results within days with a few functional changes.

In some cases, you might see the results overnight.

The idea is to choose keywords that you can rank for easily to take months.

Highly competitive search terms can take up to 6 months to get ranked.

Optimizing your content can take time, but once you do it, you will see excellent results.

Being a roofing business, you can expect to see massive results within 3-6 months.

Sometimes our clients notice a 350% rise in their traffic in that time.

This kind of rise will give you extra clients for your roofing business.

The return will be much heavier than the investment of the roofing SEO is done the right way.

The amount of ROI (Return on investment) you can get depends on the SEO company you have selected.

You can calculate an estimated amount of return by checking your keyword search volumes and conversion rate.

It might be difficult for a small business to spend hundreds of dollars on SEO.

But the return SEO offers will be worth much more than the investment.

If you have chosen the right keywords and done SEO the right way, the results will be excellent.

After crossing three months of the timeline, you will be getting hundreds of extra leads each month.

At RoofingSEOmarketer, we offer our SEO services at a reasonable price.

We help our clients start getting a return on their investment within the first four weeks.

Once the SEO is done entirely, you will start getting extra leads, and then there’s no looking back.

Yes, you can track the results of your SEO work to know if your strategies are working.

There are many free tools available online that you can use to track SEO results.

You can measure the rankings of your targeted keywords every day to check the SEO results.

If SEO is done effectively, your website will see the ranking increasing with each passing day.

The keyword ranking report allows you to understand what is working and what needs to be improved daily.

You also get to change strategies based on the ranking results every day to ensure that you are on the right track.

Any right reputed SEO agency will provide you daily ranking reports.

Initially, the rankings can dance a lot, but once you keep working on SEO, your website will find steady growth.

So, do not be afraid. Get started with your SEO work today.

As the ranking starts going up in the search results, you will get leads to your website.

You will start getting a lot more emails and phone calls from customers about your roofing services.

As the audience is already aware of your service, they will be ready to buy.

So as a roofer, it will not be difficult for you to turn the leads into paying customers.

To ensure that the visitors stay longer on your site and the bounce rate is low, you need to create content that matches your title and description tags.

You should also add a call to action button so that the number of leads keeps increasing.

High ranking and brand awareness can make your business the go-to roofing company in your area.

With our SEO experts, we will make sure that your online reviews and ratings are excellent.

Before you dig into SEO, you need to understand how and why Google ranks a website at the top of SERPs.

Google always brings the most relevant result for any searched term.

You need to add the targeted keywords to your website so that Google bot can realize what your website is about.

To understand better, you can type your roofing business keywords in the Google search bar.

Now, do you see your business listed in the search results?

If your business shows up low down the search result or doesn’t show up at all, you need to make changes to your website.

For any SEO project, keyword research is an important part.

Keyword research takes time, and you need to work on this both as a roofer and a customer.

Before using any keyword research tool, you need to list all the search terms that you think people will use to search your business.

Before you start with keyword research, you need to understand the structure of search result pages.

Search engine result pages are broken into the following sections:

  • Adverts
  • Local 3 Packs
  • Featured Snippet
  • Organic Search Results
  • Searches Related to Your Search Term

If you want to show up at the tops of SERPs, you can choose to use adverts.

Advertising is quite expensive and doesn’t provide a decent return on investment.

If your website and Google My Business profile are optimized well, they will appear in the local three-packs section.

This section comes with customer reviews and a call-to-action button for customers to contact you quickly.

You will get consistent traffic from local three packs for free.

Local three packs are a great place to appear, and you will have endless traffic from here.

If your website content is well optimized with targeted keywords, your website might show up in the next section, the featured snippet.


Featured snippets, also known as zero listings, will show your website content if it answers the searcher’s queries well.

Another section of SERPs where you can rank for free is the organic search results.

If your business is SEO-ready, you can get a consistent traffic flow from the organic search results.

All you need is well-optimized content filled with targeted keywords regards the roofing business.

To check your ranking results, you can use this free tool called SEO Powersuite or Rank Tracker.

First, start analyzing the reports, download the software, select your local Google, and enter your website name and targeted keywords.

Then once you hit the rankings button, you will find out the terms that your website is ranking for.

You should document the keywords and track them regularly to check if the ranking is going up.

As mentioned earlier, most of the traffic goes to the top 5 search results.

If you can rank in the local three-pack, it will significantly increase your leads and conversion rate.

If you can rank in all featured snippets, organic search, and local packs, it will give you the maximum number of leads.

Most businesses now avoid advertising as it doesn’t give real results for a long time.

We have been providing services to roofers across the world.

You can check if there is a single roofing SEO company that guarantees triple your sales.

I assure you there isn’t one such SEO company.

Most of the SEO agencies charge more money than we do and cannot deliver as well as we do.

Even for a consultation over a live medium, other companies will charge around $2000.

But we at RoofingSEOmarketer offer you a free online chat consultation.

Get in touch with us right now, and you have to pay any consultation fee.

If you follow this SEO guide and implement all the steps mentioned here, your leads and sales will increase for sure.

Higher rankings send leads to your website that you can turn into your customers.

So eventually your earnings will increase like never before.

SEO will also get your brand more established and popular in your area, which will lead more people to your roofing business.

A well-planned and executed SEO strategy can pay off in a more significant way than you can imagine.

We have seen businesses going from nothing to handling massive traffic within a few weeks.

SEO can give your business more financial freedom than it can afford now.

You can do your business SEO work by yourself, but you should be prepared to work every day.

Contact us now over live chat to consult about your business strategies for free.

If you choose us as your SEO company, we will start using advanced strategies to implement so you can rank at the top in your local search results.

Only on-page SEO in a roofing business can bring results quickly.

But there are other aspects of roofer SEO that you might want to consider:

Worldwide roofer SEO: If you want to reach a global audience, then you will have to target general roofing keywords.

The off-page SEO, in this case, will be hostile with some competitive keywords.

Local SEO for Roofers: Compared to global SEO, local SEO is less competitive.

In local SEO, you target the people in your locality, which helps you increase sales fast.

You can achieve results in days if you choose local SEO.

App Ranking: If you have an app for your roofing business, it is essential to rank it in the app store.

To rank your app high, you need to use well-written titles and descriptions.

Promoting your roofing brand online will bring you conversions again and again.

Well-optimized content with high-quality keywords can generate customers quickly.

Specific keywords can increase your sales rate up to 90%.

Let’s take an example, suppose you have a roofing company in York that deals with storm-damaged roofs.

Now would it be better if you reach out to customers to offer your services without knowing if they need your help?

No, right?

It’s always better than the customers who have had storm damage to their houses. Contact you for help.

When the customers are choosing you from the SERPs, they are looking for your help urgently.

The customers are already convinced that you are good enough and they are ready to pay you.

So, it is always profitable to rank high in SERPs for the targeted keywords to convert leads.

There are certain things you must consider when optimizing and promoting your roofing business online:

High Rankings: High rankings enable potential prospects to find your business online quickly.

Reviews: Positive Reviews help visitors trust your brand, so make sure to place checks on your main web pages.

Social: Social platforms are great mediums to promote your roofing brand.

Add all your social pages to your website and make sure they are easily accessible.

Video: Add videos to your website to show customers’ reviews, how your business works, and sample works you have done.

You can also create a YouTube channel to reach more people.

The very first step is to find the right keywords.

Your roofing website will only rank in the search results if your website features the right keywords.

Take your time and research the keywords that are going get your website ranked for, especially in local search.

Knowing your target audience is also essential to make the perfect SEO strategy.

Once you know your audience, what they want, and how much they will pay, it becomes easier for you to make strategies.

Make sure that the visitors spend a long time on your site and the conversion rate is high.

To ensure that you need to optimize your website with well-written content, call to action button, and images.

You need to understand the people of your targeted demographic area.

To go for a keyword like “cheap roofers in Whitby” where the audience is not price-focused is a significant loss.

You need to select keywords that your local people are more likely to use while searching for a roofer.

To ensure that you get a good return on investment on the keywords, you should choose terms with high monthly search volume.

If you want to rank high in the local search results, you need to add your location to the keywords.

For example, “Roofers in North Yorkshire” or “Roofing services in South East London.”

These types of long-tail keywords are going to have less competition.

So, you will be able to rank for them quickly, and also, these terms will target a specific range of audiences.

Less competition makes sure you will rank high in the SERPs, and more people will visit your site.

As long-tail keywords bring a specific audience, the conversion rate also goes high.

If you choose a general keyword that is very competitive, then the chances of conversion will automatically decrease.

That is why we have been saying that keyword research is the most crucial part of SEO.

With the right keywords, you can change a lot in your business’s online presence.

Localized keywords and verified Google My Business profile help Google find you geographically.

GMB enables your website to rank high within a short time easily.

Therefore, pick the less competitive potential keywords to increase your ranking and conversion rate within weeks.

If you have your website and content already well-optimized, then you can achieve success within days.

Getting more leads is one of the benefits of SEO.

Almost all the roofing businesses are using SEO to get more customers to their websites.

If your website is well designed and had relevant content, you will turn the coming leads into paying customers.

A call-to-action button placed at a specific part of your website can help you more.

In this digital era, almost every roofing company is promoting its brand on the internet.

The industry is getting competitive with time, and it is also evident that it will be more competitive in the future.

So, your roofing business needs to start the SEO campaigns now.

For every successful marketing plan, SEO is crucial, and it paves the way for a better future.

Roofer lead generation becomes possible through SEO in the following ways:

Social Media: Setting up your brand pages over all the social media platforms can help lead generation.

Even if not all the platforms, you must be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Organic Search Results: Being ranked in the top 5 organic search results will get you more traffic.

Local Pack: Once your business rank within the three local packs, you will get more phone calls from customers.

To rank in the local pack, you need to have perfect NAP citation and Google My Business profile.

Featured Snippet: Well-written content will get featured at the top of SERPs to provide you more exposure.

Having both SEO and PPC campaigns for the roofing business can be the most effective way of getting leads.

If your business shows up in both PPC and SEO results, customers are more likely to trust your brand.

The number of visitors will increase significantly, and most of them will become paying customers.

With PPC, first, you need to calculate the cost for each visitor that you will pay.

If your website has a high conversion rate, you can include PPC campaigns in your marketing strategies.

Though SEO gives results for the long term and has more benefits than PPC, it is advisable to use both SEO and PPC together.

Roofer SEO is a huge task that takes a lot of time and research.

Every part of the SEO campaign needs your utmost attention, but you can do it quickly if you can invest the time.

I recommend you spend a long time on planning and keyword research before you begin the campaign.

As mentioned earlier, you need the pickup battles that you can win and that too quickly.

To get started with SEO, go through all the listed steps for the preparation.

A roofer marketing strategy for SEO proposes must include:

Market Research: Market research includes discovering keywords that are already used by other websites and new ones.

Site Architecture: A well-structured website to attract visitors with sign-up pages to increase the conversion rate.

Content: The content should optimize user intent and SEO with targeted keywords placed in different parts like heading, body, and Metadata.

Promotion: Off-site promotion means social media marketing and showing up on other well-known websites to create more brand awareness.

A high ranking does not come with just one aspect of SEO, and you need to work on all the parts to reach there.

If you want your business to generate more leads, then start your SEO campaign right away.

You can either do it by yourself or hire an agency like us.

We can build the best SEO strategies for your roofing business from scratch.

Your website should fully optimize within a short time, and the rankings will reach a new height.

As mentioned before, keyword research is the most crucial part of any SEO campaign.

Strategically placed keywords with high potentiality can bring your site to the top of SERPs.

Website design and architecture also play an essential role in turning the visitors into paying customers.

Another important aspect is the NAP citations, and you need to ensure they are consistent across all the sites.

As a roofing SEO company, we will make your website the most suitable for your customers.

We will ensure that the visitors have a great experience on your site and become paying customers.

Here are a few other aspects that need to be looked at to optimize a website:

Title tag: The title should reflect the subject line of your website content.

Visitors should know what the content is about by looking at the title, and most importantly, the content should answer their queries.

Loading speed: Speed is essential for the visitors’ experience on the site.

The website should load fast; otherwise, you will undoubtedly miss out on a lot of leads.

Funnels: Once the visitors arrive on your website, there should be options to give you a call or sign up for an email listing.

Conversions: You need to add clear calls to action to convert the visitors into customers.

If you have an option where the customers can pay you on the site, it must be visible to the visitors.

With all these factors of SEO, your website can rank on Google’s first page and reach the top-ranking spot.

As a roofer, you should focus on getting the website design and structure correct.

We will help you build the perfect website from scratch, or if you have an existing website, we will optimize it in the best possible way.

All that search engines want is a fast-loading site with keyword-rich content.

We will let the bots know what the site is about, and then your website will be within the top search results.

We also know that every roofer offers specialist services that are different from other roofers.

We will build your site according to the types of roofing services you provide.

We have designed thousands of websites in the roofing industry, and we have always got the client’s top ranking.

In this digital era, SEO is the only way to take your business to the highest level and make money like never before.

SEO can help you outrank all your roofing competitors and take control of your local market.

We can assure you that your website will be the best one out there in terms of promotion and website design.

We take care of every small detail so your brand reputation and search ranking will be higher than ever.

So, if you are a roofing contractor and want to start with SEO, RoofingSEOmarketer is the best option for you.

The price of roofer SEO depends on the company you are hiring.

Here at RoffingSEOMarker.com, we offer three packages with three different price ranges.

The starting package is at $300, we have the second package at $500, and the third one comes at $1000.

Local SEO is always preferred to get quick results, even if you have a roofing business operating in a large region.

For local SEO, you need to localize your keywords and place them into your website’s different parts.

With local SEO, you will target a particular area’s audience and the local search ranking.

If you need more information on local SEO, contact us now via live chat or send us an email or refer to your FAQ section.

We take four weeks to complete the website design and the planning of a campaign.

After launching the campaign, generally, it takes 90 days to show the SEO results.

In that period, Google explores the site and indexes information for future reference.

With customer reviews, social media marketing, and business development, SEO performance will rise even higher.

Yes, absolutely! We provide our clients our platform to collect customer reviews.

Clients can easily collect reviews by sending customized emails and texts to the customers.

Our platform also enables clients to check in at work locations and upload their project work pictures.

We also ensure that all the reviews and project images are geotagged so that Google can quickly identify them.

Google likes location-specific data, and eventually, it makes a big difference in the local search ranking.

At RSmarketer, we provide other services related to roofing digital marketing.

Except for SEO, we help our clients with:

  • PPC campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation
  • Brand reputation management

Yes, clients do give their chosen keywords, especially for their service pages.

We use plenty of keywords strategically to keep the website ranking for a long time.

Not just the primary keywords that every business targets, we also make a list of secondary keywords.

These secondary keywords are of low volume and bring a decent amount of traffic for a short period.

While we keep climbing up the SERPs for the highly competitive keywords, this short-term traffic helps clients gain profits in the initial phase.

If you are not sure of our services, just check out the clients’ reviews and success stories.

We have been working hard on each project we have done till now.

You will not find another roofing SEO company that is as dedicated as we are to your clients.

Do not believe our words but believe our work. The results always speak for themselves.

We work with a team of seasoned content writers, graphic designers, marketing experts, and social media gurus.

Once you hire us, you will notice the difference we make to your business.

An ideal client will trust our experience in the roofing SEO industry and allow us to prove ourselves.

Most of the roofers know about SEO only to a specific limit.

We are more than happy to make our clients understand the process, optimization, and techniques.

The best client is someone who wants to learn and grow in the roofing industry.

Search engine optimization makes sure that your website meets Google’s ideal format.

SEO involves everything that can impact the search results.

From website design, content development to off-site activities like citations, SEO includes everything.

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